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Fueling the Fire: An Ilana & Jacob Theory

By JOpinionated,

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It struck me after multiple viewings of the Lost Season 5 finale that (unlike the off-island visits to Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Jin) when Jacob visits Ilana in the hospital, he is wearing black gloves and does not touch her.

My theory is that Ilana is a character intended to represent the Egpytian goddess Sekhmet.


Ilana is clearly in charge on the island, a strong female leader among her people, and Sekhmet was a warrior, protector and hunter. Sekhmet was commonly referred to as a lioness, and from a purely physical perspective, Ilana’s beautiful hair can certainly be described as a mane.


But Sekhmet is also known as both the Lady of the Flame and Devouring Flame, which is quite significant given that when we last saw Jacob, he had been kicked into the fire by Not-Locke/Mystery Man.


One of Sekhmet’s other designations was the Lady of Life, because she was able to cure illnesses and heal the wounded. Enter Jacob. He approached her at the hospital and asked for help, and we can assume that this took place before the events of 2007 on the island during the finale. If Jacob knew ahead of time that Mystery Man was going to take advantage of the loophole as Not-Locke and finally attempt to kill him, perhaps this favor he asked of Ilana involved protection from the future inferno, followed by her restorative powers. Further, I believe that Jacob was wearing gloves in the hospital because they had to avoid physical contact prior to the moment of salvation.


Before being tossed in the flames, Jacob told Not-Locke that “they’re coming,” and he very well may have been alluding to Ilana and her people. They were just outside of the statue, and I have a feeling that (at the beginning of Season 6) we will see Ilana rescue and/or save Jacob.


We are not privy to how, when and where Ilana sustained her injuries. But if Ilana is indeed an embodiment of Sekhmet, some of you might be wondering why she herself was susceptible to bodily harm. I would venture to guess that her gift may be activated or enhanced upon arrival on the island, which we know has unique healing properties itself.

Relevant side note: when you combine the names Ilana and Sekhmet, one of the applicable anagrams is heal mistaken.


In addition, there are some who believe that Sekhmet was the daughter of the Sun God RA, so it isn’t out of the question that Ilana could be Richard Alpert’s daughter. According to Alpert, he is ageless because “Jacob made me this way.” So if Jacob had the power to bestow eternal life upon a man, who’s to say that he did not also bequeath that man’s daughter with a predisposition for rejuvenation. That Ilana appeared to recognize Jacob in the hospital seems to indicate that they were already acquainted with one another, and it is logical to assume that she has been to the island before because she is more than familiar and comfortable with the layout of it.


There is great debate about exactly which Egyptian god or goddess is represented by the statue on the island, and Sekhmet may be a candidate; she has an Ankh in her right hand and a solar disc on her head. That being said, I am convinced that the infamous statue on Lost is an aggregate of several Egyptian idols rather than one in particular.

So there you have it.  To be honest, at first I was trying to figure out if Ilana was injured after a turn of the Frozen Donkey Wheel and poor landing or reception in Tunisia, or if she herself was somehow the one who was kicked into the fire. But neither of these theories seemed feasible after analyzing the logistics of both situations.

I was hesitant to follow this path, to compare yet another character to a historical Egyptian figure. Because despite the obvious mythology that exists on the island, I am still optimistic that this lore does not explain the entire series. To be frank, I will be disappointed if that is the case.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to discuss and dissect this theory in the Comments, but please be constructive!

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  • Interesting thoughts. I agree that if the series were to end with the explanation for some of these mysteries being that it is simply egyptian ‘gods’, or even some mix of many major religious beliefs, it would be disappointing. Personally, I hope the show has a more science fiction based ending, rather than a fantasy based ending. Although it seems less and less likely that to be the case when you look at certain mysteries in the show, but then again, hopefully thats just what the writers want us to think.

  • Joe Johnson

    see you have such great ideas and then you go into merging names and pulling anagrams out of clues not given in the show and it just becomes comical. No no no….I can tell you with no authority whatsoever but absolute certainty that the words “heal uncertain” were not intended by the authors.

    • JOpinionated

      Hi Joe –

      The anagram is actually ‘heal mistaken.’ 🙂 I am simply a fan of anagrams; outside of obvious anagrams as Easter Eggs (i.e. Mittelos as Lost Time), I only research them for fun and know that the writers do not intend everything to be anagramed.

  • Eve

    Very thought provoking. . .hmm. Ilana is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Some or all of what you are saying may have some validity. The fact that Jacob was in black and wore gloves certainly must mean something. When he asked for a favor, I took it to mean for her to get Sayid to the island, and to accomplish this he needed someone very special indeed. I also agree with theory l56, how disappointing it would be if all these folks were egyptian gods and this is how the show is finally explained.

    • Mike

      “Ilana is definitely a force to be reckoned with” … let’s be honest – we don’t have a clue. Nothing is definite. We thought Ceasar would be a force to be reckoned with. We thought Locke had been raised from the dead and as such was force to be reckoned with. We are all pawns in the hands of the Lost producers and writers – they drag us along and we don’t know where we are being pulled.

  • Ram

    Interesting ideas. One observation:

    I found on Lostpedia that as of it’s recap of “The Incident, Part I” – has “officially” confirmed the statue to be one of Taweret. Here’s the quote from – “And as the camera pulls back, we see what we’ve been waiting to see since we first glimpsed that four-toed foot over three years ago… the towering, majestic statue of the Egyptian goddess Taweret.”

    Here’s the link to the Lostpedia article:

    And here’s the link to the ABC recap:

  • X

    This is interesting, but if we already know that the statue is of Widmore, how does this square with that?

    • JOpinionated

      Hey X –

      I was not aware that the statue is of Widmore. Has that been confirmed by Damon and Carlton, or anyone on the show? Just curious.


    • Andy

      Where in the world did you get the idea that the statue is Whidmore? It’s clearly of an Egyptian god. I’ve never heard anyone suggest it was Whidmore–what led you to such an out-of-the-blue conclusion?

    • Gripp

      What were you huffing during the finale? No seriously I want some. Grill cleaner? Keyboard spray? Did you huff it out of a bag or did you apply it directly under the nose?

      • ROTFL!!!!!!!! But, where did this Widmore theory come from> I have never heard of this before.

        • DezziesOtherLifeBrotha

          Nay, it was already CONFIRMED the statue was Vincent.

          • Leo

            where in the islands did u here that from i wood like to no

  • X

    I suppose I had thought that this was generally understood. Widmore was shot in the foot by Sawyer, we see him jump up and grab his foot as he’s running away.

    • JOpinionated

      I think you must be mistaking that for another scene. In “The Lie,” Sawyer himself stepped on a piece of bamboo and pierced his foot…but he never shot Widmore.

      • neoloki

        I think this person is just screwing with people. If not I want the medication he/she is on.

  • The Mantis

    The Statue is Widmore? That’s a joke right? You’re kidding right? Please confirm that you don’t believe the Statue is Charles Widmore.

    • JOpinionated

      I believe our friend is mistaken. ABC labeled the statue as Taweret:


      • Dharma Adept

        i dont think ABC has done their research. Tawaret is female and has the body of a hippo. Sobek is male and has the body of a man and the face of a crocodile. the four-toed statue did not have a body of a female hippo, but rather a human with a crocodile’s face. also, if you look at the screenshot from the piece of cloth ilana takes from the cabin, it’s clearly a male figure with the head of a crocodile. therefore, it’s impossible to say this is Tawaret definitively. the statue does appear to have Tawaret’s headdress, but sometime Sobek–Tawaret’s husband–is depicted wearing this, to emphasize his connection with water and flowing energy. at other times, he has a sun-disk to emphasize his connection with Ra or Amun-Ra, with whom he was merged.

  • X

    In the episode where they skip back and eventually meet Jughead, Sawyer & Juliet encounter two Others in the jungle. Juliet speaks Latin to them. Widmore kills the other Other to prevent him from talking, and runs off. Sawyer shoots Widmore as he runs away. We see Widmore jump up and grab his foot.

    Am I wrong?

    • JOpinionated

      That scene is accurate, but we do not see Widmore get hit by a bullet or grab his foot…

      • Ram

        I have a comment awaiting moderation…probably for links I put in it…so maybe it’s not showing up to you guys yet….but seems to have confirmed in it’s recap of “The Incident Part I” that the statue is of Taweret. Go check it out in their recap section.

        I found this on Lostpedia in their section on the statue this morning.

        • JOpinionated

          Thanks Ram! I had just posted that same link above in response to this. 🙂

          • Ram

            Ha! Yeah, I saw it as soon as I posted my comment! Cool that we have some official confirmation though. I just hope that it IS official, and not someone at ABC making a mistaken assumption. It’ll probably be a while before we get it straight from Darlton’s mouth.

          • X

            A minor point: whether it is Widmore or not, it seems like it may be too much of an assumption — based solely on what’s known now — to conclude that (i) it’s a female goddess (ii) it’s an actual god/goddess of the Jacob sort and not a human on the island pretending / relying on Jacob/MaybEsau. I just think the mask is intentional/ceremonial.

    • docarzt

      I don’t get how this makes the statue Widmore? Sawyer also injured his foot this season. For all that matters, he went barefoot to kill the ‘real’ Sawyer. Wow… Darlton have a foot fetish thing going on.

      • Gripp

        I’m trying to follow this, this is the most batshit thread ever!

    • jason g

      Widmore was not shot and Locke had the gun not Sawyer. If you remember, Sawyer asked why Locke didnt shoot him and Locke responded someting like “He is on of my people” So no Widmore is not the statue and if it was him it would be a statue of something with a pig face not an alligator/crocodile

  • X

    Huh, I thought we saw some kind of reaction to being hit by a bullet. Of course, there’s no reference to it when we later see Jones/Widmore in that episode.

    It would certainly fit with Widmore’s determination to get back to the island. If post 1954 jumped back to a time that he was considered a god on the island, only to jump forward and be shipped off…

  • FuzzyandPhil

    I read in The Official ABC Recap of “The Incident” that the statue was of the goddess Taweret.

  • Dharma Adept

    interesting. the egyptian references seem to have thrown a big monkey wrench into everything — including, perhaps, ABC’s researchers/fact-checkers. first of all Tawaret is female and depicted as having the body of a hippo. the statue is clearly male and appears to have the face of a crocodile–which would make him sobek. sobek is also depicted as carrying an ankh. what’s confusing is that sobek appears to have tawaret’s headdress, rather than the one he is usually depicted as. but it’s clearly sobek. in the screenshot of the piece of tapestry cloth on ABC, it’s evident the statue is male and has the head of a crocodile.

    as for sekhmet, i was wondering when she was gonna come up. one could surmise that ilana is sekhmet-esque, but i’m not sure this was a conscious decision by the producers and writers. sekhmet is definitely a protector, and identified with fire; in fact, not only is she usually depicted as a bare-breasted, lion-headed woman, but she is commonly placed outside the entrance to egyptian temples as a guardian. because she represents volatile, unstable elements–so far ilana seems to be very level-headed–she was married to Ptah, the earth god, who presumably grounded her and brought out her less-destructive aspects.

    however, it’s pretty unlikely that, if Ilana was richard’s daughter, she wouldnt recognize him in the others’ camp, unless they had never met.

    btw, sekhmet as a “daughter of Ra” is a bit misleading. all egyptian deities were technically aspects of Ra, who as the sun god, is responsible for creating the universe. actually, sekhmet was a goddess worshipped by pagan peoples south of egypt (the nubians or kushites) who was assimilated into the egyptian pantheon, but isnt one of the original ennead, or nine gods. in that myth, Ra the sun god masterbates and creates air (Shu) and water (tefnet). then they mate and produce earth (Geb) and sky (Nut or Nuit). then the earth and the sky mate and produce Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nepthys. Isis and Osiris’ son is Horus. In some myths, Set has no actual children–another Ben parallel?–as his wife Nepthys mated with Osiris to produce Anubis. In others, Set had no children by his wife Nepthys but is the father of Sobek, the crocodile god–who is either married to Tawaret or Hathor, depending on what historical period one is talking about.

    all of that is to say, egyptian mythology may be more confusing than Lost!

  • KatieHarpool

    I believe that the statue on the Island Is supposed to be the God Sobek.

    Sobek was a crocodile god, usually depicted as a crocodile or a human male with the head of a crocodile.

    Sobek brings together elements that has been separated by evil. The Pyramid Texts and The Book of the Dead both cite Sobek’s assistance of the deceased. He restores the deceased’s eyes and mouth, protects him/her from Set and leads them to ‘heaven’.

    Some believe that Sobek had a four-fold nature, in that he represented the four elemental gods:
    Ra – Fire
    Shu – Air
    Geb – Earth
    Osiris – Water

    Anywho I hope that this helps.

    Katie Harpool ( Egyptology Nerd)

  • this article is great! i’m starting to love ilana and her sexy accent!!
    and what about frank being a “candidate” for something? what does it means??

    • KatieHarpool

      I think that perhaps she is thinking that Frank may be a good Candidate for holding Jacob’s Soul. That is just a thought though, so who knows.

      • pacemaker

        It would be reallllly cool if Frank J. Lapidus became an avatar/ holder for Jacob’s soul/essence or whatever. Especially since the episode 316 when we learned his middle initial was “J.” and everyone immediately thought he would turn out to be Jacob.

        I’m also pretty pumped that Ilana seems to be a solid character that fans are reacting well to. She’s really pretty, is so far a really cool character, and apparently has a decent sized role in how the rest of the series unfolds. Hopefully (at least, I’m hoping as of this writing) she holds a real purpose and doesn’t meet the same fate as Caesar, Charlotte and Daniel. I’d like to see her character have real substance, and last beyond plot-related convenience… if that makes any sense.

      • Gripp

        That is a super-awesome thought. Keep having and sharing them please.

      • neoloki

        I posted the same thing last week on Jo’s website comments.

    • neoloki

      One other thing: while reading your article I noticed you separated the word candidate from the sentence it was in which made me think that when Illiana suggests that Frank could be a “candidate” I have a feeling that Jacob told Iliana that He would end up being killed by MM and would need a body to inhabit in order to counter MM’s loophole plan. Illiana and Bram are looking for “candidates” that would be appropriate for Jacob to use. This could be why Beings like Jacob and MM look so Western European and talk with an English dialect. Over the generations they find humans that they can take the image of. This might be some what faulty logic seeing as there are two Locke bodies, but I am going with it for now.

      May 17, 2009 12:31 PM

      • newbie

        Cool thought!! I asked myself the same question – thought a white guy was out of place for Jacob – I expected him to be darker featured much like Richard — perhaps that only lends to the dark vs. light / good vs. evil imagery.

        I thought that too – primarily because of the bodies having to be buried deep thing — like if he (Not-Locke) can’t see the body – he can’t assume its shape. They both (Jacob too) can assume forms.

        I know this is flawed but — Not-Locke formless at that time was trapped in the cabin by the ash circle . . . “Help me” to John remember! Hurley stumbles across to the cabin remember – did he break the circle??? All of the sudden these incarnations of dead people begin showing up everywhere – Jacob when he traveled to the Real-World appeared to the losties as himself — was it then “Not-Locke” that was appearing as the dead messengers?

  • Cecil

    I posted this in the other thread, but it got lost in the shuffle. Did anyone notice the headstone-looking thing in the background of the statue? It appears both when RA and Flocke visit the ruins to find Jacob, as well as in the 1800’s when Jacob and Randall Flagg are on the beach. Anybody think this has any significance or is it just a natural rock formation?

  • wnt2kno

    I also think Ilana is part of the egyptian deity. AND i hope she is smart enough to stay away from Kate’s 2 boyfriends!

  • Toga

    I disagree with pretty much everything you said. The statue is Taweret. Maybe the CGI dept could have done a better job but at least it didnt look like the sub. About the whole Sekhmet thing, parallels and metaphors are fine, but I dont think any character is literally a reincarnation of a mythological being. Im sure the writers are clever enough to create their own characters. If Ilana and Richard are related, they certainly dont know it. And I dont think Jacob needs saving, its too late for that, but its not to late to save everyone else.

    • JOpinionated

      Hi Toga – I was not as clear as I should have been, but my analysis of Ilana as Sekhmet was meant to draw a parallel, not to present her as an actual reincarnation. The writers are obviously quite clever, and I love that they are extremely thoughtful and detailed with regard to literary references and names of characters as philosophers (Locke, Hume, Bentham, etc.). But I also believe that they integrated Egyptian mythology this season with certain characters in mind. Just my $.02 opinion.

  • Ben

    I disagree with this. I think Jacob not touching Illana is important, sure, but her being (representative of) a God? No way. She is one of his people, with an interesting past, but that’s it.

    I’m way more into The Tawaret/Sobek/Jacob then Esau/Anubis/Seth parallels ATM.

    • richie

      illana could have been around as long as jacob couldnt she? just not on the island?

  • rob

    i dig the illana as richards daughter idea. nice.

    • neoloki

      I don’t. Lost has gotten way to incestuous. With all the related to answers.

  • johr77

    Ilana helped Jacob by getting Sayid back to the island,
    as he knew Sayid would never go on his own.

    that’s what i got from that.

    • belgian lost fan

      I agree, interestingly

      Jacob in the Bible gets help from a woman (his mother) too… in order to betray his father (Isaac) and his brother (Esau)

      … what I find interesting about ESAU (Not-Locke?) in the Bible:

      He was a HUNTER
      whereas Jacob was kinda “lazy” and stayed in his tent all day (+/- quote)

      … i like the idea that Jacob is not man N°1 on the island, but Isau/Not-Locke is (he wants to kill his brother because he betrayed him – FYI: into being blessed by his father instead of his other brother Esau)

  • spinflip

    I don’t think we should identify any character on Lost with anybody. There are many allusions, but no identifications. Smokey is neither a specific Egyptian god nor Cerberus himself, Jacob alludes to the Jacob of the Bible, but they’re not the same. The statue doesn’t seem to be an exact image of any Egyptian god, it could represent several gods merged in one. The island itself alludes to Atlantis or Avalon or even Tolkien’s Tol Eressea, but I doubt we will ever hear an explicit mention that it’s one of those.

    • Thor

      I agree that characters on Lost isn’t copies of some sort, but these allusions help us understand what the writers might have been thinking, or what they want us to be thinking, when they wrote it. And it seems clear that the writers don’t want us to see the characters as copies. The diffuse egyptian meaning with the statue is an example. If they wanted it to be a specific god, they might even had said it on the show… But as usually, they try making their own mythology (which is the beauty of the show)

  • Eve

    Actually Mike, I do think we do have a clue. Ilana is someone that Jacob has known for some time and has been called upon to help him. We now know what a “key player” Jacob has been and that Ilana is someone on his “team.” Since I don’t belive Jacob is going anywhere, (possibly will be exisiting in another body). Ilana will probably be part of “the war” that Widmore spoke of to Locke. She has already shown her capabilities. the way she “captured” Sayid, showed us that she is a force to be reckoned with. I’m just saying that she’s one tough chick.

  • Michel

    Appealing idea. Ilana may not be a representative of a god, but she certainly is in very privileged information loops, knowing things that even Richard Alpert is unaware of! She knew Jacob, and her help was necessary for him. She knew about the Statue, the secret code question, the cabin, the ash, the ability of Jacob’s enemy to use the bodies of the dead, etc. If we treat people like Jacob and Alpert as almost deities, we should certainly consider giving her the same trait.

    A few thoughts on the matter:

    1. No, the statue is not Taweret. Anyone who says the contrary just doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. I’m sorry, if what ABC says doesn’t make sense, then that’s simply how things are. I’m placing all my bets on Sobek. Everybody go to Wikipedia and check on Sobek, now. Corrector of wrongdoings and damages, subtle manipulator, nudging things from afar instead of participating directly. Sorry, so far, Sobek’s our (most probable) guy.

    2. What nationality is Ilana? She looks like of latin descent, but she’s attending her injuries in Russia, and speaks fluent Russian, not to mention her name is russian. Hmm… maybe Cuban? Cubans had a history of decades of close relationships to the URSS, and many cuban parents stayed there in Russia, or named their children with russian names. This is likely not important in the show, since multi-culturalism is one of its constants, and I may be simply type-casting by ethnicity here, BUT… Nestor Carbonell, the actor playing Richard Alpert, is cuban. (CORRECTION: I just read that Zhuleika Robinson – Russian name too? – is of Malaysian descent. I stand corrected, although I leave the rest of my post here anyway, just for the sake of keeping that line of thought in the debate. I think ethnicities are quite important in Lost, especially after that “It’ not Ricardus, it’s Richard” line.)

    • Darya

      Ilana is not a Russian name although it sounds like it, but it is not.
      If she was injured on the island while turning that wheel, she would get to Tunisia, but not Russia. Anyways, their Russian speech is confusing.

      • Michel

        Yup, apparently it’s jewish and it’s the feminine form of “Ilan”, which means “Tree”. Which, for the moment, sheds not light whatsoever on the character.

  • V3L

    what puzzles me is, if the ajirans knew that lockes body was in the box why didnt they do anything when they saw the fake locke parading around the crash site. why did they jus let him to do his thing.

    the way they handle the box earlier, its as if they came to the island precisely to show the others lockes dead body but yet, they had no hand in bringin the body to island. they look as if they know wat theyr doing but yet they said to richard at the end that they just ‘found him’ in the cargo hold. if they just stumbled upon him then it leads to the conclusion that they came to the island with no fixed mission. they then found lockes dead body and that became the mission??

    again the question, if they knew the living locke was phony, why didnt they do anything. all this is just wierd to me.

    and again if jacob did know that
    aj would find a loophole sooner or later and kill him ( the fact that he just accepted his death willingly), it begs the question why did the ajirans have to ‘warn’ him????

    help me out plz guys. thx

    • chris

      Good observations. Obviously we will find out more about their mission in Season 6, but you’re right. If they knew that Locke wasn’t really Locke after finding the body then why would they allow John to carry on. Unless the body in the box is the “copy”. Wouldn’t that make for interesting television?

    • Michel

      Obviously, they found the body after Fake John had already “resurrected”. They came with another mission to the island, and finding dead Locke after seeing another identical one walking around was just an unforeseen eventuality. They met Fake John first, wondering where had he come from, and AFTER that they found Dead Locke’s coffin in the plane’s cargo.

      Jacob maybe knew he was going to get killed, but the Ilana’s team didn’t. They were carrying the corpse around as evidence to join forces with Alpert to resist the arrival of Fake John. In fact, whatever mission Jacob sent Ilana to the island on, one of its first steps was to meet with Jacob’s close allies like Richard and identify them through the password (“What lies in the shadow of the Statue?”).

      • V3L

        thx. that makes more sense to me now. the reason i thought they knew and still do anything was the fact that they had begun moving the crate etc ( as if it was theirs and they knew wat was in it) the same day that locke and ben left for the main island (caesar getting shot). when ben asked wats in the crate and if they needed help they said, no, its just sumthing they need moving as if they knew it was of great significance.

        anyways ur answer makes more sense . thx again

        • lost-maniac

          It doesn’t make any sense to me, V3L… They didn’t do anything before, because Jacob needed to die to prove the point to the other dude… Ilana’s crew checked out Miles a week before he boarded Widmore’s ship. So they did have a broader understanding of the whole situation, and are not amateurs (see how Ilana arrested Sayid, a natural born killer, like Mr Echo). They waited until the fake locke left to do his thing, and they went about doing their own thing, which was to take real locke’s corpse to richard.

          I have high hopes for Ilana. And the fact that Jacob went to see her before the whole mess started (although we don’t really have a time frame about when that took place – it could have been the german invasion of russia, for all we know) gives her a bigger role to play in the show.

    • neoloki

      They took fake JOHN to show Jacob what they were up against. This was mentioned when they were outside the shack. Obviously, Illiana and Bram had a healthy respect for the power of the person impersonating Locke and it is not out of the question to assume that Illiana is aware of the identity of the man in black since she is friends with Jacob. So, they didn’t do anything to non-Locke when he was wandering around the crash site because they were afraid of him.

      • V3L

        thats wat i was thinking aswell. it could be that that was the case ie they didnt wanna get in his way

  • chris

    Go back and rewatch the Mr. Eko death scene, knowing what we now know, it makes much more sense!

  • Interesting – Yemi (sp?) was a dead body that arrived on the island via an airplane crash – just as Christian and now Locke…all three of which seen walking around and interacting with people…

  • Mike

    A few comments from the above wonderful string:

    1) What lies in the shadow of the statue? He who will save us all. Anyone else think that this might be Faraday? We can assume that his body was buried at some point by his mother, once she realized who he was. As leader, maybe she buried him near Jacob to be healed?

    2) If the theory that the bomb going off actually caused the incident, that would mean that Faraday came back with the intention of doing just that. How does this fit in with everything? If he came back to ensure the energy was released, 815 came to the island, etc, then what is his end game? Another suggestion that he will play a larger role.

    3) The statue definitely seems to be Sobek. Both the physical similarities and the descriptions of Sobek seem to align well with Jacob.

  • V3L

    does any1 know if it is true that jacob was in the lost pilot as a mute character??? read it off some blog

  • INawe

    You are all totaly spinning off… making connections at everything…with nothing.

    i guess that is kind of “normal”, considering the whole mindf@ck the lost creators has done to us…

    But keep it on a level with all the stable answers we got..

    It is only logical to assume that the whole mythology of LOST is not something very specific like Egyptian Gods or Atlantis or whatever and just that…

    Its a mix of the greatest mythologies that we have known so far..
    It sort of has everything in it.. so we shouldn’t try and say “oh..its THAT!!!”
    Its something a lot more complicated due to its mix.

  • lost-maniac

    I have a couple of observations:

    While the island was skipping in time, sawyer and his crew found a boat near their old camp… That seemed to be the boat left by ilana’s people, specially because there were aljira’s bottled water in them… Who was shooting at them, then? Somehow I think this is a possible connection to bring people back in time…

    About Rose and Bernard… they are just tired, and they don’t care about what other people do. This seems to be related to the standing challenge between Jacob and the mistery man, who claims that: “they arrive, they wanna take for themselves, they fight, they kill…” Somehow I think Rose and Bernard have reached lost’s nirvana… they just wanna live and let live.

  • lostand found

    what about ilana being jacob’s daughter instead

  • spil spil and vinde

    I really should not be responding to this, but I can’t really help it.

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