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Koobie’s Physics Theory – There Might be Side Effects (Part One)

By Koobie,

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Sorry this hasn’t come out sooner, but hopefully this comes in time to satisfy your craving of Lost until tomorrow night!

Episode 4.05 “The Constant” really through us for a loop, literally.  Desmond’s mind was thrown into a loop that allowed him to jump between two distinct points in the past and present, and the only way that he could stay still is if he held onto a constant.  Before we look at what might have caused this, let’s take a look at who else may be affected.

Part One: The Who?

I thought just Desmond and Minkowski felt the effect?

Well, besides the other crew member ‘Brandon’, I have reason to believe that Faraday is feeling the same side effects and is able to control them.  In 4.04 ‘Eggtown’, we see Faraday trying to remember what cards Charlotte had flipped over.  Now in ‘The Constant’, Faraday said that the effect varies from hours to years, has he been experimenting with this and has learned how it works?

How would he be able to do this?

Faraday has some kind of mental disability such as autism.  Where he would be able to have the strange personality disorder that we have been seeing, and has a different thought process than Desmond and Minkowski.  This would, to his surprise, null his need for a constant and give him the ability to jump between the past and present on his own free will.

I’ve decided to chop this week’s Physics theory into two parts.  The next part focuses on how Mind Time Travel works.