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Koobie’s Physics Theory – There Might be Side Effects (Part Two)

By Koobie,

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Episode 4.05 “The Constant” raised a lot of questions, hopefully one of these two theories will be able to answer one of them.

Part Two: The How?

There are several ways two go about describing how Desmond’s mind was able to travel 8 years, but lets stick with the phenomena that could have cause the other effects that we have observed so far.

Light Scattering – Electromagnetic Fields and Closed Timelike Curves

Time Dilation – Electromagnetic Fields, CTCs, and Event Horizons

Theory 1: A Series of Interconnected Tubes

A couple weeks ago we looked at the possibility of an Event Horizon having the ability to create the time dilation shown in 4.02 ‘The Constant’.  If that is true, the island is inside a transferable wormhole.  This wormhole would have been created by the folks over at the Orchid Station, where they were playing with the Casimir Effect.  The Casimir Effect creates the negative energy required to create a wormhole that would allow for time travel.

One of these wormholes would, on its own, violate the laws of causality. So there must be enough wormholes to create something called a ‘Roman Ring’, where the wormholes are tied together to create a Closed Timelike Curve or CTC.

What are CTCs?

If you have forgotten what Closed Timelike Curves are or just have not read my previous theories, here is a refresher.

During World War II, it is rumored that the idea of cloaking a battleship with an electromagnetic field was tested.  The tests were successful, but when the ship was cloaked, it was never found again (or by other accounts, teleported and traveled through time).  It is theorized that this ship (if the events ever happened) slipped into a Closed timelike curve or CTC for short.  A CTC is a path through 4-dimensional space-time that is closed, which means it returns to its starting point.  Which means causality, fundamental to all science, breaks down.  Technically events no longer need a cause, or even a cause and effect can happen simultaneously.

So what does this mean for Time Travel?

One of the pages in Faraday’s Journal shows half an image of a light cone, these are integral for time travel to work in a CTC.  A light cone shows how events happen in space-time, the middle is the present, where the bottom and top cones are the past and future respectively.  Events in a persons life pass through this cone, and minor events (events that are not affected by the person) appear in imaginary space. 

CTCs are set up so that a series of light cones loop back on themselves, this would allow an object to go around the loop and end up where it started (Basically the object travels through imaginary space).  But in this loop will be events, where Desmond’s event happened to be the army in 1996.

But how does that make Desmond’s consciousness travel back in time?

When Desmond was exposed to the radiation from the hatch explosion, it caused his mind to view cause and effect at the same time (hence the flashes).  By leaving the CTC it caused him to become ‘unhinged’ from space-time, and he started traveling in the loop.

What does the constant have to do with this?

Too keep himself from traveling in this constant loop, Desmond needed to have something that would bridge the two events.  By creating the bridge Desmond collapsed the time loop he had created, and was able to remain stationary in space-time.

Theory 2: Electromagnetism and Sterile Neutrinos

I love the idea of the island being wrapped in a Electromagnetic Field (EMF), and the Sterile Neutrino theory that Dr. Todd J. Hostager ( cooked up is brilliant.  So, let’s mix them together and see what comes out.


Our universe is a 4-dimensional space-time membrane (or brane) that is traveling inside a higher dimensional ‘bulk’, and there are shortcuts that travel through the ‘bulk’ and into any other part of the brane.  These shortcuts are warped dimensions that allow for the travel of sterile neutrinos in between them, since these particles are not affected by any force but gravity.

If Desmond’s consciousness is a ball of sterile neutrinos, that means that it has fallen into one of these shortcuts and is in a loop similar to the loop we discussed before.  This theory only allows for time travel in the persons lifetime, because you can only go back as far as your path exists.

(Note: If this theory is correct, expect to see a copy of a book from the Ender’s Game Series in the Book Club.  If you have read them the way the author explains faster-than-light travel is very similar to this theory, although they do not travel back in time.)

Then how does that work with the EMF?

When Desmond was exposed to the EM radiation from the hatch, it turned part of the neutrinos in his brain to turn into sterile neutrinos.  Since the island is surrounded by an EMF, he hit another kind of energy when he left the field causing the rest of his neutrinos to become sterile.  Where his consciousness was sent to the past.

So, there they are, two theories on how Desmond time traveled.  Feel free to discuss them (and tear them apart)!