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Looking at the Little Things — 4.12 “There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”

By SonyaLynn,

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It didn’t take much reading of the usual recapping suspects (here on DocArzt, Kristin at E! Online, Doc Jensen at EW, the fine folks at BuddyTV) to see that I wasn’t going to get to do my first choice of a “little thing” for the explosive first act of “There’s No Place Like Home”. I was getting all set to do a bit on how Sun’s awe-inspiring, whoop-inducing smackdown of her father by taking over his company had more implications than just deep, emotional satisfaction because of Mr. Paik’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it connection to Widmore exposed in “D.O.C.” (and, less canonically, in The Lost Experience), but they were all over it like a cheap suit.

Ah, well…much like the ineffible, unflappable Ben Linus, I always have a plan.
Location, Location, Location!


The other morsel that I’ve been chewing over in my brain since last night, thanks to the dear friend with whom I was watching (breathlessly, of course…if Lost doesn’t cause my death by anoxia at some point, I’ll count myself lucky!), is that I just can’t figure out for the life of me how the next two hours of “There’s No Place Like Home” is going to put the Oceanic 6 in one place long enough for their, um, “triumphant” return to the outside world.
After “Cabin Fever”, everything was looking a lot easier…I was figuring Hurley would make his way back to the beach, Sawyer would deposit little Turniphead with Kate, and the O6 would make their way to the good ship Kahana and be on their way. But NOOOOOOOO!
Now, we’ve got Hurley still sticking with Locke and Ben outside the Orchid, about to mount their multi-flanked distraction/infiltration of that station, Jack’s with Sawyer having just left Lapidus at the chopper landing site, Kate and Sayid are hot on their trail a couple hours back, and (most problematically of all, it seems) Sun and Aaron are with Desmond and Michael on the Kahana, which is looking for all the world like part of an overly-ambitious production of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture”.
How in the hell are they all going to end up in the same place at the same time, off the Island, and in a position to be rescued by Oceanic Airlines (Michelle Forbes…squee!) and the fine men and women of the US Coast Guard?
To be honest, I’ve been pounding on this one all day and have no freaking idea. The Kahana’s going to blow sky-high, and the chopper needs a place to land. So to me, this indicates that the Zodiac raft is going to be the only vessel available to the O6. If Michael could make it to land on the little fishing boat Ben gave him, then I’m thinking that the Zodiac can as well, because it probably has a similar range. (Though if any of you out there are nautical experts and/or more willing than I am to correct me if this assumption is incorrect, do please post citations to that effect in the comments!)
So, I could maybe see Faraday clearing Michael, Desmond, Sun, and Aaron (and maybe the meatsocks) back to the Island once the wall-o’-C4 comes to light. But how the hell are Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid all getting back to the beach if Locke’s right about to go into the bowels of the Orchid station to “move the Island”? If Lapidus takes Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid to the Kahana, how are the other players going to move so that it’s only the O6 on the raft as the Island “moves” and the freighter blows?
Maybe the O6 leave post-“move”? I just don’t know!
The Lost writers have done such a masterfully misleading job positioning the pieces on the board that I’m just not seeing the next moves…and I think I like it! Post your own (non-spoiler-containing!) theories below, and buckle your seatbelts, ’cause on May 29th it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.