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Lost – 4.03 – A strange sequence of events

By ErasedSlate,

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Thumbnail image for s4ep03_02.jpgSomething didn’t strike me right about this scene when compared to the rest of the episode.  The Italian man was visibly distressed at learning that Sayid was one of the Oceanic 6.  But, Why?

Fast Forward to the end of the episode. Here is the dialogue:

Ben: Need I remind you what they did the last time you thought with your heart instead of your gun?

Sayid: You used that girl to recruite me into killing for you. 

Ben: Do you want to protect your friends or not, Sayid? I have another name for you.

Sayid: But, they know I am after them now.

Ben: Good. 

I think the golf bet happened after Sayid’s fling with Elsa. The “that Girl” is Elsa. The flashforward was out of sequence.  So, where’s Nadia?  Did Ben reference an incident with her?

Update: David (see comments below) had the Closed Caption text and it read: “You used that to recruit me into killing for you.” 

The group did something, We think it involved Nadia. And, it was significant enough to turn Sayid from a reformed torturer to an executioner..

  • VictorC

    Very interesting observation ErasedSlate. However, if this is true then the Italian man for sure would have known who Sayid was before he revealed it, since he himself said they’re now aware of him.
    I think your theory makes sense, but I don’t why he didn’t recognize Sayid from the very beginning.

  • preztige

    I think “the girl” is Nadia, his long lost love. At first, when the game visited Sayid, with the golf cart, he seemed very threatening towards Sayid. But when Sayid declared who he was, the man was afraid. He knew Sayid and what Sayid did. I wonder why he ran though, maybe he was caught off guard

  • ponder-osa

    Why was Sayid taken/affected so much by the dead Newcomer to the extent that he had to “take her home”? Desmond asks about Penelope & two Newcomers exchange glances? How high is up? Is infinity a prime number? I’m obviously Lost.

  • ErasedSlate

    preztige, I would buy that. Your thinking would put the sequence in order. Nadia gets killed by the “bad guys,” in turn Sayid becomes Ben’s assassin. But, would Sayid refer to Nadia as “that girl.” This is just me trying to put things in a logical order.

  • rave chedwards

    i don’t think “that girl” is nadia b/c sayid refers to her as “that girl”… and that wouldn’t be the way he would refer to his long lost love, and what was with the newcomers glance at each other??… did something bad happen to penny after her video transmission with charlie in the looking glass??

  • Chuck

    I believe you misheard. I went back and listened to it again to make sure. But what Sayid said was:
    “You used her to recruit me into killing for you”
    So with this being what was said I definitely think he is referring to Nadia.

  • David

    On closed captioning it says “You used that to recruit me into killing for you”

  • preztige

    well if nadia betrays Sayid, which I think will be the case, he may refer to her as “that girl”…..would be awesome. but i agree, it could be someone else, or the events could be taking place like erased slate suggests.

  • Chuck

    And I don’t think the flash forward was necessarily out of sequence. I mean it could have been…But all that guy had to know is that whoever he works for did something to infuriate Sayid or possibly try to coerce him into doing something.

  • Jasonator

    Seems to me that Ben is somehow able to regain control of the situation, and with the help from the “man on the boat”, is able to take the freighter. After that, he allows for those that want to leave, do so. And he was likely also to say that they will never be able to return. So maybe it was Ben in that coffin and that upsets Jack because that was his last hope to get back. On a side note; I like to hear theories on the show, but I hate when I see them and they never take into account the mysterious healings. This cannot be just a time travel scenario. I think science and religion are walking hand-in-hand on this show. I believe there is a “Supreme Being” present and that all the miraculous happenings are in “His” scientific understanding. It’s possible that this is the Garden of Eden, hidden from the world by means of carefully orchestrated natural phenomena (electromagnetism, plate tectonics, laws of physics, theory of relativity and unified field). All the anomolies are probably just the effects of things that this “Being” wills into place. Hope this makes sense. It does in my own head, but hard to put into words. Sorry for going off on a tangent.

  • Jackson

    If Ben was the body in the coffin, he must have been using one of his aliases since part of the name was seen in the newspaper obit. Not out of the realm of possibility. The body is someone who got on the wrong side with Kate according to her reaction.

    Although the story is developing bit by bit, we won’t know the complete story for another three years. Damn that’s a long time.

  • HumeLocke

    The reason that the italian guy got scared when Sayid told him that he was one of the 6 the guy knew that it was no coincidence that they were on the course together. He knew that he had done something or was participating in something having to do w/ the island. Probably something destructive. He knew Sayid had come from the island and was there to kill him

  • Saladas

    I dont think its italian, does anybody search about seychelles

    One of their local lenguage is french….

    And other interestic thing its that their close to africa

    And also “he islands were named after Jean Moreau de Séchelles, Louis XV’s Minister of Finance” Finance and economist souns very familliar….

    Just my 2 cents!!!

  • just me

    I have a different idea about Ben and Sayid’s conversation.

    I think the sequence is ok. and they are talking about what is going to happen in the boat. I think that Sayid is going to discover the man who works for Ben and Ben will offer him freedom, a job, and “security” (which is mostly keep them alive for his friends, and obvisly his friends would be everybody who is not one of the Oceanic 6.

  • mikktigger

    I’m thinking about that scene, and what struck me interesting about it was this “list” they speak of…made me think of the original “list” and the people they took in the first season…Where are these people? …and do they have anything to do with the new “list?”

  • rondo

    maybe the man on the boat is Sayid? Ben onced talked about a room that could bring you whatever or where ever you wanted. I think that there is a Star Trek style worm hole that can transport the individual on/off the island and back/forth in time. It like that John Woo movie with Ben Affleck. He sees the future and can make modifications. Ben knows how the future can be but he directly can’t alter it. He can move someone else to do it.

  • Evo

    No offense, but this theory makes absolutely no sense.

  • GivenToFly

    I don’t think he is italian, nor french. He seems to have a portuguese accent and his surname is also portuguese, “Avelino”. Plus, Portugal is known for its seaside golf resorts

  • I think the man on the boat is someone we know and have met before. I think it’s Michael.

  • babelfish

    perhaps the European golfer was the economist, and as mentioned above the first scene was out of sequence. that would explain his recognition and fear of Sayid (since he knew he would be coming). and it must all be tied to the island somehow for him to react as he did to the mention of the oceanic 6.

  • Jasonator

    I second that, babelfish. The episode is called “The Economist”. They start with an obscure flash forward. Sayid kills a man we know has something to do with the people who want the island found. The rest of the story explains that Sayid was looking for this man. He kills Elsa and realizes that they knew who he was from the start. So it didn’t take long for the Economist to realize who Sayid was when they started talking about the crash. Also explains Sayid’s comfort with killing him. He was messed up after Elsa, but got his perspective together after he understood he was played. Yeah, he was the Economist……………..for sure. Hehehehe!