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Lost as a game of Backgammon (a la Alice in Wonderland)

By nomaD,

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The producers acknowledged the significance of the Backgammon reference in the season 1 pilot…

So ponder this…. In the first few seasons we had several references to Alice and Wonderland….
In “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” the story was meant to symbolize a game of cards, different scenes signifying different cards in a deck….

In “Through the looking glass” Lewis Carrols sequel to Alice’s adventures in wonderland, everything is mirrored. While ALICE opens outside on a sunny day in summer THE LOOKING GLASS opens indoors on a cold winter night….

The book then goes on to symbolize a game of chess, each scene in the book signifies a different move on the chessboard including Alice (a pawn) taking two spaces on her first move. This is also depicted by Alice crossing rivers in the book symbolizing advancing into a new square on the board. The book concludes with Alice placing the King in checkmate, who hasnt moved throughout the book…

I wonder what we’d find if we analyzed lost in this sense or if Lost producers even used this as a device. Interesting either way…