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Lost Solved! It’s All About Ho Hos

By docarzt,

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Don’t dismiss this absurd subject so quickly.  Ho Hos figured prominently in last nights episode, it was where Charlie was standing in the store when Hurley freaked out, AND the letters “HO” appear briefly in the background when Hurley flips out at Matthew Abaddon.  While chocolate cake may have nothing to do with the secrets of Lost, the element the letters ‘Ho’ represent may!

Originally dubbed “Element X” by Jacques Soret and Marc Delafonatine, who discovered it, Holmium (chemical symbal HO) is said to possess “the highest magnetic moment (10.6ยตB) of any naturally-occurring element and possesses other unusual magnetic properties.”

Did the light bulbs just go off?  Of course this is not common knowledge enough to be something meant to be revealed, rather this clue was injected with the idea that the brainier members of our community (like KeepingAwake, who tipped me off to this) would disseminate it for the rest of us numb-skulls.  What does it mean?  Speculate away.

So far, including the addition made by the nimble brained Theory 156 below, we have:

  • Charlie stands by the Ho Hos when Hurley sees him in the store. (KeepingAwake)
  • The chemical symbol for Holmium in the background at the sanitarium (KeepingAwake)
  • Jack ending his game of ‘Horse’ at ‘Ho’  (Theory 156)
  • As pointed out below, H is the 8th letter in the alphabet and – you guessed it – O is 15!  HO=815! (Trevor)



  • Theory 156

    Another occurrence of the “HO” was the last flashforward sequence when Jack and Hurley play HORSE. Jack quits after getting the letters H and O. Very interesting, I wonder if it really means anything.

  • Trevor

    Not to mention, H=8, O=15, in terms of their placement in the alphabet.

  • icy_one

    Doc, these are definitely the parts of Lost where you shine brightest – although it may just be coincidence, you don’t have to stretch to far to tie it in. H=8 O=15? It must be intentional, right? Right?!

  • KeepingAwake

    HOLM is Greek for island. HOLMIUM is the Latin word for Stockholm, based on the Greek for Island.

    It just gets curiouser and curiouser, eh?

    It was the screen cap that got me wondering about this, really, because it looked like a molecule to me. When I did a search on HO, holmium came up. It also has a hexagonal (six-sided) form, like the O behind Hurley in HO in the cap.

    (I’m not really a complete nerd, but I did receive entry into a collegiate Classic honorary, so Latin and Greek references jump out at me fairly easily.)

    So now we need help form the fandom with What Does This Mean? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Is this the ‘It’ Hurley refers to when he tells Jack (paraphrased) ‘It wants us to go back and will do everything it can to make us go back?’

  • DocArzt

    Icy_one: I’m merely the messenger this time. Keeping awake sent the reference in email.

  • Very clever, I think Damon and Carlton are trapped, trying to send us signs about how to rescue them!

  • Autochthonous

    Wow, this is absolutely incredible. Something as innocuous as HO can turn into something tied so deeply to the show.

    Good work by all.

  • One MO Lost Fan

    Didn’t the Black Rock have mining equipment onboard? I think it was assumed that they were mining for gold, but maybe they were mining for holmium and the ship was full of this material and that is responsible for some of the magnetic anomilies on the island and it maybe part of the reason the “The Maxwell Group” is trying to locate it. (Maxwell’s equations are all about electromagnetism.)

  • Amy

    KeepingAwake said:
    It was the screen cap that got me wondering about this, really, because it looked like a molecule to me. When I did a search on HO, holmium came up. It also has a hexagonal (six-sided) form, like the O behind Hurley in HO in the cap.

    …another cross reference, HO being a SIX sided form, and the Oceanic SIX ?!?! It just goes on and on… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ilias

    Doc great job with the site!

    HOLM is not island in Greek, in fact as a Greek I am not sure that HOLM means anything in Greek. According to Wikipedia HOLM is

    “Holm – the name for a small and rounded islet, especially in the Orkney and Shetland archipelagoes.”

    The Orkney islands are on the North side of the UK, famous for their single malt called Highland Park.

    Island in Greek is Nisi.

    So long…


  • It certainly seems to mean something. Has anyone seen the ho ho ho/santa claus theory. Meaning the ho ho ho could be a big clue as to where they are, like maybe the north pole? We’ve seen/heard plenty of things to support this as well..

    Polar Bears
    Pennys People from S2 finale
    Stuck in a “Snowglobe”
    Snowman Joke
    Hurleys picture of an eskimo and igloo in this last episode
    Not to mention True North vs Magnetic North
    If I am not mistaken, isn’t the North Pole heavily protected by Military?
    AND…according to the timeline it should be Christmas eve or maybe Christmas

    Just wanted to point this out.

  • Calebspeaks

    Am I the only one who thinks All this ho-ho reference could just mean the island has a creamy filling?

  • Great stuff here! I cited DocAzrt over at my Lost blog ( Thanks for the observations! The only thing I had to add was the similarity between the Hatch map and the Attomic Map of Holmium – they are nearly identical.

  • Rich

    This is probably nothing, but its interesting anyway I guess. If you do an ALT Function using all the Lost numbers, you get: ยต That is MU, the greek letter that is used in electro-magnetics as part of the measurement of magnetic moment (this is the characteristic that Holmium is highest in).

  • H20

    In the second episode of season 4 when Miles finds the stash in the wall he finds money and also a bag of yellow powder. Now if he is Dharma money was probably not what he was looking for. Does this element HO have a tangible form or if not what was in the bag? It seems important.

  • btattersall

    What did one snowman say to the other?

  • Jeremiah Galvan

    Holm is actually english for an island in a river.

  • rafael


    ~the polar bears were brought with the dharma initiative.
    ~err, wouldn’t it make sense for them to be in the antarctic, seeing as how the pilot said they are only a thousand miles off course, and they were in the southern/low northern hemisphere. Also, the nearest human populated town is 440 miles away, while i know in the south pole, the tip of south america is only 100 ish miles away, which is much more duable recieving supplies and such
    ~If they were stuck in a snowglobe how could they leave o_O?????
    ~So far, if the only evidence is a snowman joke than this means nothing
    ~Don’t know anything to say about the drawing
    ~What’s your point about magnetic and true north… O_O???????????
    ~What about when it was before christmas…. What about when christmas passes?

    LMFAO this is the most retarded theory ever bahaha

  • Michelle

    They are near Christmas Island not the Antartic – still works with the “ho ho ho” references. Santa/Christmas – you get the point.

  • Andromeda

    In the episode “The Economist” (aired February 14th), Sayid discovers a drawer containing many, many passports picturing Benjamin Linus in various countries under various aliases; one of these passports contains the alias “Dean Moriarty.” When I think of the name Moriarty, I think of Sherlock Holmes…

    Homles… Yet another veiled reference to holmium? It’s a stretch, but I wouldn’t put it past these writers; after all, they really love to use anagrams, so we know they like to play word games.

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