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Lost Theories – Teleportation and Hurley’s Conversation with Jack

By ErasedSlate,

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When Hurley was talking to Jack in Santa Rosa, he said:


…because we are dead.  All of us.  All of the Oceanic 6, we are all dead. We never got off that island.


A recent Discover Magazine had an article about teleportation.  One of the methods of teleportation involves teleporting the information within the particle.  Here is the excerpt that relates to Lost.


In these teleportation experiments, physicists start with, say, two atoms, A and C. Suppose we wish to teleport information from atom A to atom C. We begin by having a third atom, B, that starts out entangled with C. Now atom A comes in contact with atom B, so that the information content of atom A is transferred to atom B. Because B and C were originally entangled, A’s information has now been transferred to atom C; someone examining atom C would be unable to tell any difference between it and the original atom A.


The entanglement destroys the information within atom A (so we don’t have two copies after teleportation). This means that anyone being teleported in this way would die in the process. But the information content of his body would instantly appear somewhere else. In other words, he would die in one place but be reborn in another.


If the Orchid station really does have something to do with teleportation, and if the Oceanic 6 left the island through the Orchid, then Hurley could be experiencing a nature scientific side effect of teleportation.  According to the article, they did die on the island to be reborn off of the island.  Maybe the writers are giving us a clue as to how they left the island.

  • bcs7583

    I love the idea of them getting home via the Orchid, and it would make sense that there would be side effects. My questions is how would they keep up the “lie” if they all just appear back on the mainland. They would have to at least fake a rescue, especially with a certain scene that’s been revealed for 04×12. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

  • Funny! While watching the episode, I brought this exact point up to the friends I watched it with. A few weeks ago, Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku appeared on the Opie and Anthony Radio Show and brought up the concept you mention. Kaku’s work also revolves around time travel and the like…
    Here’s the clip:
    (Warning: The host site is only a click or two away from pornographic material)

  • Even more amusing; I just noticed that Dr. Kaku wrote the Discover article.

  • barns

    I don’t think the Oceanic 6 leave through the Orchid, based on the fact that Sayid had no idea how Ben got off the Island, not just assuming Ben used the same means that they did. Sayid and the rest of the Oceanic 6 must have then used conventional means, such as a helicopter and then boat, or such thing.

  • Nel Bot

    in addition to barns’ argument I would also counter that if this process were in use it would not account for the Orchid training video in which they have two rabbit #15s and it causes such a stir. If the death of the original were a natural consequence of such a porting process they could not end up with such a redundancy of anything.

  • TrillianM

    So if Ben teleported from through the Orchid to the desert. What would the burn/cut on his arm be from?

  • Hi,
    when I read your teleportation theory I got one thought:

    He walks amongst us, but isn’t one of us!

  • nerbie

    Anyone ever seen the Futurama movie Bender’s Big Score? According to that a time travel duplicate is always doomed. So maybe if they used the Orchid the duplicate on the island is the one who dies rather than the one off island.

  • mw

    ive gone on about double-ing a few times now, but ill try once more: maybe the flight did crash and everybody died, but it doubled and so whilst they died, they were stll alive. might expain the black rock, too. quite likely explains the rabbit. i know the flight’s crash was meant to be faked, but both ben and widmore have accused the other of doing it & i think they were both lying: the plane did go down, but a copy of the same plane landed on the island. the orchid isnt about teleportation: it involves “a sort of Kasmir effect”…which is not teleportation.

  • ErasedSlate

    mw, the “type of Casimir effect” statement by Halliwax throws open the window or a number of possibilities. The range could be wormholes, time travel and even teleportation. I think the idea of teleportation actually gives your theory more gravity.

  • getthebubbles

    I don’t think they get off the island through the orchid station, for a few reasons. One, there have been spoiler rumors of press conferences and media blitzes when the O6 return, and indeed in Jin’s episode and Ben’s episode (featuring Sayid), and Kate’s episode, the O6 are followed by press- this to me means that they returned in some conventional way. Two, Sayid was suprised to see Ben, and asked him how he got off the island; this to me means that they don’t know anything about the Orchid station or teleportation (or whatever it is).

  • Nel Bot

    I don’t think a media blitz upon return to civilization rules out the possibility of a tele/ time porting exit from the island- if the location of the island is to remain secret and protected as seems to be the aim of even those O6 that get off and not just Ben- they will have to be rescued from somewhere else- possibly another island or an alternate version of THE one and only craphole island… They could be ported to some other deserted island or elsewhere and “rescued” from there to fan fare and press blitz… You can’t exaclty have the likes of Tricia Tanaka traipsing all over THE sandy beach with camera crews- the island wouldn’t like that much… I see no reason they couldn’t port off and still have fan faire and media coverage… To protect the island I don’t even think they can be rescued by the freighter- I think the freighter people all have to die so they can’t find the island again or lead Widmore to it… We’ll see for sure by the end of the season I guess but if the island has to be secret you don’t want to let the media in on it…

    ******But- most telling I think- if they did that- port off the island somehow- Sayid wouldn’t have needed to ask Ben how he got off the island- he would have known…********

    And if porting happens as theorized at the start of this post- via some sort of atomic translation that destroys the original then the Orchid training video doesn’t make any sense with the two rabbits…

    I think there might still be some sort of time/ space porting effect going on but I don’t think the O6 used it to get home and I don’t think it works exactly like this Dr. Kaku posited in the Discovery article.

  • msdee

    “This means that anyone being teleported in this way would die in the process. But the information content of his body would instantly appear somewhere else. In other words, he would die in one place but be reborn in another.”

    If this is true for EVERYONE on the island it could account for the deaths of the babies and their moms. The trauma of the transitions could kill the average healthy man (Minkowski) can you imagine what it would do to a fetus. BUT I assume ben is aware of this and if so he should put 2 and 2 together and figure out that is why the women and babies are dying. So Aaron is special because while he was on the island and in Claires womb, he was strong enough to survive.

  • time_lord

    After last night i couldnt keep what mr ecko said out of my head – about evryone dying if the button doesnt get pushed – are all the losties dead at least everyone who was touching the island – aaron was being held by claire – great to see the dark side of jin – miles makes me laugh my favorite of the newbies – seeing the soldiers walking through the jungle reminded me of those wierd war comic books from my youth – the island is very p#$$ed of and jack – trying to kill him? this was garcia’s best acting yet on the series i really believed he was ape s$#t crazy – can’t wait for next week its looking very strange !!!!

  • Sarah

    I took Hurley’s comment to mean that when the plane went down, they were supposed to die on the island. They didn’t and cheated fate. Now their current lives are not going so well. Their true selves had died on the island and weren’t meant to be part of the “future” or current time plane. The island, in a course of self-correction, is seeking the Oceanic 6 to come back. This is what the island is all about and why it is so valuable. You can change the future.

  • mw

    casmir effect does not, as i understand it, really allow for those things. teleportation and particles appearing/annihilating in a vacuum are different — teleportation could perhaps be extrapolated from the casmir effect (id have to ask a physicist friend) but i suspect that the show’s writers ecpected us to take it at its more basic levels. the rabbit “doubled” in the orchid video, and so that is likely the extent of the sortof-casmir effect we will see in the show i would think. my money is still on “oceanic flight XXX did infact crash”; this allows for a plot twist which is still within the bounds of what we have been told

  • i-spie

    One thing I noticed is that Ben’s use of the Donkey wheel only sent him to another place (middle east), where as in the video Locke watched at the Orchid showed the pod was used to try and manipulate time artifically, unlike Desmond’s travels which happened unexpectantly.

    What do you think?