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LOST Theory – Is Mrs. Hawking’s Taste in Art A Clue?

By docarzt,

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caravaggio_-_the_incredulity_of_saint_thomasThe painting that hangs in Mrs. Hawking’s church is called “The Incredulity of Saint Thomas” and it captures the very essence and origin of the term “Doubting Thomas.”  Thomas was so skeptical of Christ’s return from the dead, that he wanted to feel his wounds.  Could the prominent placement of this painting have meaning for us?  Is LOST’s crafty brain-trust trying to send us messages?  Click the image for full size.

The first thought that comes to mind is the ressurection, and doubt that there was ever death.  While in the moment presented in the painting we know what was going on, it could suggest that we should be doubting Thomas’s ourslves when it comes to another deadman, who may yet be resurrected.  John Locke.

Then there is the general sentiment of it.  While Saint Thomas may have been a little too suspicious, perhaps the placement of this image in LOST is to remind us that sometimes – often times – things are not as they seem.  We still no not know what is motivating the return to the island.  For Ben, it may merely be the desire to return to his position as leader of the others.  For Mrs. Hawkings, it may merely be to help her son – at what expense?

  • LV

    So last week everyone changed their minds that instead of being resurrected, Locke would be reincarnated. Then we get this painting and we’re back to resurrection. Are the writers just f’ing with us, or are we wasting too much time focusing on the difference between the two phenomena? 🙂

    • Mack

      Bodies are resurrected, minds are reincarnated.

  • Dusin

    I think there is a good possibilty that there may be some form of re-incarnation that will appear on the show. Lost has always had the theme of the uncertainty of a characters death. It also explains the others being so willing to kill themselves or be killed for the good of the island. Bea, Patchy, etc. Perhaps they know and not think that there is something else for them after death.

  • Something to consider when thinking about Faraday’s comment regarding leaving behind reason for the supernatural: when Thomas asks to touch Jesus’ wound, Christ responds, “Blessed are those that see and believe; even more blessed are those who believe without seeing.” This corresponds with Hebrews chapter one, which says, “Faith is the evidence of things unseen.” Once again we are caught between the forces of science and faith — as DocJensen wrote in today’s re-cap — best exemplified by Rousseau’s science team trying to drag their comrade out of the grip of Smokey; this is the tug of war between science and faith. Jesus’ comment to Thomas serves as a statement of where the LOST team is headed — we are now transitioning from the science-fiction towards the supernatural fiction.

    • Mack

      “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clark

  • JaySin

    Very interesting, after seeing this I really think Locke is just paralyzed like Nikki/Paulo and its all gonna be just a trick by Ben to further his unknown agenda.

    But here’s my my big theory- Its all about Widmore/Hawking using people to go back in time to change the past, most likely Ben’s purge of Dharma. If they killed Ben now off the island nothing would change but if they can send ppl back to stop the Purge (they couldn’t personally go back cause there’d be a paradox), the present/future will change for better.

  • Scary: The original painting is hung up in the Art Gallery of Sanssouci (Potsdam, Germany), only a few miles away from where I live. The Park is one of the most beautiful places around Berlin. I love to go there to meditate, read and ponder about various topics and – of course – about LOST…

    Wherever you go, the show follows you! :o)
    Is it destiny or just freaky selective perception?


    • Oh, I forgot to mention that “sans souci” is french for without cares/carefree.
      Could that be another hint to the current or future state of John Locke?

  • Lottery Ticket

    I associated this image with Jack Shephard and he appendectomy. Go figure?

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