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Lost Theory – Little Ben

By professorstotch,

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littlebenWow, what an ending eh? Let’s be honest, most of us saw it coming. It was watching it go down that was actually the fun part. But let’s take a deeper look. Things may not exactly be what they seem…

So I’ll go out on the record and say that Little Ben isn’t dead. This is a pretty divided subject in the Lost world right now. Ask a group of 10 Lost fans, and five will say he’s dead, while the other five will say there’s no way. Count me as a member of the second group of five. I’m going to do my best to explain to you why I think Little Ben isn’t dead.

First off, let’s start with the fact that we never actually saw him die. And on Lost, nothing is official until it’s announced on the show. People have survived gunshots in the past. Most notably…John Locke. Actually, he’s survived at least two that I can remember right off the top of my head. One of which was a point blank shot to the midsection. People survive things on this island that they probably wouldn’t survive elsewhere.

At this point in time, the island still needs Ben. Remember the issue from season four? The island wouldn’t let Michael kill himself, it wouldn’t let Jack kill himself. The island won’t let you die if it still has use for you. Perhaps John Locke is really as important as everyone thinks. And in turn, if the island needs Locke, it also needs Ben to help turn Locke into the person he’ll become. A lot of Locke’s decisions and actions for the past two seasons have been as a result of direct manipulation from Ben. Therefore, in order for Locke to become who the island needs him to be, the island needs Ben to stay alive.

Another thing we can’t forget, is the fact that “Whatever happened, happened.” Ben was here before. He’s always gotten shot. Just because we’ve never seen it, doesn’t mean it’s never happened. Ben has always known about Sayid, Jack, Sawyer, Juliet, Kate, Hurley, Jin, Miles, Faraday, etc. How do you think he has so much info on these people? Remember the list from season two? Funny how all the names on that list are people Ben knew as a kid. Sawyer was always the head of Dharma security, Hurley always worked in the cafeteria, and Ben was always supposed to get shot by Sayid.

I think what we saw last night was just one step in turning Ben from innocent to “evil.” I mentioned this yesterday, and I still have the same idea. Ben is miserable in his Dharma life. He hates everyone and just about everything. But then…along comes Sayid. He’s able to trust Sayid, and wants to help him. This is despite the fact that doing so gets him trouble with dad. Ben goes way out on a limb for this guy, because he thinks it’s the sign he’s been waiting for. And once he busts that guy out…he gets shot down. I don’t know about you, but that’d cause me to become a little pissed off.

Now that we’ve seen this first step being taken, how’s it all going to add up to what we’ve seen of Ben so far? Here’s how I think it’ll all go down:

Little Ben will be left on the road. Lucky for him though, he’s actually on the road. Jin will wake up and see the boy face down in the dirt. He’ll pick him up, throw him in a van, and rush back to Dharmaton. At the Dharma hospital, they’ll bring in all the doctors and such to fix him up. They’ll need some extra help, and so Sawyer will ask Jack. Jack will refuse, because…well…why the heck would he want to save the life of the person who’s going to be such a pain in the ass later? After Jack refuses, Sawyer will turn to the next doctor he knows: Juliet.

Juliet’s a fertility doctor, so she won’t be too much help. But after some crazy island stuff, Ben will come out just fine. And who is he going to thank? Juliet. This will cause Ben to develop a little crush on Juliet (but seriously, who doesn’t have a crush on her, I mean come on.) Maybe Juliet will accept this in an attempt to try to steer Ben in a different direction. Once this happens, she’ll become somewhat of a mother figure for Ben. Maybe after she leaves the island for whatever reason, Ben has a painting made in her memory. A painting of her in a wicker chair…

Once Ben grows up, he’ll set out on a mission to bring her back. People will see the painting, and some will even remark: “You look just like her.” Why does she look just like her? Because she is her. The her that Harper Stanhope (FYI Podcast people, that’s her name! 😉 ) is actually Juliet herself.

So that’s just where I think this whole thing is going.


Note: Please refrain from posting any spoilers in the comments. Thank you.

  • triangulatedsignal

    great stuff prof! i agree with everything bar the painting. i dont think it is juliet, im not saying nim exactly sure who it is, but im leaning more towards eloise or someone else. i agree about this being a step in turning ben evil, there is no way he could be dead.nice job!!

  • m-lost

    Great theory, agree completely, Ben is alive and I think that maybe Kate and juliet will convince Jack to save him, just like when Ben needed surgery for his tumor.

  • Jacobs Lather

    This theory annoys me…because it is so exactly right. It’s not just a “Ben’s alive because you can’t change the past” theory, you really got into how each character is going to interact. Heck, I don’t even need to watch the episode now. Sweet, I can finally have some time to read Ulysses.

    Actually, I think this theory is spot on. Best line: “But after some crazy island stuff…” I love it. It’s the Lost equivalent of the “yadda yadda.”

    • Matt

      You just yadda yadda’d over the best part!

      • Mark

        He mentioned the bisque.

        • Kaleb Elie

          yeah but is James really sponge worthy?

          • Heidi

            damn skippy!

  • Ed Einstein

    I think you nailed it, great post!

    • princess

      Same here!…this is a great post..but I can’t agree with the photo being Juliet!! Juliet has been living in Dharma Ville for 3 years and she must have come across her own picture!! that would have freaked her to hell!!
      I would freak out to see a picture of me in 1977 when actually I was not there!

      • professorstotch

        But how would she have seen a picture that hasn’t been painted yet? The picture would be painted AFTER all this happens. And if you’re referring to the 2004 era when Juliet was living as an Other, she wouldn’t know that the picture was supposed to resemble her, because it hadn’t happened for her yet.

  • David

    While I think it is headed this way, it would be cool if Richard stepped out of the bushes to save Ben because he “knew” this would happen and starts telling Ben about the island.

  • Beena

    As much as I would rather see older Ben go back in time before younger Ben gets shot and somehow change that outcome, I think you must be right. At least to some degree, that Ben doesn’t die. (So I’ll eat a bit of crow, now) But I still don’t think his now getting shot is without some new altered consequence to the future. Maybe it’s only going to be a minor consequence, though, that doesn’t require course correction. We saw John standing over a clearly wounded Ben. And we already know it wasn’t from the 316 plane crash, and it is doubtful that an oar to the head from Sun has him laid out that bad.

    What really struck me about this episode is how both the Oceanic 6 and the left-behinders’ lies are coming full circle. Of how there was a day that their bonds to one another were so much stronger…where you’d have expected Sawyer to take out the Dharma guys before they could do anything to Sayid. But back to your post, it is shocking that a child…Benjamin Linus, no less, is the one who exhibits the most loyalty and goes so far to help Sayid.

    Do we really think that a now possibly turned evil young Ben would still have anything to do with Sayid in the future after being shot by him? That it was supposed to have happened that way all along? I ‘m just not quite sure I’m buying that whole time loop thing quite yet…that they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again, and what they do doesn’t matter.

    If Sayid has a chance to do this whole thing again in some sort of loop, maybe he can snap Roger Workman’s neck like the chicken’s neck, and Ben will be the better man for it in the future!

    • m-lost

      right, I was waiting for Sayid to help Ben and kill Roger too!

    • Jacobs Lather

      I’ll be very disappointed and annoyed if it really does turn out that nothing can ever change. It basically takes all the thrill and excitement out of the show. The rest of the series, or at least the season, would just be a constant succession of “Oh, so they caused that” moments. Boring, if you ask me. In order for the story to maintain its intrigue, things HAVE to start changing. It’s one thing at the end of a book to realize that it’s all going to start over again (and there are some great books that end that way), but we’re not at the end of the show yet, and if we’re going to have to sit through another season and a half of Whateverhappenedhappened Lessons, it’s really going to be anticlimactic.

      • imfromthepast

        Get used to disapointment.

        • Michel

          Non of the two sides has enough information so far to make a safe bet. POSSIBLY, the past cannot be changed. And POSSIBLY, it can. There are good arguments for both sides and you just know it, even if you don’t want to acknowledge the arguments that counter yours: 1. selective memory-loss, for instance, or 2. the lack of reasoning to trust the only two character that say the past can’t be changed.

          Yes, there is a loop, and there are things that escape the loop. It is hinted that it is possible to change the final outcome of things, to change the past, but it’s way much more difficult than trying to kill one its key players. Widmore knows that. He wanted Ben alive, didn’t he?

          I think the new mantra should be “Whatever happened happened… so far. But if someone manages to change it… God help us all.”

          p.s. you’re a little mono-thematic, aren’t you?

          • brent

            I think you’re precisely right, Michel. SO FAR. There’s going to be another game changer by the end of this season. It’s a guarantee. We are being beaten over the head by the writers and episode titles that NOTHING CAN EVER CHANGE. “Whatever happened, happened” and “Dead is dead.” Reverse psychology? Perhaps. I don’t think we’ll see a change that totally undermines seasons 1-4 like some doomsday predictions out there. But I would wager a massive amount of cash that this little game the writers are playing with us will be completely flipped (again) at the end of the season. We don’t know jack squat. And remember, the story will have to move forward at some point. It’s not going to end in 1977.

        • Uncle Beaver

          I agree with imfromthepast. Nothing is being changed, we’re just seeing events as they happened.

          However… Desmond is “uniquely and miraculously special”. Out of any of the people who came into contact with our main characters while they were flashing through time, he is the only one who saw the sky “flash” as these people moved through time.

          So… Let’s see what happens with Desmond. By the way, where the hell is he?

          • Henry Holland

            I don’t like the storytelling method for this season, because we should have seen all this stuff seasons ago. There’s no angst about Ben dying because we know he lives, it removes all the tension from the situation.

            Totally agree with the paragraph that starts “Little Ben will be left on the road”.

          • dolce

            Henry, are’nt you the same guy that said “No, what Sayid needs is a bullet in the head, provided by Ben.” under the Calling all Losties post?

          • Henry Holland

            Dolce, I can’t see a reply button to your post at 5:42 pm so I’ll put it here.

            Yes, I made that comment, what on earth does it have to do with not liking the way the story is being told this season?

          • dolce

            Henry it was the no angst about Ben dying part. It seemed like you had a little angst about him dying based on your statement. I wasn’t commenting on the story telling(which I think is great). I just thought it was ironic, that’s all.

    • ‘Scuse me, Lucy, but Ben Bad Bad Ben did not show more loyalty to Sayid than his Lost-Buds: The boy was USING Sayid to get him to the Hostile. We know that Bad Little Ben is in touch with them, but has been told to wait, correct? Ben thinks by freeing a supposed Hostile he will then get a get-out-of-jail-free card.

      But it ain’t happening. Because the Island Bad Bad Island needs him in his demented state. (Well, at least the bad HALF of the Island wants him bad – if the Island is an entity then it has a yin/yang thing going on; I believe Christian represents the good half.)

      And I too was changing my expectations of Ben being murdered to BenDaddy getting the axe. But I think it is already too late to turn Ben to the Light: The boy exhibits manipulation, dishonesty and selfishness already. Damage is done, Ben Bad Bad Ben.

  • Ed Holden

    I differ a bit with your prediction of what’s going to happen. I bet the bullet went right through him, as it did Locke, and that Richard will rescue him rather than Jin. But who knows.

    • mpl

      Went right through him – because he is missing a heart 🙂

    • Kaleb Elie

      Yes Ed, I think you nailed it with the Richard picking Ben up, DI and the James will probably find Jin all by his self.

      • professorstotch

        And then what happens when Little Ben just shows back up at the compound? No one cares?

        • Beena

          That’s the saddest part of it all, isn’t Prof.? Here’s this kid getting abused by his father, and no one steps in. That he’s practically invisible and anything could happen to him and nobody cares. The previously posted logic that he is bad bad Ben at this tender age is flawed to me. Who could blame him for wanting out of the compound away from his abusive father? And the whole thing with Roger slamming him into the cell door was on tape because the camera was there rolling. Much to my horror,it would seem nobody cared, so I’d have to agree with you. He could have a gun shot wound, and stroll back onto the compound and still be practically invisible. Sickening, isn’t it? Maybe this time around the loop our 815’ers will step up to the plate where the Dharmas failed Ben, and help him.

          • Michel

            No, things will happen exactly in the way they always happened. There is no “this time of the loop”. If Ben is alive, it will be Jin who finds out, and Jin will care, and will bring him to Dharmaville for the local doctors to try to fix him. It has always happened that way.

          • dolce

            Yes Michel.

  • Hexonxonx

    The painting can’t be of Juliet because it already exists. In The Man Behind The Curtain, the painting can be seen in Ben’s house when he’s younger, before the events of this episode. It’s of Ben’s mother Emily, and Roger likely had it made.

    • professorstotch

      But the painting comes from the past…where Juliet is. Thats why she wouldn’t have recognized it when she was over Ben’s place.

  • Mack

    Ben is alive. Jack or Juliette will save him and have moral apprehensions about doing so. A pretty obvious set up.

  • oldrunner262

    Great post. I generally agree with the plot you have laid out. One exception: Jack would definitely go to help young Ben, because he is a doctor! Forget what he did back in season 3. One issue: Young Ben thinks Sayid is an Other. This could hurt in trying to have him join up with Richard and conduct the Purge. And what will happen to Sayid during the rest of his island stay?

  • “Whatever happened, happened.”

    That would seem to indicate that yes, you can’t change the future, and we’ve seen the future.

    But have we? Consider this. What if the Island actually exists in an alternate Earth reality (Castanada)? What we’ve seen happen could have been in another alternate reality, so what we see from the point of Ben’s execution (hey, Sayid didn’t shoot the boy for what he said to him, but for his manipulative actions) on is unknown if it is in that alternate reality. Here on out there is no future, only the now.

    Yes, the conundrum is the group of Losties in 2007. But since they are an alternate reality they cannot be affected.

    But, if “Whatever happened, happened,” and there is no alternate reality, then Ben cannot die – yet.

  • clueless1der

    Prof, you know that if anyone puts the word “Ben” in the title, I’ll be on board for actually reading it. 😀 I am off on just one part. Well two. But mostly one. Okay…with me so far?

    1. Juliet/mother figure… That really bothers me. Not just the Oedipal undertones to him having such a crush on what would in the closest thing to his mother that he’d known on the Island. The troubling thing is that I think you’re right. Ben definitely has parental issues. Remember, it was his mom that he saw outside (I think in Man Behind the Curtain) that sort of led him to Richard. If Juliet helps save him when he’s 14 or so, and Richard or someone from his Hostiles (Richard and the Hostiles- completely sounds like a band!) takes over, I think Little Ben would be more than willing to do whatever it took… whatever it took to please them. This kid isn’t used to an outpouring of love and affection from the people who are supposed to take care of him.

    2. No freaking way is Ben dead. It’s just not possible. Not in any timeline, plot, fiction, theory or… whatever. What, he gets shot then pulls a Marty McFly and just fzzzzzzts out of existence? HELLO! There’s a whole season left! Grr. Sorry this issue irks me.

    3. I think Ben wasn’t quite as innocent as he appeared to be. He knew the Richard had told him to be patient- hell, he said it in the episode. But he still managed to get himself into where the DI was keeping a real, life “Hostile”. Through Security. Specifically, through Security headed by Sawyer. Sure… he wanted to help Sayid, but it was conditional. Sayid had to help him too. Now, with the fact that the man he thinks is a Hostile just shot him… could that be explained to Ben? I mean.. surely he’s seen weird stuff on the island before. If her perceives that he pushed his hand; and by that I mean being so adamant about getting Sayid out he wasn’t being “patient”, maybe he would think that Richard is punishing him… doesn’t want him anymore. After all- he gets the same treatment from everyone else in his life. Why should Richard be any different?

    (Whew, okay, that was three.)

  • Kaleb Elie

    Why has nobody even mentioned what little Ben said to Sayid right before he let him out of the cell. He said in reference to his father “I really hated him”. Hated? Was this a jump of consciousness or did he change things by committing patricide now? What do you think Doc?

    • professorstotch

      Because he didn’t say that. Watch again, he says: “I really hate it here.”

  • hotandbuttered

    OK, in brief…I returning to my original theory from season 1 (Purgatory) that they are all dead already. They island is the Duat. The place the dead go in Egyptian mythology. Anubis measures the soul, yada yada. This explains alot. First, why sixers see dead people on/off island… Why Miles can “feel” dead people off island and on. (he’s been to the island before but is not dead himself.) Lock could only be killed by someone who has been in the Duat already (Ben) and not himself or other means. It explains why state change does not occur…like Hurley not losing weight…Richard not aging (cause he’s been in the dead zone a long time.)…The return to “life’ by Locke and Christian. Claire has been told by her father that she is dead and this is why she disappeared with him. The other survivors have something still to do or are not ready to accept their fate.

    Ok, it doesn’t explain everything, but man I’ll going nuts from this show.

    • professorstotch

      Darlton debunked the “It’s purgatory” and “They’re all dead” theories a while back now.

      • Henry Holland

        If they *did* go with the “It’s purgatory” and “They’re all dead” things after insisting for 5 years that those things aren’t true, Darlton deserve to be chased by a mob holding torches and pitchforks. As we saw in the original “Frankenstein”, we know how that ends…..

  • Medic

    Harry Potter is really Ben NOOO!!!

  • missing toe

    There is absolutely NO f-ing way that Little Ben will die. I do think that his life will be hanging in the balance through both timelines, that is why Locke found him with the people that got sick from 316. Sayid will turn Lil Linus into the evil man that he becomes; so much that I believe Sayid will be the first man that he kills. Ben becomes a killer starting with Sayid. An eye for an eye.
    Can someone refresh my memory? Kelvin was the one to tell Desmond about Radzinsky. Wasn’t Kelvin the one that turned Sayid into a torturer? I wonder if Ben hired Kelvin to do this to Sayid and then had him post up in the Swan to press the button until Des got there. just a thought.

    • Lindsay

      You’re correct. Kelvin gave Sayid his new “skill set”, I think he called it.

    • Michel

      It can’t be, because Ben hadn’t so much power during the Gulf War. I believe Ben (and the Others) started to gain real power outside the Island after the Purge. The Gulf War ended in Feb. 1991, and the Pruge ocurred in Dec. 1992. So, Kelvin couldn’t be acting under Ben’s orders. No, Ben had no control of who were arriving to the island in Oceanic 815…. Widmore did. Remember how Abaddon got Locke in that flight? Well, maybe he wasn’t the only one tricked into boarding the 815. And just look at Ben’s face when Sayid tells him his name in the Swan’s armory in One Of Them. In that moment maybe it wasn’t planned, but now you can rewatch it and it seems like Ben cannot control himself when he hears that name again, and remembers…

      • dolce


  • jack

    I really kinda hope you ain’t right, this would bring a really interesting twist to the show and throw a massive spanner in the works. Plus it’s kinda getting to the point where when someone dies it’s not really much of an issue anymore because we’re that used to them surviving. They’ve played this card once already this season with Locke, surely they think better of us than to do the same thing again.

  • mewy79

    I think this incident with young ben and Sayid is the reason Sun and Frank are seeing a different future in 2007…… Because of what Sayid did, Ben will live but no longer wants anything to do with the others……
    The timeline can be changed, think about going back to the dinosaur era and squatting a bug, this will have an impact on the future… And think “back to the future” Biff goes back in time with a sports results book and Marty goes into the future to a new outcome… It is possible, I think Faraday was just trying to avoid mass changes by scaring everyone to think nothing can be changed.

  • Beena

    Has anybody read, ” A Separate Reality” ? I read some interesting excerpts from it and believe it is very significant that Ben is the one giving Sayid this book. It makes me think the whole episode is a lot less about Ben (and he’ll be okay), and a lot more about Sayid trying to work through his flawed nature (which makes sense anyway, since the episode is titled what it is). It makes me think that there is a lot of futility to Sayid trying to kill Ben in hopes of stopping anything, or to atone for his own demons. Anyway, here’s a link below. It sure raises the ever present theme of free will and “what happens, happens” we’ve been seeing on LOST lately, if you read it carefully.

  • I think you are right. I also think that Juliette is an other and always will be an other even though she was marked. Synopsis says Jack wont help, next up is Juliette, if she can’t help then maybe she will take Ben to the others for help.

    • clueless1der

      Oh yeah, I forgot that she was marked. I wonder how that would fit with the show? Think about if DI saw the mark….. is that even a DI thing or a Ben/Others thing? HMMM.

      • professorstotch

        I was actually thinking about this whole marking business. Obviously if Little Ben were to survive, some one is going to check the cell-room cameras, and notice he was letting Sayid out. And obviously he’ll have to be punished for this. What if his punishment is to be branded as some one who can’t be trusted? Perhaps Little Ben was marked, and this was a “tradition” that was carried on even after Dharma was purged.

        • dolce

          That is a good point. Can’t wait to see it play out. Will little Ben be forced to bear the Dharma equivalent of the scarlet letter?

  • kristin

    i think you are so correct.

  • jimmy zer0

    More arguments for Ben not being dead:

    If he wasn’t shot in the face, he’s not dead. As far as I’m concerned, this is a basic tenet of TV suspense. Even more so on the Island.

    Sayid didn’t double-tap him. I find it hard to believe that little Ben is the first child that Sayid has shot, so it’s sort of lame that he didn’t finish the job by putting a bullet in Ben’s domepiece.

  • cap10tripps

    An interesting point here would be the connection between this and Ben shooting Locke. It would be as if Ben were testing the idea that Locke was the new chosen one. Okay John, let’s see if you get the island mojo once given to me…

    • jimmy zer0

      I like that.

  • One thought came to mind. We saw an episode of Locke a few eps back and it seems to date _after_ the goings on of Ben getting hit with a paddle. I assumed when Locke found Ben laying in the ‘sick bay’, it was because of the crash.

    Then when I saw him running through the jungle after that scene of the skilled landing, I figured that was not the case. Then when I saw Sun whack him with the paddle, I assumed that was why he was in the sick bay.

    Now I’m wondering if he’s in the sick bay because at the same point in this parallel time reality, his own existence is up in the air. Kind of like a Back to the future, transparent hand moment. Perhaps while they try to revive him in the 70’s, his life is up in the air in the future.

    What do you think?

    • dolce

      I hope not.

  • rob

    wow. i had this same conversation with a fellow lost fan at work tonight. faraday isnt the only one to mention the “whatever happened happened” thing. sawyer said the same thing earlier this season too. how many of you remember having a crush on someone older when you were younger (bens age). i think juliet will save bens life thus beginning his crush on her. i remember season 3 ben freaks out, “youre mine” he yells at juliet. he went to great lengths to have her back on the island. “you look like her”, because, she is “her”. i think the losties will be flashed back to the future (816 crash time), “the incident” that chang has spoken about. how faraday can be heard in the con video i havent figured out yet, also references lafleur. the writers have done so well in not messing up any of the timeline stuff, i dont think theyd flip on us now. itll have to be the future that presents new timeline stuff, this is where the final season will have to finish. s5 finale will be desmond returning to the island in his present day after finding his wife and child hurt, after all, he knows where hawkings spot is. i think his motivation will be to kill ben, like everyone else (sun, widmore). this may unite him with widmore, lets face it, stranger things have happened. got about 2 more months to find out i suppose.

  • Jove

    Remember the first episode of this season.

    Between Dr. Candle and the construction worker..

    “So what we can just go back in time and kill Hitler?”

    “Don’t be absurd! There are rules!”

    I think that was relevant and so, my stance is that Ben does NOT die. The question is, if the DI bring him back to camp, what are they going to think about the video of him letting Sayid out of the cell? If the hostiles bring him back, how does been manage to kill his father in the future?

  • Jove

    (not been)

  • Michelle

    Here’s my theory: Ben is alive, because that’s the way it always happened. I think the fact that they save him is the problem. Yes, they’ve ALWAYS done it (WEHH), but the choice was wrong to begin with. What we’ll see won’t be some new/alternate choice. It was simply wrong (in the eyes of the Universe or Fate or what have you)the first and only time it happened.

    I believe the Island has been in course correction mode ever since; just think of all the things that have happened since Ben was saved: the purge, the fertility problems, pregnant mothers dying, etc. Maybe even the fact that Jacob is trapped in some sort of temporal prison is due to the wrong man having access to the inner workings of the Island.

    The Island brought back (on 815) the man who saved him (he brought Juliet himself), the man who shot him and the man who needs to replace him. But they messed up and saved him AGAIN (removing the tumor) In fact, even Juliet didn’t want Jack to remove the tumor at first, did she? I can’t remember for sure. It seems Ben promised her she could leave if she got Jack to do the surgery.

    Locke, the man who would be leader, was manipulated royally by Ben and talked out of doing what he himself was meant to do; turn the wheel. Ben then escaped his fate again, but knew at some point he would have to go back. I think he’s convinced he can outsmart fate and stay in power, plus his ego won’t let Widmore get what he feels is rightfully his. Now they’re back again via 316, and once they’re out of’77, I think Ben will finally arrive at his moment of fate. Probably not before season 6, though.

    So yes, he will live. It always happened that he was shot and saved. No one changed anything or created an alternate time-line. “If someone manages to forestall fate, the universe will “course correct” itself and find another way of forcing them back on their prescribed path.” (From episode info for Flashes Before Your Eyes)

  • Charlie’s Evil Posse

    That was pretty lame. I cannot believe they let that slip.

    • Charlie’s Evil Posse

      Sorry, it posted incorrectly. I was referring to the shot in Lost Untangled.

  • i think that the fact ben survives this bullit to the chest makes ben, how would richard say it. “This makes you extremly special”. this will be the stand out incedent that makes richard and co. belive ben is there leader

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    i was thinking along the same lines professorstotch… but i think jack will turn down helping little ben at first (but ultimately save him..which is why he’s there in the 70’s in the first place)…and sawyer will go to juliet who can’t help, then sawyer and juliet will turn back to jack to save lil’ ben by reminding him that he saved him once before..with the spinal thing…and they will go tit for tat for a little while, and ultimately, jack will help save lil’ ben….because he’ll then realize that that’s why he’s on the island…to save ben..that was his purpose from the start…and as professorstotch said….ben is important because he ‘trains’ locke into the person/leader he needs to be for the others…thats why lil ben is still alive and jack WILL save him…again…or…for the first time….you know what i mean….

    • dolce

      If he does save little Ben, I wonder what will happen if Jack Workman is outed as Jack Spinal Surgeon? How will Dharma react?

  • Lost Mom of Four

    I think I agree with everything BUT the painting…
    I don’t think it resembles Juliet at all and existed in scenes we saw of Ben when he was younger – before our Losties arrived in Dharmaton (as Hexonxonx stated).
    I also don’t know about Juliet being a “mother figure” to him. I think he likes her in a completely different way! He is a pretty strange guy though…

  • emperorMao

    I know this is a little off target but, am i the only one who picked up on the fact that flight 316 landed sort of on the area that kate and sawyer were helping pick the rocks off of and a few episodes later either kate or sawyer asked juliet what it was and she said it was a landing strip for (ufo’s)…..i mean the plane flew right over it….

  • emperorMao

    I know this is a little off target but, am i the only one who picked up on the fact that flight 316 landed sort of on the area that kate and sawyer were helping pick the rocks off of in season 3 and a few episodes later either kate or sawyer asked juliet what it was and she said it was a landing strip for (ufo’s)…..i mean the plane flew right over it….

    • dolce

      You are right on target, just a little late to the party lol!

    • professorstotch

      Yeah, this has been discussed. You may not see it in this article, because it’s not really the place for it. And also, I hope you realized Juliet was being sarcastic about the runway being for aliens…

  • Fact Man


    Stanhope is Goodwins last name…

    • Cutter XXIII

      That’s because Goodwin and Harper were married. Husbie and wifey. He was the playa, and she was the cuckold.

  • Youwereright

    Wow im astonished that you were so correct with jack refusing even the reason is the exact one he had but actualy richard saved ben but that process of healing coused him his innoscenc as richard stated “he will always be one of us”

  • lostfan

    Does anyone have any theories on what happened to the statue? And I think Jacob and his nemisis are possibly the image of good and evil. This maybe a little too far fetch but it could be God and Satan but like I said, “far fetch.” but I think his nemisis is the smoke monster and thats how he took the form of Locke. But whats going to happen to Locke now that the jig is up with the others?

  • Wonderful post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Appreciate it!