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Lost Theory – Making my Case For Clones (Minor Spoilers)

By docarzt,

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michael.jpegIf you’ve read me for a while you know I am absolutely head over heels in love with the idea of Clones, Duplicates, or otherwise Twins being involved in the LOST story.  Now, I use these terms like they are interchangeable and it is wrong — I shouldn’t do it.  It could be the very reason why Darlton have been able to slither away from the concept.  If there is one thing “The Orchid” video showed us, it is that within the universe of LOST there is certainly the technology available to introduce ‘duplicates’ into the story.  The big question is, was the duplication of Bunny 15 merely a freak accident?

I say no.  I was asked to do a theory piece for my gig at UGO and I chose to stick my neck way out on a limb and press the idea that the Michael we will see this week is a duplicate. (Read: “How did Michael Become Ben’s Man on the Boat?“)

Give it a look and share your opinions.

  • milo

    Hey, doc. An off-topic comment/request for you. Would it be possible to make the summaries on the RSS feed spoiler free? It’s a good way to keep up with new articles, but with the beginning of articles posted, sometimes there are things that are a bit spoilery.

    I’m talking about these:


    Thanks, doc.

  • DocArzt

    Sure thing milo

  • milo

    Thanks doc, you rock.

    As for Michael showing up, I think Ben just sent him into the path of the freighter. Mike got on the little boat with Walt and found a manilla envelope with instructions from Ben and fake “Kevin Johnson” identification and backstory.

    Of course, that leaves the question of what happened to Walt…

  • preztige

    well your theory is kinda good! another thing that might back it up is creation of matter and anti-matter (matters equal opposite). If matter (mass,weight, techniqally everything in the world! HUMANS EVEN!) was paired with anti-matter, there would be a huge explosion! hence the scientist not wanting both bunnies to touch each other. BUT!!! would have the anti-matter” bunny already have touched matter when the scientist was holding him? Anyway, my theory is that one bunny was from the present and another was from either the future or past. They found a way to get both of them , and in a sense…duplicated them! Maybe they were cloned, or just retrieved somehow from the past or future. If both bunnies were to se each other, they would probably die? maybe? because their brains would go hay (hare) wire? *chuckles*(lame)…anyway….maybe there would be an unbelievable constant for both bunnies that they would not understand, hence them dying, and the experiment failing. We cant have all the losties dying on us, if they are part of a huge experiement to save the world.

  • preztige

    I’m surprised you havent started a topic of What might have happened to Walt! Saving it for right before thursday? I’ve been thinking about this issue for the longest. What will Michaels excuse for the LOSTIES, and AUDIENCE (US) be for Walt not joining us on Season 4? What would be logical and crazy enough at the same time, for us to understand why Walt isnt with Michael. I think Walt got taken away again at their landing spot. Maybe disappeared while Michael was asleep? Michael is still helping Ben, so I dont think Walt is dead like others think. Unless, Michael was going to “kill himself” because Walt really is dead…..
    Was Walts ghost (interaction with Lost in season 3) the real Walt? Meaning, it wasnt the smoke monster, but the real WALT that was telling Locke to handle his business(through telekenis/timetravel/ or some other unexplainable yet scientific shiznit)?

  • buffy

    Speaking of Clones, I wonder if the 324 dead bodies were matched up with the names of the seat holders?

    I suppose if you found a plane crash that went missing and all the bodies were in the seats, you wouldn’t go so far as to ID them. I think.

    Would you?

  • ErasedSlate

    You guys are way off. The Michael that left the island at the end of Season 2, he’s the duplicate. It was the duplicate that left with Walt on a bearing of 325. 🙂

  • preztige

    so when would they have duplicated him? and how? and why?
    since birth maybe? that is why the others have the files of everyone and went looking back for each and everyone one. They are on the lists?! they are the good ones/ bad ones! good ones meaning ones that can help, bad ones meaning duds?

  • ErasedSlate

    This is an interesting path to go down… How about in Season 2 when he went after Walt when with the Tailies? He was found by Mr. Eko and Jin then they all went to the beach. That would give the original (since I think the duplicate is with Walt) the time to get on the Freighter.

    Could also be while he was captured by the others.

  • I dunno Doc. Much hetero love but… God I hope not.

    The clone concept is a bad carton of eggs in my mind: cracked, missing a bit, and smells funny. In short, I’m not buying it. 🙂

    DisclaimerI admit, that reluctance to accept the concept is at least 60% out of my desire to not see the show go that way. The more science the better for this nerd.

  • B. Astard

    If Kevin Johnson is Michael’s clone
    or Mikhail survive that grenade…

    I’ll stop watching the show

  • Jimmy Zer00

    What if, when Ben gave Michael and Walt that specific compass bearing and then set them loose, he did so knowing that the direction he pointed them would somehow send them slightly back into the past, say, 2 years or so. Provided that Michael avoided himself while traveling around in the past, there would most likely not be a paradox created. Since the whole makeup of the Lost universe seems to hang on some sort of unchangeable destiny, perhaps Mike was always destined to go back into the past, get a job on that boat (which I am not entirely convinced belongs to Widmore), raise up young Walt a bit, teach him about girls, and then launch a stealth rescue/crazy-ass psychic assault on Ben and his whole set. Which would mean that Michael is, in fact, NOT Ben’s man on the boat. Unless Ben somehow knew that all of the above would then happen and sent Michael and Walt away for some purpose known only to him. In that case, Mike IS the man on the boat, even if he doesn’t know it.
    In short,
    Ben rules.

  • Jimmy Zer00

    And if you’re wondering where in that theory Walt would fit in, let’s say that he has helped Michael awaken his own inner psychic juice and has since been training with the now immortal Magnus Hanso in Tibet. And while Michael is under cover on the boat Walt is oh, I don’t know, let’s say he’s hovering about 423 feet above sharpening swords or something.
    Walt rules too.

  • lmz27

    I’ve long been a fan of the idea the plane wreckage is a duplicate, not a staged wreckage. So I think duplicates will definitely come into play. It might make sense that a “duplicate” might be more willing to go on a suicide mission, based on some “clone logic” in sci-fi narratives (ie, clones don’t have the same “self-preservation” instinct as the “original”, etc….) — so, the “i’m here to die” comment might be related to that. But here’s where questions about human clones vs animal clones come in: the minute there is a duplicate or cloned human involved, matters of free will and destiny come into play big-time — what is free wills (or the original vs. clone, for example) start clashing — what are the universal consequences? Or, if duplicates occur by some force of nature (electromagnetic anomalies that cause time-splits and plane crashes, for example) then is an individual’s destiny or fate somehow destroyed? For the purposes of Lost themes, this could either be fascinating stuff to play with or pretty convoluted. I’m thinking, too, of books like “Never Let Me Go,” which toy with the idea that “clones” and otherwised “scienced” human beings may not have “souls” — the author of this brilliant book, of course, asserts that they do — one theme of the book is that if any being can tell a story, then it has a soul. Anyway, it would be interesting to see how duplication is handled the writers when it applies to human beings.

    at best, there would be a lot of decisions to make about what happens when a human is duplicated vs any other matter, and a lot of explaining to do by the writers/ Darlton then via pseudo science….

  • lmz27

    Sorry for the couple of typos above… I’m drinking my first cup of coffee now….

  • DocArzt

    yes. I mean the idea that the wreckage was planted has been around since the beginning, so why would they pay that off with exactly what everybody expects. If anything, the captains discussion with Desmond and Sayid about the wreckage sort of confirms that it is a little more complicated then simply planting wreckage.

  • boobs

    A) If Kevin Johnson is a dupe, then how did he get on the boat?…and I guess when?

    B) If the plane wreckage bodies were dupes, then I think the freighter four would have been a lot more suprised to see the losties alive.

    I agree with what someone else posted, that Ben sent Michael and Walt on the exact bearing to time travel back in time. The two “Michaels” were living in different time periods, and hopefully we will see them come in contact with each other and explode.

  • tobi42


    Maybe someone already mentioned that, but that would be a simple explanation… No duplicates, just memory loss and this time no fatal time jumping involved in that. Short before arriving at the freighter (after following bearing 325 and after somehow seperating him from Walt) Michael slides into a state of mind similar to Desmond’s after the Hatch blew up, meaning he’s got no idea of what is going on around him. All he remembers are the events before crashing on the island. He knows that his boy is somewhere around after Ben contacts him by radio. That would be his lever on Michael and the reason he does what is necessary to “get his boy back” ….

    “W AAA A L T !!!”

    btw. considering the influence our mind games here might have on the writers let’s please not come up with more crazy ideas than those crazy ones we already have to deal with…

  • Timmy

    Clones or duplicates make sense when you think of Miles saying Naomi’s body was “just meat”

  • themachine

    im not buying the whole dupe thing. i just think that kj is simply just michael, and thats it

  • LovinLost

    I agree with themachine, Kevin is Michael/Michael is Kevin. No duplicate here. Not to say that duplicates won’t be introduced later in the show, but I just don’t think this is the time.
    Reasons: When “Kevin” was first called out to, to mop up the blood, he didn’t respond right a way… either because he wasn’t ready to be seen/recognized by Desmond and Sayid, or because he still isn’t use to his new name and hesitated before realizing he is “Kevin”, not Michael. Neither of these would be relevant if “Kevin” is a duplicate.
    Also, when “Kevin” was introduced to Desmond and Sayid there certainly seemed to be a very reserved “guys don’t blow my cover” demeanor about him,(perhaps I am reading a bit into that, though).
    And Finally, when Regina is jumping overboard, there is a quick flash of some deck mates looking over board. “Kevin” is one of them and he is wearing his sweatshirt hood over his head, once again seemingly to remain incognito for the time being.

  • milo

    I don’t think the underwater plane can be duplicates or clones.

    Frank the pilot recognized that the pilot’s body underwater wasn’t the right guy.

    That’s a pretty strong clue that the plane is full of random bodies, not clones. They probably just raided a graveyard or something similar.

    Time travel I can buy into to a limited degree. Clones or people being in two places at once because of time travel borders on jumping the shark. I am a bit worried they’ll take things too far to a point that is just preposterous.

  • buffy

    Does anyone know what is standard for IDing bodies after plane wrecks? Or is this one of those details that I should get over for the sake of television?

    A friend thinks it’s unlikely that they wouldn’t ID them properly.

    It seems like they would have some sort of requirement to ID them, but I can understand if that would be overkill (ha) if there’s a passenger manifest.

    This would answer a lot. Milo – I’d forgotten about Frank recognizing the pilot error though. Doesn’t that imply that the pilot’s family would too?

    Maybe it isn’t as complicated as cloning, if Ben has the capability to just *think* a crash with twin bodies into existence.

    Michael is another story, although my feeling is that Michael is Michael. Maybe Walt was captured en route to the freighter and Michael was given a story to play out, and the freighter folk just agreed to take in the wayward stranger who’d gotten lost on a fishing expedition if he was willing to swab the decks.

  • lmz27

    milo, i was under the impression that the pilot’s body looked like the same guy but he knew it wasn’t him because of the lack of the ring.
    maybe you can’t duplicate a ring, or something.

  • milo

    The underseas bodies were horribly swollen and disfigured from being under water. I assume most people would just assume they were the same bodies as long as the basics were right. I also suspect Frank thought there was something fishy about the plane going missing all along, and was looking extra close because he was already suspicious.

    In the case of disasters I’m sure they do everything they can to ID the bodies. But if the plane was so deep that it was logistically impossible to bring the bodies up, or ID them beyond the submarine robocam, that’s all they could do.

  • Benjamin Linus

    Why must “Kevin Johnson” be Michael or a duplicate of Michael? Assuming Ben sent Michael and Walt back in time on the boat, then why can’t Kevin Johnson be a now grown-up Walt? That would make a lot of sense and explain why although he’s similar to Michael and looks like Michael, he is not Michael and has a psychic connection to Ben and the Island!

  • milo

    Because having the same actor play a father and the grown up version of his son would be cheesy beyond belief?

  • matt

    we gotta remember that walt was older when he appeared to lock.
    “he appears where he is not supposed to”
    it makes sense to me that time off the island passes a lot faster than on the island. it would explain why richard has not aged in 30 years or whatever. whereas ben has aged as he leaves the island. micheal may feel like he has been got for 5 years or whatever and to the losties its only been a month.

    so in theory if jack returns to the island after 2/3 years it’ll only be maybe 2 weeks island time so we don’t really miss any action. its the only way i can explain how the writers are going to join up the flashbacks to present day on the island.

    this is my theory on this. it makes sense to me, i doubt the writers are going to say ‘2 years later on the island’. i really want to know what people think about this theory as i’ve had for a while now.

  • matt

    i meant to say joining the flashforwards to present time on the island

  • Ceb18

    Anyone remember that Dave guy Hurley kept imagining that tried to make him jump of the cliff in season 2? I heard he might make an appearance in this episode, and not as one of Hurley’s hallucinations…