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LOST Theory – Old Four Toes – Solved? NOT!

By docarzt,

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A lot of you have written in since LOST revealed a new aspect of the iconic ‘four toed statue’ last week.  Most of it has been various disputes over our mention on the podcast that the statue was ‘Anubis’ – something we admittedly put forward maybe a bit too confidently.  To clear the air, I think there is certainly a possibility that LOST’s infamous four toed statue is Anubis, Ramses, or some other Egyptian deity, but I’m betting that real answer has nothing to do with Egypt at all.  Here is my case for it.

There is a custom amongst the others that could blow any ethnic connections to the statue out of the water leaving us with yet another of LOST’s infamous plot swerves.  I’m talking about the possibility that Alpert and his crew of island inhabitants are descendants to the original settlers of the island.  Obviously, they are not Egyptian – as far as we know, but one thing we do know about them is their tendency to use arcane languages to fool people.  Ie Latin.

Hieroglyphics were virtually indecipherable until the discovery of the Rosetta stone in 1799.  If the original occupants of the island were looking for a language prior to that date that would confuse invaders, Hieroglyphics would be it.  This could explain, in part, the appearance of hieroglyphics around the ruins.  Of course, it still doesn’t explain why Dharma liked to use them as well – such as the ‘your screwed’ message on the Swan death clock.

Granted the ankhs and the general appearance of the statue are pretty compelling, but so is the fact that so far LOST’s brain trust has made a purposeful effort to avoid identifying the statue.  It is a possibility that LOST’s producers decided to narrow the possibilities for us, but even then there is no guarantee that the statue has any connection to the island at all.  What if it was not even built there, but brought to the island by way of a donkey-wheel style event?  If that is true, the statue might as well be carved from red clay, and be a giant four toed herring.

The bottom line, in my humble opinion, is that as long as LOST’s operating standard when it comes to old four toes is to give as vague a glimpse as possible, the mystery of the statue is far from over.  If there is one thing LOST is known for, it is for giving us fans a false sense of security when it comes to what we ‘think’ is going on.  I, for one, am still expecting a big surprise when four toes finally get’s his/her full frontal.