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LOST Theory – Old Four Toes – Solved? NOT!

By docarzt,

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A lot of you have written in since LOST revealed a new aspect of the iconic ‘four toed statue’ last week.  Most of it has been various disputes over our mention on the podcast that the statue was ‘Anubis’ – something we admittedly put forward maybe a bit too confidently.  To clear the air, I think there is certainly a possibility that LOST’s infamous four toed statue is Anubis, Ramses, or some other Egyptian deity, but I’m betting that real answer has nothing to do with Egypt at all.  Here is my case for it.

There is a custom amongst the others that could blow any ethnic connections to the statue out of the water leaving us with yet another of LOST’s infamous plot swerves.  I’m talking about the possibility that Alpert and his crew of island inhabitants are descendants to the original settlers of the island.  Obviously, they are not Egyptian – as far as we know, but one thing we do know about them is their tendency to use arcane languages to fool people.  Ie Latin.

Hieroglyphics were virtually indecipherable until the discovery of the Rosetta stone in 1799.  If the original occupants of the island were looking for a language prior to that date that would confuse invaders, Hieroglyphics would be it.  This could explain, in part, the appearance of hieroglyphics around the ruins.  Of course, it still doesn’t explain why Dharma liked to use them as well – such as the ‘your screwed’ message on the Swan death clock.

Granted the ankhs and the general appearance of the statue are pretty compelling, but so is the fact that so far LOST’s brain trust has made a purposeful effort to avoid identifying the statue.  It is a possibility that LOST’s producers decided to narrow the possibilities for us, but even then there is no guarantee that the statue has any connection to the island at all.  What if it was not even built there, but brought to the island by way of a donkey-wheel style event?  If that is true, the statue might as well be carved from red clay, and be a giant four toed herring.

The bottom line, in my humble opinion, is that as long as LOST’s operating standard when it comes to old four toes is to give as vague a glimpse as possible, the mystery of the statue is far from over.  If there is one thing LOST is known for, it is for giving us fans a false sense of security when it comes to what we ‘think’ is going on.  I, for one, am still expecting a big surprise when four toes finally get’s his/her full frontal.

  • Hipster Doofus

    I’ve often suspected the same thing when it comes to the four-toed statue. Like its just a massive decoy, something to scare people away.

  • preztige

    It looks like Anubis at quick glance, and many would refer to Anubis because Anubis is a very popular egyptian god; but the statue doesnt have the long ears anubis did, and there is something on top of the statue’s head, unlike Anubis depictions. I’m interested on what the statue is holding, and what is on top of the head.

  • preztige

    It is an egyptian god though. 4 toes are what many cats have on each paw (some cats have 6 toes alot have 5 and many have 4). Cats were worshipped in Egypt and many egyptian goddesses were egyptian cat goddesses.

  • clueless1der

    It would be awesome after everyone “EEEEEEeeeeing” over the statue as a “reveal” that isn’t the statue that the Losties actually saw. For all we know there could be a whole Parthenon over there. 🙂

    • Dan

      Well, it appears to be overlooking the water, and the Losties have been around a decent portion of the coast, right? So they would be aware of any others that still have some foundation left.

      • clueless1der

        I don’t know about that. No one has gone “all the way around” as far as I know. Heck, they didn’t know about Alcatraz until what, season 3?

  • Dan

    I thought Anubis meshed well with the story, but look up Sekhmet and I think you’ll agree, it looks like that is what the backside of this statue is based on, at least.

    The ears and headdress make that look pretty definitive.

    What this means for the story, I don’t know.

    • Dan

      I would also like to add that I’m pretty sure Sekhmet has four toes.

    • cap10tripps

      This would make sense as Sekhmet is a protector and had a powerful cult that worshiped her. After reading into her I noticed that she was noted as the eye of Ra. Further reading described a battle between Ra (R-ichard A-lpert) and Horus that left Ra as the ultimate diety. This sounds familiar. Hmmm [stroking beard]…

      • Ed Holden

        I’ve suspected that Richard might be Egyptian, but I never noticed his initials before. That’s definitely food for thought.

        • ftball221

          Richard was also pretty avid about getting those buried bodies of his two dead men back….. MUMMIFICATION anyone????

          • stu

            When the others die they are given a cult style funeral as we saw with picketts wife when her body was sent to sea. Mummification anyone…… no. Clutching at straws…… yes.

      • alkaline

        A battle between Ra (Richard Alpert) and Horus (Horace Godspeed)? Hmm, makes sense.

  • cap10tripps

    After reading everyone’s hypothesis here, I’ve gone with Tawaret the fertility goddess. I’m thinking four toes will be the ultimate symbol of faith on our island, perhaps built by an ancient yet advanced (Atlanteans?) civilization to gain favor, allowing birth. Perhaps the fact that mothers and their unborn children dying is directly related to the destruction of four toes. My all encompassing theory has been that they will use our island to explain gods and what we worship. In other words they will try to somewhat explain the thus far unexplainable…

    • Tim J.

      If the destruction of the statue is the cause of the problem, why is Juliet able to successfully deliver a baby in 1977, when I’m guessing the statue is already long gone? Besides, Lost may have weird stuff going on, but it’s generally got at least a speculative scientific idea behind it, and magic fertility statues don’t really fit the bill.

      • cap10tripps

        It was a shocker to everyone that the child was born healthy. I believe that child was not named in Lafleur for specific dramatic purpose. It will be a huge reveal. Also, I’m not suggesting that it’s a magic statue. I’m suggesting that it was built to favor what we call a god. I do believe even in that circumstance that it will be explained in a realistic manner. As in perhaps the god or goddess is a badass deliverer of island babies on an island (for an ancient not understanding civilization) who brings futuristic technology to lend a hand. That civilization would worship said super Dr.

        In another situation you might say that some guy named Jesus knew how to make drunk juice out of water and brought his jet ski to an ancient civilization. He gains followers by preaching love and is subsequently killed by people who are afraid of this spaceman. He would be worshipped as a savior.

        Anyone who’s read up on the Jesus myth knows that it’s an ancient story that has been passed down through generations long before actual Jesus’ time. My belief is that tptb are trying to explain the first instance of gods and what we worship…

        • Tim J.

          Well, sure, we could be operating under Clarke’s old saw that any sufficiently advanced tech appears magical, and someone human from the future was honored for their obstetric work on the island with an enormous statue of an Egyptian god.

          But I think it more likely that the explanation for the childbirth problems is linked to something that’s played a bigger part in the story: the chemicals released in the Purge could have lingering side effects (that was nasty stuff!); the movement of the island (which may well have occurred before Ben’s wheel push in 4.14–Widmore got off the island somehow) may have more side-effects than headaches, nosebleeds, and death; something about living in the Dharma barracks could be a problem (did they accidentally build them right over Jughead?).

          All that I just wrote is pure speculation, but so is the idea that the Others can’t have children, that they were infertile before the Purge. All we know is that we haven’t *seen* them with kids, except for those we think they kidnapped from the plane.

          For the statue, I’m putting my money down: we will never know exactly what the story is. There will be more references to and relics from an ancient civilization on the island, it may tie in to themes of the show, and someone may even speak to its long history in dialogue, but it will eventually be among the non-core mysteries of which the producers said, to paraphrase, that answering absolutely every question in full detail would be boring and pointless. We should look elsewhere for the explanation to the childbirth question.

          But that’s me.

          • cap10tripps

            Good points, but I really can’t imagine they would leave the statue’s story so empty. At this point it’s not too far behind the mystery of old Smokey and may go a long way in explaining the island.

            Btw, the previous theory on the problems with child birth that seemed to really make sense was the fact that they are living on an island that is not in our earthly time. That is, a 70 year old uterus in a 30 year old woman may say a lot about island time as it equates to our time…

          • i like that, cap10tripps…birth canals subscribing to dog years.

    • clueless1der

      This has nothing to do with what you said, but just sayin’ that the Stand is prolly one of my all time favorite books. 😀


      Pardon the interruption…

      • cap10tripps

        Few people pick that up. I actually originally got it from one of King’s short stories “Night Surf” that was absolutely absorbing in its imagery. I believe it was in Graveyard Shift…

      • meems

        Clueless, I’m a The Stand lover too!! yes!

  • JimDD


  • Charlie’s Ghost

    Tawaret. Agreed. Statue destroyed = island pregnancy issues.

  • Desi’s Brother

    I have been disputing this whole “Anubis” thing for several days on the board.

    There is ZERO reason to think it is Anubis. It does not have the ears or the staph which are crucial to characterising it as Anubis.

    So sorry people this theory sucks.

    I’m more inclined to think that we should be looking at “Roman Egypt” when egyptian and Christian imagery start to collide.

  • “It is a possibility that LOST’s producers decided to narrow the possibilities for us, but even then there is no guarantee that the statue has any connection to the island at all. What if it was not even built there, but brought to the island by way of a donkey-wheel style event? If that is true, the statue might as well be carved from red clay, and be a giant four toed herring.”

    The writers can take as many tropes as they want, but it would be deceit bordering on cruelty for the statue to have no meaning or relationship to the Island. There has to be a reason for it to be there, even if only it was originally taken as a collector’s item by aliens.

    I would hope the writers are working from an original idea that had an ending in mind when they started. While a lot of times backstory construction can evolve an original idea, it shouldn’t take the story into a meaningless, never-ending cycle. Unless, of course, that was the original idea. That is possible, either Faraday or Christian (or even Ben, trying to save his mother) working to change something in the past.

    “Tawaret” makes some sense, but we haven’t seen any backstory to propagate the Island is some kind of baby factory.

    cap10tripps may be onto something with his idea of RA (Alpert) and Horus and how their original conflict is a catalyst for Egyptian legends – but we don’t know Horus is the head of Dharma nor would it seem plausible the two men are acting out some eons-long duel.

    It’s OK if the writers are using the Island as an actual Atlantean prop. Often over-thinking an idea can ruin it.

    • Yonko

      What if Horus = Horace (head of Dharma at the time)?

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      why would the island be a baby factor? the statues, in the old days, were seen as extensions of the gods themselves. Taweret didn’t help fertility, she protected and looked over pregnancies. I think with the huge story line about pregnant woman on the island, why the others wanted Claire, why Aaron might be special, etc all has something to do with the Taweret statue and the consequences that are being felt since the statue’s destruction.

  • Preztige

    it looks like Sekhmet. You see the statue holding a loop on it’s hand. That loop is part of the chain and cross that Sekhmet holds in her depictions

  • BAK2530

    I thought of Juliette when I saw it I dont know why

    • cap10tripps

      If you read my response to Tim J. Juliet is a definite possibility. The statue could’ve been destroyed by a waring faction against an ancient society that had a modern Dr. from our time lend a hand with their pregnancy issues. Once that society is defeated, the Dr. is gone. Thus leading back to the pregnancy issues…

  • rtd2

    mesa thinks it looks like Jar Jar Binks, Oh Nosa!

  • Beena

    You know something? It really does look like it could be the back of Jar Jar Binks! (snickering)

  • cap10tripps

    Just thought of someone regarding to the child who went unnamed in “Lafleur.” It’s Jacob! Thoughts???

    • stu

      Richard knew who jacob was in 1953 when locke mentioned him, horaces son was born in 1977. u might as well say its vincent! unless, jacob was born to horace and amy, grew up in dharma not knowing he was a god then turned the wheel in his late 20’s to go back in time 100 years where ……… zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

      • vincent will have the last laugh-bark…just ye wait.

      • cap10tripps

        Lol, funny stuff stu. You’re right though, it would have to be explained as Richard and the others took Jacob (maybe breaking the truce) and taught him the ways of the island. At some point Jacob is traveling time and space and will eventually get stuck in an etheral state and subsequently ask Mr. Locke for help…

  • What if when Sayid first saw the 4-toed statue, only the left foot was completed (meaning the time-traveling team actually jumped waaaaaay into the future when they saw it from the back).

    All signs seem to indicate that this statue was built and destroyed in the past, but with “Team Darlton”, you never know… 🙂

  • DavidB

    I am not convinced that what we saw has anything to do with the four toed foot. That’s a leap it seems have WANT to make but isn’t based on any facts. They saw it from Orchid vicinity, which I am not convinced is even close to where we think four toe is.

  • gmainolfi

    From Wikepedia (,

    “Sekhmet was believed to protect the pharaoh in battle, stalking the land, and destroying the pharaoh’s enemies with arrows of fire.”

    “Sekhmet also was seen as a bringer of disease as well as the provider of cures to such ills. The name “Sekhmet” literally became synonymous with physicians and surgeons during the Middle Kingdom.”

  • gmainolfi

      nice work!!! it has the 4 toes…however your statue isnt holing an ankh.the statue on the island appears to be holdin something in each hand.The closest i’ve seen so far though 😉

      • Vayne81

        And it’s not wearing sandals 🙁

  • arrow

    I think the statue is somehow related to Juliet. A fertility goddess? Is Juliet Reincarnated? We don’t know much about Juliets past. When Juliet comes to the island someone makes the comment “You look like her.” Who is her? Ben’s mom? Annie? The statue?

  • arrow

    Oh yeah, Isis, the Egyptian fertility goddess had a son named Horus.

  • none of the above– it’s Tina Turner, in her Auntie Entity ‘do.

    And those aren’t ankhs, they’re mini-crossbows.

    • dolce

      That’s funny. It does kind of look like Auntie from behind though.

  • Soxman2004

    Let’s not forget that they used heiroglyphs on the hatch clock when they didn’t enter the code.

  • Susan

    Two quick points: Rameses was a pharaoh, not a god. Two, this statue is wearing a male kilt & male wig, which would rule out Sekhmet, Taweret, or other goddesses.

  • Raffadizzle

    The woman who said “You look like her” was Goodwin’s crazy wife. She said Juliet looked like Ben’s mom in reference to Ben treating Juliet better than other people.

  • There’s allot of talk about Juliet and the Statue influencing fertility and conception on the Island… But here’s an interesting theory…

    What if Sawyer somehow is the one who actually helps the women on this island successfully conceive “healthy” children? If we think about it, Sawyer has been present for both successful births on this island (that we have witnessed).

    After a flash in the jungle when they are “skipping” through time Sawyer hears screaming and he stumbles upon Kate delivering Claire’s baby Aaron…

    And of course Sawyer was in the vicinity when Juliet successfully delivering Amy’s baby in 1977 Dharma time…

    • cap10tripps

      That is an interestingly good point, but how and why would this be???

    • Thor

      It’s only the Others (and maybe the hostiles?) that can’t have babies. From what we’ve learned so far, the dharma people have no problems with this. When Juliet doubts she can help Amy, she fails to realize this, and she also tricks us.

      But that doesn’t rule out Sawyer as a fertilitygod..!

  • OneOFthem

    The statue is one of them…

  • Tikigod1974

    I believe that the statue is Kate.

  • Shama

    According to:
    …statues of Anubis in Jackal form had four hind toes. It states:

    “…the Anubis ‘animal’ does display the essential characteristics of dogs (elongated snout, five-clawed frontal paws and four-clawed hind paws), the tail is normally wide and club-shaped—and displayed at a lower posture—much like those of the jackal, fox or wolf.”

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