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LOST Theory – The Four Toed Statue Solved (?)

By docarzt,

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Battlestar Galactica fans will recall the Last Supper promo pic produced for season 4.5. Throughout the picture there are clues to BSG’s final yard of story – Davinci Code style. In fact, the empty seat next to Tight with the goblet turned out to betray the identity of the final Cylon. Is there a revelation just as huge in the LOST season 5 promo pic? I say yes – and the revelation may make an even larger statement about LOST’s endgame as well as bring closure to the question of why there cannot be a sequel.

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One obvious alteration to the Season 5 cast photo, as DarthVibbert pointed out earlier, is the removal of Daniel Faraday’s foot. I’m certain it is a removal for one undeniable reason: the foot has been replaced with a perspective-correct oval of pant leg. It isn’t merely an errant copy and past. We can see the inner rim of Faraday’s pant leg and all. Faraday has no foot. What could this mean? Here is my explanation for it, and one that I am absolutely convinced is the correct answer.

Faraday is missing his left foot. All that remains of the four-toed statue is a left foot. Faraday is the four toed statue. It seems ridiculous at first, right? Consider a few things. First, if you’ve ever read Cosmos, you are aware of the Ionian people. Carl Sagan suggested that had the Ionian‘s risen to prominence we would be incalcuably further along in science and technology than we are today – including visions of interstellar space travel and limitless energy. Arthur C. Clarke’s third law of prediction states that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Put these two notions together and you get the idea that had the Ionaian’s persisted with their scientific ambitions their technology could look like magic to us. Like, say, island magic.

Here is my idea on how this relates to LOST, and particularly why it means that a sequel would not be possible – at least not one as interesting.  So far, with the time-travel, we are being shown that a lot of what is going on with the island is the result of actions initiated by our losties, the others, and the freighter folk.  One of the most incredible suggestions is that Daniel Faraday’s bomb disposal instructions ultimately led to the need and creation of the Swan Station.  Now, let’s extend this thinking a little further.

What if Daniel Farady somehow finds himself even farther back in time, with whatever ancient race occupied the island originally.  Stuck in the past, with no means to continue his mission of undoing whatever the force is that he thinks has messed up the future.  With his advanced technology, he appears to the ancients – true to Clarke’s law – as a magical being.  This results in the erection of the statue as a monument to him.  That’s just the explanation for the statue though.  There’s more.

What if Daniel, thinking he must somehow figure out how to travel through time to set the universe right, utilizes his position as resident deity to begin constructing technology on the island.  The purpose of the technology? Time travel.  The result?  The frozen donkey wheel, amongst other things.  Here’s the clencher.  Sticking with Daniel’s own rules of time travel, he’s already been down this street before – he just doesn’t realize it.  In fact, Daniel’s tampering with technology creates a movement amongst the native population that lasts longer than he does.  Perhaps Daniel himself, assuming the identity of Jacob, becomes trapped out of phase with time during his first experiments – his consciousness now scatterred across the sub-material plane.  Regardless, once Daniel himself is out of the picture, the civilzation continues with his work – eventually evolving into the hostiles we have come to know and love – aimlessly trying to fulfill the work of a lost leader, unknowingly sustaining the loopty loop downward spiral that will lead to the destruction of mankind.

The reason this makes a sequel impossible – at least an interesting sequel – is that it suggests that Daniel traveling to the time of the four

toed statue is the event that caused the island to become special to begin with.  He went back and created, in a sense, a race similar to the Ionians.  Over time, their hidden technology created a magical environment that would become the envy of men.  Obviously, it would have also led to the creation of an imbalance that would eventually threaten the existence of the universe – leading to the current predicament. However, once this is all undone – the island will be just an island. No anachronistic technology posing as magic, just lots of fresh fruit.  A sequel, then, would be pretty boring.

Possible?  You tell me.

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  • Rofl Johnson

    Thats interesting and all, but I still don’t see how it connects to the statue. Why would they build a statue to their god’s missing foot?

    • docarzt

      The rest of the statue is missing. Probably because of a donkey wheel misfire, by my theory, but missing all the same.

      • Mack

        Volcanic eruption is my guess

        • docarzt

          “The Incident.” I bet your volcano is involved.

  • Stretch. Big stretch.

    And I think you may defeat your own logic. If Danny-boy brings all this technology to Island’s past, why don’t they have even mightier “magic” in the present. Guys running around in hand-me-downs is not my idea of superior science.

    And how would Dharma/Widmore have overthrown them?

    • docarzt

      Because he would have gone back with nothing. His priority wouldn’t be building textile mills and herding sheep. It would all have to be created from his noodle.

      They haven’t been overthrown yet. Dharma failed, the Freighter folk failed.

      • Dharma was overthrown itself, not failed. Ben, as the new Leader helped bring this about.

        While some, like yourself, obviously, find living in the woods and control on the island a recurring struggle, superior to science and civilization, I do not.

        Richard lost control. Ben found him in the woods, became his recruit.

        Ben then, continued a Dharma-like operation. It’s arguable if he was working in the interest of the Richard/Island or himself. While his research was about the conception/birthing issue, we don’t know if that was out of his own desire to have his own child or to find a receptacle for Smokey/Richard/Unknown reincarnation.

        While your theory may be close, I certainly hope it is not; just too kitschy for me. Too easy.

        And I cannot buy the statue-foot-as-Daniel-God. The foot suggests a connection to a superior or at least a more developed culture than is seen elsewhere on Island. Ruins of ancient civilizations discovered in modern times always reveals connections elsewhere.

        Island has to be part of a bigger whole, one we cannot see.

        • docarzt

          Dharma was resistant to the hostiles, and eventually failed. Granted they were overtaken from within, but they were engaged in combat with the hostiles and ultimately lost. Dharma did put up the best fight by erecting the fence and staying vigilant. They failed none-the-less.

        • ElPrez

          Dharma and Widmore never overthrew them. If you remember, keamy and his mercs were taken out by slingshots. And did you miss season 3 completely? The hand me downs were to disguise their true nature, which we have yet to see.

  • DarthVibbert

    Sounds very possible Doc… my nose just started to bleed

    • professorstotch

      My nose bled the other day. I went to sleep and it was Sunday, woke up and it was Monday. I also woke up with a bloody nose. Go to sleep one day, wake up another, and have a bloody nose? I’m traveling through time, brotha.

  • Kristina

    wow, this just might be crazy enough to be true.

  • The Magician

    Very, very interesting…. I think you could certainly be onto something!

  • El Yerbero

    Im not sure if it all plays out that way . .but I do think your correct about the main part, The foot and the statue, are in homage to Daniel who ends up back in time, way way back.

  • rick

    sounds way too complicated of a story to wrap up in a season and a half though

    • docarzt

      I disagree… I explained it in a couple of paragraphs. 😉

      • rick

        fair enough but .. do the writers center most of the remainding seasons focusing on that and not the other major loose ends

  • professorstotch

    Good theory. I don’t get many of the references, but I agree with the idea of Daniel being the statue, and that the foot is missing from the promo photo for a reason. I wonder if Jeremy Davies was made aware of the fact that his foot would be missing, and what the reasoning behind it is.

    Some one needs to interview that man, ASAP!

    • Koobie

      Actually someone already did 😉

      Jeremy Davies says his character is becoming a more and more integral part of Lost (all with a smug smile).

    • Dusin

      Perhaps Faraday travels back in time durring a flash to an early period of the island, has some sort of accident and loses his foot. He spends some time with the natives and then vanishes due to another flash. Leaving his foot behind. Perahaps the foot statute is more complete then we think.

      • imfromthepast


      • imfromthepast

        Reminds me of Life of Brian when he is forced to leave behind is sandal.

  • Hipster Doofus

    certainly very interesting. I’m not convinced that Daniel’s missing foot isn’t an error, but, you could be on to something.

    • There’s no way that’s an error. Take the word of a former Photoshop-jockey…that took effort to make happen.

  • Aaron

    Even if it’s not accurate, I love theories like that. Well done Doc.

  • stini777

    But how does this explain that the statue only has 4 toes?

    • That’s my real problem with this theory, unless Dan’s just a 4-toed mutant and we don’t know it yet.

      Personally, I’m kind of wondering if Charlotte and Dan might not be good candidates for “Adam & Eve”…

  • Richard A. L’pert

    The missing foot can’t be an error–photography doesn’t work that way. Someone would have to remove the foot and replace it with a background and the inside of the pants leg, in order for it to look as it does.

    That said, it’s a very fascinating theory, Doc–though, personally, I still think the statue is of Sawyer, who will lose his toe to gangrene after having that thorn go through his toe.

    Incidentally, has anyone noticed the pattern lately over at TheTailSection? Every time someone posts a new article (which, by the way, is NEVER as well written or interesting as those posted on this site), someone immediately follows up with a post asking when Doc’s stolen article credits will be restored. That comment is eventually removed by the administrators, and then someone else asks the same question. It’s rather amusing. TTS should come clean and either restore the credits or address why they stole them in the first place–then all this would eventually go away.

  • faradayrules

    So essentially what you are theorizing is that Daniel time travels back in time to create time travel so that he can undo the creation of time travel?


    • docarzt

      Wow. That’s some weird reading comprehension there. 😉 Daniel is marooned in time, convinced that a later event is to blame for the destruction of the universe he drafts primitive followers to build a time machine so he can correct it – without realizing he is all the while completing the very work that will lead to the problem to begin with.

      • faradayrules

        Am I Wrong?

        I quote:

        “What if Daniel, thinking he must somehow figure out how to travel through time to set the universe right, utilizes his position as resident deity to begin constructing technology on the island. The purpose of the technology? Time travel.”

        And in summation:

        “However, once this is all undone – the island will be just an island. No anachronistic technology posing as magic, just lots of fresh fruit.”

        • docarzt

          This is wrong:

          “So essentially what you are theorizing is that Daniel time travels back in time to create time travel so that he can undo the creation of time travel?”

          He does not travel back to stop something. He is cast back in time, probably during an event like “The Incident.” Once there, he feels he must time travel to another time in order to solve the problem. He is marooned.

          • faradayrules

            Right but if is “cast back in time” that means time travel is possible when he is cast back. Thus he’d have some understanding of time travel. And he’d reach the conclusion that “if I don’t invent time travel, then time travel isn’t possible, thus no time travel related incident”

            Now of course he’d be stuck where he is in whatever time. So maybe you need to incorporate a selfish motivation to him laying the groundwork for the invention of time travel (i.e. getting the hell out of whatever time he is in)

            You’re also ignoring the question of what “technology” he’d have at his disposal to begin laying the ground work for future time travel. Sticking a wooden wheel in the ground, if even possible in this ancient time, hardly sets up time travel.

          • docarzt

            “You’re also ignoring the question of what “technology” he’d have at his disposal to begin laying the ground work for future time travel. Sticking a wooden wheel in the ground, if even possible in this ancient time, hardly sets up time travel.”
            The ‘technology’ is in his head. Knowledge of an inert item on the island (I’d suggest googling the LOST ho ho theory) would be sufficient, apparently, since this theory suggests that Faraday engineered the Donkey Wheel. Now, since you are arguing black is white, I’m sure you will disagree that the donkey wheel IS a time travel device. There is no question that it is, regardless of how illogical it may seem. It could be, though, that the wheel is a site gag. On the other side of that wall could be technology that was cast back with Faraday…

            You may be right, he may be selfish in his motivation. Personally, I believe when the end game becomes clear it will be that something needs to be corrected to avoid the collapse of the universe – so I choose, in my ‘what if,’ to believe that Faraday wants to escape the ancients to correct that problem.

          • faradayrules

            Okay, so the “technology is in his head” but he’s been transported back in time to a point before the Island’s special powers exist (or are you proposing the special properties, (i.e. agelessness, healing, etc) exist parallel to the time travel??) how does he live long enough to carry out the plan or educate this early civilization enough to carry out his technological masterpiece?

            As for the Donkey Wheel, I believe the actual wheel is part of the apparatus that activates time travel but, no, I don’t believe that a wooden wheel in the ground is the end-all be-all explanation of what triggers the time travel. If that’s the ultimate explanation of it, I think there will be a ton of dissatisfaction with the resolution of that particular mystery.

          • docarzt

            It’s hopeless. I feel like I’m rewriting the theory just for you. Give it another read. What I propose is that Faraday going back in time actually causes the island’s ‘specialness’ and that the fix would ultimately prevent his trip from ever happening, in which case the island would no longer be special. But that is all in the article.

            The dissatisfaction. i agree. this could fix that, particularly if somehow a chunk of technology went back with faraday and is on the other side of the wall.

          • Paradox

            If Daniel does get sent back in time, and then realises that by creating time travel in the past he creates the problem in the future, then even if he chooses not to invent it I think the Island would still find a way, just like Jack not helping save Ben a 2nd time. Whatever happens in the future must happen irrelevant of what they do in the past, so if Daniel does go back in time and his followers create a statue of him etc, it’s more than likely that he’ll be involved in the creation of time travel, but I just think he’s clever enough to realise that by doing so it would then result in him travelling there in the future. It’s seems so very chicken/eggy which is why most people are struggling with the idea, but I think I understand you. I originally thought the statue might of been Richard Alpert, as he seems almost god like and I always wondered how he never aged. I read on another site that someone thinks he looks “sorta Egyptianesque”. I cant remember if Richard has met Farraday in the present (I dont think he has), and if not, maybe thats deliberate as maybe he’d recognise him from his past and Farraday’s future (depending on how long Richard’s been around and how long we’re guessing Farraday is thrown back).

      • faradayrules

        So in other words: time traveling to fix the problem causes the problem?

        Why bother time traveling in the first place?

        • docarzt

          Because none of these trips are acts of free will. It would take an act of free will to resolve the time loop.

          • faradayrules

            I get that, but it still reasons that if when he arrives in the ancient time if he doesn’t invent time travel the “trips that aren’t free will” won’t occur.

          • docarzt

            He does invent time travel. The frozen donkey wheel.

  • KeepingAwake

    I’m not sure about the whole Daniel/statue bit, although it was fun to read, but I do like the idea that the only way to save the island might be to make it ‘just an Island’, as that would definitively wrap the show.

  • stini777

    And Marvin Candle is sometimes missing an arm…how does this figure in to the mythology of missing extremities?

    • docarzt

      Well… what if Daniel et al wind up marooned in time and he attempts to create a time machine which misfires, causing “The Incident.”

      • stini777

        Perhaps…which reminds me…when will we get details on “The Incident”….?

        • DT

          I am convinced “the Incident” is when Dharma tests the FDW they have found. They use a polar bear to turn the wheel as an experiment before trying with a human. It is unclear what happened then, as far as time skipping, because we have been lead to believe that the O6 leaving had something to do with the skips. What I am sure of is that when Daniel asked the 1954 Others if they had access to cement and lead that they only had cement. So they did not fix the leak in the Jughead, but buried it anyway. They would have done this far away from where they normally reside like where The Swan is located. Over time that leaking radiation caused the magentic disturbance present at the Swan. Allowing Dharma to discover the magnetic anamoly and build the Swan. They would naturally have discovered the buried Jughead and wanted to find some way to prevent its explosion. That is what the blast doors and more importantly the fail safe were about. The failsafe was a new set of explosives that would stop the atomic reaction from happening if this were ever neccessary. Now to the Incident, when the FDW was turned by the polar bear it must have caused the Atomic reaction in the Jughead. The 108 minute protocol was to release the pressure and not allow the chain reaction that causes the explosion. The writers choice of the Jughead a real device that would have worked this way is no throwback to the Atomic tests. Look it up Jughead is more akin to nuclear power than the modern nuclear bomb. When Desmond did not release the pressure in time it caused a swell of magnetic energy we have seen take down Fligh 815. When it was not released again it made it to the brink of explosion but Desmond turned the Failsafe and we see an implosion rather than explosion and Desmond becoming unstuck from time. I believe the implosion was caused by a rip in Space/time being sealed by the explosion the failsafe set off. Which also kept the Jughead from exploding and destroying the Island.

          • Dolce

            I like this, explains the polar bear in the desert nicely. The collar Charlotte found could have been used to attach it to the FDW.

  • frank

    You got some imagination buddy

  • Dolce

    Great theory, but I personally am holding hope tha it is not Daniel or Sawyer, but a deeper mystery yet. Maybe revealing that someone we know from the island ( not a lostie ) has been there even longer than we think…

  • Clickjaw

    Good theory, but this is what’s really happening.

    In pre-Dharma time, Ellie and C. Widmore get together and parent Daniel Faraday. In “Jughead”, when Daniel met Ellie, she started to get the hots for Daniel instead of Widmore. This resulted in the two of them never getting together, which ultimately means Daniel will begin to disappear from space-time starting, of course, with his left foot.

    Wow! Wait, that plot sounds like this movie I saw back in the 80’s…..

  • Mrs. Alpert

    I don’t think ancient people would be too impressed with Daniel, even if he magically appeared before their eyes. If he traveled with nothing, how would he prove his ‘godliness’ to them?

    • docarzt

      Especially if he appeared before their eyes. ESPECIALLY if he had an Apollo bar. 😉 But seriously, the what if portion of the theory can be revised to suit it, I’m not writing an episode here, just throwing out possibilities:

      Daniel just happens to have a digital recorder in his pocket and the stunned natives cower when Daniel demonstrates the ability to capture their voices.

      There. Dealt with. :D!

  • Yonko

    The recorder resort seems very God-like to me… No more impressing natives with mirrors, luckily…

  • Excellent theory that ties up a lot of individual theories that were already floating out there. I wonder how our first off-island look at Dan (crying in his chair and not knowing why with someone who is possibly Libby taking care of him) ties in with all of this.

    • docarzt

      You should check out my libby theory, which was originally posted WAY back in ’07. I think it explains, to some degree, what Libby’s involvement may be.

      I gotta say, it never surprises me when there are people with similar ideas out there, we are all working from the same source material after all, but I’m not aware of any the individual theories you mention. The what ifs are purely off the cuff, and the foot situation-imho-speaks for itself. I would be very surprised if I were the only one making the connection. Missing left foot, only left foot… come on, it’s 1+1=2… literally… 🙂

      Here is my original time loop theory from September ’07. Rescued from mass plagiarism by

      The Libby Factor

      • Hey, just so we’re clear I wasn’t suggesting you were ripping anyone off…I’d heard the Daniel-as-Jacob idea, the daniel-as-four-toes idea, the ancient-civilisation idea, things like that – all said in various crackpot theories, but never had they all been tied together in something that actually made sense! I guess that makes my contribution a badly worded compliment doesn’t it?

        OK – now to get my head round the Libby Factor…

        • docarzt

          Oh that was for the trolls benefit. Your intent was clear. 😉 Definitely didn’t mean for it to come off sharp. Damn internet. Worst method of communication ever. 😉

  • Howey

    I think you’ve solved it all, DocArzt!


    I’ll post it with the link.

    BTW – Did you ever get together with Felix?

    • docarzt

      Yup. The contact has been made. Thanks for the link! We’ll see how it pans out. I will say, I got a bit carried away with the what-ifs. Certainly, though, I stand behind the foot and Faraday being involved with the statue builders. The question of why and how is what will keep us tuned in, and our imaginations spinning. 😀

  • Bookhouse Boy

    Or they just messed up the photo. Or the producers thought it would be fun to mess with people’s minds.

    • docarzt

      They may be messing with us, but they did not mess up the photo. You can see the rim of his pant leg and even a little light splashing on the inside… it was intentional.

  • UKLostit

    Love the theory!!

    just one thing comes to mind, Juliet said “Richards always been here” so wouldnt he know Daniel! maybe fetch some grapes haha.

  • timm

    I think it may be a case of bad photo-shopping. Seems to me that his foot is there but he’s wearing dark socks and the lighting, along with the convienently placed foliage, makes it look a little odd.

  • Shayne

    Interesting … but why only four toes?

  • cmcdtv

    Hi Doc. I have to say I think his foot missing was more of a clue to his relation to Dharma and the incident than to the statue. Why? Because we’ve seen many people who are missing limbs, since season one. The farmer who turns in Kate, Sam Toomey’s wife lost her leg, Gibbs is missing a finger, and then Marvin Candle, and then again with Eko’s flashbacks and visions on the island. There are many people who are missing arms, hands, legs or feet. So it seems to me that you could be 1) correct, and that those are people who could be clues to Daniel and foot connection or 2) misreading the significance, and that it is more in relation to what we’ve already seen, that Daniel is connected to the Dharma Initiative and the incident.

  • Rcatz

    Doc, Juliet is also missing her toes on the one foot. Also, her shoe vaguely resembles part of the shoe that the four toed statue is wearing.

    • zauriel

      GOOD catch. Juliet is indeed missing the toes (and tip of her shoe) on her left foot. And, like Daniel, you can tell that it is definitely not a mistake.

  • Rcatz
  • zauriel

    I call red herring. The missing foot is SO obvious. I think the producers might have intended to mimic the Battlestar Galactica image somewhat, but why give away a secret like the four-toed statue with such an easy find? I don’t honestly think the statue is Daniel. It certainly doesn’t explain why it has four toes (granted, I don’t believe we’ve ever seen Daniel’s foot to qualify how many toes he currently has).

    If it is Daniel, then I agree with the concept that he goes back to an early time period and they erect it in honor of him for whatever reason. However, I don’t believe Daniel goes to that period alone. We know Locke is on the way to attempt turning the wheel so he can get off the island and get the O6 back. Unless Daniel is standing near Locke when this happens and some freak occurrence sends him and only him back to the early time period, then all the Losties and freighter crew go too. If a trip to an early time period is in the works, I think it’ll be a regular flash-trip prior to Locke turning the wheel (which may or may not stop the flashing … there is the indication that nothing will be right until the O6 return, for whatever reason).

    I don’t think there’s any reason to believe that Daniel can “make” the island special. The island has always been special. Daniel can’t make the island have large electromagnetic deposits. The healer that Bernard and Rose visited advised that there are places like that on the Earth already, places that can heal people, but just not strong enough to heal Rose. Daniel didn’t make those places special, right? So why would he have any impact on the island? Daniel also can’t “create” time travel. Time travel either exists or it doesn’t; the only thing you can create is the means by which to do it. I don’t think Daniel knows enough about the island to understand how to create time travel by constructing a donkey wheel attached to some exotic energy source. The guy’s smart, obviously, but let’s not grant him genius status just yet.

    I think the Sawyer losing a toe theory is somewhat sound, but I would prefer to find out that the statue is not that of anyone we know yet, and merely belongs to an ancient race of four-toed individuals we’ll learn more about in this season or the next.

  • Dorkusbob

    I have yet to check the other threads, but here goes:

    If Faraday goes way back in time he can totally use “magic”, in our daily lives we do many things that as little as 200 years ago would make us candidates for a witch burning.

    If he has a match, he can create fire. If he uses math he can predict things, build things. If someone has madness he can give them some aspirin.

    But all of these ideas are moot because Faraday is tied to our Losties, so where are they all? Don’t they all move as a group? And then as I asked before – How much time do they have in between jumps in their current time? – If He is the one with the most time on the island, he should have a bloody nose first. If the jumps accrue time on the island.

  • Axolotl

    The glimpse of Jacob that we got in that episode where Ben shoots Locke kind of looks like an aged Daniel with the beard and longer hair (and a little heavier). I just started reading this site after following Lost from day 1 and I sure wish I’d started earlier. This theory and the polar bear one will keep me thinking until the episode tonight…

  • The Magician

    yes, the missing foot was definitely intentional. Possibly a red herring, but certainly no accident (you don’t remove an entire foot and then proceed to fill in the shadow on the trouser behind where it should’ve been by accident).

  • FutureMe

    A very interesting speculation, Doc, but everyone in the photo, except Ben, is missing/hiding a foot, if not two. As a graphic designer, knowing the steps in cropping and purposeful placement, it’s definitely not just coincidence. I mean, there’s not any passing reason why Miles’ foot should be hidden by a can.

  • Agree with it or not, look at the conversation you have going here. I hope you are paying attention doc, because I don’t buy this theory but it is the first time in weeks that this site has reminded me of TheTailsection’s heyday. Keep this kind of content/thinking rolling… please.

  • RandomZombie

    It’s an interesting and well thought out theory, but I have one major problem with it. If there is a device that is making time travel possible (as opposed to some supernatural phenomenon,) and it was created by Daniel, then it creates a paradox.

    If Daniel created the device after being sent back in time, then there was initially no device to send him.

    And the idea that Daniel would try to change events that have already happened runs contrary to his character. “If it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen.” If anyone could do this, it would be Desmond, who is the only one so far (that we know of) that the rules don’t apply to.

    I don’t buy the time loop theory, myself. It’s likely that someone (or everyone) on the island will become stuck in the past, explaining Adam and Eve, but making the entire series one cycle in a time loop is too messy, and would ultimately be unsatisfying to many.

    Also, in the photo, it looks like Mile’s foot is stuck in a can. Any thoughts?
    (That was a joke.)

    And Doc: I’ve been a fan of your essays and theories since before the Tail Section went all to heck. I’m glad that you’re still giving us fans the most deep and thoughtful Lost articles.

  • It really is an intriguing theory, Doc, though I find I’d be more willing to accept Daniel as the inspiration for the statue than to extend it to his being Jacob as well.

    Of course, if Daniel *is* responsible in the ancient past for the time travel machinery and similar “magic,” why would all the writing in all the ancient places (FDW chamber, Ben’s secret smokey door) be hieroglyphs rather than English and/or modern mathematical notation?

  • Zack M.

    or……maybe this is an epically huge foiler used by the creaters to through us off

  • Bobvertigo

    Anyone know where I can find this promo picture? I just googled “season 5 promo pic” and got nothing.

  • j.bentham

    Too many comments, can’t read everyone. But listen to this: is Daniel’s fault if no baby can born on the Island. He was trying to save Charlotte without making her to be born.
    Or kinda. 😉

  • andres

    If that race in the past had the technology to make time travel possibly, I can hardly believe that Daniel would seem like a deity to them. He would be less advanced than them.

    I don’t buy it, but cool speculation. But that somehow the promo pic and the 4-toe statue are linked I do see plausible, just not in that way.

    • docarzt

      Nah, you misunderstood. They did not have the technology UNTIL Daniel arrived.

  • I can totally see this Doc. The missing foot on Faraday may be a red herring trying to trick us into thinking he’s the statue, but I can totally see it. Just him showing up in a flash alone would make him a god to the ancient people. And he might use the hieroglyphs to contact with a future civilization, not knowing if English would evolve the same way due to his interference. Or, perhaps it was all from the ancient civilization on the island after he died.

    I do see a flash to a very ancient time as the inspiration for the statue. Not sure it creates the technology though, or that Faraday will get stuck there, but it all makes sense to me. I like it.

    I had been thinking that all the Losties were going to go back to that ancient time but thought they’d see that Alpert was already there and he was the statue. I like your theory better.

  • RandomZombie

    I’m rewatching Live Together, Die Alone, and noticed that the statue doesn’t look like a foot with a missing toe, but like a foot that is supposed to have four toes. There’s no spot where a missing toe would fit. Four toes, each side by side, extending the entire width of the foot.

    Damon Lindelof and Carleton Cuse have stated that the statue was originally supposed to have six toes. The sculptor said that it looked too much like a regular five-toed foot.

    My bet is an ancient civilization (or maybe future civilization) with four-digit limbs.

  • Benny

    Has anyone noticed or mentioned that Juliet who sits opposite Daniel has the toes missing off of one of her feet with a branch that come from behind her and ends up in front of her foot, just as in a photo editing error.
    It seems more like digitally adding branches on the floor resulted in an unfortunate “red herring” scenario rather than a intentional clue.

    Plus, RandomZombie’s comment is right on. Until we actually see Daniel with four toes, this is a bust.

  • Benny

    … and forgot to mention. Dan’s leg is arranged as supported on something. A certain something that has been removed to make place for the branches.

  • MATT

    very interesting theory. but does it explain the statue only having 4 toes???

  • Cosmic

    If you look closely at Daniel’s left hand it only shows three fingers and a thumb. ?

  • Daniel

    And how the hell you get Hurley up there in the sofa? And Kate seems to be scratching some kind of a strange itch both in her bottom and face, maybe related to time travel?
    Now, seriously, the foot was taken out during the making of the photoshop work, they were adding branches on the floor and have taken out Daniel’s foot so they could arrange it accordingly later (like someone above said, his leg is arranged as supported on something), yes they made the rim of his pant leg , to be easy to add/paste the arranged foot later on the composition. I think this was a rushed photo and they left behind some details, like Juliet’s toes right next to Daniel. Why they would ask all websites to take out highres versions of this particular photo? They made a mistake and people just went crazy making up stories/theories LOL

  • Sam

    There’s also a wonder that Horace (suspiciously like the fertility God’s name of Horus in Egyptian mythology) Had the only child on the island back in the 70s and once the statue was broken – no more babies!

  • Common Sense

    I hate to spoil your party, but this is clearly just a case of lazy photoshopping. For promos like this lots of times they’ll shoot the people individually and then put them all together in photoshop afterwards, and this is clearly what they’ve done here (if you have any doubt about it, you’re either blind or don’t know anything about photoshop). When they added Daniel, there was a bush in the foreground that his foot had to fit behind. Instead of taking the time to edit it so that you could see his foot through the bush, they simply erased his foot. You can even see part of his sock (the rest of his sock is obscured by shadows). If they were going to intentionally remove his foot as a clue, why would they not remove that tiny sliver of sock?

  • Mehdi

    The monster(non locke) Broke the statue, You will se in the 6th season

  • oh my god

    Sun has no thumbs!

  • Huntsong

    Are those beer cans at his feet? Heh heh, that’s funny^^

  • lostman

    One that I cant put my finger on is that if Jacob, Illana and the others are the “Good Guys” and the monster is Jacobs’ nemesis and referred to as the “bad guy” and he/it resides in the Temple, then why does Richard take Ben in there to be healed after he was shot by Sayid? Wouldn’t that be considered as a conflict of interest? WTF? Kind of makes you wonder who the Good Guys really are.

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  • dust1981

    This would have been so much better…
    Been travelling through time a bit myself, as I saw this post because I posted it on Facebook this day in 2009. One of the examples why this website was worth my daily visit and in the aftermath of the series, became a place where far more interesting theories were found than what the original story proved to be. I miss this quite a bit…