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LOST Theory – The Prodigal Sons (And Daughters) Return?

By docarzt,

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vlcsnap-718575If you listened to the latest DocArzt & Friends LOST Podcast you know that I blurted something about Bram and Illana being the children of the Dharma Initiative, and you probably also know I left that hanging with absolutely no logical reasoning for thinking that way.  Well, that’s why reading isn’t as over-rated as some people might believe.

At first, the notion was an odd intuition.  It was brought on mostly by how calm and cheerful Bram and the rest of the Miles-Nappers seemed to be.  In terms of rough play, even their ejection of the stubborn Miles was nothing resembling intimidation.  Conclusion:  they were looking out for Miles best interests, just as they quasi-claimed.  These are not people looking to cripple the other team by taking out their assetts; Bram and his crew had Miles emotional and physical well being at heart.

Another thing that rings true, from what we’ve seen so far of the “Shadow of the Island” people, they are roughly the same age group.  That may mean nothing, and surely in the future that may change, but in the here and now I look at this fact as back-up for my central thesis: these guys are the Island’s LOST children.

One aspect that helps feed this belief, for me, is that the story of Miles father throwing him and his mother to the curb is – in some regards – false.  Seeing Dr. Chang with young Miles defied the image momma-Miles painted of her husband. Now, however, think of this another way.  Going back to the comic-con video, we know that Chang was aware of a pending purge, so we can assume it was known throughout Dharma at some level.  For whatever reason, the Dharma-folk decided to stay.  It is extremely likely, however, that they sent their children away.

In this respect, Charlotte and Miles have a few things in common; they both left the island prior to the purge and left father’s behind.  Both of them had mothers who did all they could to persuade them to believe the island either didn’t exist, or was unreachable.  And, of course, both of them wound up inextricably drifting back to the island through the same forces that seem to be affecting all of our characters.

Bram here also found his way onto Ajira 316, and we can assume a few of the gentle-goons that were with him in the iconic black abduction mobile.  Up until now, their alignment has only been postulated by a few possible exchanged glances and nothing more.  Are they with Ben, or someone else?

If this is the return of the children of the Dharma initiative, what is their directive?  Are they afflicted with powers like Miles, that somehow tune them into the island’s situation room? Or are they there because they believe they can un-do something themselves, something that led to the death of their parents?

Of course, as many of you will no doubt point out, it is just as easy to believe that these benevolent soldiers are aligned with Ben – exactly as it seems at first blush – lending more credence to the argument for Mr. Linus’s de-eviling.  But that is the problem, it is too easy – and LOST is never easy.  That they are a third force in the Widmore/Linus feud seems fairly obvious, what they are up to, of course, does not.

NOTE:  I want to give a shout out to Gustavo who didn’t catch the Podcast last night, but e-mailed me this morning proposing the very same theory!  More proof that there is something subtextual going on here that suggests this connection between Miles, Bram, and the island.

  • After reading your post I have to agree. You mentioned the fact that both Charlotte’s mom and Miles mom made up stories about why they left the island. Do you think that perhaps the two women got together and decided this? If so, what made them get together? Were they warned about something bad happening?
    It could also be that the two women decided to leave Dharma,each on their own.

  • Benjamin


    I love this theory actually..I never put together the idea that maybe Miles and Charlotte were sent away prior to the purge along with the other dharma children, and that Bram and Ilana are with them as well..hmm

    Perhaps Annie survived the purge and his getting her revenge on her young Dharma love by putting together a group of the very children she saved :O …ok maybe not. haha

    • Benjamin


  • Interesting. I posited on the Lost Live Chat last night that I suspected they were RA’s folks. He seems to be very different from regular folks, like Ben and Widmore. And he also goes off the Island. It could be he has his own troops that don’t answer to The Others’ leaders. RA certainly doesn’t answer to the leaders. He appears to be an observer.

    But I like your theory better. If nothing else, it means the children on the Island at the time of the Purge survived. (Of course, this may lessen Ben’s crimes in the eyes of all those Ben-Lovers out there. Ben Bad Bad Ben.)

    At the same time this makes Dharma look a little less malign. Like any group (especially fanatics, a designation which does not absolve scientists of being so define), there are bad apples amongst the good. Dharma’s founding may have had benevolent intentions that went awry.

    Whoever they are, it is slowly becoming apparent that they will play a force in the coming war.

  • Ed Einstein

    Really interesting theory Doc! They don’t seem to be in Widmore’s camp or the Others’ camp so maybe you’re right, maybe they are the remains of the Dharma camp. I believe that at some point someone must tell Dr. Chang or Horace that they’ll be wiped out, it just seems inevitable that no one can keep a secret on Lost too long and maybe this brings the DI into sending their kids away though the presence of Ethan in Ben’s flashback last week seems to not give credence to this.

    Damm….I don’t want to wait two weeks until The Variable. Why can’t my house be a time traveling vehicle?

  • Ed- Someone did tell The Dharma Camp (Horace and Radzinsky and Oldham) that they were all going to die, unfortunately it wasnt taken seriously because it was said by Sayid under the influence of LSD.

    • docarzt

      We know from the comic-con video that pierre chang was aware of the impending purge.

      • Ed Einstein

        Me thinks those people chatting with Dr. Chang on his video might be Daniel, Sawyer and Jack (I would hope Miles is there and I just didn’t hear him talking), perhaps after they finally tell him the truth.

  • THinIL

    Doc – I thought the same thing. Last night’s episode further underscored the “daddy” issues of each major character. Perhaps these are in fact the kids coming home looking for answers or trying to change the past. Or maybe they are not the kids, but part of the reconstituted Dharma Initiative as Chang pleads in his Comic-Con vid.

    HOWEVER, I really disagree with the whole Purge connection. The dates just don’t make sense. The Purge doesn’t happen for another 15 years (1992). And we know Miles had to have left the Island before he was 5 or so…otherwise he would have a memory of being there, etc. Same with Charlotte…

    Perhaps there is a Pre-Purge battle looming for this season’s finale, leading to the Incident. Or perhaps no one knows what year the Purge happens and all the kids leave in 1977 anyway.

    • Heidi

      I think the incident scares the bejesus out of the parents and the moms and kids are sent off the island for their own protection.

  • imfromthepast

    We know what year the Purge takes place.
    Ben knows what year the Purge takes place.

    But that’s it. None of the Losties in 1977 know what year the Purge takes place, they just know that it happens.

    They could warn the DHARMA guys, but not knowing how long they have exactly, it is reasonable that they send the women and children home.

    The only seeming inconsistency is the DHARMA folks that got gassed sure didn’t seem like they were expecting it. Some were playing tennis for crying out loud.

    Of course after 15 years of no Purge, I guess they could be excused for getting a little lax.

    • brent

      Well, the Losties can make an educated guess that the purge isn’t imminent. They know that Orchid and Swan were fully completed in 2004. In 1977, they are in the very early stages of construction. Sure, they could think that the Others would kill the DI and finish the construction per spec but if I were in the situation, I would consider that possibility extremely remote.

  • Samuel

    I think everyone is looking way to hard into who this new group is. I think it is alot more simple, this is Farradays crew.He is the one who has been MIA this season until this new crew shows up, and I think he knows Jughead is buried in the shadow of the statuem and gave that as a code to his partners. Perhaps he is trying to change things so that Charlotte never goes back to the island on the freighter.

    • docarzt

      That’s an excellent point.

    • MsLinus

      Ugh…now I don’t know which theory I like better–yours or the one Doc proposed. I think they are both extremely interesting.

      • richie

        all great points!!! jughead is buried in the shadow of the statue, underneath a swan, its awesome!!

    • neoloki

      Yes interesting idea, but come on saying it is Faradays group isn’t looking way to hard at this group?
      Whether they are the children of Dharma or not, I personally don’t think they have to be or that it really matters for them to be Dharma, I believe they are Dharma as I posted after last weeks episode. It makes sense to the story that Dharma would be involved in season 6 in some way because they have been such a major part of Lost from the beginning. If Miles does tell his Dad about the purge which leads to the comic-con video making it into Modern day Dharma’s possession, they have decided to come back to the Island to reclaim their piece of the pie and probably start the war Widmore was referring to earlier in the season.
      I don’t see why these would be Ben’s people or what agenda he would have.

      • Samuel

        What is more likely, that a billion dollar organization that had enough cash to create an entire settlement, purchase a submarine and recruit the brightest scientists on earth now roll in dumpy black vans with guys that look like Jim Belushi as one of their leaders, or that Faraday recruited some help from some new folks to help him with his plan to save the Island?

        • neoloki

          You are saying it is not Dharma because the guy is over wieght and drives a black van? That is an interesting dissection.

          You are also assuming that Faraday made it to the future or communicated to the future somehow.

          Who knows but I am sure we will get a better clue in two weeks.

          • neoloki

            As far as how Dharam people project their professionalism all I will say is… Horace Goodspeed!

          • Samuel

            Yes I am assuming that in a show predominately about time travel the character who knows the most about it was able to communicate with the future..and imo 20 somethings abducting people from taco stands into the scooby doo mystery machine, to have a Dr. Phil heart to heart about family issues doesnt exactly scream dharma

          • neoloki

            Of course the show has a sub-plot about time travel, but during the broadcast into the future by Faraday and Chang you can hear Daniel say we only have a pinhole of time to broadcast the message. So, I do not think it is likely that He had the chance to not only send another message, but to organize a group of people to do what. Course correct or blow up the Island in the future. Their isn’t a logical reason for Him to have a group of people working for him on the Island in ’07/’08.
            Plus, after Bram’s talk with Miles in the Van it seems unlikely that the answer to the question is a specific thing. the whole question seems much more esoteric. Mostly, to say they are not Dharma because of the way they look or what they are driving when they pick miles up is just generally non-sense.

    • WheresDesmond

      That’s an interesting theory, especially when you consider that Daniel is Eloise Hawking’s son…who was on the island at the same time as Charles Widmore in the 50’s and whose backstory (including reason for leaving the island) has not yet been fleshed out.

      Since we don’t know when Eloise left the island, I wonder if Daniel was born on the island and, if so, who his father is…

      I like this idea of the Dharma children coming back. It reminds me of the Star Wars Episode I discussion about “a vergence (sp?) in the Force” that will create a lot of chaos and darkness before ultimately restoring balance to the world.

  • Gusteaux

    I totally agree that Ilana, Bram, et al are Latter Day Dharma. However, I don’t think Ilana fits your “gentle-goons” profile, what with her hooker boot sucker kicking Sayid and rifle butt smashing Frank’s jaw. This chic is a Keamy wanna-be badass broad.

  • illegibleg

    I don’t think I’ve ever been 100% on board with a theory before. It feels all tingly-like. Team Doc!

  • IKilledJeremy

    Couldn’t all the Dharma kid’s get sent off-island because more and more of them are kidnapped by the hostiles? They must assume Ben was, and Ethan will be taken relatively soon… All it would take is one or two children being stolen for any half-decent parent to want out. The purge would also scare parents into leaving the island, but I agree the time-line just doesn’t make sense. It’s a shame, really; having one of our Losties trapped in the DI while the rest manage to get back to regular time would make for a really dramatic and heart-wrenching death. Juliet’s, probably. Kate’s, ideally.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    I believe Bram, Ilana, etc are modern day Dharma…and here’s why. What was the purpose of Dharma? To alter the Valenzetti equation and extend the human race’s existence on the planet, right? An objective like that just doesn’t fall to the way side so easily. That is a project with endless financial backing and continuous effort to succeed.

    Widmore spoke of a coming war, and I believe that war will be between Dharma (new and old) vs the Others/Hostiles. I think Widmore is on the side of the Others, regardless of his sentencing from the island. Our Losties seemed to be destined to choose sides and eventually be split in their opinions and alliances.

    Why seek what lies in the shadow of the statue? Because as Sun, Locke, and Ben seek to travel back in time and join their friends, Bram and crew are seeking to go back in time and aid the Dharma folks in resisting the purge. I think there will definitely be a showdown in the shadow of the statue, i.e. the Orchid Station.

    What’s inescapable though, regardless of who will be fighting who, is the fact that the island gets what the island wants…so rest assured, no matter what happens, Jesus will love you as he loved Jacob.

  • Benjamin

    To anyone who thinks the new crew are Ben’s people…remember that as manipulative, cunning, sneaky, and bad as Ben is he just went through a crazy emotional/spritual ordeal. Smokey judged him, let him live, and his own daughter (manifestation of smokey or spirit?..both?), whom he got killed told him off as no one else could’ve, and it scared the shit out of him..

    At this point I think Ben has changed his plan..he is going to follow Locke in everything, just as he swore to Alex. So even if these new people are his..he wont have anything to do with them anymore, having now been judged.

    • WheresDesmond

      I’m not as convinced as you are, YET, that Ben will do what SmokeyAlex commanded. I think that he’ll get cocky and take back control when he sees a chance to do so. But I hope I’m wrong.

  • Erikire

    Your theory sounds quite logical to me. But LOST is becoming more and more illogical. Anything is possible.

  • Dr. Harvey Candle

    Couldnt, the Shadow of the Statue be the well that leads down to the frozen donkey wheel? After all during the flashes they looked up and the statue was right there.

    • neoloki

      I am not convinced that the question “What lies in the shadow of the Statue?” is an actual thing?

      • neoloki

        My guess would be “time”. that is what lies in the shadow of the statue. Not a thing but an idea or concept.

  • has anyone wondered why bram isn’t wearing a mask but these guys who threw miles in the car WERE?
    that guy in the picture up here, oddly looks like tom to me, but I guess that’s still my head spinning from the episode…
    but what if we did know some of them, or miles does?

  • theglasseye

    I disagree, although I do like your theory, Doc. The “Shadow of the Statue” riddle points much more toward the ancient history and people of the Island than DHARMA ever was.

    I think these guys are descendants of the original inhabitants of the Island. These are people from the same race and bloodline that built the Temple, the Statue, the Well, Ben’s door and the various other ruins scattered across the Island. Think of them like a secret society of protectors, like the Knights Templar.

    If you examine the conversation Bram has with Miles, there’s a lot of hinting at the group being able to help find Miles’ identity, his purpose and his destiny. To me, those things are very much tied to themes that the Island itself embodies. “The Shadow of the Statue” group has carried intimate knowledge of the Island and its power with them for generations and the time has come to reclaim their birthright.

    Of course, we could get thrown a curveball in two weeks and my theory goes out the window, but I never hate being wrong about this show 🙂

    • neoloki

      I really like your idea. Something about it feels very natural.

    • Landry B.

      I am liking this theory a lot theglasseye! Doc, loves you to pieces still as well (never knock a theory that is well thought out, regardless of whether I agree or not)…I think that the riddle points to something deeper as well…and I like the idea of these two groups fighting for a piece of land and then a third-party rightful owner group coming in and taking it from both…don’t know where exactly that leaves John Lock and the other 815/O6/316ers..

      • theglasseye

        Thanks guys! 🙂

  • Steven

    My main question right now is where does Lapidus fit into all this. We have come to now know that Farraday was likely conceived on island and was also part of the Dharma Initiative in the 1970s. The same is true of Miles. Charlotte was also born on island and was a brief DI baby. So… 3 out of 4 of our “freighter folk” had pasts on the island. There’s no way Lapidus is just a coincidence.

    • Landry B.

      Fine point sir…

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      no proof or evidence whatsoever that daniel was born on the island

  • This makes a lot of sense. The question that this raises in my mind is what is DHARMA doing that is so important that people are willing to face certain death to accomplish it?

    I’m not sure that all of the Dharma people are aware of the Purge. My guess is that Chang and a few of the higher ups become aware of it. The Workmen definitely not, and I would not be surprised if people like Goodspeed were not because he didn’t send his child away.

  • chad

    Hey Doc I agree with you!!! I posted something like it after Dead is Dead… viewtopic.php?f=83&t=1566… I think this may be the case. I do not think that they are all sons and daughters of Dharma, they have to have some red shirt followers with them of course. Maybe Bram is just someone helping out the sons and daughters of Dharma…

  • Ram

    What lies in the shadow of the statue?

    Ben Linus. He lies everywhere he goes.


  • ftball221

    Seems to me there hasn’t been much talk about everything that was on the chalkboard that Jack was cleaning in SLiH. (All of the egyptian context)

    • chad

      Yeah can anyone say what that was all about?

      • ftball221

        I only got to watch the episode once but the timing of these Egyptian easter eggs should be mentioned especially after Ben’s encounter with smokey last week. These EGYPTIAN clues keep coming up.

  • cap10tripps

    I like the idea that these people are descendants of the indigenous island people. What lies beneath the shadow of the statue? Their god a.k.a. Smokey. My belief is that the temple and underworld (Smokey’s house) its built upon lies behind the statue. Smokey is the key to all island secrets…

  • Michael

    Inexorably, not Inextricably – which Im pretty sure means impossible to extricate.

  • elainencarolina

    Absolutely a third force. This is foreshadowed by the three boats on the beach.

  • charlie42s

    I agree. “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” was a lesson all DI children received in their schooling on the island.

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