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Lost Theory – Top Eleven Time Travel Pitstops

By Koobie,

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Last week, we got to see how Rousseau and company got to the island in their life raft, and reminisce about the hatch and Claire giving birth to Aaron.  All thanks to a little thing called time travel.  If time travel is Lost’s new narrative device, like DocArzt suggested, then the historical tour of the island won’t stop there.  Here are the top eleven time travel pit stops that may come across on our time flashing journey.

So young, so pretty, so not insane yet.

11. Montand’s Arm and the Rousseau Saga

This one is first mainly because it seems like it will happen first, given that we don’t time flash at the beginning of the next episode.  If we do stick around for a bit, we will finally get to see the backstory that we have been waiting for since season one.  And we will get some long awaited answers to the questions: How did Montand lose his arm? What is the sickness? What tactics did Ben use to steal Alex?


10. The Crash of Flight 815

Even though we wouldn’t learn anything new about the island, it would a powerful event for the Losties.  Directly after a time flash, they would up to the sound of their plane being ripped in half and watch as it smashes into the island.  While they stand there and awe in the memory of how they got there, Miles would most likely ruin the moment with “So that must be your plane, huh?”


9. Radzinsky and Kelvin Inman

Finding Radzinsky and Inman before they both died would be another cool site to see, but it wouldn’t add much to what we already know.  Maybe our time traveling Losties find out they can achieve something be going down into the hatch or they happen to bump into Radzinsky on his cartography expeditions.  Who knows maybe Radzinsky is someone we already know, and decides his time is best spent pushing a button.


8. A Visit to Pierre Chang

We don’t know for certain whether Faraday got to the pre-built Orchid site by his own means or using the time jumps.  However, we do know that he was around Pierre Chang and may have had face time with him (ala the Comic-Con Video).  If we do meet Pierre will he be able to shed some light on the problems facing our time travelers and could we find out if Miles is his son?


7. The Real Henry Gale

The only backstory we know of Henry Gale is from what Gale had on him and what scheming Ben Linus told us, we don’t have the full picture.  While it may have any direct effect on the story, it would be interesting for a time jump to result in seeing a hot air balloon off in the distance.  And what is the significance of Widmore Labs on the side of the basket?


6. Full-Size Four Toed Statue

As something that left our heads scratching since season 2, the four-toed statue has not been touched upon again.  It would be quite a treat to flash to the time when it was being built.  Could we find out who or for what purpose it was built?  Was it ever complete or did they just build a partial leg?


5. Black Rock’s Landing and Magnus Hanso

The black rock is strategically placed in the middle of the jungle for no apparent reason.  A time flash to its disappearance in 1845 would allow us to see who the crew was and what they were doing there.  Could the crew be the original inhabitants of the island and their captain, Magnus Hanso, the mysterious Jacob?


4. The Creation of the Frozen Donkey Wheel and the Cerberus Vents

The island’s original inhabitants seemed to know a lot about the island before Dharma stepped in, but how did they come to learn about it and why did they build structures to control it?  Were they mastering it or simply worshiping it?  Imagine Faraday creeping around in the same way that he did when Dharma was building, but with the original inhabitants of the island.


3. The Incident

Suppose we time flash to when the Dharma Initiative’s incident happened.  The incident that caused the need for a button pusher in the Swan.  Will we be able to see the events that lead up to it?


2. Meeting Adam and Eve

If we already haven’t met Adam and Eve (i.e. they are two of the characters that we are well acquainted with), then we would finally see who these two were.  And we would learn why they decided (or were forced) to live in a cave until the end of their days.  Although, the people that were dwelling in this cave might just be some casualties from time jumping.


1. Back to the Future

The most intriguing stop would be to the future (assuming we haven’t already been there and just didn’t notice), it could be further in the season or even to the series finale.  Would the time jumps have subsided?   Could the time travelers get there right in the nick of time to aid the Oceanic Six in stopping the time jumps?

Any nifty historical stops that I missed or something that you wish I didn’t list? Comment or come and join our live chat!

  • Hipster Doofus

    I’d like to add the arrival of the Dharma Initiative to that list. Also, where did the others originate from?

    • How about when we find out who the corpse is with the bullet in the head in the pit of DHARMAnites??

  • Desi’s Brother

    Great List.

    An explanation for Watery Walt would be nice and the arrival of Dharma. How did they find the island. I’d like to see some of the people who were kept in the stations.

    I agree with all of those. Most important is a COMPLETE backstory of Rousseau. I want them to just give us the whole thing so we can let one story go and be done with it.

    I would love to see the crash of 815. That would be fabulous since we have never actually seen it crash.

    I’d like to meet Radzinsky.

    • Angel

      i think they had Walt in a sensory deprivation tank, thats why he was all soaking wet. he used his phenomenal cosmic powers to astral project

  • alm_sc

    not that it disclosed any important information, but i’m pretty sure they’ve been to the future because at one point Locke is near the Nigerian plane and it is significantly overgrown, also are the Others that were present when the Island was “moved” bouncing around time or is the temple saving them the headache, or are they staying put until it’s over?

  • refresh

    When the swan detonated at the end of season two did everyone travel in time? The release of magnetism seemed to affect the entire island, any thoughts?

    • Koobie

      From one of my previous posts:

      During World War II, it is rumored that the idea of cloaking a battleship with an electromagnetic field was tested. The tests were successful, but when the ship was cloaked, it was never found again (or by other accounts, teleported and traveled through time). It is theorized that this ship (if the events ever happened) slipped into a Closed timelike curve or CTC for short. A CTC is a path through 4-dimensional space-time that is closed, which means it returns to its starting point. Which means causality, fundamental to all science, breaks down. Technically events no longer need a cause, or even a cause and effect can happen simultaneously. This opens the door for time travel.

      The island’s electromagnetic field is strong enough to pull the island into a CTC. This would account for it to being hard to find, but also to many other things. Such as Desmond’s visions and his attempts at changing fate, since the path is closed the events will repeat themselves until they happen. And when Locke’s legs and Rose’s cancer were healed, no cause, just effect. The island is disconnected from the rest of the world’s space time, permitting time travel. All this adds up to the island being “special.”

  • Chemicalroad

    Great list! Awesome add-on’s too! (Wet Walt, Swan station observers)
    My add-ons are:
    (These may not be explained by seeing them in time travel, but, I feel, they still need to be explained)

    -The Black Smoke Monster (or the mechanical monster sounding thing)and how Ben calls it?
    -The Temple, who is there?
    -Walt’s powers
    -The Other’s school, court room, branding Juliet stuff….maybe…
    -How did Inman get there?

    To tell you the truth, “Koobie’s List” is now my own list of stuff I really hope they explain. Thank you! I am hoping that this new plotline of time travel allows them to do so.

    I hope….

  • downthehatch


    I think that quite a few of these will come to fruitation based on some of the things I’ve been hearing. Maybe not a flash to them, but I think we’ll be getting some answers to quite a few of these. At least I hope we do.

  • Gusteaux

    I’d like to meet the “musician” who programmed the jamming signal in the Looking Glass and actually see him program it. Why Good Vibrations, etc.?

  • Henry Holland

    #5 and 9 are my favorites from [Mikhail voice] The List.

    The blast door map is my favorite prop, so I’d love to see how Radzinksky’s photographic memory helped create it. Finding out more about the Black Rock will be key too, I guess we’ll get some of that in 505.

  • JimmyJon

    We’ve already been in the future. Ajira airline water bottle, latest episode, ring any bells? The camp was in a terrible, rotted state with nothing there, hence future.

    and “refresh”, they didn’t travel in time when the hatch detonated. The O6 had been gone the same amount of time as the day they got off the island, and the swan was about a type of radiation, not negatively charged matter for time travel. hence why Desmond had his constant episode, his exposure to the radiation in the hatch made him more susceptible to an episode like the one he had.

    • Zonker

      #12 The first time Widmore met Ben Linus.

      #13 Libby’s previous? involvement with the island & Dharma.

      #14 Whatever happened to the deGroots? (founders of Dharma)

      #15 Cynthia & the kids

      • Gusteaux

        Re: #15 = Cindy, Zack and Emma.

  • Lostwatcher


    What was the black smoke doing in the jungle the night the survivors crashed?
    Were there any survivors in the cockpit?…who knows..
    Where was Ben heading to when he got caught in the net by one of danielle’s trap?

  • Bas

    I’m guessing we will get to see the moment the Swan station imploded. Somehow I have the feeling that the Jumpers saved Locke, Eko and Desmond from the hatch.. but we’ll see.

  • Great list!

    I’d like to see Radzinsky blow his head off in the Swan Station and the idea of the Losties witnessing their very own plane crashing would be awesome! I’d Love to see a visit to smoke monster and perhaps a scene where it grabs a lostie into the ground and we see the smoke monsters lair from the captured losties perspective (maybe Locke as the smoke monster was quite willing to take him into the depths of the island once before, but he was saved. The smoke monster obviously doesn’t want to harm Locke. A visit to the entire four toed statue would be very welcome (if indeed it was ever complete).
    And a visit to Sam Toomey & Leonard Simms discovering the numbers for the first time would be cool. Anything to do with the origin of the numbers would be great!


  • tonymcnitt

    Yeah, that was an absolute, fantastic list! I really hope every single on of these and the add-ons (especially the Libby one) come to fruition. If we saw the Flight 815 crash again, that would make me cry in joy because I loved how they kept showing us different variations of the crash in the earlier season premiers of the show (like in Season 2 and then 3).

  • jessea

    yes to everything! and at least one more rose and bernard episode, i love them!

  • Dave Thompson

    What was Cindy and the kids there to watch when Jack was in a cage?

  • Andy W.

    We already know what Cindy was there to watch–Juliet’s trial. That was made clear in that episode.

  • clueless1der

    Great article, Koobie. Great way to remind me of some of the things that I had forgotten! I think you got the big ones. Adam and Eve better have a great payoff. And watching the Losties watch themselves crash would just be fantastic. Maybe a little twisted, sure… but fantastic!