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Lost Theory – Veiled Prophecy

By ErasedSlate,

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s4ep11_12b.jpgThis is a follow-up from a previous post back after ‘Cabin Fever:’


Others have raised a great deal questions about the paternity of both Locke and Ben.  We know that the producers like to obscure certain truths in the show.  There is alot of story left, and some reveals need to wait.  However, if Locke’s parentage is now called into question, then the producers have pulled an unforgivable fast one on the viewership.  It is one thing to have the characters conned, it is another to confidence scheme the audience.  Therefore, I will assume that Cooper is Locke’s father and that there are two women named Emily in this story.


Where there are prophets there are also prophecies.  We have not yet had a hard prophecy about anything on the show, but there are veiled occurances that could be the result of prophecies.  The journal from firstmate of the Blackrock could be an example of prophetic writing.  It may contain more than just clues to the location of the island.  That may be an unreasonable extrapolation.  If you can think other events on the show that may be an example of veiled prophecy feel free to comment here or in the forums.


Linus and Locke are tied to one another in purpose.  They are both a protector of the island.  They were both chosen for the task.  Their mothers have the same name.  They were both born premature and in distress.  They both had troubled relationships with their fathers.  Both are responsible for their father’s death.  Do these similarities suggest a more familial relationship between to the two, or something else?


On the side of “something else,” these similarities could be the result of the Others searching for something specific with the chosen one.  Could there have been a green-eyed leader before Ben that was born prematurely to a woman named Emily?  Could this person have had issues with his father and ultimately was responsible for his father’s death?  In searching for a “chosen one” there are generally prophecies that relate to the search.  The similarites between the island protectors may be a result of the qualitites that are being searched out.  Who wants to venture a guess on the actual words to this prophecy?


One other thing of note, anyone catch the poster behind Locke and Abaddon?

s4ep11_35b.jpgLocke has been from the very beginning a master gamesman.  From the outset of the series, the island has been set up like the pieces to a gameboard, and Locke must figure out how to win.  In the end, he is the one built up to win this game.  It is interesting that with the other “reincarnation” references (Richard’s test, Horace’s looping) in this episode, that this poster says “Get Back into the Game.”   



  • theMachine

    Nice Post ES, I like the idea of the blackrock holding within it a prophecy of some sort, maybe why Widmore wants it, as a way for him to find a way to the island via the “chosen one”.

  • trelawney

    I like this idea. perhaps there IS a cryptic prophecy that names certain stipulations about the next chosen one of the island:
    how about something like this:
    The green-eyed one, the one with the power to move the island and to see it reach its destiny and keep it safe from evil, approaches, in the 23rd week… he will be born to one whose name means strength but is weak in many ways, and so will be raised by another.
    He will arrive in the world sooner than expected, but fulfill his destiny as time runs out. As he lives, his father cannot live, and his children will be erased from time.

    It’s sort of like in Harry Potter: when the prophecy is made for the one with the power to vanquish Voldemort, it could be one of two boys, Harry or Neville, who were born on the same day. Voldemort chooses to attack Harry, but takes a big risk in doing so because he could have been choosing the wrong boy. In the end, because Voldemort attacks Harry, the prophecy ends up being self-fulfilling, bc Voldemort himself has chosen Harry as the one who can vanquish him.

  • WLN

    Maybe I’m late to this line of reasoning, but I looked at the “eye” pictures on Lostpedia. It appears that Ben, Locke adn Aaron all have green eyes. Locke was raised by another, and it appears that Aaron will be in the hands of another very soon. Since Ben’s mom died in childbirth, do we know if there was a woman who raised him until his teenage years, before he arrived at Dharma?

  • trelawney

    yeah, and all have them have distressed premature births in common, and dickhead neglectful fathers.

  • trelawney

    perhaps olivia goodspeed in some way? samantha mathis’s character?

  • WLN

    trelawney said:
    yeah, and all have them have distressed premature births in common, and dickhead neglectful fathers.

    I don’t know about Aaron. Claire, in episode one said she was 8 months along.

  • forgiventhewarlord

    I had theorized previously that the Others had a prophecy that their leader who would be able to hear Jacob would have killed his own father and that’s why Ben put on that little show depicting how Locke couldn’t do it.

    But then Darlton said in a podcast that there was no such thing and I dropped that theory.

    Looking at it now, Ben and Locke DO have a lot in common so maybe the Others DO have a prophecy, but killing their father isn’t involved in it.

  • JayDrizzle

    I wrote a post predicting a prophecy next season as the archetypal threads we are getting almost demand one. Darlton really have to give us something big and far reaching to feel anything like a payoff in the end at this stage. The very fate of mankind or at least it’s future must hang in the balance as a result of on island machinations. Cribbing from several religious and mythological texts is nothing new but strikes a chord deep within us for so many reasons. It’s pure Joseph Campbell people, brush up on his work if you want to get a sense of where the overall arch of the mythology is headed. Aside from that, the character we are going to get the biggest surprise from by the end of this season is Sawyer, but what the hell is it?

  • Good post. The idea that Locke is a master gamesman has been established since the show’s infancy, and it keeps resurfacing. That poster behind Locke and Abbadon in the rehab clinic is an excellent reminder of this.

    WLN’s post about the usage of green eyes in Locke, Aaron, and Ben is interesting. I think there is a connection between all three of them. Ben and Locke are obvious, but not so much Aaron. If you remember, Locke built Aaron’s crib for Claire as a gift. At the time it just seemed like a kind thing to do. Perhaps it was more than just kindness. Maybe he was protecting Aaron on behalf of the Island (without realizing it).

  • James

    I haven’t seen this on any of the blogs I read. Twice in Locke’s flashbacks an interesting phrase is used. When Alpert visits for the test the foster mom says it and when the physical therapist turns Locke over to the “orderly” he says it: “He’s all yours.” I believe that is significant. Essentially John is being given to the island’s representatives which implies to me that the island itself “owns” John Locke. What do you think?

  • PLove

    This has a definite “Boys from Brazil” feel to it. Instead of cloning Hitler and recreating his childhood experiences in the “copies,” Alpert and/or Abaddon are looking for enough similarities to create/fulfill the next coming of the island’s Dali Lama.
    Has Ben been trying to fulfill a prophecy’s requirements by having newborns on the island? But Ben fell out of favor with the island – maybe for some time until a replacement (Locke) was summoned. I think Ben is on his own agenda and the Cooper sacrifice/demonstration was somehow his own idea – not Jacob’s. I think the island needs the requirements to be fulfilled naturally and Ben is trying to make it happen “artificially.” I’m not sure though since bringing the next leader into this world would threaten Ben’s authority – and we’ve all seen how much he likes that!

  • milo

    I have to agree about Locke’s paternity. We have been told who Locke’s dad and mom are. Same with Ben. If the show pulled a stunt like making someone else Locke’s dad, or making Ben and Locke half brothers, it would come off as extremely cheap and lazy on their part. Personally, I don’t think that’s going to happen and people are just letting their imaginations run wild.

  • Ben

    The green eyes link backs up what I have been saying – Ben is Aaron’s father. Look at the actor that played him – young Ben anyone?

    As for Locke and Ben being related…I don’t think it would be cheap. There’s so much here we don’t know about, you can’t call it that until (if) it’s revealed. It makes sense. They could even be alternate time line versions of each other. Ben has been jumping around so much, it’s possible…

  • James

    I certainly think there are more familial relationships than we currently know about. I believe Widmore is Aaron’s grandfather. I base this on his having Aaron’s father’s painting in his office.

  • theMachine

    i just think that everyone is going nuts, and jumping the gun….all of these connections are all off. Yes Jack and claire will be dealt with, but all these theories are way off…..

  • sean

    it can’t be important to the show’s canon, but does anyone else find it a funny coincedence that ben’s mom is emily, locke’s mom is emily, and the actress cast to play aaron’s mom (claire) is emilie de ravin? maybe as a sort of production joke the casting director was told to cast an emily (or emilie) for the role of claire…

  • Millakilla

    Did anyone else notice that if you take horace’s name and change the first two letters into their corresponding numbers it changes it to 815Race?
    I found this was pretty intresting and something the shows writers obviously put there to be found and it does not seem like just a coincidence….
    I know this doesn’t have much to do with this post but it does have something to do with the episode…

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