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LOST Theory – Was that Hurly saying the numbers?! (With Audio)

By nato64,

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I might be crazy, many people have implied such. But… did it sound like Hurly who was repeating the numbers on french team’s radio? That’s immediately who I thought I heard.

Listen to it here!

There are definitely different people saying the numbers. I played it back three times and I swear 23 and possibly 42 are Jorge Garcia’s voice.


While this is completely unsubstantiated, it’s been a theory of mine since the end of Season 4 that the last scene of the show will be Jack taking Hurly to the radio tower to say the numbers, setting everything in motion.  Without that radio tower repeating those numbers, everything on Lost would be undone.

Without the numbers…

  • Danielle’s boat wouldn’t of crashed
  • Sam Toomey and Leonard Simms would never have never heard those numbers
  • Hurly would’ve never thought to use them to win the lottery
  • Desmond having to put the numbers in caused the plane to crash
  • LV

    I don’t know, it sorta sounds like him, but deeper. I’m not sold yet. It is def. an American accent, though.

  • Markus

    The same thing I thought as I heard the numbers. It’s not only the voice but also the way he says the numbers…

  • faithless

    Yes, it’s definetly Hurly! But he sounds very dissapointed or sad. Maybe he is the only one left alive at that point.

  • I agree. He’s saying it like he has to, not like he wants to. But it’s totally him! I’m uploading an audio clip now… should be up by 3am

  • spinflip

    It may very well be Hurley, he probably worked for Dharma in the 70s and it was recorded back then.

  • Calichusetts

    That is absolutely NOT Hurley. None of the numbers sounds like his voice and that would not make sense to have two people recording the numbers and Hurley just saying two of them.

    • rick

      to me it seems like a different voice for each number

  • prestigiacomo


    • docarzt

      Wow man, you’ve seen the finale already? 😀

    • triangulatedsignal

      i must have missed the finale then lol

      btw nato i agree but sounds like a broken hurley

    • Dolce

      Seriously?! What show were you watching?

  • iamme

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who thought this. It’s very possible it is him with all this time travel stuff going on.

  • Justin

    It is definitely Hurley. The voice just gets deeper when the radio frequency gets some static interference. Then its back to Hurley’s normal voice after the static passes for the last two numbers.

  • Spoon

    Sounds to me like the same voice on each number. But the 42 really exposes a thicker possibly new york accent, I’d say definitely not Hurley’s voice.

  • Totally sounds like Hurley. I like this idea, Hurley saying the numbers to course correct and set everything in motion.

  • Mack

    Your absolutely right, it was Hurley. Great catch.

  • Landry B.

    Hey…I sorta think that it is hurley, but then again, it sorta sounds like Dave? I ended that with a question mark because I’m not sure either…any thoughts?

  • Matze

    I guess the formula goes like this: have a squeaky voiceactor with an american accent say the numbers + a few people say it’s Hurley = everybody starts hearing things. That could very well be the same voice saying all the numbers and just the last two sound marginally like Hurley. Yeah, maybe it’s him. I just don’t think that those snippets of voice allow for words like “definitely” being thrown around. And I’m not sure if that last sentence was one.

  • Cody

    I agree with Matze in that i dont know how anyone could say “definitely” one way or the other. It could be Hugo, kind of sounds like him. But if you have someone elses voice in mind then it could sound like someone else. Picture Minkowski’s voice, then it kind of sounds like him, but he’s dead. But i can say i definitely dont hear a New York accent like someone else said.

  • Cameron


  • RandomZombie

    I can hear how it could be Hurley, but then again I can’t stop thinking “Hurley” when I hear it.

    I really hope that it’s not. There are a lot of theories that deal with those on the island starting the events that got them to the island in the first place. Basically: effect creating the cause.

    It would be a weak and unsatisfying explanation of the mythology that the show has been building on from the very beginning. Time loops/paradoxes/inverted causality is a cheap way out. So I’m going with not Hurley, due to my desperate desire that it’s not, if for no other reason.

  • Spoon

    Listening some more: sounds like Frank Lapidus.

  • autochthonous

    I don’t see how Hurley repeating the numbers sets ANYTHING in motion. It’s not like the Dharma people heard the numbers and said, “Hey! That’s great! Let’s use that for the code to keep the strange energy from exploding the entire world!”

    Sure, it’s why Danielle and her French team went there, but with Sam Toomey and Leonard Simms have squat to do with the timeline of the show. I don’t think that the last scene would be Jack taking Hurley to the radio tower, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens this season.

    For me, it sounds like Hurley when he says “23”. That sounds the most like Hurley to me.

    • brett

      Sam Toomey and Leanoard Simms heard the numbers, which lead to HUrley playing them to win the lottery, which lead to him going to Australia to find Sam. They are very important in Hurley’s timeline.

  • Stintfang

    But you all know what the numbers represent? As Alvar Hanso stated in his orientation film the six numbers represent some values from the “Valenzetti Equation” which predicts the exact date when mankind will be extinguished. The Dharma Initiative is there to do some research to change these values and so the end of mankind. They are communicating these numbers via radio so that other station will learn about it as soon one of those values changes.

    So, if our heroes will finally end in the days of the Dharma Initiative they are the researchers and so it can be Hurley’s task to speak the numbers that brought him much money and a destiny getting stuck on a island…..

  • Dolce

    It did sound a litttle bit like Hurley…just sayin’

  • Bezmina

    Nah I don’t hear it as Hurley at all. I don’t recognise the voice.

  • Jay

    This MP3 sounds different to me than the show. I have the season on DVD and to me, it sounds like Jacob. (Only something you know having watched season 5/6.)

  • Me

    Jorge did record the numbers, but admitted it had absolutely nothing to do with Hurley. He just has a good radio voice I guess. 🙂