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Lost Theory – Widmore: Zealot, or investor?

By docarzt,

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charles-widmore.jpgOh, so it is Charles Widmore trying to get to the island.  And he wants to expoilt it.  We should have known.  But, wait a minute.  Who is giving us this information. again?  That’s right, Mr. Two-lies-and-one-truth Linus himself, Ben.  So is the case of the freighties truly closed, or is there much more to Charles Widmore’s involvement?

Sure, one possibility is that things are just as Ben says.  Widmore caught wind of some ‘fountain of youth’ rumor, chased it until he became convinced it was real, and ultimately spared no expense at tracking down the mysterious island.  It makes for a fairly well conceived modern adventure yarn.  In fact, it’s pretty damn good.  Castaways find themselves on a mysterious island with healing powers, find a protective native sect sworn to protect the island from the outside world, then a wealthy industrialist descends with the intent to pillage the island’s resources while, unbeknowsnt to him, his daughter seeks to thwart his plans in the cause of her devotion to Lost’s frog prince, Desmond; who, incidently, emerged a prince from his adventures in the underworld.

The issue I have with this is how do we get 42 hours of more adventure out of this, when this mythic structure really evolved in just a handful of episodes.  Do we trust Ben to be telling the truth?  Is the island the face of Jesus in a patch of mold, or is it much more?

Charles Widmore’s business standing has been as suspect as Mr. Paik’s, in the business universe of Lost both would be either competitors or partners of Alvar Hanso in some sense.  The Hanso Foundation has become a large secondary body in the Hanso mythology, but supporting it is some wildly successful mega corporation that we don’t know much about.

Could Widmore’s interest in the island just as easily be a desire to bring justice to the slayers of the Dharma initiative?  Could Widmore have been aligned in the creation of the project, and been on the stalk for the infiltrators ever since?  Could Widmore’s obsession with finding the island come from a more personal drive that has nothing to do with the island’s special properties.  The amount of inside knowledge Daniel and Charlotte have exhibited is too detailed for someone not involved with Dharma, or at least the island’s native folk.  Hand drawn maps, an apparent recognition of the symbols, pictrures of Ben, and knowledge of the purge – all of this indicates a level of detailed information that was likely given freely, rather than being beat out of someone in a dark alley.

Is Charles Widmore there to turn the island into some kind of paranomal theme park?  Or, has his real motiviation not yet been revealed? 

  • Dusk

    Probably another red herring – Widmore could concievably turn out to be somewhat of a good guy (remember, he’s only ever been a dick to Desmond – no indicator of delusions of otherworldly domination, that I can remember at least). Now Abaddon? There’s someone that is downright evil and likely can never be spun any other way.

  • time_lord

    If ben’s not the white witch in all of this i will gratefully get hit in the back of the head by charlotte – as for the truth from ben i wouldnt trust a word out of his piehole – and what a great ending straight from the end of animal farm with hurley and sawyer looking through the window with ben running the show again – wonder if mles still has the grenade in his mouth haha

  • lockefan3805

    I know the info we’ve gathered from the ARGs, The Bad Twin novel and other external Lost sources are not specifically supposed to be in canon with the show, however, there are enough links to make certain connections…

    I recall learning somewhere (can’t remember the exact source now) that Widmore Construction had ties to the Hanso Foundation – probably in constructing the Stations around the island. For whatever reason (you fill in the blank here), Widmore and Hanso had a falling out and the Hanso Foundation later contracted with Paik Heavy Industries for certain island needs (the non-subtitled, Korean spoken exchange between Mr. Paik and his executives in 3-18 “DOC” was reportedly regarding some “forged shipping documents which they were supposed to provide for the Hanso Foundation (or possibly vice versa). Paik warns that they must provide the equipment soon or their friends will become very annoyed (or possibly he will become very angry).”


    So, perhaps Widmore, ever since getting pushed out of the picture by Hanso, and realizing what the island is or could be…is ticked off and looking for a little revenge: A la, I’ll take it all for myself and screw you, Paik, Hanso and anyone else!

  • SithLord

    It would appear that Widmore and Abaddon are on the same side, considering his pre-mission discussion with Naomi, unless shes a double agent.
    That leaves the question of is Abaddon working for Widmore, Widmore for Abaddon, are they partners, or are they both working for someone else? I have a hunch theyre both just pawns.
    Theres another question bugging me: why did Ben manipulate Juliet into trying to stop Faraday and Lewis? Couldnt the others very easily have stepped in and stopped them. Maybe he was trying to turn her against her own people. Maybe Ben has a man on the boat, and Abaddon has a “man” on the island; Juliet. Shes a pretty good hand to hand fighter, for a fertility docter.

  • lmz27

    I think there is definitely more than meets the eye to the Widmore connection.
    One thing that we know about Lost is that character’s motivations in this show stem from more than greed. Most often, they stem from matters of love, loss, self-hatred, abandonment human kindness, human potential for evil, basic good and evil, and all the gray areas that emerge from these basic psychological and social categories and make it so difficult to be human. (Think about Locke, Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Desmond — all of their most basic stories have to do with how to define the self through love and loss. And most significantly, we’ve recently learned that Ben’s motivations stem largely from his struggle with loss and love — losing his mother and Annie, then Alex, and now potentially Juliet.)
    So, I’m betting that the Widmore connection will follow suit: there is something extremely personal for Widmore that is wrapped up in this island.
    What do we know about Widmore already? We know that he is fiercely protective (or controlling) when it comes to his daughter. This reminds me of the father-daughter relationships already being explored in the show: first, it reminds me of Paik’s relationship to Sun. I’ve recently re-watched The Glass Ballerina where 10 year old Sun tells her first lie to her father. What a powerful opening scene — such a defining moment for Sun’s character! So, it makes me think of Widmore’s relationship to Penny. What is the backstory between those two? Can someone recap when we’ve seen them interact with each other, if ever? I can’t think of a scene. Second, Kate’s relationship to her “fathers” is very complicated: she has self-hate because her father was Wayne, and this self-hatred makes her run from everything. And her relationship with Sam Austen is complex because he represents a “goodness” that she wishes was part of her but isn’t. Third, we have Christian Shepard and Claire, whose brief interaction possibly caused a lot of changes in Claire’s perception of herself and the world — what were those changes? Perhaps to be explored more… Then, of course, there’s Ben and Alex…. crazy!
    Anyway, all of these examples make me wonder what Widmore and Penny’s deal is. Why is he so involved in her life? Where is is wife, or Penny’s mother? Did Widmore lose her? Is he broken hearted? Did he lose her because of selfishness, greed, and now is driven by guilt or fear? Has his heart turned to stone because of it? Why is he set against Penny finding true love — because his own was thwarted?
    I’m guessing that Widmore’s obsession with the island has to do with a personal obsession that has to do with great and deep loss, possibly related to love. Only that kind of motivation would be consistent with the spirit of the show.
    Thoughts? Theories? Holes?

  • Gonzo1082

    It’s starting to become more apparent to me that ben might also have time traveling abilities. When Ben was showing Juiet her lover’s dead body she said “you knew this would happen”, maybe she mean he KNEW it would happen and not just expect the tail end survivors would kill him.

  • Scantron

    I suppose this means that Charles Widmore is the Economist, but if Ben knows he’s such a threat to the island, why does he end up off-island with the Oceanic 6? Is he tired of being defensive and decided to go on the offense?

  • Jason

    Maybe he saw the love that penny had for Des over the eught year span and was trying to help her and his other agenda. Maybe she gets to the island and maybe she has some weird time travel thingy and starts getting wacky and maybe the adam and eve skeletons are Penny and Desmond?
    Or maybe I have had too much coffee this morning!

  • Mark Buehner

    I dont see any reason to beleive he’s the economist. Charles Widmore is pretty darn high profile, or at least he has been to date. I suppose its possible that he goes completely underground but it seems out of character.

  • nottelling

    Is it possible that Mr. widmore knows more about desmond than he is letting on …didn’t Mr. Widmore encourage Des to get in the boat race…..and wouldn’t you think Penny and her father would have crossed paths in their search for the island?

  • Lost-G

    One of my favorite thoughts is that the Widmore Corporation was contracted by the Hanso/Dharma people to build the Hatches/stations. There was a Widmore Construction sign in the episode “Fire+Water”.

    Where did all the concrete come from?

    Sayid said he had never seen anything like it (the concrete) before. Season 2.

    Where is the rest of the Four Toe’d Statue?

    Could they have torn it down and used it to build?

    If they did, it might be like disturbing an ancient burial ground.

    Just some thoughts.

  • LovinLost

    I too want to learn more about Penny’s and Papa Widmore’s relationship. You know there has gotta be something big there.

    In last night’s episode, after Juliet had her first session with Harper, she was talking with Tom about Harper and he made the comment that was something to the effect of “Yeah she may be –?, but she’ll have you crying about your daddy in a week”. I thought that was pretty funny and I am sure purposeful.

    I know a lot of the characters have father issues, but I am beginning to think it is a prerequisite to being on the island.

  • lmz27

    Lovin’ lost. Good points — good catch. The subtle dialogue always comes back to haunt us.

    Here’s an idea… what if Ben — of course, caught in some time loop — is actually Juliet’s father? Or — what if Juliet reminds him not of his lover or mother but of a dead daughter he had with Annie? His idea of “you’re mine” may be about father-daughter possession….

    I don’t know, but I feel like there could be double meanings to everything Ben said — that his “feelings” for Juliet may be more than meets the eye —

    Also — notice that Penny and Juliet are the same type — blonde, blue eyed… I dunno, just throwing some ideas out. We don’t know anything about Juliet’s father or mother — just her sister Rachel.

  • manook

    what if
    mr widmore

    is julliet’s father?

  • Ryan

    I have also had the impression from other lost connected sources that the Widmore Corp and Paik heavy industries were both companies that helped with constructing the major facilities on the island.

    In the first alternate reality game some information on the Widmore Corp. mentioned investment in arcane construction and engineering projects, investments in wide range of scientific enterprises, involved in offshore ventures, classified defense contracting or private security work of questionable ethics, joint ventures with Hanso foundation, links to engineering journals about new techniques for reinforcing concrete,
    The Maxwell group mentioned in the newest and shown on the first episode of this season, is searching for the Black rock but claimed to have found oceanic, and is a division of widmore industries.

    In the bad twin novel there is a Hanso foundation facility housed in the Widmore offices in NYC. The foundation is running six other projects besides the Dharma initiative. Also have connections to or ownership of apolo Candy Company, Copenhagen merchants, Alvar hanso Cancer Center, Vik Institute (working on the numbers), Allied Copenhagen Marine merchants (current name of Company that once owned the Black rock).

    The foundation was/is working on doing a deal to go into merger/partnership with Paik heavy industries (motors, automotive). The Korean government knows of the offshore research Station and has ignored questionable activities because of the lucrative business partnerships, providing equipment for the Hanso foundation, building a proprietary medical vessel, (quarantine) ship called the helgus Antonius, for the Spider Protocol classified scientific project, the original selected site for the project is an island with unique properties that the foundation has not used for some time, are not in favor of using it but other sites don’t work (June 26, 2006). Featured in Mission possible 3as owners of building where rabbits foot was located.

    global welfare Consortium allowing Hanso foundation a second chance to rebuild, member of Hanso foundation Board of Directors now head of the Company, September 25, 2005, several joined the foundation

    1954-1964 40 or 50-year-old skeleton, male and female, anagram of mittelos-lost time
    1962 Hanso makes an address to the UN in 1967, disappears shortly after
    1970s Candy Company saved from bankruptcy by Hanso, now private purveyor for his companies
    DHARMA Initiative is created
    Swan Station built, incident occurs not long after
    1974 oceanic airlines founded
    1980 Swan and Pearl orientation films copyrighted
    December 7, 1981 Hanso Group delegation inspection
    October 28, 1984 suspected shutdown date
    1985 AH/MDR incident
    1987 Hanso Foundation funding of the initiative ends
    December 21, 1987 likely date for the purge
    1996 Black rocks first mate Journal sold at Southfield’s auction to Charles Widmore
    June 14, 2000 Hanso makes public appearance in London, Sept 11 and Jan 1 in Copenhagen, Feb 23 2001 in Paris, July 7, 2001 in Geneva, Sept 18 in Rome, Dec 31 Paris structure in Madrid, begins four-year imprisonment hiatus

  • Pastrynurse

    Widmore has no intentions of sharing the island with anyone. It is ALL for him, make no mistake about it.