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Lost Theory – Widmore: Zealot, or investor?

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charles-widmore.jpgOh, so it is Charles Widmore trying to get to the island.  And he wants to expoilt it.  We should have known.  But, wait a minute.  Who is giving us this information. again?  That’s right, Mr. Two-lies-and-one-truth Linus himself, Ben.  So is the case of the freighties truly closed, or is there much more to Charles Widmore’s involvement?

Sure, one possibility is that things are just as Ben says.  Widmore caught wind of some ‘fountain of youth’ rumor, chased it until he became convinced it was real, and ultimately spared no expense at tracking down the mysterious island.  It makes for a fairly well conceived modern adventure yarn.  In fact, it’s pretty damn good.  Castaways find themselves on a mysterious island with healing powers, find a protective native sect sworn to protect the island from the outside world, then a wealthy industrialist descends with the intent to pillage the island’s resources while, unbeknowsnt to him, his daughter seeks to thwart his plans in the cause of her devotion to Lost’s frog prince, Desmond; who, incidently, emerged a prince from his adventures in the underworld.

The issue I have with this is how do we get 42 hours of more adventure out of this, when this mythic structure really evolved in just a handful of episodes.  Do we trust Ben to be telling the truth?  Is the island the face of Jesus in a patch of mold, or is it much more?

Charles Widmore’s business standing has been as suspect as Mr. Paik’s, in the business universe of Lost both would be either competitors or partners of Alvar Hanso in some sense.  The Hanso Foundation has become a large secondary body in the Hanso mythology, but supporting it is some wildly successful mega corporation that we don’t know much about.

Could Widmore’s interest in the island just as easily be a desire to bring justice to the slayers of the Dharma initiative?  Could Widmore have been aligned in the creation of the project, and been on the stalk for the infiltrators ever since?  Could Widmore’s obsession with finding the island come from a more personal drive that has nothing to do with the island’s special properties.  The amount of inside knowledge Daniel and Charlotte have exhibited is too detailed for someone not involved with Dharma, or at least the island’s native folk.  Hand drawn maps, an apparent recognition of the symbols, pictrures of Ben, and knowledge of the purge – all of this indicates a level of detailed information that was likely given freely, rather than being beat out of someone in a dark alley.

Is Charles Widmore there to turn the island into some kind of paranomal theme park?  Or, has his real motiviation not yet been revealed?