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Lost Theory/Spoilers – Flashing Forward to Whatever Happened, Happened

By professorstotch,

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kateAs the Lost debate of the season rages on, let’s take a look at some things I want to see in this week’s episode. Warning to spoilerphobes, this article will contain info given in the recently released sneak peaks and press releases. You’ve been warned.

I’ve already given my personal theory on whether or not Little Ben is dead. This still remains a hotly debated topic with some people saying this has all happened before, and others saying Sayid changed everything when he hand delivered the gift of steel to Little Ben’s middle regions. I’m on the Little Ben is alive, and this has happened before side. Why?

The episode is called: “Whatever Happened, Happened”

I feel like that says it all right there. The infamous words from Dr. Faraday help sum up what’ll most likely be the overall feeling for the rest of the season. As we saw last week, Sayid shoots Ben. Is this something new? No, Sayid has always shot Ben. Big Ben recognized 815 Sayid as the same guy who shot him when he was a kid. Also…how does Big Ben know that Sayid is nothing more than a killer? Because Sayid told Little Ben right before he shot him.

Thank you, Miles!

I really hope the next few episodes start to put to rest some of the “So and so will remember this in 2004 now right?” theories. The answer to that question, is…no. As Miles says, they haven’t experienced this yet. How can they remember something they haven’t experienced yet? Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Juliet, etc may be in the past, in regards to time and the universe, but in terms of their life, they’re still in THEIR present. Jack isn’t going to suddenly remember in 2004 that he refused to save Ben when he was a kid. Because 2004 Jack hasn’t experienced this yet.

But what about Desmond, you say?

Right we did see Desmond wake up in 2007ish with a brand new memory. How did this happen? Basically, because a new memory was inserted into Desmond’s past. Which caused present Desmond to be given this new knowledge. The same thing could have happened if Faraday met Jack in 2002 at the hospital and said: “Hey, someday you’ll meet some one named Ben Linus. Do not trust him, ever.” And boom! Jack has a new memory. That’s just an example, by the way. I don’t think that’d happen, because you can’t change things like that. Unless it’s Desmond, because the rules don’t apply to him.

Jack’s being a…what’s the term, Rebecca? Doodie head?

So Jack does not want to save Little Ben. A good point was brought up in the comments on the video’s page, about whether or not Jack will eventually succumb to his nuerotic need to fix things. I wonder how long he’ll hold the feeling that somewhere, something is being fixed, and he’s not a part of it. I think Jack is going to cave. He’ll be a jerk about it, but eventually he’ll do it. Remember, he was a jerk once about fixing Ben’s tumor, and eventually he did that. Kate and Juliet and Sawyer will all guilt trip him into it, and mention that their whole lie could come unglued if people find out what’s going on. And Hurley will talk about how he’s afraid of disappearing. Then, in the end, Jack will come to the rescue, being the hero that the island needs him to be.

Hurley + Miles = Miley?

I’m hoping we get to see the start of a Hurley/Miles pairing. Two comedic characters, each with their own sense of humor…I think it’ll bring an awesome element to this season. Judging from one of the press releases for an upcoming episode, it looks like this won’t be the last we see of the duo hanging out. The only thing I’d be worried about here is Miles’ safety. Both the people Hurley’s gotten close to on the island have died. First Libby, then Charlie. Even poor Tricia Tanaka took a dirt nap while around this guy. Could Miles be next? Maybe we’ve been wrong about Hurley all along. Could it be possible that he’s more than just a rich unlucky guy stuck on an island? What if there’s more than meets the eye here? I’m going to go out on a limb with this one. Hurley doesn’t know it, but he’s actually the grim reaper in a fat suit.

Give me some Richard this week!

This work last week. I asked for some Ben, and we got some Ben. Now I want some Richard! I beg thee, Lost Gods, just give me a scene with Richard. Every time that guy’s on screen, it seems like you hear the entire Lost community cheer in unison. Is there anyone out there that just doesn’t like this guy? I’m hoping with the whole Sayid being a hostile/Little Ben getting shot thing, he’s bound to show up soon. Maybe he’ll confront Sayid in the jungle. Or maybe he’ll find a gunned down Little Ben, and tell him that his patience will be rewarded. Just give us our Richard fix. Just enough to hold us off for when the heavy stuff starts coming. Because he’ll definitely be around for that.


Spoiler! This is Aaron as an adult!

Blah.I’m guessing a flashback to what she did with Aaron. Do I care? No. I don’t care at all. Call me heartless, but Kate could’ve dropped Aaron off at a shelter for all I care. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I can’t stand baby “actors.” They’re worthless, and never provide any real purpose to things. And if you’re going to argue: “But they’re cute!” That’s fine. But Aaron is not cute. It’s almost as if Charlie was predicting the future when he gave the nickname “Turnip Head.” What do I think Kate did with Aaron? Like most people, I think she probably gave him to Cassidy. This means we’ll get to see “awesome” scenes with Cassidy and Kate, and if we’re lucky, baby Aaron and baby Clementine! Woooo…anyone else as excited for all the baby action we may see?

Alright so that’s it. Let me just say, I expect another slow week. But I really think things are going to pick up with episode 5.12. Something about Ben summoning the smoke monster has me thinking it’s going to be a good one. So what about you? Anything you want to see this week?

  • Matthew Perry

    Kate realizes she has AIDS and gave it to Jack

    • Dolce

      That’s effed up, but I’ll admit I laughed out loud.

      • Benjamin

        ahahaha..LOST goes rent.

    • Seabiscuit

      Good girl, Kate.

  • i really want to see some locke, if we don’t see him this week, it’ll be the fourth week without him. aaargghh!
    just seems like they know that the locke/ben/christian/richard scenes are they most fun and they’re letting us wait four weeks now. hope to see locke again soon. seems a bit unfair to keep the audience waiting for the final couple of episodes to pick up that part of the story.
    i was hoping that things would change in season 5 with a 16-episodes season, they were saying that the would need to cut the bridging episodes but apart for the dharma-story that needs some time, these last couple of weeks really just look like stalling to me… and ‘whatever happened, happened’ promises to be more of the same.
    i’m with you, professorstotch, on the ‘i couldn’t care less about the kate-story’-part

    • tabletop1

      Is it just me, or does anyone else out there want to know what happened to Rose and Bernard?

      • Daniel

        I think Bernard and Rose (Since they were also experiencing the time shifts with Sawyer’s group) ended up being found and are now probably living with the Others (or Hostiles) in 1977. It’s possible, since we haven’t seen any of the “Hostiles” in THEIR environent…..only Richard Alpert, who actually visited the Dharma side of the island.
        We haven’t seen where and how the “hostiles” are living

  • would this be the real MATTHEW PERRY guys? our friend?… 🙂

  • AstroJones

    I’m with you on seeing Alpert, and I’m thinking we will. As for what Kate did with Turnip Head, I’m going to say that she gives him to Claire’s mom, Carol. I think we will see Cassidy tonight, and finally learn what Sawyer wanted Kate to do for him, but I don’t see why she would give her Aaron.

    • Shane

      Well we know what Sawyer asked Kate to do for him already, but as for Aaron, clearly Kate would not give Aaron to some girl she spent a few hours with one afternoon 3 years ago so I am sure she gave him to Claire- triggered by what happened at the marina with Ben et al. I hope we see Daniel this week- why is he gone? how did he leave? is he on the island or did he actually leave the entire island? And when is Desmond getting there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are the things I am waiting for (apart from the end of this horrific Sawyer and Juliet coupling which is ruining a good man).

      • Shane

        I meant Claire’s MOM…although I have been thinking….when Locke spoke with Christian in the cabin last season, he asked Claire “where is Aaron?” Christian said, “the baby is exactly where he is supposed to be and that is not here.”
        Ok –did he mean, not supposed to be with Claire? not supposed to be in the cabin? did he mean- with Sawyer?? (as that was who Aaron was with at that moment)? did he mean- on the island? Or did he mean in a larger sense, since Aaron was with Sawyer and about to be given to Kate and Sun so he could leave the island? And…….what does that mean for Des’s vision that Claire and Aaron would leave the island? I tell you, it makes one’s head want to explode….

  • imfromthepast

    I want to see Lil’ Ben die and the timeline unravel just so once in my life, I could know what it’s like to be wrong.

    • imfromthepast

      ^^That is sarcasm ladies and gentlemen.

      • AstroJones

        Sarcasm? What is this sarcasm you speak of? Aren’t we on the internets? Dude, sarcasm doesn’t exist on the internets. On the internets sarcasm is replaced with rude people who we all hate. [um…that too, was sarcasm]


        • Iwantmykidneyback

          Very nice use of the term “internets”. One of my personal favorites. (no sarcasm here, maybe next time)

          • mcc300

            What’s an internets?

          • Iwantmykidneyback

            an “internets” is a term used by those who are sophisticated enough to realize that there are in fact multiple internets. (sarcasm added for emphasis) Another fun saying is “the internet machine”. Try it out.

  • sabrina

    I think Kate is going to convince Jack to operate on Ben just like she did the last time but with Aaron as the one she’s trying to protect.
    Jack wasn’t being a “jerk” by not wanting to operate on Ben. He hasn’t had much reason to want to operate on Ben. The 815ers were terrorized and hunted by the Others under the direction of Ben. Jack was kidnapped and treated like a POW by Ben. How willing & cooperative would that make anyone? But Jack, as you said, will be the hero as he always is, albeit a bit neurotic which is typical for most of the surgeons I work with. He will also eventually become Jacob and help set all these events we’ve followed since the series started into motion.

  • Iwantmykidneyback

    I can’t believe that I agreed with pretty much every point that was made. I personally can’t stand aaron or his story and I must admit that every time Richard makes an appearance, the room gets quiet and my little Lost radar antenna perk up. I also want some more Locke too. Something else worth noting: In Jack’s camp Sawyer was the “bad guy”. Now in Sawyer’s camp, Jack’s just saying that turnabout is fair play. (although Sawyer never did kill anyone as Jack is threatening to do.)

    • sabrina

      Sawyer killed Locke’s father.

      • veryinformedaboutlost

        don’t forget….locke and sawyer are brothers…they had the same con man dad….which is why sawyer became a con man… to find the man that conned his mom…

        • Shane

          Dude….Locke’s dad was his biological dad. Sawyer’s mother, Mary, was conned by “Sawyer” but he is not his actual father!

        • sabrina

          uh no. they are not brothers. Locke’s father is the man that conned Sawyer’s parents causing Sawyer’s father to kill Sawyer’s mother and then himself. But you’re right about why Sawyer became a con man as well.

          • Iwantmykidneyback

            True that Sawyer killed Locke’s father. I was kind of thinking of the time in “Jack’s camp” when everyone thought that Sawyer had Shannon’s inhaler. He really hadn’t done anything. But now in “Sawyer’s camp” Jack is actually threatening to let an innocent person die. (innocent at the current time because he hasn’t committed those Big Ben crimes yet)

      • Dolce

        And don’t forget Sawyer killed an innocent man in Australia thinking it was the man that conned his mom. Don’t remember the episode title right now.

        • Iwantmykidneyback


  • RandomZombie

    I’m hoping that they throw us a curve ball in regards to Kate’s flashbacks.
    Kate’s flashbacks have all been about either how she always has to run or on her abduction of Aaron and her misplaced motherly love.
    Yeah, let’s find out what happened to Aaron- it’s not something that they should leave hanging (and I have no fear that they will.) But I want to see something unexpected, something that happened off-island that changes the way we think of the character.
    I love that we’re back to flashbacks, but because we know these characters so well at this point it’s easy for the flashbacks to become lists of events rather than introspective and character-revealing devices. So I want something unexpected to happen with Kate, and I want it to make me like her again.

    • AstroJones

      I know what you mean, I just don’t see a lot of options for surprise here. I mean, either Kate gives Aaron to Claire’s mom, she gives him to some random stranger, or she does something unthinkable like just leaves him sleeping or somewhere alone. None of those really make me like her character any more than I do right now. I guess Claire’s mom getting Aaron is the most “likeable” story, but its also the most predictable.

      But I’d still love to be surprised. 🙂

  • Lost Mom of Four

    I want to see Locke…Richard…
    And those CUTE babies!!! You have to admit pre-school age Charlie, Aaron, & Ji Yeon are adorable…And you know Clementine will be beautiful (like her Daddy)…:D

    • Lost Mom of Four

      One more though, if Miles is Chang’s son (sorry-another kid…lol), I hope they show us little Miles soon and we see our survivors dealing with that! (Or maybe they already dealt with it…in the 3 years we didn’t see…)

  • Dolce


  • Nikita

    I think it would be totally wild if Kate left Aaron with Ms. Hawking. I mean, here is a lady, totally familiar with their “situation,” knows how to find the Island, knows all about their pasts, and is residing in a church. What better “cover” for a child?

  • Shane

    Hey Nikita….now THAT is an interesting idea. I can’t beleive it since Kate did not even go to the church….but I also think that Charlie showed up and told Hurley to get on the Ajira flight, so perhaps someone’s hand could be at work here…that is a wild notion. However, since Ms Hawking clearly isn’t the motherly type (her reaction when Des mentioned her son, Daniel, was akin to when someone reminds me I forgot to close my windows and it looks like rain) I hope Aaron is kicking it with Mrs Littleton.

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    that’d be kinda interesting nikita…but i don’t think kate is that “smart” honestly…she runs off of emotions…so i think she either left aaron with claire’s mom or sawyer’s baby mama (my first guess is claire’s mom though)

  • johr77

    Maybe we will finally understand why her horse was on the island in 2004

  • alex529

    Tell me about it. This week…slow episode. Anybody else getting tired of the “victimized” Angela Petrelli? They need another Micah based show..woo! Go REBEL! Im liking Sylar going back to being a badass though…xD

    …wait. Im in a LOST blog aren’t I?
    Uh…I hope little ben dies…and the timeline gets all messed up. I could care less about who Aaron was left with though.

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