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LOST Travelers

By imfromthepast,

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A mysterious parachuter arrives on the Island, whose mission is to find the person identified in a photograph.

Sound familiar? Did you think I was talking about Naomi or Miles? Well, I was talking about both. Episode 4.02, “Confirmed Dead” wrapped up last night with the reveal that the new arrivals are after Ben. They even have a photo of him sporting a snazzy white vest and looking sneaky.

But, hasn’t this been done before? Didn’t Naomi arrive on the Island with a photograph of Desmond, claiming to be there to recover him? Was that a lie, a cover story? It may seem so, after Charlie’s warning. But what if Naomi’s story about being there for Desmond was not entirely a cover up? Obviously the part where she is working for Penny was baloney, but was all of it? What if she was telling the truth? What if they are after Desmond and Ben?

But why Desmond and Ben? What do they have in common? That brings me to the photos. Naomi had a photo of Desmond and Penny, the one taken when Desmond was going to propose, and Miles has a photo of Ben that looks old, despite Ben looking roughly the same age as he does now. So where was that photo of Ben taken? He has been on the Island since he was a kid. Or has he?

I am going to suggest, for the sake of this argument that Ben can travel through time. I know that’s a stretch, but bear with me. Let’s say that Ben, perhaps by making use of the Orchid, can not only travel


Off the Island, but through time as well. This may explain the polar bear fossil that Charlotte found. Perhaps it was an early test subject for the process. If so, it demonstrates at least the possibility that travel through time and off the Island is possible. 

Then there’s Desmond. If the flashback in “Flashes Before Your Eyes” was indeed a time travel event, then the photo of Desmond is technicaly a photograph of a time traveler. As is the photo of Ben. Coincidence? Maybe. But maybe not. What if the Mysterious Organization that hired Naomi to bring these four peo

ple to the Island sent them there to recover both Ben and Desmond because they both time traveled. I’m not neccesarily suggesting that the Mysterious Organization represent some kind of Time Cop Association, but merely that whatever DHARMA was up to on the Island may have involved time travel, and the Mysterious Organization recognizes Ben and

Desmond’s time traveling shenanigans as being related to the Island. They would therefore be very interested in recovering these two.

Thus we get a covert ops team parachuting onto the Island with photos of the two time travelers and orders to recover them.

  • H20

    Or are they interested in the ability to time travel and want to find the source of that ability on the island. It could then be used to manipulate events both in the past and future for their own evil intent. Something worth fighting and destroying others for.

  • Now why do you label their intent as “evil”? Interesting that people refused to accept the Others as the “Good Guys” based on Ben’s word, but now, one season later, suddenly these rescuers show up and they are “evil” just because Ben called them the “Bad Guys”.
    But given that all they want is Ben, how reliable is his word?

  • David

    oooh I like this theory.

  • LostRob

    Doc, I think you may be on to something. The polar bear in Tunisia thing really threw me for a loop last night. Also, trying to place where that photo of Ben came from, either on the island or off, had me scratching my head. What you say makes sense. I’d have to agree with H20. I think they’re after the source on the island and they know that Ben can lead them there.

  • roomforhuman

    LostRob: FYI, this is imfromthepast’s theory. There are many contributors Doc is adding to the site, so keep an eye on who posts each thing. But I agree, I think it’s a really good theory.

  • milo

    I think it’s likely that time passes at different speeds on the island, but I’m not buying into time travel theories (spoilers?) yet.

    I’m also not convinced that the polar bear skeleton is fossilized, I assumed it was just a regular skeleton they found in the desert, and were investigating it because they figured out it was a polar bear. I have heard theories about time travel and teleportation, but it makes much more sense to me that Dharma simply had an outpost set up in the desert with polar bears in it.

  • imfromthepast

    The only problem I see in the idea that the polar bear was a part of a DHARMA outpost in the desert is that it had a Hydra Logo on its collar.
    Unless you are suggesting that this hypothetical desert station had a zoological station that was also named Hydra. In which case I ask you, where are the remains of this station? Did they pack up the entire station and move on, but someone forgot the dead polar bear?

    I would be the first to admit that almost any explanation is more plausible than time travel/teleportation for the polar bear, but when you factor in other details, TT/T sounds more and more reasonable.

  • milo

    I would assume if Dharma had outposts all over the world, their stations would have the same names. If there wasn’t the remnants of a station right there, it’s possible the bear escaped or was set free, which is what happened on the island.

  • milo

    I would assume if Dharma had outposts all over the world, their stations would have the same names. If there wasn’t the remnants of a station right there, it’s possible the bear escaped or was set free, which is what happened on the island.

  • roomforhuman

    I’m thinking that the polar bear is from the hydra station located on “Alcatraz.” Dharma doesn’t care about the properties of a desert in Africa; they care about the properties of the island. I think they were either doing some sort of off island de-territorialization (remember the blast door map) testing, which failed and the bear died, or time travel is in fact involved. They may have had some sort of small tent like temporary facility there to monitor the bear, but I don’t believe a station ever existed there.

  • james

    Doesn’t it make more sense for the polar bear to simply have escaped from the Hydra and swum to Tunesia, and subsequently died in the desert, only to have desert sands and whatnot bury its bones? That’s what I had assumed had happened. It had many, many years to get there since the fall of Dharma, and polar bears can swim hundreds of miles.

  • imfromthepast

    That would be quite a swim from the Island to Tunisia! Tunisia is in Africa, the part that borders the Mediterranian Sea near Italy.

  • roomforhuman

    I think that Dharma took the bear to Tunesia. It had a leash around it’s neck, which leads me to believe that they were transporting it. None of the bears that escaped to main Lost Island had any sort of collar on them at all.

  • DocArzt

    Just a thought…. in the Blu Ray “Answers” feature Darlton claim the Polar Bears were being trained to attack the hostiles.

  • imfromthepast

    the same could be said for the TT/T idea, if you were testing out your time machine/teleporter on a bear, wouldn’t you want to mark it somehow? you couldn’t tatoo it, or brand it, cause that wouldn’t show in a skeleton. So you put a collar on it, so if you found the bones, you could look for the collar to verify.
    Hey, isn’t that what Charlotte did?

  • H20

    When I said “evil intent” I was not refering to the Others. I meant Dharma or whoever it is that is trying to get to the island from the outside world. They don’t really want Ben they want Ben’s knowedge of the island and it’s secrets.

  • msnthrop

    I’m struggling with calling these four first arrivals a “covert ops” team. Apparently Naomi had some combat related skills, but what do Charlotte, Miles, and Dan have to offer in a snatch and grab type combat mission. They certainly appear to have skills that will be useful in the island setting, for learning about the island or manipulating some of its effects, but if their there to grab a dangerous person like Ben I’m not sure its the sort of group I would assemble.

  • as do I. I just used “covert ops team” as a short cut description of the four in the helicopter.

  • ash

    Penny won’t move on from Desmond and is obsessed with finding him which would infuriate her Father Charles Widmore. He would stop at nothing to find him first and present his dead body which would explain why Naomi had his picture. ( Or maybe he just wants his boat back 😉

    The Widmores are also very much connected with the Dharma Initiative and could be looking for Ben as well. The pregnancy tests on the island are from Widmore Laboratories showing they do business together. Henry Gales balloon is from Widmore Laboratories, he could have intentionally been flying to the island. The Maxwell group is funding The Christiane reportedly searching for sunken ships but supposedly specifically the Black Rock, which is Magnus Hanso’s ship which is Alvars Grandfather, which makes the Widmores involved in the cover up of the crash. His construction company doing some type of heavy concrete work for the Hanso Foundation and a joint project with Sun’s fathers company, Paik Heavy building a large ship for Dharma.

  • gusteaux

    One slight correction, Des’ sailboat was a gift from Libby–not Widmore’s boat.

  • Ash:
    One more slight correction, the pregnancy tests were more than likely found among the plane luggage, not in the Swan Hatch. Although, if the Swan Hatch had a supply of pregnancy tests it would certainly go far to explain what kept the occupants busy between button pushing duties. 🙂

  • gusteaux

    You are absolutely correct. The Widmore Labs pregnancy test WAS found by Sawyer in the luggage from the wreckage. I like your second concept better anyway…

  • gusteaux, were you talking to me?

  • sithlord

    Maybe they have pictures of everyone on the island. They’re supposed to gather them all up, and then gas them all like the first Darmha people.
    I’m pretty sure theres no tt going on in the Lost universe. More imigination is required.

  • H20

    I think that there is no freighter. They are being taken back to the real world. It is highly unlikely that the sub really left the island either. I think they travel by some other means. These things subs, sailboats, helicopers are just props to make them think they are able to travel that way. It’s a big con.If whoever can fake a plane crash in the ocean they could also fake the true nature of what is going on at the island and how people are able to travel to and from it.

  • sithlord

    That was one fake looking sub. 😉
    Regarding the tt and different passage of time on the island, everything on and off the island, present and flash-forwards, seems to be pretty much be in sync. If the island slowed down time, then Jack, Kate and Hurley, when they step off the island, would be way in the future sometime, and that dosent appear to be the case. If it speeds up time, then it would be like the next day, and there would have been no time for a search, cover up, and eventual “finding” of 815.
    I dont think its ever been said though, what year the plain crashed.
    Was it 2004, when the show premiered on tv?
    Or could it be 2012, a year predicted by, among others, the Mayans to be the end of the world.
    Jack saw Mayan hieroglyphics on the wall when he first entered the first hatch…