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Lost – Whose eye is it?

By ErasedSlate,

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I think it is safe to say that the Christian is not Jacob.  And, his presence in the cabin does not prove that Jack’s dad is alive.  So, was it Jacob that approached Hurley in the window?  Here are three screen caps.  The first one is what we think is Jacob’s eye from “The Beginning of the End.”.  The second one is Jacob’s eye from “Man Behind the Curtain.”  The last one is a reflection of Jack from the end of “Through the Looking Glass.”

Doc: I’m nearly convinced that the secondary character – whose appearance jumped me out of my fricken skin – was in fact Desmond.  How could it be Desmond?  Simple, when he went all failsafe on us, he was somehow cast into multiple timelines and one of his copies went into the ether where all the dead people go.  Something similar may have happened to Jacob.







  • Tim J.

    That is very Demond-y, that eye, you’re right. But…how…argh, my brain!

  • Rami

    Finally, someone else agrees it might be Desmond! other sites have not mentioned this possibility and I was starting to lose faith in myself, haha.

  • i’ve thought ever since seeing “man behind the curtain” that the eye was desmonds….only at that time i did’nt necessarily think that it meant he was actually in the shack….it was such a quick “flash”….but now i don’t know….i like your theory, doc….

  • Annli

    I thought it was Locke, because of how fast he got to Hurley. But I’m sure that is why he appeared so fast, so it would seem like him.

  • Desmundo

    I don’t think it’s Locke because Locke’s eyes are blue right? It does look like Desmond, or maybe it’s simply Jacob. The eye color of last night’s eye, and the picture you have up of Desmond’s eye match pretty closely. They are really creeping me out actually.

  • jackuh

    I immediately thought the eye in the cabin window was Locke. He was talking with Jacob about the freighter people when Hurley came up. When Hurley ran, Locke came out and talked to him.

  • Fosca

    It’s not Desmond.

  • Dave

    How do we know for sure that the eye in “The Man Behind the Curtain” is Jacob’s eye? When I first saw that episode, I thought it must be Jacob’s eye. But later, I convinced myself that it was Locke’s. Is there any conclusive evidence either way?

    In “The Beginning of the End”, I thought at first it must Locke’s eye. But later, I convinced myself it must be Jacob’s. (That would mean Christian and Jacob probably aren’t the same guy; they’re just buddies.) I just don’t think there’s any evidence whatsoever that it could be Desmond. Doesn’t make sense. I think the “multiple time loops” theories are cool, but it seems like we haven’t seen anything real conclusive toward that end throughout the entirety of the show or its spin-offs. Yeah, Desmond went back in time, but he was “course-corrected” before he veered far from the plan.

    Meanwhile, we see Christian Shepard in Jacob’s cabin, and then Charlie talking to Hurley, which in my mind is conclusive evidence that the Island has some kind of ability to bring the dead back to “life” (in some kind of as-yet-undefined form). What made an impression on me is that these “dead” people are seen by people who, as far as we know, have no prior connection to them. Hurley saw Christian Shepard, and the guy at Hurley’s mental farm saw Charlie. Heck, in “So It Begins”, Vincent (not a person, but a character nonetheless) saw Christian! Previously, the people who have seen “dead” people always had a prior relationship with them (Jack and his dad, Eko and his brother, Ben and his mom, etc.). Now, it appears that the rules are changing (or maybe we just didn’t have the full rulebook yet)…

  • blabberhole

    The eye to me looks a lot like Mikhail. He did just use a hand grenade and could have died (finally), but he has had mystical healings in the past as well.

  • Emily

    I’ve heard a great theory that the people on the island (all of them, not just Desmond) are stuck in some sort of space time continuum. It’s like there are the survivors on the island and the same people back in the real world too. That’s why they were not meant to get off the island. It could have been Jack in casket in “Through the Looking Glass”. Jack was neither a friend nor family to him. Maybe Hurley’s going crazy because he’s seeing a few people that he was never meant to see because they died on the island. Jack kept talking about his dad like he was alive in the flash forward. Maybe the Christian off the island is still alive. Maybe that’s why no one who gets pregnant on the island survives, because they’re not real. They can’t really reproduce. Somewhere Sun is back in the real world, the “other” Sun (everyone on the island is an “other”) can’t have a baby, because she doesn’t really exist. I may not be explaining it very well, but I watched s4e1 with that in mind and things almost made sense.

  • It seems that no matter what it looks like it makes sense that its Locke since he came out and talked to Hurley right afterwards. How else would they reveal that it was anyone else? Plus, I don’t think its Christian, if its anyone we know already then it makes more sense for it to be Charles Widmore.

    Emily- Nice theory, that would explain why Jack wants to grow a beard, so that he doesn’t look like the other Jack (if I understand your theory correctly). But how could they be ‘psuedo-celebrities’ and still have people just like them walking around? Also, everyone knows that Oceanic 815 went down so everyone on that plane (except for the ‘6’) must be dead to the world.

  • KeepingAwake

    What confuses me about people saying it might be Locke is that Terry O’Quinn has blue eyes???

  • passthebutter

    Does anyone think it looks like Ben’s eye? I do.

  • preztige

    when I saw the eye pop out in the Beginning of the End, I immediately thought it was DESMOND. YOu can sort of see a shininess to the left of his face…like if there were curls..The lighting is different. The face and eye looks like Desmonds. But, then is it safe to say that the second picture could be Locke? Because the second picture u posted up looks like Lockes. But I can imagine it being Jacob also, since Jacob reminds me of Locke in a way, or like an old guy that might match that eye. I thought Christian might be Jacob because the bible says Jacob was the FIRST shepard. Maybe the two are friends. I dont think it would be crazy if the eye we saw in the Beginning of the End would be Desmonds, because remember, he traveled or got knocked out back in time, and I’m sure he can be living multiple realities.

  • preztige

    …or it could be Michael…
    just kidding

    I also think Walt is friends with Jacob. Not smokey Walt, but Walt Walt. Or maybe there are two Walts. Honestly I suggest people reading about the history of the philosophers behind the names, its says alot that goes with LOST. might answer many questions

    JACOB IS MICHAEL!!!…just kiding

  • I have spent a lot of time studying the faces of the major characters of Lost in order to caricature them for the LOST Boys PROJECT, and if my opinion counts as anything, the first eye is not Desmond. I don’t think it looks like Ian at all.
    More than likely they’re using the same guy that they used to stand in for MBTC, the prop master.

  • M Bizzle

    It’s definitely Mikhail without the eye patch…I don’t know if it’s meant to be Mikhail the character in the shack, but it’s definitely the actor that plays him…

  • does anyone remember that woman who wouldn’t sell desamond the ring? i think that it is her

  • Jacob is being depicted as The Eye of God. See the comparisons between the two shots of Jacob’s eye, the Oceanic logo, and the Eye of God Nebula:

    Picking his words carefully, executive producer Carlton Cuse said, “Yes, we do know how Jacob will be depicted. Notice the careful wording of my answer. And no, Jacob did not appear before he was met by Locke.” Cuse also declined to say whether an actor had been chosen to portray the character.
    — SCI FI Wire

  • H2O

    I thought it resembled Desmond’s eye.

  • Susan

    The eye can’t be Locke because then Locke would have known why Hurley was running and yelling in the woods. He asked Hurley why he was scared and Hurley lied and said he just got lost from the group and became afraid. If it were Locke’s eye, he would know that Hurley saw the cabin.

  • Carole

    The eye looks like Paulo

  • Hana

    Oh yeah. That’s not Desmond. That’s a big, hunking slice of Divoff. Andrew Divoff. He plays Mikhail. Compare the two and you’ll see that their faces match perfectly, but only use the eye that Hurley saw in S4E1. The other two eyes belong to different faces and it’s stupid to think otherwise. Also, the first picture (from S4E1) has Mikhail’s eyebrows and you can just see the stubble on his upper lip. I know Divoff when I see him. Tch, I knew he was too awesome to be dead.

  • soopafly

    Alvar Hanso?