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Ricardos in chains? Black Rock slave???

By nomaD,

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Wow, the ending of the premier with Flocke taking out Richard was awesome. Richard is obviously panicked about  who it is inhabiting the body of John Locke. And when he finally sees Flocke emerge from the statue his fear is apparent.

“Hello Richard, it’s good to see you out of those chains”


“me!” “I am very disappointed- in all of you”

It occurred to me that perhaps Richard was, as many speculated, tied closely to the black rock. Perhaps even a slave on it. If Jacob saved Richard who then worked as an advisor between the people on the Island and the will of Jacob than it makes very good sense as to why Richard is so scared of Flocke and why Flocke is so hostile towards him. It would also explain why Flocke is disappointed with the followers.

The storyline between Jacob and MIB and Richard is turning out to be one i’m most interested in… I cant wait to see the history behind this…

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  • That scene was a great “wow” moment of the night. Richard looked SCARED as hell once he realized who the pseudo John Locke really is!

    – Marc

    • Ed Holden

      The more I think about the whole thing, the more the relationship between Richard, Jacob and Smokey feels like a computer security program designed to protect Jacob, and the more the events of Season 5 look like a hack to get past that security program. In this episode Richard looks like someone who just noticed that his system’s firewall is down and he hasn’t patched his OS in three years.

      Consider the rules, which have been carefully established. It’s very like a security program, and there are many gateways and sanity checks involved in it.

      Smokey wants to kill Jacob, but he’s not allowed to do it in any direct way. Smokey can emulate any person who has died and was not properly buried (he can even access their memories, like a computer virus snooping into your address book so it can spam everyone you know). In theory this would mean Smokey could kill Jacob, but there are security mechanisms in place (much like Antivirus software) to prevent this.

      For starters, Jacob is revered by the Others, and they follow his rules steadfastly. To ensure Smokey doesn’t emulate someone important, the Others carefully bury their dead. They even make sure the Dharma people do the same by including burials in their truce.

      Jacob refuses to meet with anyone except the leader of the Others, and then by invitation only. The leader is mortal and has to follow special rules (rules Widmore broke), so this leadership role is necessarily a rotating position. But a middleman, Richard, is a constant security mechanism that ensures the rules are followed. He is the only one who can open the door to Jacob’s home, and in theory he will only do this for the leader.

      The whole John Locke plotline from Season 5 is basically a security hack. It’s a way to get the body of the leader of the Others onto the Island in an unburied state. And it worked: security system cracked.

      • LV

        Nice analogy! I can buy that line of thinking.

        • longlivekingnick

          I stand firm, that if the island is somehow a computer simulation, it will be the biggest letdown ever (for me at least). I think that is a big let down/cop out.

          • LV

            I don’t think he meant that literally. It’s just an analogy to understand how things work on the island.

          • Shaun

            Hey, way to go into the final run of shows being a total buzzkill… Still, thanks for the laugh this morning!

            Have fun watching Law & Order, American Idol or some other show that won’t let you down or be such a “cop out.”

  • GeigerCounter

    Wasn’t the ship going from Africa? I think Richard was in chains in the brig of the ship, not as a slave. Maybe there was mutiny and he was the captain?

    • I like it, somehow he was imprisoned by someone but it seems clear that it was Jacob who saved him. And this was obviously against the will of MIB…. The black rock must fit in here somewhere

      • GeigerCounter

        The Smoke Monster usually takes the form of a dead person, so I assume the body of MIB was just a “host” it used for conversation. I don’t know how that fits in with anything. Just a thought.

        • I have always thought the same…. The man we see as MIB is certainly just another vessel that SMOKIE used

    • Chuck

      Well Richard is probably Egyptian and there are a ton of Egyptian symbols on the island. So it is possible he could have been a slave from Africa. Or a prisoner maybe.

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      I remember reading somewhere that the Black Rock was staffed with slaves from Egypt. Richard looks egyptian. Slaves held in chains back then….

    • Mutiny! Great theory, GC!

  • Patton365

    Great episode. As more doors close behind us we find ourselves in another room with even more doors. I really think the issue with ‘Richard, Flocke and Jacob’ is not the whole issue. I believe that Christian Shepard (Jack’s father) has to do with the same issue. I believe the Christian Shepard that we keep seeing is a fake one. Very much like the fake John Locke (Flocke). I we remember how the Flocke came to be. John was dead riding on the plane as cargo. When the survivors crashed Christian’s dead body was also on the plane as cargo. If that is true, then who is the fake Christian Shepard?

    • We know mock-Christian inhabited the cabin when Locke, Hurley and Ben went looking for it. Later, when Ilana and Bram discover the ring around the cabin broken and the cabin empty, they conclude that it’s being used by someone else and burn it to the ground. That seems to indicate that christian may indeed just be another form of Smokey.

    • b

      Was Christian’s body really on the plane though? In the re-boot of the past, we find out that the coffin never made it onto flight 815.

      • the coffin itself definitely made it to the island, though sans christian.

        • naultz

          I think we can assume that anyone that we have seen on the island that was previously dead, now walking around( ie. christian, yemmi, locke) are all the smoke monster. what I want explained is how we see characters on the island that are not dead( ie. Walt) but that are not on the island
 this the work of smokey? also what about the dead people from the island that we see off the island( ie. ana lucia). can smokey travel off the island? did the oceanic six ingest “essance of smokey” which makes them see dead on-island characters off the island ( ie. jack seeing christian in hospital, hurley seeing charlie at mental hospital, or hurley being pulled over be ana lucia)or is it that the island/smokey/jacob can have the same affect off the island as on the island?

          • cap10tripps

            We know Hurley can communicate with those who’ve passed on. Walt has an ability. He is a “special boy.” Christian off island is the question.

      • Ament

        In S5 when Kate, Hurley, and Jack mysteriously went from plane to island, is the same thing that happened to Desmond and the coffin. Just don’t exactly know for sure why the island needed these two.

  • Cutter XXIII


    They should have chosen between reboot and WHH, or they should have mixed the two concepts into something new. Not only did I predict this exact thing, it’s just not interesting to watch.

    No spin-offs. Yeah right!! 🙂

    • Funback Joe

      At least now you dont have to tape Biggest Loser

      • Cutter XXIII

        True. So true.

        It’s disappointing. We finished a series rewatch last Saturday. I really wanted to like it, and I just didn’t. Many of the character bits were great.

        I want to see how things turn out, but I really wanted to love it.

        • Funback Joe

          You will… hopefully 🙂

          • Cutter XXIII

            My expectations have been lowered considerably. That’s a good sign, I suppose.

    • dp2

      So pick the result you like and only watch those parts!

    • minnie swirl

      How do you know they aren’t going to merge the concept into something new? We have only seen the premiere. We don’t know what the rest of the episodes will reveal.

    • Shaun

      You don’t even know what’s going to happen, but already you’re “disappointed.”

      I guess “Biggest Loser” has a variety of meanings.

    • LOL, if you had always been this quick to judge new concepts on this show, I doubt you’d still be watching now!

  • Funback Joe

    I just wrote this in the comments section of your recap, but this seems more appropriate:

    I would suggest that Richard has been enslaved by Jacob all this time, and perhaps Flocke was making reference to the removal of metaphorical chains, which have kept Richard’s actions tied to a debt with Jacob. Perhaps Richard was what we used to call in sixth grade Social Studies an ‘indentured servant’, and just like Flocke claims to have freed Bram and his cronies from their responsibilities, he also believes he has now freed Richard.

    I am starting to believe that Jacob has had many people under his thumb for quite some time, up to and including our Losties. Flocke is trying his best to free every one of them, including himself, so they can all ‘go home’.

    • Funback Joe

      Ill also add that this may be flawed reasoning on Flocke’s part, but he may see everything he is doing as ‘heroic’ actions.

    • Following your idea that the chains are metaphorical, what if Richard was actually spooked by what that meant (and not confirmation of who he thinks Locke is)…and that now unchained, whatever force that seemingly protects Richard from aging is now gone?

    • LOSTinOH

      I am totally on board with this logic. They are taking a direction that this show only has one ultimate meaning. That meaning is whatever YOU think. They are telling a wonderful story and honestly from what is becoming an incredibly objective point of view. When it is all said and done I hope this ends with the ultimate calamity.

      I am not even so sure the “chains” statement was even directed towards Richard’s chains, maybe it was Flocke’s chains. Maybe Flocke is saying that it’s nice to finally see Richard now that HIS chains are gone…so he can have his way with, exact revenge, enslave, or whatever else he had in store for Richard.

      • Funback Joe

        I love this idea as well. I think its possible that the debate that will continue on forever after the show is: Which side was right? Which side was good, and which side was bad?

        Its very likely that whoever is good is whoever you (the viewer) ends up rooting for. They all have relatively selfish motives, so who is to say who is right?

        • Richardfan13

          Did anyone ever notice the coffee guy in the life and death of jeremy betham looks EXACTLY like Jacob? What if Jacob was watching John even then?

  • JacobOS

    maybe not…

  • I totally didn’t make that connection when I watched it. Gah. I like GeigerCounter’s slave ship captain theory, though I’m more inclined to think that Jacob was bringing Richard *back* when he brought the Black Rock to the island. Obviously Richard has been off-island before (to interview Juliet, to test young John Locke) so who knows how long he’s been doing this?

  • hyperRevue

    Richard = Egyptian slave?

  • My theory about Richard has long been that he was first mate on the Black Rock. If that’s right, the reference to chains could mean that there was a mutiny.

    • Kelly

      I have been thinking that same thought ever since the journal of the first mate of the black rock was auctioned off (whidmore attended, believe it was a desmond centric episode). They wouldn’t have mentioned such a detail if it wasn’t important. Everyone is saying that Richard is the captain or a slave… I think he was the first mate and the journal is his.

  • Funback Joe


    • Funback Joe


  • T

    Interesting concepts about MIB, Smokey and the Dead. So should we surmise from this that Smokey is now in Sayid when he awakes since he was not properly buried….?

    • maybe Jacob is in Sayid…

    • rob

      by this point didnt the temple folks already have the whole area surrounded by the black powder to keep smokie out?

      • JimmyFord

        I am totally at a loss with who has taken over Sayid. There is absolutely no evidence that Jacob can take on the form of dead people like MIB, he may very well can, but there’s certainly no evidence. I think the Lockeness Monster has now abandoned Locke and taken the form of Sayid just because that’s what’s been stablished as precedence in the story, first with Christian, then Locke, and now Sayid…given that he got there before Hurley told Samuarai and Saul. However, Smokey did not actaully assume the body of Locke, but just his likeness (soul). Whereas with Sayid, either he or someone else has inherited his body in addition to his likenessSo, Smokey could be the taker of souls, but whoever is Sayid now has been through is cabable of either reincarnation or resurrection. So, Jacob could very well be resurrected in Sayid, but I’m leaning towards reincarnation because it’s been hinted at before and no longer knows of events that have transpired, in essence he’s a baby beginning a new, but that goes against the “progress” side of the things that Jacob seemed to aspire to. Who knows??? Maybe it’s Walt 🙂

      • JimmyFord

        Oh, but more to your point, Smokey got there via the spring that’s why it wasn’t clear and got into Sayid that way. A thought anyway…

  • thebigchuckbowski

    I’ve thought for awhile that Richard was a slave on the Black Rock. I also think that Richard rose up and killed the people on the boat with Jacob’s help, much like Richard helped Ben kill the Dharma Initiative.

  • I have a sick feeling. When MIB/Locke said he just wanted to go home, E.T. phone home flashed into my head.

    OMG. LIke, the Sideways Flashes© will be the result of whatever 2007 Losties are doing to fight MIB/Jacob. The spaceship that is the core of the Island will fly away, sinking it, while the Losties get time-booted back before the crash.


    • Twitchy

      No no no no plz plz plz….
      plz plz plz plz

  • Ackbar

    Am I the only one who interpreted the line about the chains as simply meaning that Richard no longer has to serve Jacob because he is dead?

    • Nope, but Lost loves the Double meanings, don’t it??

  • Richard in chains… Pseudo John Lock did kick his ass and drag him away right past the dead body of the real John Locke (I was waiting for Locke’s eye to open but it didn’t happen), so the metaphoric sense of him being in Jacob’s chains I don’t agree with. Although we are to believe the obvious when in fact it’s not, or maybe…dude(ode to Hugo). The writers of LOST are just amazing.

    The current LAX crew is another mystery. The “Island” is now under water presumed from the 1977 bomb? Why was Desmond on the plane and not Boone’s sister? If the Island IS under water in 2009 LAX time, wouldn’t that mean that ALL on the Island is dead?

    The mystery of this show, makes you think like crazy… love it!

    And TO’Q is the best actor on TV, damn he is good.

    • Agree, agree, agree!

    • DarthBubba

      Not at all. . . Desmond didn’t arrive on the island until the 90s. It is unintelligent and egotistical for the 77 Losties to have thought that nothing but the plane crash would be changed by the explosion. The Butterfly Effect was in full effect. The island wasn’t there for Des to crash on, so he probably won the race (if there was a race to win. after all Widmore would have been on the island when the bomb went off).

      • jon

        More importantly, Faraday could never have been born, since he killed his parents. He didn’t realize that at the time he came up with idea. So if he was never born, he’d not be able to tell them how to stop the crash from happening. But it happened the first go around, which leaves two timelines, the corrected one where they ‘did it’ as Juliet tells Miles and the uncorrected one. I’d guess that it’s a little bit of a Schrodinger’s cat situation, where both actions will exist until the observer takes a peek.

  • DarthBubba

    I state this now: Richard was the Kate of the Black Rock… a recently apprehended criminal that, thanks to the island, was able to become free.

  • cap10tripps

    Walt and Michael? I know Walt’s too old now to show on the plane in 2004, but how is their disappearance explained? One thought I had was that Walt’s mom was DI, which means Walt was never born, but that’s pure speculation at this point.

    • Twitchy

      Cap, there are production issues they cannot get rid of: the new 815 MUST be different, once they cannot call back ALL the actors. Same with Shannon, with the haircuts etc…
      The real issue with Walt is that his powers aren’t addressed by the show since… what’s that… 5 real years??
      I’m at peace that storyline is done – and with no ultimate answers.

      • cap10tripps

        Good point. I always thought Hurley’s comic book he was reading would come into play somehow too. From what I remember it showed polar bears and a station in the arctic. I guess it still could without bringing Walt into it, but I have a feeling we will see Walt again (probably not Michael though)…

  • Richardfan13

    I just watched the second show in the season 6!!!! It was really good! The preview for the 3rd showed Richard, so at least I know he isn’t dead!!!!! UP WITH RICHARD!!!!!! He is my fave character! (duh)

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