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roomforhuman’s madcap theory of the week – Aaron = Savior

By roomforhuman,

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Aaron.jpgSo, we’ve always known that little turnip-head was of the utmost importance to the show, but I think “Eggtown” revealed to us just how much. 

In this episode, Locke brings Ben the book Valis by Philip K. Dick, which, as many people here have already pointed out, holds many themes consistent with Lost.  I think that among these similarities is the answer to how important little baby Aaron is.  In the book, there is a 2 year old “messiah” figure named Sophia, and she holds a cure of sorts for our main character.  My theory is this: 2 year old Aaron is the savior of the island.  I know this sounds strange, but hear me out. I say the island has a wound and this wound is expressing itself by killing pregnant woman and their babies. Aaron being born on the island is huge to them.  I believe that Aaron holds the DNA that can bring a cure to this disease.  And, I think that taking him off the island was a big mistake.  Themes within the episode that back this theory up:

·        The name of the episode, “Eggtown,” alludes to babies.

·        Locke refers to the island as a being.

·        Jack not wanting to see Aaron could be a reference to the fact that Jack doesn’t want to be reminded of the mistake of taking Aaron off the island.

Other episodes themes that back this theory up:

·        The Other’s fascination with Aaron (Every episode with Ethan Rom).

·        Charlotte‘s amazement to the fact that Aaron was born on the island (Confirmed Dead).

There it is then.  Is my theory madcap or plausible?  What say you?