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roomforhuman’s madcap theory of the week: Course correction and non-corporeal’s

By roomforhuman,

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I found a few things interesting about last night’s episode.  But above all else, I found it fascinating that the island will not allow those who have left it to die.  And so, I have a theory that has birthed from this new revelation.  (Due to the fact that I have just taken cold medicine and cannot think straight, this one will be short and to the point.)


What I can surmise is that once you find the island and dwell on it for any given amount of time, it won’t let you leave permanently.  I believe that those who have died on the island live eternally as a part of the island.  And the island sends these non-corporeal’s out (so far Libby and Charlie) to bring those who have left back.  The island also set’s a sort of course correction curse on these individuals who have left so that they cannot die until they return to the island.  I believe that this ties into the Adam and Eve quandary.  The idea being that the only rest one will find is returning to the island to die. 


Madcap or plausible? Discuss…