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roomforhuman’s madcap theory of the week: Jacob’s constant

By roomforhuman,

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With all of this consciousness time travel and never dying love going around, I’ve been thinking of the not-so-corporeal Jacob.  And, I am now convinced, or semi-convinced, that Jacob‘s constant is the island.


Let’s say Jacob was affected by the overbearing electromagnetic properties of the island at one point in time.  He would then be thrust into the same crisis as Desmond and Minkowski. What makes Jacob different, however, is the fact that he has been on the island for a very long time, perhaps, and for the purposes of my theory, all his life.  For Desmond, there was a very specific 1996 for his consciousness to jump from (I say jump from because Darlton confirmed in the latest podcast that 1996 Desmond’s conscious woke up in 2004 Desmond).  Confused, who isn’t?  It’s Lost for cryin’ out loud.  Anyway, time on the island is obviously very unstable, so there is no definite time for Jacob to jump to or from.  And, so, Jacob is unstably jumping from one unstable consciousness to another, but he is alive and well because his constant is alive and well: the island.  In this state, Jacob will never be physical because he is moving outside of time (or at least stable time).  He is not body but pure consciousness.  Perhaps this proves that Jacob and Smokey are in fact synonymous in that Smokey is Jacob‘s consciousness moving around in non-corporeal form. It’s no wonder then why Jacob/Smokey would do anything to protect the island.  It’s the only thing keeping him alive.


But, perhaps there is another constant in Jacob‘s life…his cabin.  Perhaps this is his “body.” Perhaps his experience with the islands electromagnetism was within the 4 walls of the ultra creepy domicile.  Or, perhaps not.  It could be that he just enjoys admiring his hound dog painting, while sipping on some strange red liquid in his comfortable 50 year old rocking chair.  


Madcap or plausible?  Confirm or deny!