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Season Five Predictions/Theories – Woosh Theory

By docarzt,

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This has been bugging me for a while, and as ridiculous as it may seem — I had to just get it out there.  There may be an overlooked clue in the frozen donkey wheel sequence that relates to season five of LOST.  Keep in mind this is all theory, there are no spoilers in this article at all.

If you watch the Youtube of the clip below, you’ll notice that as the purple-sky effect begins there is a whoosh for each set of characters EXCEPT the ‘copter folks. 

Bet gets a whoosh.  Locke gets a whoosh.  Sawyer and Juliet get a whoosh. Daniel and redshirts get a whoosh.  Copter, no whoosh.  Is there significance?

The only thing we can say for sure is that Ben was indeed transported into the future, and the copter folk were not.  My theory is this:  each person who got the woosh was transported through time.  If the current theories about it being Daniel behind the camera in the Pierre Chang video, then Daniel would have been sent back in time.  Could the order somehow imply the direction traveled?

  • richard keenan

    oh yeah, i see what you mean doc. as you say it may be reaching a bit but i did see exactly what you meant, that sound could well signify them whooshing off. good one 🙂

  • Philoceanic

    An aside point, but i was pondering the nature of Adam and Eve today, and thought: could it be juliet and sawyer? actually, i guess this is sorta related: if different characters were sent to a different point in time, could the island and everyone on it have gone back 40/50 years (the age of the bodies according to lostpedia) while daniel and co went to dharma days? there are two different timelines, and the oceanic 6’s makes 3 – the writers said this season was the first time the events were happening on THREE different timelines.

    thoughts people?

  • I’m sure you’re right. That’s something that we might not notice watching it, it almost seems insignificant, but the sound editors had to do that on purpose.
    Good theory.
    – izi

  • clayb83

    Technically, if you’re going by identical “whoosh” noises it seems to me that there were only three of them. Immediately after Ben starts the process there is more of “crack” sound to it. And the last sounds we hear when seeing the O6 in the chopper is kind of a bigger “whoosh” with the “gulp” of the island.

    I’m just spitballing here but could the “whooshes” that seem to correspond with Locke’s group, Juliet and Sawyer and the zodiac group be linked to how far Ben moved the wheel. Rewatching it seems that he only manages to rotate the wheel about three spokes. Thus the three timeline…?

  • Teknician

    I’m always game for theories, but it seems to me that the sounds are based on the person or group’s distance from the donkey wheel.

  • DocArzt

    Teknician, you may be right. What I found interesting though, as I pointed out, is at least one person in the range of the whoosh was teleported through time, the copter did not get a whoosh and wasn’t teleported through time. It would not be outlandish for them to have seeded a small clue here in the sound-design. But, it may be nothing to. Take your pick. 😉

  • Calichusetts

    In the pilot, it seems that there is a “whoosh” to start the show, Jack opens his eyes and they go from dialated to fixed, might be something, especially if you follow the Dark Tower theory or multiple timeline.

    Just a though

  • Fnord

    Strange…and verrrrry interesting.

    I watched “Walkabout” (S1E4) last night on the Sci-Fi Channel, and at least a few of Locke’s flashbacks in that episode had no “woosh” at all.

    I wonder if a pattern would emerge if one went through every episode and noted which characters get the “woosh” and when.

    Also instructive (maybe)…when talking to Randy about the walkabout, Locke says “…a Walkabout is a journey of spiritual renewal, where one derives strength from the earth. And becomes inseparable from it.” [emphasis mine]

    Maybe a little foreshadowing there for what the whole Jeremy Bentham death really means…? Locke becomes one with the Island? Maybe he’s Jacob after all.

  • the invisible hand of dr phil

    Brilliant find doc! I totally agree here and I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

  • mpl

    Fnord, I think that the flashback whoosh just didn’t exist in the first couple of episondes because they hadn’t invented it yet. I *think* (you may correct me if I’m wrong), that once the flashback whoosh was invented, all the flashbacks included it. But I’m very intrigued by your “inseparable” quote…tuck that one away.

  • Kevin

    Don’t get me wrong, its an awesome theory i like it,but i didn’t hear a woosh for Ben.

  • afritz

    what if the island went back in time to a period where such advanced helocopters didn’t exist? it could be some sort of time filter

  • mike

    I think the woosh sounds were in order of the distance from the center
    of the energy field being generated to move the island and also to show
    who and what moved with the island. This is how my 8 year old granddaughter
    explained what happened after watching the scene a couple of times. She
    had me pause it where the island had just disappeared and the 2 rings
    were visible in the ocean. She then said you see the small ring in the middle
    that was the island and the large ring is force field surrounding the island
    that made it move and everything inside the force ring moved with the island.
    Then she said I know wher the island went, it went into the future just like
    the man in the video said the rabbit would go into the future.

  • pastrynurse

    I have to agree with Mike & Teknician. Maybe the folks in the helicopter were just too far away to get enveloped in the whoosh that takes everything else in it’s path. And mpl, I could swear there are whooshes (sp? – LOL) in the first episodes of the first season as well. It will be interesting to see who is left over when January rolls around.

  • Arinen

    Good catch Doc and Fnord, but it seems to me that Ben gets a different sound, I didn’t really hear a whoosh for him. Maybe because he left the island completely? And we’re already sort of operating in 3 different time-zones: past (flashbacks), present (on island), and future(flashforwards), and I’m fairly sure the producers said they’d continue in this line, but I could be wrong about that. I agree, the whooshes sound like the flashback whooshes which were also used when Jack first wakes up in the pilot(I thought this was just a ‘returning to consciousness’ effect, but Calichusetts may be onto something there), but the reason they didn’t use the whoosh to signify a flashback in the first few episodes was because they thought it was already obvious that these were flashbacks, and the whooshes weren’t really needed (according to the commentary, don’t remember which episode it was, either the pilot or walkabout). After that, everyone got one unless they we’re flashing at the begginning of the show or after an ad break, but they still got one at the end (maybe that’s a clue anyway?). Ok, enough Scooby-Doo-ing from me.

    …for now…