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“The Candidate” Recap by Gatesy

By gatesy815,

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None of us thought that all the characters would have happy endings. And we certainly didn’t think that they would all survive. But even with those expectations, watching it hurt nonetheless. Saying goodbye to Sayid, Jin & Sun and, in all probability Frank, was painful but essential. It was beautiful, moving and entirely appropriate to this story.

And now we know for sure: if Locke leaves the Island, God help us all.

“Feel like we’re running in circles?”

The Candidate took us to familiar places (Hydra Island and the cages), familiar scenes (the Losties gathered around a bomb) and oceans of familiar dialogue. The circles we’ve been seeing for 6 years are closing in. There is little left but the centre. The heart of the matter. The true conflict between good and evil – light and dark.

The episode began with a mirror: Locke wakes to find he has been saved by Jack; Jack wakes to find he has been saved by Locke. Neither are that happy about it and neither are keen on the other’s plan, inherently suspicious of the other’s reason – just as it has been since the day Boone died. On the Island Locke lays down his plan to rescue the Losties from Widmore and once again we hear Jack say something totally opposite to what we’re used to: “They are not my people. And I’m not leaving the Island” –  yet still he is conscripted to Locke’s break out team. At this point the Losties are stuck between Locke and Widmore. Not a great situation to be in. I think Jack helps free them in order that they may decide for themselves their own fates.

Sayid kills the power. Jack grabs the keys. Locke transforms into a cloud of raging black smoke and wipes out half of Team Widmore. They make their way to the Ajira plane to escape and briefly, very briefly, the original team is back together. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Jin, Sun, Claire, Sayid, Hurley and Locke (of sorts). To my recollection this is the first time they have all been together since the first episode of season 4, ‘The Beginning of the End’ when they split into two camps. They parted as a group under the wreckage of Oceanic 815 and they reunited under the wings of Ajira 316. It was appropriate that we had everyone together for one final time before it wouldn’t be possible anymore.

When they reach the plane Locke has already snagged a watch and some C4; putting in place the final parts of his Long Con. Sawyer’s biggest mistake this season was to believe Locke when he said he was ‘the best liar’ he had ever seen. Sawyer tried time and again to con Locke but he saw straight through it. Sawyer’s plan of using Jack to dump Locke was Locke’s plan all along. And James’ stupidity, as we know, didn’t end there.

One moment brought me a smile of enormous satisfaction and a great inner cheer of ‘YESSSS!’.

“John Locke told me I needed to stay” – SPLASH!

Immensely enjoyable. But that feeling went as soon as it came as chaos then ensued. Kate gets hit by a bullet and forces Jack onto the sub (perhaps setting up my theory that at some point Jack will have to choose between saving Kate and doing what he is ‘supposed’ to do). Sayid helps Jack with Kate whilst Sawyer goes up to get Claire, yet showed little hesitation when he needed to leave her behind. ‘Live together, die alone’ was always Jack’s motto. Sawyer’s? ‘Every man for himself’. Jack begins to look through his backpack for a shirt to help Kate and as he finds the bomb the truth dawns on him. “We did exactly what he wanted”.

We are then treated to an incredible scene of storytelling. The bomb here is a reflection and on the other side of that mirror is Jughead. This time it is Sawyer who cannot sit by and let things play out. It is Sawyer who needs to try and save the day; to fix his mistake of, if not trusting Locke, then following him. Whereas Jack has been here before. He blew up a bomb already and Juliet died because of it. Now it is Sawyer’s turn to make that mistake. Jack evokes the words from his conflict with Locke over the button in the hatch – ‘Nothing is going to happen’. He tested this theory with Richard and a stick of dynamite. They have to kill each other. Fate won’t do it for them. But Sawyer doesn’t believe in fate or destiny and makes his own decision. The wrong the decision.

“There is no Sayid”

Dogen was wrong. It was not better for Sayid to be dead. He still had one last role to play. Many of us suspected his heart had been turned by Desmond’s words to him but this confirmed it. When beloved characters die we want it to mean something. Like Charlie and Juliet before him he finds himself in a position to save others at the cost of his own life and he makes that decision, for ‘The Greater Good’. This final change of heart was right for the character and the story. He gained some redemption in the end and I hope he is now with Nadia somewhere. See you in another life ‘brotha.

The bomb goes off and the lethal force of the blast is taken by Sayid – surely his last words confirm that it is Jack who is the ‘Candidate’ – the new one who will be called “He will save us all” (but in Latin, of course). However the blast is still powerful enough to blow holes in the submarine and Frank gets wiped first. No room for part time characters now (wherever Miles is he best be trying to make himself essential to the story line). Sun is trapped. Hurley takes the wounded Kate whilst Jack and Sawyer stay to help Jin. Once the cabinet is moved we can see that she is pinned by the pipes. There’s an explosion and Sawyer is out cold. Jack can’t stay and he knows it. Jin knows it too. And by now we know what is going to happen.

At the time I thought Jin would leave, have to leave, Sun for Ji Yeon’s sake. And at first I couldn’t make sense of it – why leave her as an orphan? But as I’ve pondered it I now think it is the right decision. Consider Desmond’s words to Sayid….

DESMOND: So, what will you tell her?

SAYID: What do you mean?

DESMOND: This woman–when she asks you what you did to be with her again…what will you tell her?

What would Jin tell Ji Yeon? Could he ever tell her what he had to leave behind to be with her? And let’s remember Ji Yeon doesn’t know Jin and Jin doesn’t know Ji Yeon. It sucks to make her an orphan but it sucks to leave Sun to die alone. That is the point. Love is stronger than death. Death is not the worst thing for either them. Being apart is. And I like to imagine that Ji Yeon’s parentless childhood will prepare her for a Superman/Luke Skywalker/Harry Potter style heroic story that we will never see. Death is not the end but the beginning of another adventure, as Dumbledore would say.

Jin and Sun’s personal stories had taken a back seat since season 4. Their story was no longer of two individuals seeking redemption and reconciliation – that had been achieved. The story was of their marriage, their union, their devotion to each other. For them to die together after being apart for so long is a happy ending of sorts. They would have chosen to die in old age, surrounded by children and grandchildren but that was taken away from them. So they chose to die together. Die together or live alone….? The hardest choice to make.

It was all heartbreaking and emotional, and I was choked through the whole scene; from Sayid’s death all the way to the sub sinking and the hands parting. But it wasn’t until I saw Kate, Hurley and Jack crying that it really hit me hard. But that is the truth isn’t it? Death is always hardest on those left behind. Those who die move on or perish depending on your theology. It is those who are left behind that have to make sense of it all; that have to pull themselves through and move on. And move on they must – because the end is in sight.

One thing I’ve expected all along is that there will be deaths but there will be a happy resolution of some description – if not for the characters themselves then for the story as they ‘save the world’. After this episode I can no longer say that will happen. It could be more bitter than sweet. If Locke’s plans are thwarted will they be thwarted entirely? Now I’m not sure.

The antidote to the chaos of the Island story was the steady progression of the Sideways world. The coincidences surrounding Oceanic 815 are coming quicker and more frequently. Locke’s sub-conscious is channeling his Island self. Jack and Claire are bonding. But neither Jack or Locke have become fully aware, Desmond-aware, of the Island reality. It must surely come soon. Another thought crossed my mind: if this story is to have heroes, which timeline will they come from? Is it possible that the heroes of the story may end up being Sideways Jack and Sideways Locke. In getting over their issues and letting go will they some how save the Island world?

I see little point now in making grand theories for the next few episodes… we were presented no new mysteries in this episode. It seems that all the questions have been asked…. it is now a matter of which questions will be answered and which we will ponder long after the series has finished.

Death predictions… (man this feels hard now)

ZOE! ZOE! ZOE!  – (The new Frogurt?)

Miles – (He has perhaps one more ‘I can speak to dead people’ moment left and then it is sionara!)

Widmore – (More a case of who will do it: Smokey or Ben?)

Please leave thoughts, comments and obituaries below.

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  • max

    where the hell is ben, richard and miles?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • whateverhappenedhappened

    has anyone else considered the idea that MiB is, in fact, not even trying to escape the island, but just to kill all of the candidates so he could have control over it. in this case, his appeal to sawyer and co to help them get off the island would just be another aspect of the long-con…

    • Orson

      I agree. I thought that was pretty evident in The Candidate.

      To be honest, as soon as Locke’s plan was said to be ‘getting off the island’ in The Subtitute, I knew the whole thing was a ruse. They weren’t going to do that bit again. In the next couple of episodes, when it became apparent that he wanted to use Ajira 316 to do it, I knew for a fact that was never his plan. Maybe he wants to ‘leave’ in some form, but he doesn’t need to a plane to do it.

  • Handsome Smitty

    Everyone but Jack or Desmond die. I believe Sideways© Locke is actually MIB. The end of this episode gives a real clue to this. Maybe Jack or Locke are left at the end, at the donkey wheel. MIB convinces Jack he has to turn the wheel. Jack say, “You first.” Locke turns the wheel and all the Sideways becomes MIB’s new reality. Sideways© Jack repairs Locke’s spine, and MIB lives happily ever after.

    Island reality ends – everyone is dead.

    • Walter L. Newton

      I don’t know if HS was being sarcastic or not… but anyway, I posted a similar comment on a past thread… I do think that everyone dies in the original timeline… I wonder if it will play out like this…

      Some ruminations on the possible outcome of the whole series. The sideways timeline is an anomaly, it wasn’t meant to happen, but it did because of The Incident. It’s a “satisfying” timeline, certain people have what they want, others have the possibilities of obtaining what they want and the remaining characters are secure in what they already have. The most important aspect of the sideways timeline, our favorite characters are still alive.

      The Island is a “harsh mistress,” and those who are chosen to “protect” it have to make decisions way beyond their own personal interests. Jack has been chosen, and before the very end, all of our beloved characters in the original timeline will be dead, sans Jack and the constant to the sideways timeline, Desmond.

      Jack will have to make a decision, kill (or “put a cork in”) the MIB, become the new protector of The Island (protecting it for what purpose, hopefully we will find out), let the sideways timeline collapse and go “poof” out of existence, or continue, with all his “friends” still alive and well in an alternate reality. The biggest decision he will have to make is loosing his relationship with his son in the sideways timeline.

      I believe the alternate timeline is the MIB’s last piece on the “chess board” and he’s going to play it.

      In a sense, I believe the ending will will be totally in Jack’s control… accept destiny or “save” his friends.

      • Handsome Smitty

        Yes, but did you posit that SIdeways© Locke was Island UnLocke!?! That final scene Tuesday felt toooooo creepy. I actually believe in Sideways© Happy as the end. I think someone turns the wheel and MIB ends up at the blast in ’77, the Island sinks, and –

        CUT TO:

        Jack’s eye opens, pan out, then over as he looks out the plane window…..

        FADE OUT…

        • dd

          I don’t know what’s worse: your speculation or your flirting with Monique.

          • Andrew P.

            No, what’s worse is that all you do is insult people. Why are you here?

          • dd

            I’m the voice of reason on this site, sadly.

          • Andrew P.

            dd, you and reason parted ways long ago.

          • dd

            Would you like to give an example? Amongst the illiterates, whiners, loons, “theory” dorks and shippers, I think I have been consistently one of the few who have objectively talked about things that are actually in the show.

          • Baby Fark McGee-zax

            Example just provided, courtesy of dd.

        • amy

          I agree I got an eerie impression from that last scene…when Jack makes the comment about Locke going first, the laugh he gave was quiet curious.
          Also when sun sees Locke in the gurney, I feel like that is going to be one of those moments that have significance when you rewatch the show after the ending.
          Throughout this season we have seen these type looks or expressions from Locke in the flash sideways. At the end of the Ben centric episode the look Locke gives Ben was so telling and yet not explored, Terry O’Quinn is not one to overact a scene, I feel these “looks” hold a lot of significance.

        • ian

          i posited that therory on the fuselage about two months ago. I totally agree that MIB is Sideways Locke, too.

  • Chase

    The whole point of Jack blowing up the bomb was because he was hoping to stop the plane from crashing AKA save everyone who died. When Juliet died, she stated, “It worked.” I’m fairly certain at this point that it does not matter who dies because they are not really dead. I presume that the realities will merge or possibly, once the island drama is done, they will all die or that reality will cease to exist and the bizarro world will be the only one left. In either case, I could not feel that bad for those kids dying because I am not convinced that it’s permanent.

  • Ufoundme

    Okay, maybe I’ve gone over the edge, and maybe I’ve never seen the screencap of Jack’s eye before this large–but can anyone else see the reflection of what looks like a light-haired boy or man, in profile?

    And is that the screen cap from the first episode, or from Season 5 when Jack wakes in the jungle in ’77 after being yanked from the Ajira flight?

  • LaFleur Me

    I’ve been pondering another question -if MIB and Widmore are on opposite sides – as seems clear now -why do they BOTH want the candidates dead? Let’s not forget that Widmore sent those mercenaries to get Ben and kill the rest -he is not the good guy he is pretending to be. I also believe he helped Locke find them all and return them to the Island so they could be killed -OR he found out between these times that they are candidates (how? Who knows. We know Bram and Ilana weren’t on his side so it would be odd if Jacob spoke to Widmore). Also -everyone is saying 3 candidates dies in the sub -NO -only 2 Sayid and Kwon (whichever one it is/was) so that leaves 4 candidates left. We have Jack, Sawyer and Hurley. Kate was ruled out in the podcast today so that leaves -Who? Widmore? Ben? Desmond? My hypothesis is Widmore and that he wanted the other candidates killed so he wold be the last one and then have the Island to himself finally. One snag -what’s up with the electromagnetic sites he’s plotting and what is Desmond’s sacrifice? Thoughts????

    • whateverhappenedhappened

      Locke is already dead? On the podcast Darlton said they killed three candidates in one – perhaps they were both candidates… Or perhaps they were a joint candidate? It would be cool if Desmond turned out to be one, though. A nice shoutout to his button-pressing days if he was doomed to be God over the island until someone could find a way to kill him.

  • HollyP

    Kate may still be a candidate. Her name was crossed off MIB’s list, but it was on Jacob’s list. (Jacob’s list was in the guitar case which Hurley carried to the Temple and gave to Dogen.)

    As a parent, I cannot believe that Sun would not tell Jin to leave and try to reach Jin-Yeon. If I were forced to choose between my child and my husband, I would choose my child every time and I’m confident that my husband would make the same choice.

  • Drew Lancor

    Come on, Gatesy, bring your A-game, man. This article is just a basic retelling of the plot, with very little substance or analysis, and it’s in dire need of proofreading, to boot.

  • LaFleur Me

    Holly- if you listen to the newest podcast Darlton confirms Kate is not a candidate and say it will be explained why she was eliminated.

    • Orbitman

      …and yet, Evangeline Lily (on The View this morning) implied that there was something about Kate’s name being crossed out that may not mean what we think. ???

  • Matt

    Enjoyed reading your post Gatesy. Well done.

  • italianscotsman

    I swear to something…if they don’t tell me who shot at the Losties in season 5, episode “Little Prince” when they were jumping through time…then I’m going to be very very very pissed off. To me it could’ve been an easy answer and I’m seeing moments where this could have been answered but hasn’t.

    Only a few hours left to find out. Please Darlton!! Answer this for all of us that need to know! It’s a gaping hole…

    • GeigerCounter

      Ecavtly! In this episode I expected Kate to die. Just imagine the awesomeness of it: Time-jumping Juliet shoots Kate, the woman who stole Sawyer away from her. Why, oh why did it not happen?

      • gusteaux

        I still think the irony of it is going to be that Juliet shoots SAWYER!

  • GeigerCounter

    Good recap/review. It’s refreshing to see some positive reactions instead of the whining that has been so abundant on this site in the past few weeks.

    • jimmyzer00

      Yeah fish punked out on writing a review of this week so it should be smooth sailing.

      • dd

        This is kind of awesome. What’s sad is reading the comments on her site from people who “need” her to understand the show. That’s like people who need FOX news to understand the world.

        • Handsome Smitty

          Bigot, don’t introduce your politics into a discussion where it’s not warranted.

          • dd

            What politcs? All I said was that FOX News is an unreliably newsource. Has nothing to do with political orientation. It’s just not a good place to go if you want to understand what’s really happening.

          • DD- not to mention – did you proof read? “All I said was that FOX News is an unreliably newsource.”

            Poor form & it is polictics.

          • dd

            I didn’t proof read. It’s not politics. Weekly World News is just as reliable as FOX News. Objectively, they are terrible news sources. I don’t discredit conservative perspectives even if I am not right-leaning. For instance, I often read Policy Review. If you are familiar with that journal, you would know it is caters to a conservative viewpoint. Still, it often publishes well-researched and thoughtful articles.

            FOX News is a convenient comparison. It’s not like most of the readers here are going to be familiar with Z magazine or Adbusters (magazines that are the leftist equivalents of FOX).

            There are a lot of dense people on this site.

          • nomaD

            Why is the one who is the most critical and seated up on their high horse seem to be the dumbest of the bunch?

            Talking about your views on legitamate news casting IS POLITICAL opinion, stop arguing this!

            This is supposed to be a site for fun theorizing, as you can see i came to read this theory and didnt feel compelled to comment until I realized I was continually being pulled away from what i was TRYING to do by a hyper critic that ive never heard say something nice, complaines about poor spelling and grammer and then utilizes it, has bashed people numerous times for being WRONG about something that turned out later that HE was wrong about, and who is overall disliked on this forum.

            Start being positive if you must criticize. I dont come to this site to read a professional critique of the show by professional journalists, I want to read the theories and ideas of other LOST fans like me…

            NO SHOW OR BOOK IS PERFECT so everyone should stop demanding answers to EVERY question as the relevant ones have certainly been answered.

            Needing answers to continuity errors are simply because someone has found a mistake they cannot continue to enjoy the show unless its explained away- Just enjoy the ride nothing is PERFECT

            The have done a brilliant job and regardless of the fact that it is INEVITABLE for LOST to end WITHOUT pissing off a large chunk of fandom because they didnt get THEIR way…. And I’d put a million bucks on the notion that DD and his cohorts are the ones bitching about the shows conclusion… Why wouldnt he? he bitches about everything else.

            Regardless of the WHINERS this show is a MASTERPIECE

          • dd

            no, you’re wrong. It’s not political. If I said Z magazine, you’d have no idea what I was talking about.

        • The Dharma & Greg Initiative

          dd – didn’t you just claim that you “have been consistently one of the few who have objectively talked about things that are actually in the show?”

          • dd

            If you didn’t understand, here’s the simple version: FB misconstrues or fabricates events to spin her fantasy about Sawyer as the ultimate hero/sexual being. Her minions also do the same. That is what I was referencing.

    • Rams

      I agree. Good recap!

    • spacebender

      Indeed, ’twas an enjoyable recap!

    • The Magician

      Amen to that.

  • Rams

    I’ve been having problems accessing the site on and off since Friday. Happened to anyone else?

  • Levi

    I just don’t get how this garbage is doing the trick for people. Go back and watch any episode from the first three seasons; even clunkers like “Expose” are better written and more internally consistent than what they’re capable of producing now. Remember when it was a problem when the main leads spent 6 episodes in a cage? Those were the good old days. Now they’re just gratuitously killing off our favorite characters for some cheap dramatic flair because they can’t figure out any better way to do it and setting the stage for some lame-ass ending where everyone is dead, but also alive! It’s like in the Star Trek movies, when they killed off Data, but they had another Data to take his place!

    This would be bad TV if it was a syndicated show running on SyFy at 2:00am on a weeknight. From one of the best premises and first few seasons in the history of television, we are left with this. How the mighty have fallen.

    • dd

      This past episode is one of my favorites.

      I’m not really sure you are up to the task or really providing any valid criticism.

      • whateverhappenedhappened

        Isn’t it clear that the characters died in this episode because their redemptive arcs were over? Sayid had come back from ‘the dark side’, Sun and Jin had gotten back together and sworn never to part again. Since Boone died, that’s the way it has been on lost; that’s the way I think it always will be. The only exception I can think of is Locke – his death was under particularly special circumstances and I wouldnt be suprised if they revisit Locke’s death in some way by the finale.
        NO major character has died this season, and it needed to be done to show that MiB is serious and to put the other characters into new positions. Think about it, the episode after the next is called (SPOILER) ‘What They Died For’. If that doesnt stink of character motivations, I don’t know what does. It’s simple logic: Friends die > You get angry > You want to avenge your friends. The remaining characters need to be emotionally involved in the conflict against the MiB for it to mean anything to us.
        All of that is not to mention the fact that their deaths were hugely emotional – especially the other characters reactions to them. It was a perfect example of lost taking a time-out to let the audience feel the moment (still with a greater narrative purpose).
        For God’s sake, why cant people just sit back and enjoy the show without assuming that the end game has already arrived?
        WE DO NOT KNOW THAT IN THE END THE CHARACTERS WILL BE BOTH ALIVE AND DEAD (and to be frank, the writers of lost wouldn’t go down such a cliche’d path, considering that they have stated time and time again that ‘The End’ will be the incontrivertable END.)

        • dd

          I agree with you 100%

        • Rams

          Excellent points, especially about the title of the penultimae episode. Isn’t is interesting that a major arc of both Season 5 and Season 6 has been a long con perpetrated by the Smoke Monster? In fact, it has been an underlying theme ever since Smokey first scanned Locke in The Walkabout. However, I think that Jacob has been running a longer con, and his chosen candidates will bring the conflict to a close once and for all.

          • whateverhappenedhappened

            Yeah, I hadn’t thought about that… Maybe there have been more long cons that we haven’t even been aware of! I cannot wait for the epic rewatch.
            I’m still hoping that Ben is conning everyone as well – he must still have a greater purpose for the end, otherwise he would have been Illana’d…

          • nomaD

            The whole show has been a long con, at some point in the past this whole thing happened over and over, Jacob bringing people to the island BETTING MIB that they can do it right this time….

            mirrors Satan telling God that Man can never do good unless he provides for them.

            The question is, If MIB cannot kill candidates, the reason he was on the island so long with MIB is because all those who KNEW Jacob as something other than an Island Deity, and maybe knew of his faults, have been long gone, so who now will kill him? Especially when everyone brought to the island believes he is someone to be worshiped.

            It was a huge long con to trick BEN into worshiping WHO HE THOUGHT WAS JACOB so that he could be let downb and be willing to kill him.

            So the question is, what happens when everyone BUT Jack is dead or gone? Then MIB will be trapped on the island concocting a long con to get rid of jack in a similar manner.

          • nomaD

            Many who know Jack may be willing to kill him because they are aware of the flaws that make up our hero-

            But what will happen when the only ones who know of Jack are people who worship him?

        • Levi

          Your words sound like they could have been written by the creators themselves. You’re just parroting what they’re saying, about the characters dying after their redemptive arcs are over and the audience needing to be shown that MIB is a bad guy. It sounds like so much politics, you’re just regurgitating Darlton’s talking points. If you think that they needed to kill Sun and Jin and Sayid to show that the smoke monster is the bad guy on the show, then you just haven’t been paying attention, or you’re reflexively defending these poor plot points. Three main characters that were almost universally adored should not have been gratuitously slaughtered to prove that the thing that fans have been referring to as “THE SMOKE MONSTER” for six years is the bad guy.

          All three of these characters have been totally wasted for at least two seasons now, more like glorified extras, part of the backdrop, because we’ve had to take these boring, meaningless diversions at the temple and to the Dharma times. Ugh. Lost is an enigma, it’s at once one of the best and worst show’s in history. They could have ended it after season 3 if this is where it was going to end up.

          • dd

            Are you upset because some of your characters died? I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make. They shouldn’t have died because people liked them? That’s ridiculous.

            How would you definitively characterize the monster as evil? Without any kind of burden of proof, you’re left with dangerous hearsay and innuendo. Most of the characters have been cast into this morally ambiguous area. I don’t know how go into setting the final act without that kind of clarity provided by the last episode.

            How have you ended the show in your head?

          • whateverhappenedhappened

            I may have said that it needed to be shown that the Man in Black was serious, but the way you write makes it sound like my entire argument is based on that. It was like 3 words in a list of other points that, yes, partly were taken from Darlton – but I think they know this story better than we do at the moment, so I will use some of their points, thanks.

            I do not believe it was 100% clear he was a villain beforehand, solely because I have been ‘paying attention’ the entire show and personally find that the Good Vs Evil path it is taking is somewhat disappointing considering the first couple of seasons were so strongly based around the moral ambiguity of characters. How’s that for ‘instincitively defending poor plot points’?

            Killing Sun, Jin and Sayid may not have been a happy thing, but, I repeat (and this time it would be nice if you responded to a point I actually made): It puts the characters into a position where they are going to want to avenge their loved ones.

            Any writers of any form of literature will tell you that killing off loved characters is an important part of a narrative. It sure would be nice if Harry Potter’s parents weren’t killed. Or Sirius. Or Dumbledore. Or Lupin. Or Tonks. Or Fred. Or Snape. And please, don’t pull out the Hey-Wait-A-Minute-Darlton-Use-Harry-Potter-As-A-Way-Of-Showing-Why-The-Show-Had-To-End card, because I just happen to really like Harry Potter.

            Lastly, I really don’t understand why you care so much about beloved characters on a show you don’t seem to have that much love for. I think I get why you still watch it, and I’m in no way saying you shouldn’t even if you are disappointed with it. But lets be fair. This is a fan page, so don’t get pissed at me defending a show I love.

        • gusteaux

          “NO major character has died this season” = Wrong. Juliet died in LA_X.

          “Since Boone died (characters died…because their redemptive arcs were over), that’s the way it has been on lost; that’s the way I think it always will be. The only exception I can think of is Locke” = How about Eko? He died without a redemptive arc.

          • whateverhappenedhappened

            Fair enough. I forgot about Juliet’s re-death – but for me her death was at the end of season 5.

            Also fair enough on Mr Eko. I’m not in any place to comment on Mr Eko at the moment: he died a very long time ago and I haven’t had a chance to rewatch that part of the show. All I can remember is him being thrown about by this crazy smoke monster thing… WHAT WAS THAT?!

            However, I do know that Mr Eko died because the actor wanted out of the show, not because the writers wanted him to leave. I vaguely recall an interview in which Darlton said that they had an arc prepared for him over the course of the next 3 seasons (who knows, maybe he would have blown himself up on the sub instead of Sayid!) but it had to be cut short because he left.

            I think this is just one of those things that happens with serilised TV. As it takes place over such a huge course of time, it is impossible to know how things will unfold. Sadly, Mr Eko’s lack of sufficient redemptive arc was one of the many things that couldn’t be avoided because of the medium used to tell the story.

          • gusteaux

            We only SAW Juliet die once, in LA_X. She didn’t “die” at the end of The Incident anymore than Jack, Kate, or Sawyer. She was alive at the on-island beginning of LA_X in the rubble of the Swan implosion. I would not characterize her death in Sawyer’s arms as a “re-death”. Sorry, I really don’t mean to be splitting hairs this late in the game.

          • whateverhappenedhappened

            I just meant in terms of the fact that I had accepted the character to be dead by the end of season 5. I’m not saying she died, came back to life then re-died. Just that, for me, the significance of her death wasn’t a huge part of season 6.
            Then again, I may just be proved wrong when Sawyer and Juliet Go Dutch in the sideways.

        • The Magician

          Well put, whateverhappened.

      • Andrew P.

        dd, you are pointless, uninteresting and one-dimensional.

        • dd

          Yet I still manage to say more useful things than you. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

    • “I just don’t get how this garbage is doing the trick for people. Go back and watch any play from the first three years; even clunkers like “Two Gentlemen of Verona” are better written and more internally consistent than what he’s capable of producing now. Remember when it was a problem when the action of Midsummer Night’s Dream was predicated on an event we never see happen? Those were the good old days. Now he’s just gratuitously killing off our favorite characters (like Romeo and Juliet, Lear, Richard II, Hamlet etc.) for some cheap dramatic flair because he can’t figure out any better way to do it and setting the stage for some lame-ass ending where everyone is dead, but also alive! It’s like in Macbeth, when they killed off Banquo, but they had a ghost Banquo to take his place!

      This would be bad drama if it was patronized by the Queen running on the Globe stage at 2:00am on a weeknight. From one of the best writers and first few plays in the history of drama, we are left with this. How the mighty have fallen.”

      See how it’s easy to change your argument when you have no sense of narrative, plot progression and delivery of dramatic devices?

      • whateverhappenedhappened

        Very well said, Ryan. This is exactly the point I was trying to make with the Harry Potter stuff – I think it is more aptly summised in terms of Shakespeare. However, my reading of his work doesn’t go much further than Romeo and Juliet, King Lear and The Tempest.

        • Thanks for the props babe. It is good to see that some people understand the difference between real criticism and flying off into a pseudo intellectual tirade just because a couple characters die unexpectedly. Levi made one point that I partially agree with – that Sun’s character was more or less wasted by having her story being so closely tied to Jin’s destiny. I thought the symmetry of having Jin and Sun’s life ending mere hours after being brought back together was heartbreakingly good. Or maybe that was scrotum kickingly good. Either way it was a manic conclusion to their Island story. There’s a distinct difference between gratuitously killing characters because you don’t know what to do with them (Dan Brown anyone?) and having an arc for those characters that should be readily apparent to anyone who paid attention. Being disappointed is fine but using your disappointment as a platform to blast the show’s writers on the grounds of their inability to tell a story is simply intellectual dishonesty.

          By the way, those are still some heavy weight Shakes titles. Don’t sell yourself short. However, if Lost ended with Jacob appealing for cleansing applause from the audience a la Prospero I may have to kill something.

  • Rams

    Gatesy- I loved this line in your recap: ‘Live together, die alone’ was always Jack’s motto. Sawyer’s? ‘Every man for himself’. I think the remaining four Losties (wow- it has really come down to this!) are going to have to follow Jack’s motto if they are to achieve any final and lasting victory against the Man in Black.

  • Beena

    I found this to be an exceptional recap! Thank you! It is insightful, and your references of plot parallels and past events take us right to the “heart of the matter” you describe! Very well written!

  • bplenc

    i am so happy that FISH is not writing – and therefore posting on this site – a review of hers this week.

    this is a person whose blog became popular bc of Lost fans, and when she now disses the show in every write up she does, and those same readers dismiss her, she gets angry – calls all of them misogynistic – and stops writing all together.

    i mean seriously, you guys should check her site today – what she is saying and doing – honestly, FISH, if you’re reading this, you did it all to yourself.

    • dd

      Woah. I just looked at this. That’s really embarrassing. And it’s really sad that anyone sees her as an authority or credible voice.

      • nomaD

        Whats really sad is you have convinced yourself that you are an authority or credible source

        • dd

          Can you legitimately argue against anything I’ve said in any of my criticisms against FBs hamfisted reviews?

    • Wafs

      I actually stopped coming to the site because of her, lol. When I saw the recap wasn’t hers I was happy.

      I don’t want to come to a fansite to see someone slandering the show, there’s plenty of anti-lost websites for that.

      • Andrew P.

        I think you don’t understand the term “slander,” since it doesn’t apply to fish’s column.

        • bplenc

          she turned on the show – the fans turned on her


    • The Magician

      Totally agree.

  • bplenc

    sorry to post this on Gatesys recap – which I LOVE btw – but I didnt know where else to vent.

    to think this site still posts her recaps is the scariest part.

    • dd

      At least will know it will be a trainwreck of delusion and misunderstanding.

      One thing that is really beginning to bug me is the internet nerd vibe. Like, she’s probably one of those 4chan weirdos.

      • bplenc

        she turned on the show, the fans turned on her


  • gusteaux

    LOL! I actually miss Fish’s recap and the weekly MoniquE vs. dd throwdown it always generates.

    • cap10tripps

      Couldn’t agree more…

      • ErasedSlate

        My week is almost incomplete without their little spitting contest. Although, dd has posted a rare (and possibly only) comment on this very article that lacked the normal drip of bitter negativity.

        • dd

          I think whateverhappenedhappened is a great contributor this the comments section. This is my second moment of positivity. This person really has a great understanding of how to approach the show. I’ve said a lot of the things s/he is saying in the past, but it’s nice to hear them coming from a different person to counter the almost bling viewing of LOST.

          It’s really frustrating to read criticism or analysis that shows the writer hasn’t considered things like narrative style or even something very basic like point-of-view. There’s also the problem that comes from the misconception that LOST has been a puzzle that can be solved if one only dug deep enough into the minutia while never realizing the limits of its usefulness (they are intended to tease or give thanks). It’s that kind of all spectacle with no substance kind of analysis. Full of holes and platitudes, but it appeals to lazy thinkers or those who are intimidated.

          It would be awesome if there could be a real discussion, but there are too many conflicting perspectives– with many of them being sadly fallacious and specious.

          • dd

            Oops. Bling is supposed to read as blind. I really can’t work my way around this keyboard.

  • cap10tripps

    My prediction of the week is that the LOST book “Bad Twin” will turn out to be a very big hint of a reveal in “Across the Sea.”

  • cap10tripps

    Btw, this is based on who I think Jacob and MIB are. Also, I’m really feeling like MIB’s name will be Aaron. I (like most) have speculated incorrectly most of the time, but I figured I’d give it one last shot. In a way this is a sad day for me. I’m going to miss all the thought provoking speculation Doc, and his sites always provided.

    R.I.P Speculative Discussion 2006-2010

    • ErasedSlate

      But, we still have a few more weeks to speculate…. You would think that “if” they are brothers they would both have Hebrew names. I think it will be Joseph, the son of the biblical Jacob that was sold into slavery by his brothers.

      Who else wants to venture a guess? Throw in a name and possibly win bragging rights.

      • Ament

        His name will be ???

      • Andrew P.

        I don’t buy it. If they’re not telling us his name all this time, it has to be because he’s someone we already know. It’s Aaron.

      • gusteaux

        My prediction is that they will NEVER reveal MIB’s name.

        • Rams

          I hope they do, only stop all these MIB=Aaron theories!

          • accessoire

            If they give him a shocker name, then please something really unexpected like Eloise Hawkings or something like that. The “problem” about Lost is, that we got so used to speculating, that we took absolutely every possibility into account – which is why thinks like Aaron = MiB theories start to appear. But to me such a reveal would be pretty boring now, because it would be too “obvious”. I think if they will reveal his name and it is one of the characters we already know, then it’s gonna be a totally unexpected character. But I don’t think that is anyone of the characters. MiB is someone who lived a long time ago (and no, he didn’t travel from the future to the past ;o).

          • s.w.a.c.

            MiB = Nikki and/or Paolo

        • ErasedSlate


  • accessoire

    Just watched the candidate once again and there is one thing I absolutely don’t get. At the end when Locke walks away and says “finish what I started”, he is picking up a gun. Why is he picking up a gun? I mean he really doesn’t need a gun.

    • whateverhappenedhappened

      Maybe a good old Rosseu pin-trick is coming our way? (I can’t quite think how.)

  • Orbitman

    It is so obvious… LOST season 6 = Smoke & Mirrors

  • Today the EURO shows durability once again.

  • Rosie

    [“He blew up a bomb already and Juliet died because of it.”]

    No. Juliet blew up the bomb, not Jack. And James knew this.

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  • Sandi Schapp

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  • Rosie

    I find some of the criticisms against Jin for staying with Sun rather laughable. Many seemed to have forgotten that Jin had no air tank after Jack and Sawyer had left. If he had left Sun behind, he would have drowned attempting to reach the surface. And in the end, Ji Yeon would still be left without any parents. Even worse, both Jin and Sun would have died alone.