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Theory : Vile Vortices

By normandy,

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Greetings fellow lostaholics. Another day and here is another product of over analyzed lost storyline: vile vortices theory..

Let’s first see what they are.. Vile Vortices are 12 locations on the globe that have similar qualities to that of the Bermuda Triangle.. In fact, Bermuda Triangle is formed by these vortices..
Click here for the vortices map

The natural phenomena that is observed at these regions is believed to be the result of conflicting air and sea currents.. They lead to “strange sky and sea conditions, mechanical and instrument malfunctions, and mysterious disappearances”.
Later on, further fortifying the theory, Soviets postulated that these 12 plates of natural anomaly make up 62 junctions between themselves, and each and every one of these junctions displayed anomalies. Furthermore, some of those junctions are the sites to prehistoric advanced civilizations.

The importance of this for Lost is, if you open up the map and observe the vortex locations, quoting from this thread,
“Some have mentioned that the vile vortices may be at work, and the
polar bear in Tunisia supports it. The idea is that people and things
can move into each of the different vortices and end up in the same
place. In terms of Lost, that means the island.

If you look at the map, you can see a vortex near Tunisia where a polar
bear may have gone through from the island. Plus, there is a vortex at
the north pole, so that may be why polar bears on on the island in the
first place.

Other vortices support this…the one east of Australia is probably
where the plane went down, and the one south of Florida is where
Juliette and Locke’s dad could have been taken to the island by
submarine. Plus, there is another in mid-Africa, where Yemi’s drug
plane may have gone through” and;

“The Black Rock headed west from Africa, if I’m not mistaken, and there’s a vortex there”

  • roomforhuman

    Wow Normandy, I really like this theory. So, if this theory is reality, I wonder if the island will end up being the main “dump site,” for these other vile vortices.

  • normandy

    I haven’t found any information as to how the vortices are presumed to operate. When you enter one, are you definitely coming out of a pre-determined one? Do you get to choose where you will come out from?
    Vortices are believed to be aligned in set latitudes so you might be able to choose from those maybe.. But this theory, if used correctly, can also explain the “magic box” and why those portuguese guys playing chess, trying to pick up a signal from the island, were stationed in one of the poles..

  • rogerwilco

    Nice theory. Does this explain why those portuguese guys were shown manning a station in the south pole at the end of season 2?

  • H20

    I like your theory normandy and also I believe that the “magic box” is a means of transporting on and off the island. Your explanation of how this could be is a good one. The submarine, helicopter and freighter are just to give the illusion or to con people into the idea that normal transportation works. Flight 815,Henry Gale’s balloon, Desmond’s sailboat, Yemi’s plane, Danielle’s boat and the Black Rock were brought there accidentally by being at the wrong place at the right time or in one of these vile vortices.I think that the polar bear in the desert was just an experiment of sending something alive back through to the other side.

    If you are going to leave the island or come back to the island at your choice then you have to have knowledge about the real way that people get on and off the island.(or have someone who knows bring you there as in the case of Juliette and the real Sawyer.) That may be true with these new people too that they only got there because Naomi’s people brought them there and she was to ensure that they came back.

    That may be why Frank says he will get Sayid off of the island when Sayid asked to be taken to the freighter. Perhaps that is also why the helicopter was just sitting there pretty in the clearing and Frank was over a cliff looking a little worse for the wear. Remember that Juliette was drugged because they were hiding how she got there but Richard also said that is was going to be a rough ride. Getting there seems to involve a violent turbulence of some kind.

  • Joe

    I had been wondering just exactly how Juliette had gotten to the island. She lived in Florida, but the Others had taken her to the other side of the planet in a submarine?? Drugged the entire way and traveling around the world in a submarine that doesn’t look all that big and not exactly made for long distance travel?? Her sister had dropped her at an airport where she wound up being drugged, but did they fly a drugged Juliette to some other location where they boarded the sumbarine and THEN took her to the island? Either way, it would be a long time for someone to travel while being drugged the entire time. The Vile Vortices make perfect sense. The Others drug Juliette in Florida, get her on their little submarine, and just traveled out to the closest Vortex (in this case the Bermuda Triangle) which then took them to the Isle of Lost.

  • Lmz27

    I like this theory — what are some unanswered questions that we could tackle? One is — I wonder how Desmond and Penny fit into this theory? Also, my personal little favorite mini-mystery is who is Adam and Eve? Another thing I’m wondering is how the button, the numbers, and the failsafe fit in to this? Any thoughts?

  • cap10tripps

    I think it’s important to remember the hints of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” and Stephen Hawkings “A Brief History of Time” we saw in season 3 (Doc had plenty of us gushing over these when the hints were first dropped). They fit really well with this LOST theory.

    The dark tower is the nexus of multiple planes of existence. The main character is traveling these planes. Planes of existence on earth have been theorized to be sometimes almost identical and sometimes very different (depending on certain choices made, major events that come at just the right time, chance, etc.). Even heaven has been theorized as an alternate plane. Some books and movies (“Event Horizon”) have theorized the same to be true for hell. What if the island is the nexus of all planes? This would possibly include a utopian reality (heaven) and a twisted reality gone very wrong (hell). This could explain cerberus (Smokey as the infamous dog of hell). Perhaps he/she/it is guarding a doorway (or vortice) that should never be opened.

    Regarding Hawking’s black holes and time travel… Some have theorized these planes are accessible by the ability to bend space and time (check out Einsteins ideas and his possible involvement in the Philadelphia experiment). Some have theorized these planes run parallel to ours and/or on different frequencies. This is how people are visited by “angels,” and dead relatives (they posess the ability to slow the frequency of their further enlightened plane). Hawkings black holes include the event horizon which has been theorized as a spherical sort of “domed” area that light can only at times barely escape (“the light scatters differently here”) and passing through that domed area could possibly be what is widely referred to as a wormhole. These wormholes could theoretically make traveling space and time at will possible.

    So perhaps we are watching the nexus of our world’s parallel dimensions/planes of existence. Maybe we’re within an event horizon that has been found by DHARMA, thus exposed to a lowly species who is not ready to accept its possibilities or worse yet exploit them. I am under the belief that the electro magnetic anomale (caused by “the incident”) that was being held in check by the swan would have collapsed our world unto itself if not for the fail safe (which made the island briefly visible). It was at this moment that the light briefly escaped…

  • jennyfher

    This is form Sam’s ( pc, on the black rock

    “…The final voyage of the Black Rock involved the ship leaving Portsmouth and travelling to the South Indian Ocean. The ship collected gold in Indinesia and Papua New Guinea, which was to be exchanged for slaves in Africa. However, instead of sailing west to Africa, the ship left port in an easterly direction. It was never seen again.”

  • berick

    great theory. it sort of goes along with my theory about the man on the boat Miles was trying to contact; George Minkowski.
    George Minkowski shares a last name with the 19th Century Mathematician Herman Minkowski. Herman worked off of Einsteins Special Theory of Relativity and believed that 3 dimensions of space combine with a single dimension of time to form a 4th dimension. not sure how to tie this in but the island is a dimension unlike the ordinary ones we experience.

  • Scott

    I find it compelling and coherent and I’m going to assume it for the purpose of my explanation of events in and leading up to The Economist.

    Remember there is a 31 minute lapse for “tangible” objects getting to and from the island, but not for electromagentic signals (the sat phones, radio transmissions). My guess here is that there is some (dare I say it) vortex these tangibles have to pass through to explain the Mittelos – oh, sorry I meant ‘lost time’,

    I think (not unlike many others) the Oceanic 6 (whom I believe are Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Jin, and Sun) leave. All other (living) members of 815 stay – because they want to stay. They do not want to be found. This is the secret they are keeping – they do not want the island found – mostly to protect their friends, but also because (by that point) they will have learned more about the magic properties of the Island and don’t want it found by anyone. This offers an explanation as to why Sayid would work for Ben.

    And as for why Ben is off the island – well, Ben may have said that he’s never been off the island, but we all know that is clearly a lie. (He came when he was a teenager. The passports shown in The Economist provide justification for the belief that Ben has been, in fact, leaving the island (somewhat frequently) for quite some time – and he knows the exact bearings to do so (check when he sent Michael & Walt off in the tugboat – told them to follow these exact bearings). This is repeated by Farraday to Lapidius.

    Ben is not a member of the Oceanic 6. Ben has his own means of getting to and from the Island. (And I’m going to stick with the vortex on this one.) Moreover, I believe that Ben is the only one who knows how the vortex works – such that when he dies (I think Ben is in the Coffin in TTLG) Jack is terribly depressed that his chances of returning to the Island are forever gone.

    On a side note, when I watch Lost, I have my full theory in mind at all times until something is done that outright refutes it (by canon, by the writers, etc.). I find the show even more enjoyable, since instead of asking ‘is Ben leaving the island’ or ‘why is he leaving the island’ – I ask ‘where is he going’ (assuming he’s using some vortex. In general I find having a working theory always helps in a show so beautifully layered in complexity.

    The Vile Vortex theory has just the kind of mystery, disappearance, misplaced objects in the middle of nowhere, global deposit dump nuances that fit into some of the show’s ongoing mysteries. It answers the most questions and has the least potent objections. What more could you ask from a theory?

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