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(Un)fortunate Son: Locke’s Legit Obit?

By Walter L. Newton,

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bentham_obit.jpgThe official obituary of Jeremy Bentham (John Locke’s off-island pseudonym) mentions that he had a son. [Yes, I am aware that the producers have said that the obit was merely a prop, so these theories are innocent conjecture.]

No one attended Locke’s funeral; however, he had returned from the island and was probably operating in stealth mode under the Bentham alias. He certainly did not want to draw attention to the fact or attempt to explain why he was no longer in a wheelchair…

The only woman we’ve seen Locke in a relationship with was Helen, although he ruined his future with her when he chose to stalk his father. Given the significance of children on and off the island on LOST, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Helen discovered she was pregnant after breaking up with Locke but never informed him. In which case, if Locke did contact Helen upon his return, perhaps that was when he met his son for the first time.

helen_locke.jpgIf Helen was covering for him/keeping his Bentham identity a secret to protect herself and their son, it’s possible that SHE placed the obit in the paper but knew better than to show up at his funeral.

Then again, the mention of male offspring could have been a signal to protect either or both of the 815 boys: Walt and Aaron. I would not be surprised to find out down the line that Sayid strategically wrote and submitted the obit (especially since he was the one who sarcastically referred to Bentham’s death as a suicide and may have been involved).

So…do you think that Locke actually had a child, or are you sticking with the official story, that the obit is insignificant?