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Who’s your daddy?

By Cat,

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We all know that “Lost” has done its fair share of covering issues with family; siblings not knowing their siblings, mothers who would rather love an abusive husband than their own daughter and of course, father problems.

These daddy issues outnumber the other family problems by a larger margin; to the point where they even named an episode after daddy issues, way back in season 1.

We know Locke has had many daddy issues: his father conned him into giving him a kidney, he lied to him about reforming and then promptly shoved poor John out a window. But last night’s episode got me thinking: what if Anthony Cooper wasn’t John’s father? He’s a con man, he could’ve conned an obviously fragile Emily Locke (who later is admitted to Santa Rosa for schizophrenia) into accepting him into her life.

Here are my reasons: Anthony Cooper isn’t old enough to be a man “twice [Emily’s] age”. If Emily were 15 or 16 in the summer of 1957 (when the Buddy Holly song she was listening to was released), then her suitor would be between the ages of 30-32. That would make her suitor (and John’s father) born in 1927. Thus, in 2004, John’s father would be pushing 80. Does Anthony Cooper look even close to pushing 80? He shouldn’t, as Kevin Tighe, the actor playing Anthony Cooper was born in 1944. It’s not a far stretch to see Anthony Cooper pulling a long con on John Locke for a large majority of his life. Given what know in the show so far, we have no concrete proof that Anthony Cooper is John Locke’s father.

So then, who is Locke’s real father? My thought is that it must be that man pictured above. Why? Because of the reaction Emily’s mother (and John’s grandmother) gives to the man staring through the window. Richard Alpert looks like he could be in his early 30s. Is it possible that Locke’s connection to the island is a familial one?

My guess is, if this were true, we won’t know for quite a while.