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Why Locke Must Return (AKA All Unnecessary Mass Must Return To The Island)

By docarzt,

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locke.jpgSo why does Jack have to cart Locke’s carcass back to the island?  My theory is because it does not belong in the universe that the characters are in.

Proponents of a time/space injury sitting silently at the core of LOST’s overarching mystery will appreciate the notion that the presence of mass that shouldn’t exist, even a little, could easily be a cosmological nightmare.   I trust you’ve all seen Timecop?  No? Well, in Timecop a duplicate could not come in contact with an earlier or future time version of himself or herself – lest a bunch of nasty stuff would happen.

In the outtakes of the Orchid video shown at Comic-Con, Marvin Candle signaled a similar sort of calamity with the LOST-verse’s own version of dealing with duplicates.  Don’t let them touch.

Rewind to the mystery of Oceanic 815.  The assumption is that the wreckage is planted, we’ve seen Mr. Friendly’s documents proving it.  But what if that mystery was just thrown back into the slow cooker.  What if nobody planted the wreckage?  What if it IS the wreckage, from the original time-line, and all of the Oceanic 815 survivors should be dead.

These questions are best answered in the end game, so I wouldn’t expect MUCH solid evidence on this one way or the other up until this point.  The LOST guys are not known for leaving a clear breadcrumb trail to their resolutions, but they do leave a lot of long tail hints.  The cable for instance.  Is there enough evidence to make the time loop/universe out of balance theories work at this point?  Perhaps “You have to bring him too” is the best indicator so far.

LF108 somehow saw this as them needing to bring Locke back to life.  Well, LF108 is a Locke fan apparently.  Locke probably knew he was an offense to the universe and tried to remove himself from the equation.  Either way, the need to bring Locke back could come down to a finite equation.  Too much mass.  Just enough to alter the spin of the Universe’s own Donkey wheel.  Seem too strange and oblique?  Think of how obsessed LOST is with the interconnectedness of ‘things’, events, people, relationships. The idea isn’t that there is an equation in the show we’ll need to be able to solve, but that some small connections will become vital to endgame.  Including the dead mass of one John Locke.

In most of the whacked universe theories, the island is a privileged frame of reference.   It’s the Universe’s Las Vegas.  What happens on the island stays on the island.  Lots of time tripping and space bending is going on there, but for the most part the outside world is immune to it’s effects.  It is, from one of my own earlier theories, a “Closed Time-like Curve.”  A mini-verse.

Using the show’s own logic with the idea of a privileged field, if the Oceanic 815 originally crashed somewhere within the halo of this effect, their ‘course correction’ would belong to the island.  If the mini-stroke caused by the Swan’s near meltdown caused a shift, as seen in the Orchid vids, it is very possible that there is a full second plane out there full of dead Sawyers, Jacks, Hurleys, Kates, and Frogurts.  If it crashed first, before 815 part 2 (the pilot strikes back) came to rest near the island, course correction demands that event be corrected.    Problem is, with the time bending of the mini-stroke, when did the death take place?  Voila.  Cosmic conundrum.  Perhaps the best solution to right things is to bring all mass that does not belong back to the island.

I strongly believe the show will have an apocalyptic as well as a dramatic close.  Probably the apocalypse before the drama, because you want the character story for resonance.  It is unlikely, though, that the stakes will wind down as the story advances.  In the end, Dr. Jack and company could be responsible for whether all of us live or die, unwitting and unsuspecting players in cosmogonic fugue where the stakes are real, but the true redemption comes in being able to start over.   The boon of the island, the correcting of space time, the heading off of some unseen event, all will be secondary to a story of choice, and sacrifice.