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Wild Speculation – “Follow the Leader”

By RandomZombie,

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Hello again!

First things first: I’ll be referencing the preview for next weeks episode, so if you consider that kind of thing a spoiler, you may want to stop.  Not that there were any major surprises or reveals in the preview… but there it is.

Okay, this isn’t easy to say, but I’ve got to say it: I agree with Kate.  That’s something that hasn’t happened in a very long time.  In traveling to the past the 06ers have entered a world of reckless insanity and fruitless trying-to-change-the-future madness.  And so far every attempt has done nothing but ensure that very future that we have all come to know: Sayid’s attempt to kill Ben turns Ben into the sinister madman that Sayid was trying to get rid of; Daniel’s attempt to make a difference and keep adult Charlotte from returning to the island leads to her memories of the scary man who told her to stay away, and fueled her archeological career (and even though we didn’t see him tell her to stay away, I think it’s pretty implicit that that’s what happened.)  And it was Mile’s reluctant admission to being Dr. Chang’s son, and his support of Daniel’s warning, that led to Dr. Chang forcing his wife and son off of the island – the very event that created Mile’s ill opinion of his father in the first place.

And now Jack is going to attempt to use Jughead to stop the incident, and I think we all know how that’s going to turn out.

And all because of Daniel.  I’m still bitter about his death.  The one person who could explain why the light scatters differently on the island and reveal the meaning and mechanics behind the time difference between the island and freighter…  And his grief over Charlotte’s death led him to a kind of madness, where he recognized free will as the variable able to change the course of events, but failed to realize that, being in 1977, those variables had already been set in place.  He was a fantastic character who should have been around for next season, and was given an inglorious death at the nadir of his logical and scientific reasoning.

His ideas inspired Jack to take action, and Jack used the grief of Eloise’s recent filicide to lure her into cooperation.  Otherwise I think he would have had a difficult time in getting help.  Why Richard tagged along is anyone’s guess, unless he knows that it’s a futile task and is working to ensure the inevitable future.

I have no reason for thinking this, but I’ve got a feeling that Sayid might not actually be in Jack’s corner.  This runs contrary to all evidence (his attempt to kill Ben, the fact that the plane landing means that he could be with Nadia,) but there was something in his look after he emerged from the water that made me think that Jack better keep an eye on him.

That Phil’s a jerk, huh?  Even Radzinsky looked shocked by his attack on Juliet.  You can’t blame Phil for being bitter, though, considering that his good natured attempt to hear Jim’s side of the events documented on the tape was rewarded with a fierce punch and some time locked in a closet.  Still, I’m a Juliet fan and it wasn’t very nice.

I was hoping that Jim had a plan.  His deal to get Juliet and himself on the sub was a perfect way to buy some time, and the moment before he climbed into the sub hatch had what was undoubtedly the intended effect of making me think “NOW he’s going to do something bad-ass!”  But his “Good riddance,” tossed all that out the window.  But it seems that he’s not finished with the island yet.  There’s nothing to indicate how or why Jim, Kate, and Juliet get off the sub, but it seems unlikely that the Dharma members would turn around to let them out of their own free will.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the island intervenes and flashes them back to dry land.  Either that or Kate’s going to spoil Jim and Juliet’s would-be happy (but boring) ending by doing something rash and forcing the sub back to the dock long enough for them to make an escape.  Something extreme enough might make the Dharma folks force Jim and Juliet from the sub, whether they want off or not.

Hurley is still lugging around the guitar case, which means either that there’s something more important than a guitar inside or ghost Charlie (who I believe told Hurley to be on the plane) told him to hang on to the guitar because it would be needed in some way.  I suppose that a reunion with a resurrected Charlie isn’t likely, though it’d be welcome by me.

If not ghost Charlie, then maybe Bram of the Children of Dharma got in touch with Hurley and somehow convinced him to be on Ajira 316.  According to Eloise’s reasoning, this would improve the likelihood of the plane crashing on the island, plus put Ilana, Bram, and company closer to whatever their goal is.  This doesn’t explain the guitar case, though.

Now we jump thirty years into the future!

Something’s up with Richard.  I think he knows more about what’s going on than he lets on.  He told Sun that he saw everyone she pointed out in the photo die, but this seems very unlikely.  Maybe it looked to him like they died – maybe there was a giant blast or flash of the Incident occurring and he didn’t see them get swept away into the stream of time.  Or maybe he’s not being honest.  If he has some kind of deeper understanding of whatever is going on throughout this period of time he might have thought it necessary to lie to Sun.

I had no problems with Richard until this episode, but now I’m having a hard time knowing what to think about him.  He seems to be autonomous from the leadership of the others, taking the side of the island when Widmore was angered over the saving of Ben’s life.  If Jacob and the island are one, as I had thought, and Jacob/the island chose John as the new leader, why would Richard make the comment “I’m starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble,” to Ben?  If John was chosen by Jacob, wouldn’t John’s decision to take the Others to Jacob be what was wanted?  Could Locke be throwing a wrench into an intricate and decades-spanning plan concocted by some combination of Jacob, the island, Widmore, Eloise, Ben, and Richard?  He did seem genuinely surprised when Ben said that he had tried to kill John, and I really want Richard to be a good guy…

What about John?  He’s certainly more confident than he has been in a long time (a welcome change.)  There’s little doubt that he’s actually communing with the island, considering that he knew just when he and Richard needed to be at the downed plane.  His accusation that Ben has never seen Jacob came as a surprise, further cementing the idea that Ben was never supposed to lead, but forcefully took the reins from Charles Widmore.  We know that Locke has seen Jacob, if only for an instant, which supports him being the true chosen leader.

Even if Ben hasn’t seen Jacob, he knows that he exists.  The flying objects in the cabin would be evidence enough, but we also have the ring of ash, which likely acts to confine Jacob to the cabin, and the fact that Ben shot Locke when Jacob revealed himself to him.

That was genuine shock on Ben’s face when Locke said that he was going to kill Jacob.  And when Locke says “kill,” I believe that he means it in the literal sense.  I don’t think that he’s turned on the person (or spirit) that asked for his help, but that he’s taking a cue from his own experience and intends to kill whatever fragment is left of Jacob in order for him to be reborn anew – whole and alive.  This may have been the help that Jacob asked for.  Maybe Locke’s resurrection wasn’t meant to serve so much as a rebirth for him (after all, he was communing with the island way back in season one,) but was meant to reveal to him what must be done for Jacob to be saved.  He means to kill Jacob and have the Others witness it, so the true power of the island (and John himself) can’t be denied.  The Other’s will no longer have to take it on someone else’s word that Jacob’s will is being followed.

One last thought, then I’ll stop: the season-ending “game-changing” twist!  It’s not something that I’m going to speculate too heavily on, both because I believe that it’s most likely a useless task (because whatever happens will likely be way out of left field,) and because I don’t really want to watch expecting something to happen – I want to be as struck dumb as I was when I realized that bearded Jack was living in a flash-forward!

I do think that there is a slight mislead, however.  The Incident will occur, and something will get all of our stranded castaways back into one time period, but I don’t think that the twist will directly involve any of the main characters.  Whatever will happen will involve Ilana, Bram, and Lapidus, and will most likely have to do with whatever is in the crate.  If the new arrivals are somehow involved with Dharma, then they may have access to machinery which could take advantage of the unique properties of the island.

I know that I said I wasn’t going to speculate too much, but I’ll end with this, only because it occurred to me as I was typing the above paragraph: Whatever is in the crate will utilize the properties of the island, perhaps linking with the device behind the frozen donkey wheel, and cause the final time jump of the season.  Everyone currently on the island (with Ilana and crew) as well as the time-travelers in 1977 will find themselves together in one time period – a long time ago, under the shadow of a fully intact statue.

And there you go.

  • Sarah

    thank you for that ‘eulogy’ for Daniel – it perfectly summed up my sadness at his death…

    • Wintermute

      I think you are right when you speculate everyone will end up in the same time period, but I disagree with it being the ancient past.

      How about the future? Way in the future…Darlton have always been very specific in saying that the show will create “a mosaic of the past, present and future.”

      We’ve seen the past this season. We spent three seasons seeing the “present.” Season four showed us the “future” (which is now the past for all involved). It’s about time we see some Island future, wouldn’t you say?

  • I like the idea that they all go back to ancient times =)

    • Ament

      The idea of them going back to that time would be a great closure on the statue and smoke monster being that knowing their origins is in a sense a conclusion. They also briefly mentioned a Volcano erupting on the island a very very long time ago. What kind of ashes are around the cabin?

      Also the fact that the Others speak “Latin” one of the oldest languages hints towards this. As far as we know out of the current group only Juliet speaks Latin, but that may not be the case seeing we have another season to see.

      Also mister eyeliner, I can picture him with an egyptian headress hmmm? I know latin was spoken in Egypt during the middle ages before that was prob arabic. So in my opinion knowing the origins would make for a great closure or even continuation with the “time-loop” theory.

  • Stini

    And all because of Daniel. I’m still bitter about his death. The one person who could explain why the light scatters differently on the island and reveal the meaning and mechanics behind the time difference between the island and freighter… And his grief over Charlotte’s death led him to a kind of madness, where he recognized free will as the variable able to change the course of events, but failed to realize that, being in 1977, those variables had already been set in place. He was a fantastic character who should have been around for next season, and was given an inglorious death at the nadir of his logical and scientific reasoning.

    His ideas inspired Jack to take action, and Jack used the grief of Eloise’s recent filicide to lure her into cooperation. Otherwise I think he would have had a difficult time in getting help.

    Reading, this, some more wild speculation began happening.
    Daniel seemed to know that everything would happen in place on the island. Dr Chang turned up ‘right on time’. He told Miles ‘I’m just making sure your father does what he’s supposed to do.’ He almost seemed to have pre-knowledge of events on the island. As you said, by 1977, the variables had all been set in place, and Daniel had been hired by Widmore in 2004 to study the island in that time before turning up on the freighter.

    His actions – sowing seeds in Chang’s head, telling Jack just what he needs to know about the plane crash, and then rushing into the Other’s camp, all guns blazing – seem to be premeditated. If people are variables, why didn’t he exercise his free will and refuse to talk to little Charlotte?
    Could ‘The Incident’ be the hydrogen bomb itself? Daniel knew that Jack needed to detonate it, that Eloise would need to be under some pretty strong emotional pull to take him there? Possibly knew that he had to die?
    The only source that we have that a pocket of energy is going to go off in the Swan station is Daniel himself. Perhaps what has always happened is that Jack detonates the bomb into that space.

    Apologies for going on at length.

    • the dude

      What you said would have to mean that Daniel has lived through 1977 before, and after his death.
      How did his knowledge of the incident come about? How would he have figured it out in 2004? It’s not like there was a book written about it or anything. The only possibilities here are that his mother or Widmore told him all about it, or someone from the future. He wrote it all down in his journal and went back in time to try and change the outcome.

      • Val

        When Faraday was in 2007, he was not in a condition to understand much because of his memory problem. I doubt Widmore or Hawking told him anything. I’m thinking that while in Ann Arbor in 1977, he must have found a way to see future, saw how events played out, and knew he had to make things happen. Why else would he want to branish a gun, having never held one before, while walking into the Others’ camp. Mighty suspicious along with the post that also suggested the “coincidental” meeting with Chang was nothing of the sort. Faraday KNEW what was to happen. He just needed his variables to try to change it.

        • We don’t really understand the nature of Daniel’s memory “problem”, but we do know that he used his consciousness device on himself, BEFORE he used it on Theresa.
          And, that being the case, it must ave worked, at first.
          And, that being the case…we don’t really know the extent of what Daniel knows, now do we?
          As long as he kept putting things in that journal, perhaps he was able to keep track of WHEN he was…to a certain degree???

      • Ament

        I think he did write it all down, remember Eloise had the book wondering how her handwriting was in it. She probally kept the original book the whole time.

  • Unbeliever

    I hope there are dinosaurs like Land of the Lost!!!

  • DarthBubba

    Regarding the guitar case: Hurley was probably told by a ghost to leave the case in the tree that Locke and Charlie found it in. No way could an acoustic guitar survive the crash and hitting the tree.

    • grasspike

      if Jack and the others could survive it so could a guitar packed in a hard road case like it was in

    • Jack Daniels

      Hurley brought that guitar case with him on Ajira 316 in 2007, the guitar that Locke found for Charlie in the jungle in season 1 was the one that Charlie brought with him on Oceanic 815 in 2004. That guitar, for all intents and purposes, was still on the island somewhere when Charlie dove down to the Looking Glass station and drowned.

  • unclejacob

    “Everyone currently on the island (with Ilana and crew) as well as the time-travelers in 1977 will find themselves together in one time period – a long time ago, under the shadow of a fully intact statue.”

    mind = p*owned

  • The Traveler

    I’ve decided that WHH and that the incident takes place and one of the 815ers die and the energy released from the incident pushes the 815ers in 1977 to travel to the present or actually the resent past/present.

    • Or traps (Jac)ks’ spirit as (Jac)ob.

  • johr77

    was anything ever said about, when they entered 77 into the computer and the flame blew up that maybe it somehow set the island up for the 815ers to travel to 1977?

    probably way off but i thought of it and cant get it out of my head.

  • cap10tripps

    Love your articles. Love to speculate. I’ve actually been speculating quite a bit on the guitar that never leaves Hurley’s side. I’m thinking Charlie told him he had to go back, and by doing so they would meet again. This was the ultimate bromance on the island, so perhaps Hurley’s brought his best bud’s guitar so he has peace once again (he seemed very out of sorts without his guitar until Locke told him to look up)…

  • Holidayjad

    I can see this flashing to the ancient past happening. We saw this episode that resurrected Locke ordered Alpert to tell the 2004 Locke that he needed to die. In “The Lie”, there was someone else who told Locke that he needed to die and it was Christian in the caves. Remember there was one more flash and Christian’s backdrop actually look like its a very ancient location. I can imagine resurrected Locke going back to this ancient time and telling Christian in the cave that he will find an injured man, and that he would need to tell this man that he needed to die to bring everybody back and to say regards to his son. Remember too that at this very same time when Locke went down the well, after the flash, there was Sawyer & company in a time when there was no well yet, and the Statue was still there! Omg, I think we just figured how the next season will pan out.
    Is this the war that Widmore was talking about? The war between the egyptian god and smokey as seen in the heiroglyphics in Dead is Dead? What role will our losties play in this part of the island’s history?
    How will Desmond play in this scenario? Will he be the force to finally bring all our losties to their right time/present time? I can’t wait.

    • Holidayjad

      Sorry, what I meant was in “This Place Is Death”, not “The Lie”.
      Since everyone including myself seem to be paranoid and spoilerphobes now that the finale is nearing, I just need to place a caveat here that I am merely speculating and have been spoiler-free since season 4.
      Anyways, I have another addition to this flashing back to ancient times theory. In order to time travel back to present time, could it be that our losties themselves were the ones who created the donkey wheel? Just thinking.

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