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LOST Will NOT Be Pre-Empted By The Olympics

By docarzt,

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I won’t say I told you so (even though, I did right here), but everyone rejoice:  LOST will not be pre-empted by the winter Olympics.  This is via CarltonCuse’s twitter, and – of course – common sense.  Now, let’s pray there are no further interruptions this season.

  • Eric

    well yeah. who cares about the winter olympics? especially on nbc.

    • docarzt


    • Kevin James John

      No one.

  • blackhart23

    Lost kicking the assess of old programs that no one cares about since February 2nd. (I have never watched the State of the Union or the Olympics)

    • Marc

      Not sure that is something you should be bragging about.

      Great to see the old comment system back.

      • Two things we agree on – no f***ing way. Pigs fly. Hell has frozen over. The Saints go marching in…

        • Marc


          Go straight to hell.

          Eternally Yours,


          • Not feelin’ the love, bro.

          • Marc

            im not your bro, guy

          • blackhart23

            I am only 18 so there has only been a few Olympics, and I avoided watching Bush at all cost.

  • Dharma77

    I bet there will be something that happens, just to ruin it. I live in the UK and if we get delays… Torrents, here I come.

  • clueless1der

    Cool! Good to know. I was just tickled by the Obama thing; ya know he has like a life-sized model of the Hatch stashed away or something.

  • docarzt

    Seriously…. LOST just cannot be stopped. First it plows through the president of the united states, now the olympics…

  • brent

    I actually prefer the winter olympics to the summer. But that’s probably just me.

    So I keep hearing the LOST finale will be May 25th. The only problem with that is that will require a week off somewhere in there, or a recap episode. It’s not crazy that they will have a special on the 18th and and then the two part finale, episodes 617 and 618 on May 25. May 25 would be the traditional end TV season week as May 31 is Memorial Day this year.

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