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LOST Wins “Best Television Series” At The Saturn Awards

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LOST took the award for “Best Television Series” at last night’s Saturn Awards.  Of course we all know LOST is the “Best Television Series” currently on the air, but a little affirmation doesn’t hurt.  J.J. Abrams accepted the award, stars Michael Emerson and Mark Pellegrino were in attendence.

  • whateverhappenedhappened

    I feel proud.

  • Masheen


  • Pat

    umm Mark Pellegrino was in attendance? Was he there for Lost?

    • Volcanic-Activity

      Yep I guess so. He isn’t starring as a regular in any other shows — our dear Jacob 🙂

  • Why does J.J. get the award? Shouldn’t he be begging Tom Cruise to do Mission Imposible 4 or something?

    • bps


    • Cody

      Yeah cause his last flick, Star Trek, was a complete failure.

      • Alex

        Hahahahaha. Right on. It’s not even like he has a popular show either.

        • Brandon

          That he has nothing to do with other than his name tacked on to the start of every episode

  • Nick

    JJ Abrams? Does he even watch the show anymore? He’s awesome with Star Trek and everything but I don’t really think he should be doing anything on behalf of Lost.

  • Brandon

    Yeah JJ Abrams should not be accepting this award. He has no creative input on the show. Its all Carlton and Damon!! Why are they not accepting this award. JJ is a joke. This is what he does with every TV show. He stays around for 2 years and then just disappears to go do movies *Cough* Alias *Cough*

  • nomteticus

    I hope he will be involved in season 6. Maybe direct an episode or something. I suppose he still talks to Damon about it. Sure, he’s more into Fringe right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of it.

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