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LOST With Lyndsey…”Some Like It Hoth”

By LOST With Lyndsey,

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“People don’t want their lives fixed. Nobody wants their problems solved. Their dramas. Their distractions. Their stories resolved. Their messes cleaned up. Because what would they have left? Just the big scary unknown.” Chuck Palahniuk

Super-Duper Brief Recap

Season 5 Episode 13
“Some Like It Hoth”- Miles and Hurley go road trippin.’
Kate looks for love in all the wrong places and Jack revels in the satisfaction of a well-cleaned blackboard. Miles auditions for Naomi by speaking with a dead delivery guy named Felix, and we finally understand where in tar nation he came up with the seemingly asinine bribery figure of $3.2 million in the S4 ep. “Eggtown.” We also learn that Lapidus is not the only Widmore-cohort who is shabby with riddles. Faraday finally returns and he and Miles share a ‘moment.’

Carry On My Wayward ‘Sun’…

The woman who I was sure was “old Sun” throughout the entirety of my first viewing of  “Because You Left” (there was a lot of Dharma wine flowing at our premiere party,) actually turned out to be Mrs. Pierre Chang and Miles mama. She looks at trashy Encino apartments with Mini-Miles, who hears death everywhere. He follows their desperate cries directly to the white rabbit shaped hide-a-key situation, and enters apartment number four.  He sees a half eaten sandwich and the guy who’d been eating it, sprawled on the floor. It’s traumatizing.

“I keep nothing from you, you keep nothing from me… and round and round we go.” Meet The Parents

Back on the Island, Miles affirms his allegiance to Team Juliet and lets Sawyer/La Fleur know that he ain’t diggin’ this teaming up with Kate nonsense. Sawyer/ La Fleur is in a hurry and asks Miles to erase the incriminating tape, which apparently, he does not. This will cause problems.
Enter Horace, who begrudgingly inducts Miles into the ‘Circle of Trust.’
The first rule in the Circle of Trust is that you do not ask questions about the Circle of Trust.
Sadly, Miles is no Jin, and is NOT the greatest with following instructions.
The moment the dead guy is presented, Miles breaks the first (and only) Circle of Trust rule and asks all sorts of questions about the deceased and his unfortunate circumstance. This seems like a total waste of a rule infraction, considering how chatty dead people seem to get around Miles anyway…

“To cry is to know that you’re alive but my river of tears has run dry…” H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty)

Miles has spiky hair and a goatee. He probably likes Type O Negative, Cradle of Filth and other 90’s hoth Goth rock bands.
Mrs. Chang has cancer. It’s sad. I’ll just bet we have Jughead to thank for that shit.
Miles finds out his dad’s a douche (his words) and also that he’s dead.
Miles is super-intrigued by this and wants to chat with the body, which Mama Chang claims he will never find.
Clearly, she does not share her son’s fondness for “Back to the Future,” as Lady Chang seems to shun the notion that her son might one day meet his father, circa 1977 on this supposedly unfind-able Island, entirely.

“To infinity, and beyond!” Buzz Lightyear

Miles and Hurls team up for a tandem mission to the Orchid. Hurly wants to feed the people and prevent global warming. Miles just wants to deliver a package named ‘Alvarez.’
So far, he thinks the Circle of Trust sucks.
Hurls writes poetry about a bounty hunter and accuses Miles of stinking up the van.
Miles denies the charge, which leads to Hurley having an anxiety attack re: the potentially rancid garlic mayo he’s concocted. Hurley may be ‘crazy,’ but being from the future, he totally gets how gnarly salmonella poisoning can be, and does the right thing by insisting on a quick inspection.

Rotting Mayo? Bad. Dead Body? Really Bad. Telling Uncle Rico his kid is gone? Super Bad

Though obviously relieved that his mayo is solid, Hurls is none too thrilled to learn that A) there is a dead body on this road trip, and B) that this interloper is actually to blame for the olfactory nightmare wafting through the van.
The discovery prompts Miles to initiate Hurley into the ‘Circle’ on the fly.
Unlike Miles, Hurley is stoked re: his admission into the club.
Alvarez (a.k.a ~ the dead guy in the van) had some unfortunate dental work, which apparently did not mix well with the electro-magnetic properties of the bomb buried within the radius of the hole he was digging. His dental work magnetized itself right through his skull, which is how he became dead.
Therein lies the risk surrounding the burial of a massive hydrogen bomb… one never knows when some newbie’s from the future are going to want to build a ‘Save-the-World-By-Pressing-a-Button’ station and become dead, due to their old school metal fillings.

So, props to Jules and Kate for the teaming up to save Young-Ben and all, but why hadn’t they thought of cover story? Seriously, this lame-o “Sorry Roge, I think your boy scuttled off into the jungle, but I’m sure he’ll be okay” nonsense feels weak.
Roger thinks so too, gets dramatic and storms off to get smashed on some Pabst Blue Ribbon Dharma Beer.

“Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw?” Jimmy Buffett

Roger gets his mid-afternoon drink on. He is the kind of guy who says things like, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” as he cracks a beer at lunch. Just saying.
Never one to miss an opportunity to make Jack, Sawyer, La Fleur jealous console a friend, Kate stops by the swing set to give Roger a pep talk.
He acts like a dick to her.
Though she was only mildly interested in Roger before, suddenly Kate can’t stop thinking about him.
She goes home to play Patsy Cline and swoon.

“Flying away on a wing and a prayer. Who could it be?” The Greatest American Hero theme

Miles and Hurls bond while comparing super powers and rocking out to the spirited tunes of Captain & Tennille, but the fun meets an untimely demise when Miles is reunited with Papa Chang, and it feels totally un-good.
Pierre is not very ‘Namaste’ when the duo arrives at the Orchid, but Hurley remains optimistic re: the potential for a ‘Chang-Straume-relationship-do-over.’
On the way to the future home of the Swan station, he prods Chang for information which might interest Miles. His sleuth-y nature pays off and we learn that Miles is named after Jazz great, Miles Davis who is a fave of Mrs. Chang’s, though the Dr. prefers ‘Country’.
We also learn that Miles is presently three months old, which proves that you can, in fact, co-exist with your past/ future self on the Island. Hmph.

“When you’re feeling low, when you’re hurt and don’t know where to go…” The Beu Sisters

Always willing to lend a hand to his fellow workman, Jack covers classroom cleaning duty for Roger on account of his missing kid. However it seems that Roger would prefer to continue to work while throwing temper tantrums and kicking buckets around, than accept Jack’s gracious gesture.
He tells Jack to leave, but before he can, Roger talks a bunch of smack about Kate and how he thinks she is ‘in on’ the disappearance of Young-Ben.
Jack talks Roger down from the ledge before running off to alert Juliet and Sawyer of the ‘situation.’

“Off With Her Head!” The Queen of Hearts

Fun with role reversal!
Jack shoots the shit with Jules, as they wait for Sawyer.
Upon his arrival, Jack spills the beans re: the potential Roger/ Kate debacle.
Jack remains calm and speaks of Kate’s good intentions and her properly placed heart.
Sawyer gets flustered and inquires as to the whereabouts of her head.
Jack digs his ‘reduced responsibility’ role more than ever.
Sawyer isn’t so lucky. Being a leader is rough and after an entire day of tromping through the jungle, Sawyer still has to deal with that ass-clown Phil and his knowledge of the tape that Miles neglected to erase. Sawyer does just what Churchill would’ve, and knocks Phil out, before enrolling his beloved Juliet in some old school ‘Cowboy Justice’ type of shenanigans. Awesome.

“There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem” Wayne W. Dyer

Bram kidnaps Miles and attempts to lure him to work for the ‘good guys’ with promises of increased internal knowledge and understanding of thyself.
Miles prefers his temptation in the form of money or at least the delicious taco that Bram interrupted…
Bram counters with promises of spiritual solutions to Miles troubles.
Miles still prefers monetary fulfillment for his empty soul.
Bram behaves like bratty child, and tosses Miles back out on the street, which felt super un-virtuous.

“Maybe he’ll let you hold baby you or change your own diaper” Hurley

Turns out Hurley was not actually writing poetry on the Orchid road trip, rather re-writing “The Empire Strikes Back” (with a few tweaks, of course.)
Miles thinks this is stupid, but I think it’s brilliant.
Hurls gets metaphorical about Ewoks and the Death Star and then Miles peers in the Chang’s window and observes his father reading about polar bears to mini-him. He cries.
Pierre then enlists Big-Miles to help him greet the incoming sub o’ scientists, which includes Daniel Faraday.
Membership in the Circle of Trust suddenly sucks less for Miles.


Nothing means everything, but neither does anything mean nothing. I just made that up and actually have no idea what it means, but it seems appropriate for the musical reference we are about to look at.
As Hurley and Miles ride toward the Orchid, we hear notes of Albert Hammond’s 1972 hit “It Never Rains in Southern California.”
Albert Hammond himself may be a new ‘featured artist’ in LOST’s music game, but he’s worked with/ wrote songs for numerous LOST musical ‘go-to’s’, such as Cass Elliot, Perry Como, and Chang-fave, Willie Nelson.
He also had a hit with a track called “I Don’t Wanna Die in an Air Disaster.” Just mentioning.

Lyndsey has OCD. Lucky for you, in between color-coding her closet and using anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, she channels her mania into over-analysis of “Lost”. She believes the idea that “TV rots your brain,” is bullshit. She is sure her brain is not, in fact, rotten.

  • Gjay

    Loved it. As always, very funny!

    “We also learn that Miles is presently three months old, which proves that you can, in fact, co-exist with your past/ future self on the Island. Hmph”

    That was a really interesting thing to come out of the episode. Is your ‘hump’ implying surprise or do I detect a little annoyance that was approached quite casually?

    • Jacobs Lather

      If we’re using the Orchid Outtakes as our yardstick, then the problem isn’t that two instances of the same being can’t exist in the same time; they apparently can’t TOUCH each other. Or so Chang seemed to think in the film anyway. (For all we know he was just being paranoid, though.)

      • Michel

        The problem with this theory is that two instances of the same being are not the same. They’re far from being “the same being”. And Miles, Miles was in the proximity of his own father (and mother) and I’m sure some of them must have been walking around covered in germs from lil Miles. Technically, Miles must have been in physical contact with his infant self. What about that?

        • Jacobs Lather

          I actually agree. The writers might not, but I do. When you see things like Time Travel depicted, it is usually involving humans as we understand them. But the fact is our definition of ourselves is very loose and general. In reality, when you get down to the atomic level, it’s hard to actually define where we end and the space around us begins. But this is fiction, and it’s better when the rules are bent a little.

          • Michel

            The rules area already quite bent already. They have a gazillion of possibilities to have their “incident”. Miles touching his baby self? Cheap. It has no build-up, no narrative resonance, no involvement of the rest of the characters, no regard for what has happened since “Namaste” and Miles ain’t that big a player to set things in motions only by himself.

      • Lost in Africa

        Or miles is going to hold his three-month old self and explode leaving Hurley to say, “told ya so, dude.” That’s how Chang knew about the rabbits.

        • LOST With Lyndsey

          GJay! My ‘Hmph’was actually spurned by my realization that I had sort of mentally tethered my beliefs to the idea that you couldn’t co-exist with your alterna-self. So, now I have to re-examine that notion. I was surprisingly okay with the muted handling of somewhat large reveal. I kind of dig when they don’t batter us in the head with the obvious. Don’t get me started on the ‘Island as a skipping record’ or ‘WHEN (pause, pause) are we?’ nonsense from earlier this season…

          • Andy

            But the very notion that you can’t co-exist with yourself is just so much science fiction claptrap, and has never made any sense, in any story it’s been used, from an actual science standpoint. I’m glad they so casually dismissed the notion–it was too absurd a concept to spend any real amount of time one, and by dismissing it so quickly, the writers showed that they understand this…which is good, since it means they have a more solid understanding of how reality actually works than many fans do.

  • s.w.a.c.

    Albert Hammond also wrote a song called “Make Me an Island” and Whitney Houston’s One Moment in Time.

    Weirdly, I often get him confused with Morris Albert, the guy responsible for the worst song of all time, Feelings. Albert was born in Brazil and his last name was really Kaisermann, confirming my belief that the creation of that song was part of some Nazi plot to control the world.

  • THinIL


    Anyone else believe the “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” people are in fact Dharma folks? When Miles was abducted by the nicest kidnappers of all time and scene ended with a wide shot of their black van. Then it immediately cut to a scene showing a wide shot of the Dharma VW van. Coincidence? I think not. Season Six will feature the revenge of the Dharma nerds.

    • Michel

      Well, I know they weren’t interested in beating Miles up… but “nice”? Tell that to Lapidus jaw… or Sayid’s groin. Those guys seem completely fanatic and umpredictable… and that scares the hell out of me.

      • chad

        Maybe they are the army of the 12 monkeys

  • Seabiscuit

    I’m wondering about Juliet’s and Kate’s sudden incompetence, myself. WTF, writers? O_o You just had Juliet send Roger racing straight to security and then you have Kate slipping up and saying something dumb(though, granted, she only made herself look suspicious). Seriously. What. The. Fuck.

    • Ambivalentman

      I have no problems with this. When did they have time to come up with a cover story? Besides, it’s quite ironic that Sawyer nails Jack to the wall by always reacting to the things that took place, and now he is doing exactly the same thing.

      • Seabiscuit

        Well, I was thinking there was plenty of time for Juliet to come up with something while Kate and Sawyer were off carrying little Ben through the jungle. But then again there was no time to discuss it with Kate even if she had, what with Roger busting back in. I guess you’re right, then.

    • zachparkman

      That has been Kate’s MO since the beginning, always screwing things up! I loved Roger’s response, “You want to help? How about minding your own business!” Take that to the bank Kate!!!

    • All the major characters – except Ben – have major cases of stupiditus this season. Because the show has had to trim episodes and speed up the plot developments, the characters are “not themselves” anymore.

  • Newbie

    I’m new so be nice — Bram is Dharma for sure — this is the “war” that is coming!! Ann Arbor factors back in as the strong hold for Dharma as evidence of the sub bringing Daniel back to the Island with a team of scientist.

    I am in agreement that Jug Head is at the foot! – And they are back on the island with a convincing knock out and big shiny box!! What’s in the box? Perhaps beacons to help Dharma find their way back to the island again!

    K– remember the Food drops early on — they stopped after the hatch blew and knocked out the beacon — perhaps Dharma has been unaware of what happened to their people — Like the “others” assumed their lives!! Otherwise why would Dharma continue to drop food for 10+ years to feed “non Dharma people”

    So question –How will Baby miles and Mommy get off the island and survive the purge???? Obviously Dharma kept track of miles – but why not intervene when their people were living in crap / Very Un-Dharma — unless she left Dharma all together prior to the entire “purge” happening???

    If the island wants whom the island wants – did it/Jacob allow them to exist?? It would seem so in regard to the truce??? OR did Dharma control the island through all of their experiments – for instance the hatch and EMP switch thing?

  • ashcards

    I loved this episode. I thought it was great. Alot of Hurley and Miles is good for me anytime. I was hoping for a little more Faraday but we got hit the spot.

    Newbie-I like the thought that Dharma didn’t know about the purge. I honestly never thought of that. Or maybe when they checked in, if they checked, that they just talked to Ben everytime and figured all was well because they knew he was Dharma. That needs some thought.

    I loved how Juliet just casually went to get rope like it was no big deal. Great acting Mitchell’s part. I like her and like Juliet. I think the more they show this “i have a secret” side of her the more i like her.

    I’m still trying to figure out why Ben and Sun did not go back to 1977. I mean Sun i guess has been justified in different ways like Jin didn’t want her to back. But Ben, at first everyone thought it was because you can’t be in the same time as yourself but obviously you can be. I.E. Miles.

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      OOOOHHHHHH… I like this. Good call, Newbie!
      I’m also loving the ‘Ben says everything is cool, so it must be true’ idea, Ashcards…
      Just as his people believed him when he claimed the Looking Glass was flooded, etc… why wouldn’t the mainland D.I. guys believe him if he claimed that they’re still plugging away Island-side?
      You Faraday thirst will be quenched in two weeks with ‘The Variable,’ which is extra-exciting!

    • Benjamin

      Ashcard..I was just thinking..maybe the idea that Ben not returning to 1977 because you cant be in the same time as yourself, isnt put to rest. Here’s why..

      If miles made if off the island and returned via Ajira 316, maybe he would’ve ended up with Ben and Sun too..BUT miles had already been on the island prior to his birth in 77..maybe he’s an exception to the two ‘selves’ cant exist in one time rule…who knows. Its just something to think about.

    • Ben did not go back in time because he left the Island via the frozen donkey wheel.

      Sun did not go back in time because when she left the Island she was preggers. She had the baby and is no longer the Sun that left.

      That’s the way I figure it.

    • Okay, well the Time Lost Crew (TLC) already went through a time that had them: ala Sawyer seeing Aaron born and Locke seeing the light beam from the hatch…so, we already knew that you could have two instances of the same being, at the same time. Like, with the rabbits from the Orchid Film (which Dr. Chang didn’t want to touch each other).
      So, of course, maybe the incident IS Miles changing his own diaper???
      No, just kidding.
      I think Sun didn’t go because she has become a totally different person, consumed with revenge and heartache. Gangsta, like her daddy.

  • Ambivalentman

    I loved the recap. As always, you are succinct and funny.

    I do have a problem with your — and lots of others — take on Kate’s relationship with Roger. I assume most are probably joking, but there are no overtones of romantic involvement. Kate’s newfound maternal instincts have led her to show interest in Roger. This may have to do with perhaps gaining redemption for blowing up her father — he wasn’t all that different from Roger (a beer-swilling, child-abusing asshole).

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      Thank you and yes, I too, am joking. Though Kate may dig Rogers’s innate Tom Petty vibe, I think she really is just trying to resolve and/or make some sense of her own Daddy issues. I also agree that her new found maternal instincts lead her to a hiegtened level of Roger curiosity…

    • ashcards

      Yeah i agree. I don’t think that it’s a romantic connection. I think she is feeling remorse for leaving Aaron behind and “losing” him, She doen’t want that to happen to Roger. And maybe she is just being nice to be nice.

  • sevon

    Not sure I agree that Jughead is the cause of the electromagnetic anomalies of the Swan. I’ve never seen an atomic explosion glow with purple light as we saw when the Hatch blew. Otherwise, great recap.

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      Total speculation on my part (as was my assumption that Mrs. Chang’s cancer was caused by over-exposure to Jughead,) but I keep going back to Sayid’s observation in S2’s “Everybody Hates Hugo” that the magnetic wall in the Swan, which attracts the key around Jack’s neck is made up of Chernobyl-style concrete and that somebody wanted to cover something up.

      • sevon

        They would have to dig up and move Jughead for that to work, I think. Besides, I still don’t see where an atomic weapon would have the odd electromagnetic properties that existed at the Swan. Now, perhaps it’s the radiation clashing with whatever special energy exists on the island…….hmmm, maybe it could be Jughead after all 😉

  • Moha

    heej 😀 i’m a huge lost fan, amazing show, amazing site too, but hej shouldn’t there be speculation about the phrase ” what lies in the shadow of the statue” be started too (sorry for my confusing phrases and bad english 😀
    seeying your last post i think the new crashies 😀 the guys that are controlled by the woman that captured saïd are working for either widmore or a third party, some one new, maybe future faraday don’t know 😀
    i just want to see people think about that who are these new people, what are they doing on the island, and what the hell lies in the shadow, seeying that the statue is one of the ancient egyptian godess that protects children and mothers, i think the spirits of dead children lies in her shadow, seeeying babies stopped being born after the statue got destroyed –> possibly when the swan experienced some kind of weird annomaly.
    again sorry for my english 😀

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      Good points, Moha.
      I like Ashcards theory (below) on the ‘who’ portion of Ilana and her team. In terms of what lies beneath the the shadow of the statue, I believe it will be something physical (rather than spiritual) but the location of the statue itself perplexes me. As I remember, it lives in some lesser trekked portion of the Island and I’m not sure what (or who) was buried there…
      I don’t believe it’s Jughead and I also think that it’s something that predates everything we currently know.

    • DezziesOtherLifeBrotha

      Has anyone considered that what lies in the shadow of the statue is the statue itself, since it has since been toppled?

  • Lyndsay – great write up as usual.
    “Never one to miss an opportunity to make Jack, Sawyer, La Fleur jealous console a friend, Kate stops by the swing set to give Roger a pep talk.” – Brilliant take on that whole scene. At first I thought, what a complete dumbass because now she’s creating some suspicion with Uncle Rico…but then you make sense with the “Daddy” issues.

    As for what lies in the shadow of the statue: I agree with some other Posts, I’m guessing its the Dharma bodies from the purge and now Dharma is mobilizing for a war with the hostiles. My question is, Does Ben knows who Ilana aka Jordin Sparks and her goons are?

    • ashcards

      I don’t think Ben knows who they are. I think when they stopped delivering food to the island (like mentioned) that they started to get a team together and had to locate the island. I think it just took three years to find the right people and the island. I think Ilana and goons are that team and that Sayid was used to get on that plane.

      • RandomZombie

        We don’t know that Dharma has stopped the food drops. Jack and Kate found the food drop on day 61, and the Oceanic 101 were rescued on day 101 – then time started going crazy.
        There was enough food on the pallet to last the one or two people in the Swan quite a while (not to mention the food that was already inside,) so another drop would probably not be planned for quite a while.

        The pallet drops could easily have continued.

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      Dearest Slice,
      You are now my official “Ilana Nickname of the Week” go-to guy.
      J LO was good, but Jordin Sparks makes my soul feel tingly. Perfection.

      • Thanks – I bust out the pop culture nicknames whenever I can on the absolutelylost blog. It’s almost 2nd nature to just write up J LO, Benry, etc. as I type away. This week you made a reference to a youthful Miles as a “Type-O negative” kind of guy. When I saw him this week I immediately thought of a movie from my youth, “Hook” and referred to Miles as Rufio….I love that shit.

        • BTW – J LO refers to John Locke, not Ilana. Sorry if I was confusing.

  • illegibleg

    Your observations are entirely accurate. Phil is an ass clown.

    • Phil seems a well meaning guy. Don’t count him out, just yet!

  • Wow! This is witty and fun. I wrote a shorter, far less entertaining review in my livejournal, but it was chomped and spit out. I didn’t care enough to recreate it. We did say most of the same things. I see that it was unnecessary, because you kicked ass with this one, as usual.

    Why did everyone’s IQ drop so many points last evening? Why was this episode so poorly written and consistently awkward? Why didn’t they cast young Miles better? Have the writers never been around children? Why do they always make Hurley stupid when he is not? Could they be any more stereotypical and overdrawn with the “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” thing?

    Your comment about Kate was really funny, although the truth of it made me more than a little ill. Jack’s defense of Kate is a return to his desire to control, which does not surprise me in the least.

    I am very much enjoying your reviews, and I am sorry I missed them for so long.

    I hope you are well.

  • Laurel

    I guess I’m the only one that thought BRAM=BRAM STOKER=undead? (I mentioned this in the chat last night.) Bram certainly IS an unusual choice for a name. Undead would put him on Richard’s side, methinks.

    • Anonymous RP

      Nice catch! I like it. It goes with Darlton jokingly referring to the “zombie season.” Zombies=undead.

      • Yeah, those guys “joke” a lot, don’t they??

  • Anonymous RP

    I am a little surprised at the reference to the statue being that of Anubis. It’s pretty clear that the statue is of Tawaret. The statue has low ears, a little hat, and is holding two Ankhs. Tawaret is the goddess of fertility (definitely an island-theme of the show). Furthermore, Tawaret has only four toes – as we know the statue only has four toes. Anubis has a human body and therefore has 5 toes.

    • Taweret has the body of a hippopotamus…always! And, no kilt.
      So, this is something new!!

  • Jane

    I totally thought for a few seconds that it was Sun in age makeup at the beginning too! Its probably a coincidence that Miles’s mum looks like Sun though………or is it?

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      Thank you for the corroboration. Trust me, because I refuse to truly believe that anything is accidental on LOST (or in life,) I def. sat around trying to connect Sun, Chang, Miles etc…but ultimately decided that my mind and sanity had officially been compromised and was forced to give up! I appreciate that it wasn’t just me…

      • That fisherman wasn’t necessarily Jin real dad (his mom was a real whore).
        So, wait until we find out who all of the Losties parents are!
        I think Christian was in the DI, too.

  • ftball221

    Seems to me there hasn’t been much talk about everything that was on the chalkboard that Jack was cleaning in SLiH. (All of the egyptian context)

    • ftball221

      I only got to watch the episode once but the timing of these Egyptian easter eggs should be mentioned especially after Ben’s encounter with smokey last week. These EGYPTIAN clues keep coming up.

  • chad

    Good Job Lyndsey, Wonderful use of Chuck Palanuick quote!!!

  • RandomZombie

    “Though she was only mildly interested in Roger before, suddenly Kate can’t stop thinking about him.
    She goes home to play Patsy Cline and swoon.”

    Just beautiful!