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LOST With Lyndsey…The Life and Death of Jeremy B.

By LOST With Lyndsey,

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“The tragedy of it is that nobody sees the look of desperation on my face. Thousands and thousands of us, and we’re passing one another without a look of recognition.” Henry Miller

Super-Duper Brief Recap

Season 5 Episode 7 “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”- Ben MURDERS John Locke.
Other stuff happens, but seriously… Ben MURDERS John Locke, so like…yeah…

First Things First

Must. Gather. Wits. Slow, deep breaths. Focus.
OK, so I’m shocked. The “Ben-is-a-horrid-murderous-wretch” development was a lot, but I will gather myself and take this beast step by step. Baby steps. Baby steps back to 9pm. Back to a time before LOST had once again grabbed me by my ankles, flipped me upside down and shook me really, really vigorously for a solid hour.

All right.
I am thrilled to report that my fear about this episode possibly being “filler” and thus interchangeable with last week’s was unsubstantiated. This episode was certainly NOT filler. But I am glad that it was aired after last week’s “316?.
I think it would’ve been perplexing to decipher who the heck “Ceaser” and “Ilana” were, if we hadn’t sorta met them last week. But not like, “oooohhh, interesting” perplexing. More like, “WTF?” perplexing.
I mean, we still don’t know their game or their purpose, but I’m not actually convinced that we know anyone’s game or purpose anymore.
I trust no one. I’m officially jaded. Thanks LOST.
Where the eff are my pills?

Is That a Flashlight or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

On the Island, some shady-dude named Ceaser, snoops around some unidentified office-like space, looking for some unidentified thing. He finds a gun. He seems satisfied with that, though I’m not sure if he knew it would be there or if he’s just nosy.
Enter the Chick who escorted a handcuffed Sayid onto the plane. Her name is Ilana. I still think she bears a resemblance to Ana Lucia.
Ceaser lies to Ilana and claims he found a flashlight, and makes no mention of the gun. Ilana must be new in town, because she believes him.
Ilana tells Ceaser that they found someone standing in the water wearing a suit. She doesn’t think he was on the plane.

John sits in the middle of a circle of new “survivors”, cloaked in a blanket.
The whole scene is super “Lord of the Flies.”

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Ilana tries to be slick and entice Locke with fruit. She brings him a Mango (which is the “best Mango he’s ever had”) and pumps him for information regarding who was and was not on the plane. Locke says they should take a Census (cus like, that’s what Hurley did back in the day) and then confesses that he was dead on the plane, which is why no one noticed him. He was riding in the cargo area.
If I were John, I wouldn’t be so quick to show off and tell newbie about the majickal “it’ll make you un-dead” properties of the Island.
Not everyone has good intentions towards this particular Island, or has “risen-again-John” forgotten that lesson?
I digress.
As we know, LOST adores a good mirror image scene (Jack’s eyeball, for example) and this scene with John eating a Mango while staring out at the water with renewed sense of purpose and saying freaky things to people he doesn’t know, totally reminds me of the Pilot episode where John stares at the ocean and eats oranges while marveling over his newfound mobility and then does the creepy “orange peel” smile.

Oh and also, there were three rowboats but apparently Frank took 316’s manifest, and an unknown woman and rowed away.
Something tells me they’re not headed out for an afternoon delight.
So either Frank was like “Eff this, I know Faraday’s bearing, I’m out, who’s coming with me?” or he has more altruistic intentions.
Maybe he’s taken Sun for a ride out to where the freighter had been? We never did see her post-crash…
But why would he need the manifest for that? Major sadness wash if Frank has gone AWOL again.

So, now there are two boats.
Which our original survivors are just a few flashes through time from finding and stealing.
Oddly, Ilana claims the boats do not belong to them. Apparently, they were there when the plane landed or crashed or whatever.
If I trusted anyone at all, that’d confuse me.
Because, if they’re not yours and they’re not mine, then who’s are they?
But that’s the benefit of thinking that everyone is lying at all times. I needn’t bother being confused.
She’s just lying.
See, this jaded thing actually adds simplicity to one’s life. Rad.

At Least That Donkey Wheel is Consistent…

Locke turns up in the same desert in Tunisia that Ben did.
Guam, Tunisia and the Island must all share an electromagnetic pocket.
I sure hope Mrs. Hawking is impressed by my stellar observational skills.
After many hours pass, some hooligans pick John up and throw him in the bed of their truck as he screams in pain. Turns out they’re “good guys” (if I believed in such nonsense,) and they take him to a primitive-ass hospital and snap his leg back in place as Matthew Abbadon looks on ominously.

Where There’s Smoke…

So, if Abbadon is back, could Widmore be far behind? Nope.
Widmore visits Johnny in hospital. John doesn’t know who he is.
Widmore claims that his people ruled the Island peacefully for 3 decades before Ben took over.
That’s funny… he seemed pretty violent when we met him in 1954.
That’s why they called him “Quick-Fire Charlie.” He was all kinds of trigger-happy.
They didn’t really call him that, but I think it would’ve been cute and appropriate if they had.
Anyway, Widmore tells John that they met when he was 17. John says it was 4 days ago.
Widmore says Ben exiled him and was exiling John too. John says he chose to leave.
War is coming. John is the key to victory. He’s special. Blah, blah, blah…

A Sense of Humour : Essential While Naming Your Bastard Child

Widmore “renames” Locke, Jeremy Bentham, after the radical British philosopher.
John asks why he chose “Bentham.”
Widmore declares “Your parents had sense of humour when they named you, why shouldn’t I?”
Swell point Chuck, except that John’s “parents” did not exactly sit about and have a chuckle about naming their blessing from God after Oxford-educated, English philosopher, John Locke.
What actually happened was that John’s teenage mom got knocked up, and hit by a car (these incidents are unrelated), which induces labor four months early. She freaks out after she gives birth and randomly yells that his name should be “John” as he was rushed to the incubator.
That was it. Very little fore thought.

***Incidentally, though it was completely a fluke, John Locke’s name does have a ton of fun connections and relevant themes around it.

John has trust issues. That’s reasonable.

John asks Widmore why he should trust him.
Widmore counters by saying “I haven’t tried to kill you. Can you say the same for him?”
Touché, Old Widmore.
Widmore then tells John he’s special. John is highly co-dependent so he’s thrilled.
Then he sees the wheelchair, and has a wide range of thoughts flash across his face, such as, “At least when I was on Team Ben, there were no wheel chairs. I hate being a cripple.”

“I’m Not the Man They Think I Am At Home. No, No, No… I’m a Rocket Man…”

Matthew Abbadon and John Locke do a kitschy remake of “Driving Miss Daisy,” as John attempts to gather his friends and enemies for a reunion.

Sayid is repenting his murderous ways by building schools in Santo Domingo. John drops in.
It doesn’t go that well.
Next stop… New York City.

Walt “I was 10 when we shot the Pilot episode” Lloyd returns. He’s tall.
Abbadon notices how big Walt got, too. Great, we all agree.
John wheels over to Walt and they have an awkward convo in which Walt doesn’t appear at all surprised about John’s visit. This actually makes him fit in quite well with the LOST-ies. No questions whatsoever.
Walt does have dreams about John, though. He’s on the Island, dressed in a suit surrounded by people who want to hurt him. Crazy because in the first scene that was just what happened. John leaves.
Abbadon points out that John is 0 for 2. John tells Abbadon to shut up and drive.
Now, it is Ben who looks on ominously.

Hurley thinks John’s dead, which doesn’t scare him. Dead people are par for the course for young Hurls. It is only when Hurley realizes that John is, in fact, alive that we have fun with some dramatic delayed reactions. But the good times really roll when Hurley sees Matthew lurking by the car. He says Abbadon is evil, freaks out and leaves.

They head for Kate’s and on the way, Abbadon claims that he isn’t evil, but that he “helps people get to where they need to be.” OK.

Kate and John talk about love. It’s heartwarming.
John says that he lost his love because he had been “angry and obsessed.”
Kate notes how far he’s come. She is being sarcastic.
I believe she is implying John has used what we call “transference.” He is now obsessed with the Island.
Either way, she’s not going back, so…

John then goes to see his ex-girlfriend / “love of his life,” Helen Norwood.
Sadly, Helen is dead.

Just minutes later, so is Matthew.
He was shot in the back several times. Uncool.
John gets freaked out and drives madly until he hits a main road. Sadly, he doesn’t stop when he hits said main road; he just gets in a crazy bad accident.
Luckily, Jack is on duty at the hospital and is available to save John.

John takes the opportunity to tell Jack how important he is to the Island and tries to convince him to go back.
Jack replies by telling John that not only is he insane, but that he’s totally un-special. Jack can be asshole.
John figures out that this would be a good time to pass along Christian’s “Tell my son I said hello” message.
Jack is shaken but not stirred (enough to go back to the Island, anyway.)

“I been hanging around this old town for way too long” Counting Crows

John is about to hang himself and Ben shows up. Ben says Charles Widmore is evil.
John is sad. And confused. He feels like a failure. Ben talks John off the ledge.
John tells Ben that he needs to see Eloise Hawking re: getting back to the Island.
This prompts Ben to strangle John and kill him.
Ben then hangs John from the ceiling, suicide-style, cleans the joint, hatches a plan to entice Sun using Jin’s wedding band, gives a quick eulogy, and heads out. Super disturbing.
Funny how the shot of John dangling there, just screams “Crucifixion,” no?

“I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!”

Dear Ben,
You are a wormy, squirmy little man. What you just did to John Locke was heinous.
I may never forgive you for this.
Still, I only hate you because I have loved you so damn much. I find myself drawn to your buggy-eyes and I want so badly to believe you are the man you claim to be. I cry for what I thought I saw in you.
You seemed so damaged, yet somehow… salvageable. And that made me want to save you.
Oh, Ben…I’ve been a fool for you for too long. I’m done. I must be done.
But please, “if you see me walking by, and the tears are in my eyes, look away, baby, look away…”

Love never truly dies…

Survivor Island 2.0

John tries to tell Ceaser that he’s been here before. Like Ilana, he’s not super-receptive.
Upon seeing him sleeping in the sick bay, John also mentions that it was Ben who killed him.
Ceaser remains undaunted.
Also, why is no one freaking out? These dudes seem to know exactly where everything is. It took the 815 folk 40 days to blow open one hatch, yet it’s Day 2 and you guys are resting comfortably in the New Otherton infirmary. There is zero worry about food or water or rescue.
WTF? Are these people robots? Can I get some emotion???
Your jet just crashed on an Island! C’mon!

Just Saying…

* The date on the London Daily Telegraph newspaper that Widmore gives Locke to read about the O6 “Hero’s Welcome” was January 14th. Author, Lewis Carroll (“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”) died on January 14th.

* How do Ceaser and Ilana know one another? They seem familiar and comfortable, somehow.
Yet on the plane, they had no dialogue. I’ll just bet those two are up to no good.
I’m jaded now, remember?

* Who healed all those people and set their broken limbs? I’m pretty sure that Jack is in a different time space continuum, so he can’t be responsible. So, who is?

* Why did Jack, Kate, and Hurls end up in one time line and the rest in another? Ceaser says they disappeared in a flash of light before the plane went down. Interesting

Lyndsey has OCD. Lucky for you, in between color-coding her closet and using anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, she channels her mania into over-analysis of “Lost”. She believes the idea that “TV rots your brain,” is bullshit. She is sure her brain is not, in fact, rotten.