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LOST With Lyndsey…”The Little Prince”

By LOST With Lyndsey,

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“Faith: not wanting to know what is true.”~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Super-Duper Brief Recap

Season 5 Episode 4 “The Little Prince”- We are back on Penny’s rescue boat and Jack and Kate are having a discussion regarding Aaron. We learn that it was Kate’s idea to say the child was her spawn and Jack openly gets mad about Kate’s lamentation that Sawyer is “gone.” Jack needs to relax.
Meanwhile, Sawyer seems real surly again and Daniel still has his tie on. Juliette reverts to being all emotionless and “Other-y” and Charlotte recovers from her face-plant. Oh, and John Locke wants to go back to The Orchid, but STILL has no legitimate plan.
Hurley is totally rocking that orange prison jumpsuit and Sayid off’s a guy who tries to off him. There are poison darts involved. Always fun.
Sun is still vengeful and sneaky, but she needn’t be, for as we speak Jin’s not-at-all-dead body is being cared for by a very preggers Danielle Rousseu circa 1988-ish.

I Love a Charade!

Imagine with me for a moment…
It’s time to book a vacation. You consult your trusty online travel agent, you log onto, you research and plan, and then you bite the bullet. Point, click and three months later, you land in gay Paris!
But something’s amiss. You notice that this language which the locals speak, sounds distinctly less…romantic than you’d have imagined.
You’ve seen nary a baguette and that dude kinda growled at you when you asked where you might find the Louvre.
At this rate, how long do you think it’ll be before you realize that you’ve somehow ended up in Munich?
Qu’elle Horror!

While this is obviously an extreme example, I have been experiencing a similar sort of disorientation ever since last week’s fun “coup d’everything-we-thought-we-knew.”

Thus, I am asking for your preemptive forgiveness. I fear that this musing may be a touch interpretively over-indulgent, but I simply do not wish to take a single facet of this episode for granted. We’ve seen how well that’s worked out in the past…

Plus, I am stoked to have any reason at all to pontificate on yet another “not-at-all-meant-for-kids” bit of children’s literature.

Without further adieu…

Le Petit Prince

Raise you hand if you think the “Prince” referred to in this episode’s title is Aaron.

Raise your hand if you think we are meant to draw parallels like Aaron is to the Island as The Prince is to his Planet, B612

Raise your hand if you totally need to take a second and read the Wikipedia entry on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s, “The Little Prince”
You should. You’ll get a lot more out of this section if you do. Go on. I’ll wait.
OK, now that we are all on the same proverbial page, I’d hope that no one still has their hands raised.
Once again, I think our wily producers are having a bit of fun with us. And because this is a somewhat Kate / Aaron-centric episode, it is both simple and seemingly appropriate to assume that Aaron is, indeed, the “Prince.” He is described as “having light blonde hair and possessing a profound innocence and poignant insights.” Oh, yeah…totally Aaron. Remember when he had that rad insight about the “Choo-Choo” and the “tunnel?” Way “poignant.”
Yeah, OK, I’m still bitter.
So, back to Jack… Oops, did I let that slip with no build up? Apologies.
At any rate, it’s true, I think that the idea that Jack is “The Little Prince” is rife with possibility.
Admittedly, this theory is exactly the sort of thing LOST producer’s Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse looovvveee to dangle before us and then batter and shred before our weary eyes in a virtual minefield of “Ha! Ha! We got you!”
Still, I’m rolling with this one…
On the Island, Jack tromps about, fixing things and people while being haunted by his un-dead father. He has no idea how good he had it.
Upon returning to “Earth,” he loses his “rose” (read: Kate) and his mind (read: brain.) That’s when he grows that awful beard and makes a deal with the duplicitous snake (read: Ben) just to get back to the place where he belongs (read: Island.)
Next time, he should cut out the middle man and, you know, NOT LEAVE.

Also, I do see that this correlation could easily be drawn to John Locke, as well (especially when the Prince agrees to die just to get back to his home,) but I’m just not buying it. The whole “John Locke is the true ruler of the Island and the Others” just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s too…obvious.
I really believe that John is going to end up being the Islands “sacrificial lamb” and Jack, it’s Prince.

Back on the Rescue Boat…
I must say that I love the fact that we’ve re-visited the O6 “to lie or not to lie” conundrum, a few times now. I like that between last year’s finale and this years first 4 eps, we’ve seen this decision from a variety of angles and have subsequently learned the POV’s of several of the survivors. I think it was important to see that everyone wasn’t automatically “all in,” just because the Prom King and Queen, Jack and Kate, thought they should be.

I Cannot Tell a Lie

I am a sucker for Jack and Kate.
It’s hard to explain, but I love the drama and the sexual tension that forever exists between these two. I like the irony in the story of the girl with the dark past, choosing to change her ways, stay put and let somebody love her, just in time for that somebody to go crazy.
That having been said, when Jack tells Kate that he is going to turn to her first whilst trying to convince the others to get on board with the lie and says (all intense and broody-like) “Are you with me?” and she sees his broodiness and ups his tearful eyes and says, “I have ALWAYS been with you.”

Ugh. I just died. I break for a great scene ending moment.
Sun lends Kate a blazer, baby-sits Aaron and receives a package containing a report, pictures of Jack and Ben, and some delicious looking chocolates with a side of handgun. That’s dark.
Kate goes to visit the really irritable lawyer-with-a-mystery-client. He’s still mean.

John Rips a Page from the Book of Ben

John Locke may be a man with no plan, no Others to lead (they seem to have gone missing), and just one kidney, but he still knows how to manipulate Sawyer. Sawyer is the con man forever being conned and all John Locke has to do is mention that he believes he can get Kate to come back to the Island, and Sawyer is suddenly John’s right-hand man again.

Then we see the light from the Hatch and Kate delivering Claire’s baby and we have a fun round of “When are we?” starring Daniel, John, and Sawyer. But of course, John and Sawyer don’t tell Daniel “when they were,” because shrouding the truth and games of subterfuge seem like the best tactic right now.

Gettin’ the Band Back Together!
Speaking of “once and again” type alliances, Ben and Sayid put their differences aside and take a family trip to see Ben’s lawyer, and Jack convinces Kate to let him come with her while she stalks the lawyer who reps the mystery “give me blood samples” client.
Then, in a fun nod to a “Three’s Company” making-all-kinds-of-erroneous-assumptions type of situation, Jack and Kate follow the lawyer to a motel where Claire’s mother’s (Carole Littleton) is staying (BIG SCARY REVEAL music plays here). Kate panics and assumes she KNOWS and has come to take him back. Jack then knocks on her door and tries to explain that everything that he and Kate had done was for Aaron. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Meet Carole Littleton… apparent total non sequitur.
Meanwhile creepy lawyer goes to see his other client… Ben Linus.
Oh. Dear.

Danielle Rousseau: Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks
You know why I love LOST?

Totally a trick question, because there are obviously SO many reasons, but the one I was thinking of involves their “First Class All the Way” approach to secondary characters. I loved how intricately planned out the story arcs of all the characters are, but especially those of seemingly “minor” players like Alex, Mr. Friendly (a.k.a. ~ Tom the Other) and particularly Rousseau.
I loved her when she was crazed in all her trap setting, “the Others stole my baby” mania, and I love, love, love that we are meeting her before she spent the past two decades sans sunscreen and human contact. Plus, she and her people FOUND JIN!
And while I’m clearly thrilled, I can’t help but wonder how this will affect that Godforsaken time line?

Obviously, Jin washed up about 16 years prior to the freighter getting blown up, so HOWever are they going to merge those two timelines?

Just Saying / Wondering…

* Kate’s address is 42 Panorama Crest

* Sayid was unconscious for 42 hours

* Ben dictates that they all meet at the Long Beach Marina slip # 23

* Ben is driving around in a van with the name “Canton Rainier” printed on the side. This is an anagram of “reincarnation.” Ooooohhhhh.

* Miles and Juliette both get nosebleeds, which means that they too are becoming victims of the crazy time travel. Daniel surmises that this means that they have been exposed for longer than himself, Sawyer or Locke. Juliette has been on the Island for three years, but Miles insists that he has never been to the Island before a couple weeks ago. Daniel doesn’t seem sure.

* Hmmmmmm…. Could it BE that Miles is Pierre Chang’s (Dharma Orientation video-star) son????? We see his child as a baby in the first episode of the season, but he is not referred to by name. WHAT IF Miles actually is his son? That would explain why Matthew Abbadon told Naomi that Frank, Daniel, Charlotte and Miles were are selected for a specific reason, in S4 ep “Confirmed Dead.” We know the reasons behind the others selection, but could his true identity as Baby Chang be the “reason” behind Miles presence on the Island???

* Our Island friends find Ajira Airways Water Bottles in the boat, which now resides on the shore of their old camp. LOST has always been awesome about cross-platform marketing, but I think they’ve outdone themselves on this one. Check it out:

* I don’t really love the Juliette trying to bond with Sawyer thing. Is this high school? Is Juliette ALWAYS going to accept Kate’s sloppy seconds?

* Locke finds the washed up remnants of Rousseau’s crew’s stuff. The canister says “Besixdouze” which is a direct reference to The Little Prince. The translation? B 612. As in the Planet from which the Little Prince hails.

* Does anyone else think that Ben’s line delivery gets creepier and creepier? Oh, and he never blinks. Ever.

* Who is Sun going to wild on at the Marina? Gun? Check. Kate, Ben, Jack? Check. Check. Check. My guess is that it would be Ben, but lucky for him, he has the one tidbit she’s been waiting to hear. That her man is alive and he can take her to him. Aw. Yeah.

I HEART Quotations
I like quotations.

I kind of blame the highly stylized, mid-1990’s expressionless style of expression, popularized by the very TV shows I related to most as a teenager.

I swear if Joey and Dawson had been able to articulate a complete thought just once, without Katie Holmes getting all shoulder hunch-y and insecure or James Van der Beek’s Mom walking in, perhaps I’d be more adept with matters involving verbal communication.

But they didn’t and I’m not.

So, I embrace the ellipsis in my own life and consult the experts when it comes to conveying

the importance of the innately mystifying stuff.

“The Little Prince” is so filled with weighty quotations which easily correlate to LOST’s endgame (or at least where is seems directed this week), that I felt they deserved a section all their own.

Une Section Tous Leur (A Section All Their Own)

* “Where are the people?” resumed the little prince at last. “It’s a little lonely in the desert…”

“It is lonely when you’re among people, too,” said the snake.

* “Men have forgotten this truth,” said the fox. “But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”
* “What makes the desert beautiful,” says the little prince, “is that somewhere it hides a well.”

* “It is the time you have spent with your rose that makes your rose so important.”

Lyndsey has OCD. Lucky for you, in between color-coding her closet and using anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, she channels her mania into over-analysis of “Lost”. She believes the idea that “TV rots your brain,” is bullshit. She is sure her brain is not, in fact, rotten.