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LOST’s Elizabeth Mitchell Chats With The Daily Beast

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urlYour storyline is ramping up—you had a nosebleed caused by all of the flashbacks and flash-forwards. The island is hopping through time and messing you all up.

Yeah, how cool was that? I was watching it with a girlfriend of mine, and my nose started to bleed [on screen] and she leaned over, hit me and said “No! No, you can’t die!” I said, “Don’t worry, she just said had a nosebleed.” She said, “Yeah that means she’s gonna die!” [Laughs] What can you say, Juliet’s sick…

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  • clueless1der

    ” I would love to do something on stage with Michael [Emerson], anytime, anywhere.”

    … and I would so watch that.

    I think what I like about this interview the most was that she seems really giddy about being Juliet. She kept saying “When I…” and stuff. Makes me admire her more!