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LOST’s Michael Emerson Talks With The Daily Beast

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img-bs-top-lost-emerson-174_225434199483Is the fifth season of Lost trending more towards action and adventure on the island?

Yeah, even more than you’ve seen so far. It is action-packed. Sometimes you read a script and you think “No way, no way can we film this in ten days—how are we going to get this done?” They are explosions and special effects, gun play and fights, and [we crash] every kind of vehicle imaginable. There is falling through time, falling through space, [even] falling underground.

Read the Rest Here (Thanks to Anna for the tip!)

  • clueless1der

    “Well, sweeps month is coming up, so they could do a crossover appearance and just drop in on Ugly Betty in New York.”

    I think my brain just dribbled out of my ears. Could you even image Alan Dale doing Widmore on one side and then Mr. Meade on another? Talk about actor versatility!

    … It makes me kind of sad that Emerson wants to migrate back toward theater, just because I would have less of a chance to see him perform. Oh well. There’s always the DVD set, I guess. 😀

  • professorstotch

    “I think Ben and John Locke [from Lost] should be roommates in Brooklyn. And then just have wacky adventures.”

    Some one get working on this.

  • Dolce

    That’s hilarious. What if went a step further and baby Aaron was in the mix. They’re raising him, and their dog vincent.

    Personal request to someone who is computer saavy ( anyone with more skills than me-0- is saavy to me). How do you apply a photo to the little blue square in the top left corner of this box? Thanks.

    • professorstotch

      Two Time-Travelers and a Baby?

      Also, I was wondering about the blue box, but never bothered figuring it out. I’m going to investigate right now!

  • clueless1der

    You can click on the avatar at the bottom of the page (under the CAPTCHA code) and it will talk you thru it.

    • Dolce

      Thanks! Hey, look at that- retrofit!

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