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LOST’s Writing on the Walls: Who’s A Candidate?

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Last night’s LOST was so packed full of information that it almost made my head explode. One of those wonderful bits (well, great big boulders) of information was the fact that Jacob had been seeking out “candidates” to replace him as the Island’s guardian, and that he’d been keeping a great big list of these candidates on a cave wall. In addition to the apparently five remaining ones (Shephard, Ford, Kwon, Reyes, and Jarrah), there were a lot of names that had been written on the wall but crossed out. Conspicuously missing is Kate Austen, who had an encounter with Jacob off the Island (like all the others did), and was on Jacob’s “list” in season three. Where is she on this massive wall of names? I don’t know, but we’ve been able to find quite a few more names on this massive ledger.

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  • naultz

    she doesnt deserve to be on the wall.

    • because Ben deserves to be on it maybe ? uh 😉

    • I think it’s really MIB’s hideout, not Jacob’s. MIB has to seduce his canadate to kill themselves so he can take over their body and Kate never does what she’s told or follows someone elses plan. So he didn’t even bother with her.

      • adam118

        who said it was Jacob’s place? i thought it was clear it’s Smokey’s cave.

  • ghanima

    She was important enough to get a jacob “love tap” so if she isn’t a candidate, there must be another reason why she was visited. (And we get it, most of the people here hate Kate, and she’s certainly not my favorite character, but hearing people whine every time she’s referred to, is kind of boring. Especially when there was so many great things in this episode.)

    • ghanima

      Oops, that should be “were so many”, not “was so many”. Sorry 🙂

    • Shaun

      Yeah, but Kate still sucks. It’s a constant, just like Desmond. Except Desmond’s an awesome character.

  • dan

    Jacob doesn’t like her either. since he visited her while she was so young, he probably had since changed his mind. somewhere around S3, methinks.

    • Shaun

      Once Jacob had some time to think about it he realized “Wait… She’s a New Kids fan? Oh f*ck that! She’s hopeless,” and then he gave up on her. He knew she was beyond reason and her criminal ways would continue no matter what he did.

      • naultz

        or maybe it was when she murdered her father

        • rivum

          i have a sneaking suspicion that you may be failing to see the humour in the two previous posts.

          • naultz

            I have a sneaking suspicion that you failed to read the rest of the posts further down the page before posting this or you would see that shaun and I are serious about Kate sucking as a canidate…and as a human being.

  • Kevin

    I think you have it wrong. When Kate, Jack, Sayid were captured by the Others early on, the specifically said Kate was *not* on Jacob’s list, because she was flawed.

    • dolce

      Nice catch.

    • Seabiscuit

      That was when Kate, Locke, Sayid, and Danielle captured Mikhail. And he said Sayid and Locke weren’t on the list as well.

      • dan

        he could have been referring to Ben’s version of Jacob’s list. i think Ben made up the idea of a list, not having any clue how close to the truth he really was.

      • Richard

        What if the list issue has more to do with the fact that the early season 3 episodes were prior to the announcement of the shows end date?
        There could be more than one list? If Ben came up with the original Jacob list then we know now Ben never met Jacob so how could he have given a list? Ben’s list may have been just a way for Ben to rope in Jack for his own purposes.

    • Crow

      This has really been bothering me. Not only does Mikhail say that Kate, Sayid and (possibly) Locke are “not on the list”, we also hear Pickett say in I DO that Jack “isn’t even on Jacob’s list”.

      The only explanation I can think of is that Jacob made two lists: one that he gave to Ben and the Others naming all of the 815 survivors who should be abducted and initiated into their society, and one that was just for himself, naming all of those who qualify as “candidates” for the role of protector of the island. It makes no sense that people on the latter list shouldn’t also be considered suitable as potential Others, but it’s the only explanation that makes sense.

  • C. Wilson

    I think there are two lists: one on the wall belonging to MIB and the one Jacob gave to Hurley in the guitar. The “candidates” are the MIB’s way off the island, not Jacob’s list at all. After all, we only have MIB’s version of the contents of the wall.

    Perhaps Sawyer is the first to make it to the cave? Sawyer just wants off the island, but I don’t think he’s buying anything Flocke/MIB is saying.

    • Shaun

      Agreed. As Doc Jensen put it in his recap, this may be the longest, riskiest con of Sawyer’s life. I love that idea!

    • Ament

      The fact that Sawyer picked up on Flocke not being Locke goes to show you how you can’t con a conman so I can see Sawyer using MiB.

    • Richard

      I am juggling with this idea as well; that there are two lists. The only concern that I have is that the MIB in the now famous fish cooking / I want to kill you scene clearly seems against bringing people to the island and accuses Jacob of inviting whoever is on the incoming ship.

      Fundamentally it seems like Jacob is the one out and about touching people and inviting them to the island; however that does not mean the MIB could want to steal the people away.


      Perhaps the list in the cave is the MIBs hit list based on how to eliminate Jacobs’s true list because the MIB wants to go home and a new replacement for Jacob would also interfere with the MIB’s plans? The majority of the listed people are dead after all.

      • Richard

        What if the cave itself is neutral, hence the scales left at the cave opening to remind both Jacob and the MIB of the balance and overall rules involved in the overall island game that they play. It could again be an example of whatever Jacob is trying to do the MIB tries to undo. A name goes on the cave wall a name is scratched off the cave wall; Jacob tries to make a move the MIB counters the move and vice versa.

  • C. Wilson

    Oh, and I am pretty sure Kate is on Jacob’s list from the guitar. She has proven to be brave enough to return for Claire.

    • Shaun

      Or chicken enough to give up on raising Aaron? I’m not just saying this out of my usual Kate Hate. Just playing devil’s advocate here.

      • Seabiscuit

        On the contrary, it took guts to return Aaron to his rightful family; and to go back to HellHole Island, where violent natives and killer smoke monsters reside, to look for the child’s missing mother. If she were truly the coward you seem to think she is, she would have just dumped him at the nearest police station and gone back on the run again.

        This is a woman who’s spent most of her life lying about who she was and what she’d done, after all, so admitting her crime and seeking to make amends, instead of simply running as she’s always done, is quite a step forward for her.

  • Fox


    Kate’s definitely out. Besides, I doubt a woman was to replace Jacob (meaning Kwon must be Jin).

    • arrow

      I know it could be Sun or Jin, but what about a real big flash forward and it’s somehow their child.

  • Did Jacob visit/touch all of these people at different point in their lives?

    • Ament

      If you haven’t watched it yet, revisit “The Incident Part I&II” He visits all our main losties.

      • Ament

        As for the crossed out names, no one knows.

  • Dave Thompson

    Kate isn’t on there because Jack and Ford are, why do you need her for, she’ll just latch on one of these two anyways.

  • Paul Escobar

    I think the recent episodes are giving off a certain vibe…
    And that narrows down the candidates to three: Jack, Sawyer, & Hurley.

    The top-3 are busy beavers with major roles, this season:
    – Jack is on this major personal discovery tip
    – Hurley is actually seeing Jacob & taking charge
    – Sawyer is going rogue with his pal MIB

    While the bottom-3 have been taken out of commission, this season:
    – Jin is nothing but a follower & prisoner
    – Sayid is limping his way to permanent biatch status
    – Locke is plain dead

    It’ll be Jack or Sawyer, if we’re going to be obvious.
    It’ll be Hurley, if we want some humour.

  • Michel

    None of them will be Jacob’s replacement.

    I’m betting on Walt… with Desmond being the runner-up.

  • Mary

    I find it interesting that Jack is associated with number 23. Psalm 23 is “The Lord is my Shepherd…” Coincidence? I am also reminded of this Psalm being on Eko’s stick and that he recited it some of the verse, although mis-quoted, in at least one episode.

  • awas1980

    who’s to say anything “Locke” said about this is true?

    • One clue to the truth of what you say is ReaLocke lying so much in the flash sideways©!

  • Exactly. I can’t believe that the chaotic scribble of names all over a cave wall would be the work of a fine tapestry artist like Jacob. This cave is clearly the MIB’s cave.

    • Newbie

      Agree — MIB’s Cave — looks like the cave of an obsessive person scribbles on the wall the stone on the scales — like he is trying to work something out – hatch a plan . . . like a lunatic in a cell scribbling on a walls — that was his divide an conquer list!

      • And we know where Jacob lived, in the shoe thingy.

        I thought the whole names-written-on-the-ceiling-and-walls was the opposite of Jacob’s calm rug weaving!

  • dtruth

    What will be sad for the likes of Shaun et al, is when the reason why Kates name is not on the wall is revealed. Its all part of the story and yeah, we dont care that you think Kate sucks. Its a case of doth protesting too much. We get it. You cant stand her. Why dont you direct your energies to posting on characters you like?

    Quite frankly, the day the likes of you start to enjoy Kate is the day I will go off her. Its a case of, show me who admires you and I will tell you who you are. Keep well away from Kate, shaun et al. We are all booked up.

    • adam118

      damn, your feelings got hurt. nothin wrong with hatin on a character. it shows passion. im not a Kate hater, but it’s like Locke says “dont tell me what i cant do!” locke sucks haha

  • I like Kate. But then, I did marry a sociopath, so what the hell do I know…

  • shero

    This thing just popped to my mind right now… desmond is the only character we know that has been to the island before but wasnt in the island during the incident time and is not dead (other than aaron sure) what I mean to say is that there is ONLY ONE version of Desmond unlike all the others (jack kate hurley sayid jin …) so what if this kid is may be desmond’s son charlie or something ? may be he’s special like his dad or something

    • shero

      yea well the first part is not linked to the second part so am almost sure that he’s not desmond’s son lol

    • adam118

      yeah i’ve been thinking there’s one Desmond traveling and skippin and trippin.

  • cap10tripps

    Is it not possible that since Mr. Austen is not Kate’s real father that her name IS on the cave ceiling???

  • ghanima

    There’s also the fact that Kate’s actual last name is not Austen. She thought it was her entire life, but Wayne Janssen was her real father, so maybe that name is up there somewhere, but Locke doesn’t recognize it.

    • ghanima

      Oops! We had the same idea and I didn’t take the time to read to the bottom! I agree with you, needless to say…

  • All I remember is that they showed “16-Jarrah” first and more than once mind you. Could have meaning cause they did it in a way so that Sayid’s name on the cave ceiling sticks in your head… or is it just me?

  • LTL

    Even more surprising to me than Kate not being up there is that Desmond’s name isn’t on the ceiling. With all of those seemingly unimportant Army guys and random others being named, why would Jacob overlook someone who was pulled to the island on his boat, spent years entering the numbers, has been proven special in his ability to see the future, and who has been connected to some of the power players in this struggle like Eloise and Widmore. It seems like a very obvious omission.

  • We have yet to hear from Widmore or Eloise Hawking, I’m sure they are part of the big piece here along with Desmond (why could he see the future?). They prob didn’t want to show everything at once since it’s a pretty big wall.

    If Saywer was ultimately left in charge of the island there would be lots of booze and women plus a good library!

  • P21

    I LOVE reading everyone’s comments and this is my first post – has anyone thought about the possibiliy that Kate’s name wasn’t on the wall for a reason that gives her something in common with Claire? So, before you bust out laughing, hear me out – I suspect Kate is Jacob’s daughter. The father that Kate killed wasn’t really her biological father, Jacob is. That is why Jacob visited her as a little kid to ensure she came to the island to keep it “in the family”. Assuming Christian wasn’t simply a dead body that Smokey took the form of, she and Claire have fathers that play important roles in the protecting/administration of the island. Plus, the fact that Kate played and now seems to play an important role in Aaron’s life doesn’t seem pure coincidence.

  • fredrik

    i think that Jack will take over Jacob and Sawyer will be the new MIB, a perfect ending. Maybe not so likely but it could happend. Maybe Jacob and MIB was exactly like sawyer and jack? Who sais that Jacob wasnt a canditate once?