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LOST’s Writing on the Walls: Who’s A Candidate?

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Last night’s LOST was so packed full of information that it almost made my head explode. One of those wonderful bits (well, great big boulders) of information was the fact that Jacob had been seeking out “candidates” to replace him as the Island’s guardian, and that he’d been keeping a great big list of these candidates on a cave wall. In addition to the apparently five remaining ones (Shephard, Ford, Kwon, Reyes, and Jarrah), there were a lot of names that had been written on the wall but crossed out. Conspicuously missing is Kate Austen, who had an encounter with Jacob off the Island (like all the others did), and was on Jacob’s “list” in season three. Where is she on this massive wall of names? I don’t know, but we’ve been able to find quite a few more names on this massive ledger.

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