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Marc Oromaner’s Lost in Myth – How to Use the Myth of Time Travel In Real Life

By Marc Oromaner,

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normal_5x03-because-529There seems to be a pattern that determines when Locke and the gang are jumping in time on Lost. Whether it’s Richard Alpert telling Locke what to do when he next sees him, or Faraday telling Desmond to find his mother in the future, or Locke telling Alpert to seek him out in a few years once he’s born. So far, the jumps occur whenever a character is talking to another character about events from a different time. Perhaps fate is preventing the characters from knowing something they shouldn’t be privy too or maybe it’s time’s way of course correcting, but I believe there is a deeper reason why the time jumps are happening at that exact moment. And it relates to wisdom we can use in our real lives.

Last week, I discussed our notion of time travel from the media and also how science may be getting closer to actually achieving it—the art and science of time travel, so to speak. Now (now being the moment you are reading this, which, is my future, your present, and…well, now it’s your past) I’d like to discuss the spirituality of time travel and how you can begin using it to improve your life.

Just to review a bit, I mentioned that many quantum physicists believe that there are an infinite number of timelines with an infinite combination of scenarios, and they’re all happening right at this instant. Now. That is all there is. The past, the future—all illusions. The only reality is right now. Everything that ever has happened, will happen, or could happen is happening right now. While this seems kind of hard to grasp, let’s look to our friend “metaphor” to help us out.

Think of a video game disc. Every possible combination of events that could happen, all exist on that disc. The main character’s infinite lives—some in which he is successful at completing his mission and many more where he (she, it) is not—all exist in one moment on the disc. And while each of these lives contains millions of possible event combinations, there is a certain path (which can translate in our world as “fate”) that the game play seems to lead the character on. When he steps too far from the path he is nudged back on, or he dies. Sometimes, the character must face obstacles that enable him to grow so that he will be able to accomplish his next mission.

From the perspective of the character, he is creating his every moment. What he has already created exist in his past and what he has yet to create exist in his future. If the character dies and we play again, he is not aware of his last game. All that is real to him is his current life. Only we—who are outside of the illusionary game—know that the character has infinite lives and has played them before. We know that the character is not really creating anything, but making choices about various options that have been set in code. As the character’s brain, so to speak, we have the freedom of choice to make a variety of decisions during its game play. We can have it face its enemy, run away, gather support, etc. But we can’t have it do anything that isn’t written into the program. We can’t make it fly, if it’s not a flying character, for example.

the_matrix_wwwdan_dareorgI’m not saying that the world we live in is actually a videogame, or even a program like The Matrix, but the truth behind this mythology is, I believe, very close to how our world really works. And now, science is starting to prove it. Science is starting to see that there are an infinite number of timelines that exist, and that the ones we notice, or think about, are the ones we leap into. Well, technically, science is only seeing this on a subatomic level so far. But guess what our world is made up of? Yep, subatomic particles. So many scientists have theorized that our world works similarly.

So, how does any of this have to do with the time travel on Lost? Simple. Just like as may be the case with our world, Lost is demonstrating that multiple timelines exist simultaneously. And in order to leap into them, one of the characters has to think about or discuss another one of these times. “In the future you have to…” POOF! You just went into the timeline about the future because that’s what you were thinking about.

Now in our world, you aren’t going to leap into the future whenever you think about it. But the scenarios you tend to think about just might be in the thesecretlogotimeline you enter into. So if you are always complaining and thinking about negative things, you will likely move into the timeline of your life where the things you are complaining about are happening. If you have a positive outlook and tend to look on the bright side of things, then that is the timeline you will head into. In other words, your thoughts are attracting you to the timeline where what you are thinking about is occurring. It’s called The Law of Attraction and it’s the principle that the very popular book/movie The Secret is based on. Not surprisingly, Lost has specifically illustrated this very principle at least a couple of times on the show. I plan on discussing which episodes they were and how they teach us to use the principle, but it will have to wait for another column to be posted some time in the future…well, depending on when you’re reading this.

See you in another life, brothers and sisters!

Marc Oromaner is a New York City writer whose new book, The Myth of Lost offers a simple solution to Lost and how it provides hidden insight into the mysteries of life. He can be contacted in the discussion section of The Myth of Lost Facebook page:

The Myth of Lost is available on Amazon: and

  • Uncle Beaver

    That was actually pretty interesting… until “The Secret” was mentioned.

    • Thanks. “The Secret” in my opinion, oversimplified the idea of The Law of Attraction and made it seem more like magic than science. Still, I referenced it because it’s made it’s way into pop culture and is something people can relate to–whether they agree with it or not.

      • Cheryl

        The “Law of Attraction” in The Secret isn’t anything related to science at all. Laws of attraction in science are a totally different thing.

        • “Science” is all around us as we live, breath, every day. But do we pause and think about the so-called “laws” (can’t we come up with another term for this idea – the laws of “Man” are all relative, yet those of nature are…well…what would be the precise word for it?!?!) of nature as we go about living?


          So, your laws of attraction in science is relatable, on a certain level, to the laws of attraction as posited by the blogger. He’s searching for a metaphor that relates to his ideas. And that’s okay with me.

          “The Secret” is about living life, not meant to be about the so-called “science” of life.

          Two homilies come to mind:

          It is what it is. Sometimes you do what you gotta do.

          • Hey guys,

            Just thought I’d clarify a bit here. I did not coin the “Law of Attraction” term. It’s the commonly known term to describe the idea that “like attracts like.” It is not a scientific term, more like a law in terms of Murphy’s Law as opposed to Newton’s Law.

            That being said though, I do believe that there is a scientific basis to it. We know the universe is composed of energy. It is entirely possible that our thoughts contain energy (there is actually technology that exists today that uses thoughts to create physical functions.) Knowing that energy has a certain charge, isn’t it scientifically possible that our thoughts can attract certain energies to us? In the material world, opposites attract, but perhaps when going from mental to physical, it’s the reverse? I’m just saying that we cannot outright dismiss it because it hasn’t been proven. Hey, science hasn’t proven love either but I believe in it!

  • Although I like this theory I don’t think it stands up in the Lost world on the grounds that on the official podcast last year it was made clear that time is linear and through the events of Desmond ‘course corrections’ aren’t possible. I think I’m with the original theory here that as soon as someone says anything that could ‘course correct’ they instantly jump in time.

    I have another theory – Richard Alpert isn’t immune to ageing however he can jump through time at a whim. He can’t lead as he doesn’t have the power to ‘course correct’ however he can observe and monitor. He’s ‘much older’ on the grounds that he jumped from the past. (I still think the original ‘others’ are the survivors from the Black Rock.)

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      If Richard can jump through time, then why was he perplexed to hear the Lock was from the future? Why doesn’t he recognize Lock in the past? I think its obvious that Richard is traveling in real time and not aging, and Lock and the others are traveling through time. Juliet even said that he is OLD….and that he’s been there forever. Now, obviously Ben jumped through time when he turned the wheel, but that wasn’t controlled. Others have left the island, but we don’t know if they time traveled or not. We have just seen them off-island in real-time.

  • ChristianS

    Dear author, you base your hypothesis on several general quotes like “science is starting to prove” and “quantum physicists believe”. Could we have some references that were used to verify the assumption you are making about the workings of our real world? Otherwise I must assume that you don’t understand today’s theories of quantum physics anymore than a casual viewer of the blatant Secret. No Physicist that I know of has ever proven or theorized that as soon as you are thinking about something the universe will make it happen.

    • You can take his statements with a grain of salt without calling him out on “references”. Is everyone required to support all their ideas with precise date when blogging? I don’t think so. Perhaps without such information it weakens his argument, but not everyone has the time and resources of a Doc Artz or J. Wood. I believe it’s okay for people to posit views and opinions without demanding facts!

      References themselves do not lend credence to a theory, either. They only support that theory, not prove it. Usually someone spouting references is only using them to support a hidden agenda, not just a “theory” (“Evolution” comes to mind – some people use it to attack religion, others use to it support the idea. In fact, “evolution” is really more about ADAPTATION than what the word evolution actually means. Evolution is more about progression, or advancement, which implies unlimited possibilities. Sounds like “God” to me. Or “Creator”. Or Mom. Whatever.

      Besides, we all read material and soak it up without writing it down. I’ve read books this year on string theory to pulp fiction. I get enough from both to understand a little about science and culture. Together, perhaps it all helps build an understanding of our universal connections with each other, the world, and our universe – or more precisely, our EXISTENCE!

      I have also read recently theories on these multiple dimensions (or alternative timelines, as the author calls them). There is a lot of math behind these theories. Do we really want to bog down this blog with numbers? I mean, that’s okay for math-heads, but not your everyday folk. Based on my own past reading I got the gist of what he was saying.

      And seriously,we’re talking about television here. Just a show. Created by a couple of people based on an idea, from the whimsy of a muse.

      When it comes down to it, it’s still just entertainment.

    • DocArzt

      The first thing that comes to mind here is the ‘observer effect’ and the heisenberg uncertainty principle. The basic idea is that observing something changes the rules. This isn’t to say that our consciousness affects the results of an observation, but it doesn’t state that it doesn’t either. In fact, determining the range of influence observing has is sort of impossible. If there is a unified field, as most suspect, there is a connection between consciousness and matter. If you accept that, the idea that organized and active energy like consciousness could influence more inert forms of energy – even time and space.That said, I think ‘The Secret’ and the laws of attraction are the resulting of filtering these concepts through the human emotional lens of hope.

    • Hey ChristianS,

      Thanks for bringing this up. Lost attracts a very diverse following. With my columns here, I’m speaking more to the layman who is unaware of the basic principles of quantum theory, since this fan makes up more of the majority. It sounds like you are already familiar with some of these ideas, but just to see some of the general ideas I’m basing my column on (which Doc Arzt referenced a bit below) you can check out this link and the links within it:,,sid183_gci341263,00.html

      That being said, I agree with Handsome Smitty that references really don’t prove much and they only support agendas not prove them. You yourself edited my quote to bolster your argument for the sake of contrast. You quoted me as saying “quantum physicists believe” when in fact I wrote “many quantum physicists believe.” Perhaps I should’ve written “quantum theorists” instead of physicists, but there is still a big difference between claiming that all scientists believe something as opposed to all of them believing it. I worked in network news for many years, and believe me, when a reporter has an agenda, they can find the facts to prove them.

      I am by no means an expert on quantum theory, my point was just to introduce these ideas to people who may not be aware of them, and perhaps think that the world we live in, as recognized by science, is an even more bizarre place than we are led to believe! While, as of yet, there is no hard science to prove these theories (though, there have been many studies that show how thoughts have created realities, I don’t have the links, but a study about people thinking about certain women trying to get pregnant were more likely to become pregnant then those who weren’t being thought of as pregnant, and another study about hotel maids believing they were exercising with their daily job beginning to lose weight), I guess I’m just a man of faith, and my gut tells me there is some truth to it. I don’t know of science that’s proven that love exists, or why music motives us to move out bodies to a rhythm, but I experience these things and know them to be true without scientific proof. I hope that science is able to prove these ideas one day though, so that you and I and my other scientific friends can all be on the same page.

  • “Well, technically, science is only seeing this on a subatomic level so far. But guess what our world is made up of? Yep, subatomic particles. So many scientists have theorized that our world works similarly.”

    That is quite a logical leap. So because our macroscopic world is made of microscopic objects, it will exhibit properties of the microscopic world?

    Uh, no.

    When was the last time you made use of quantum tunneling to leave a room as opposed to the door? When someone asks where you are, do you provide a probability of your location as an answer? When no one is looking at the moon, does it cease to exist?

    These are all qualities of the microscopic, quantum world. They do not scale up.

    While some quantum weirdness can certainly be explained by a ‘multiverse’, that explanation is neither proven, nor universally accepted.

    • docarzt

      I had this weird dream once where Damon and Carlton were saying how weird it was that noone was even talking about multiverse theory.

    • Yes, it was quite a logical leap…or perhaps a quantum leap if you will. I will agree that subatomic particles take on different properties when grouped together, but I still believe that we share many of those same qualities in our macro world. I appreciate that I’m being challenged here by people who know their Schrodinger’s cat, but my intent here is to throw out ideas for people to think about as compared with their own beliefs, not to prove that they are true on the level of a master’s thesis. If something works for you, take it in, if it doesn’t, don’t. If you’re not sure, feel free to post your feelings on the board here and I’ll do my best to respond.

      As for whether the moon doesn’t exist when I cease to look at it, I guess I’ll never really know that for sure. In fact, there’s no way for me to know if what I AM looking at really exists. That’s kind of my whole point. That the world we all live in is an illusion we are collectively creating. That might sound crazy now, but hey, the idea that the Earth rotated around the sun, and that germs make us sick, and millions of other accepted ideas today were also pretty crazy not too long ago.

  • FltRisk

    Interesting read. And since the creators of LOST have said that pseudoscience will be a part of the show, then I guess, relating The Secrets to your ideas makes sense, sorta. I am curious to see where you’re headed with this.

    Oh and H.Smitty,
    Modern Synthesis is neither progressive nor unlimited.

    • Thanks FltRisk

      I’m not sure how much more I’m going to get into it in the columns. It kind of depends on where the show goes. But I do have a theory in “The Myth of Lost” book that I use to compare the mythology of the show to real life. Basically, it describes the island on Lost as a microcosm of the world we live in.

  • Desi’s Brother

    Almost interesting, until the secret came into it.

    Sad sad day when that piece of crap designed to sell millions to senseless people gets brought into a discussion of science. Quantum spirituality is lacking in evidence as much as any religion.

    • I agree that “The Secret” manipulated what I believe as truth to sell books, but hey, that’s marketing and it was a brilliant move. I’m glad it at least got the discussion started. If you’re interested on my take of what could be true about the Law of Attraction, check out my responses to Uncle Beaver and ChristianS above. Or, don’t. For the record, while I don’t believe n the science of religious dogma, I do believe in the concepts they are based on., i.e., universe suddenly created=big bang, G-d made us in His image=we are all connected and are the creators of our realities. Etc.

  • RichPundit

    Hey D&F, what happened to my Reply post yesterday about the theory/speculation of the existence of a Collective Psyche/Consciousness that shares even ancient knowledge such as multiple and dead languages?

    Received no messages or emails explaining its deletion from anybody … what’s up?


    • docarzt

      Hmmm, I’d never delete a RichPundit reply. Was it to this post?

  • Dnomsed

    I’m really thinking it is Jack now who is asking for the blood sample. He makes it so Kate never knows and it gets her to move. Who is the closest person (proximity) to Kate that could claim some relationship to Aaron? Jack. Why he is doing it is probably related to Ben’s idea to get them back to the island.

  • Dnomsed

    whoa…my comment just jumped to a different article…how very Lost.

    • Indeed, and the more you pay attention to these kind of things, the more they’ll happen.

  • kaostika

    My theory is that the Past and Future must not contradict each other, in terms of memory. Remember the consciousness of the characters are traveling, not the island it self.

    For instance lets say I see a red door. I perceive it and I remember it. You travel in time and paint it black. Now when I see the Door it is black, so now there is a problem with my future memory. It have a red Memory and I perceive a black door. So in this case my memory will update. I may have a strange feeling, like something is a amiss. Maybe a deja vu or something like that.

    In the case of Lost there are more drastic ramifications than a door changing color. Since the characters are dead according to the outside word, the memories of the people on the outside world is that they are dead. But the characters are continuing to add new memories to the universe. So now contradictions will accumulate.(the finding of a plane on the ocean is a way of correcting the memories) But of course there are a few that know this plane is fake, like Lapidas. If the characters escape the island, there will be a big contradiction in peoples memoirs. So a lot people will have their memories updated now.

    I think the flashes in time are the characters “traveling” in time in order to correct the memories (more like syncing). You can view this in terms of a database or a web server. The web server needs to send out updates to all the computers. In this case there may be a client that is not on the server and doesn’t get the right info. (we experience this in daily life all the time.) This is called an update anomaly in database language.

    Since there is an element of choice in how our brains work, you can not simply update the memories like in total recall. The character must actively choose to do this .( The architect in the Matrix has this problem. Some people simply choose to reject the Matrix)

    So when Desmond and Daniel meet, he must convince him to visit his mother (he says Desmond is special, which maybe or may not be true).

    I think the reason there is time travel in the first place is due to the Spacial Isolation of the Island. If you are there you are making new memories and these “status” updates can not be transmitted to the outside world. One of the main things the losties dont do is communicate. So in a way this lack of communication doesn’t allow the updates to get out.

    I call this my update anomaly theory, which I am working on.

  • kaostika

    Hmmm, This may be related to why babies can not be born on the Island. At the point of conception, the DNA can now form new memories. ( it is alive) If the conception happens off island then the child can be born normally. If conceived on the island then this new person will begin new memories. This will not work allow these memories to update properly. (with the rest of the world) So when the brain is forming, the child will die. Probably because the fetus is jumping thru time. Maybe the fetus can not find its constant.

    In terms of this theory, the fortune teller tells Claire to take care of her baby and raise her so that the baby can find its constant.

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