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Matt Mitovich Talks With Titus Welliver

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Matt Mitovich of TV has published a new interview with man number 2 himself, Titus Welliver.  As you can no-doubt guess, Welliver really doesn’t know much about the character he plays, but his musing and supposition are fascinating none-the-less:

Titus Welliver probably thought he had seen it all during his run as Deadwood resident Silas Adams. But then he appeared on Lost for all of 1 minute and 45 seconds, and in short order his world — as well as that of the ABC drama — shifted forever.

Who was this mysterious “man in black” taunting Jacob on the beach in the Season 5 finale prologue? What did he mean with the observation, “They come. Fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same”? And why did this “Man No. 2” so desperately want to find the loophole necessary to one day kill Jacob? Did the producers give you any notes on what the dynamic should be between you and Mark Pellegrino‘s Jacob?

Welliver: Liz Sarnoff, one of the writers on the show, is actually an old colleague from a show that we did with David Milch, Big Apple, and from Deadwood. Her explanation was that Jacob sees man as being a flawed creature, but that there is always hope, whereas my character has a much more cynical but in some ways realistic view of man. She said, “Now extrapolate from that what you will. Are they waxing philosophical? Are they gods?” What occurs to me as I watch Locke mention the loophole and pitch Jacob into the fire is, “Clearly this other man on the beach has inhabited Locke on some level” — and it never suspends your belief simply because of how intricate the mysterious nature of the show is. You never say, “Aw, c’mon.” I find it interesting that the audience completely buys into what [the writers] put in front of them.

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