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Matthew Fox on Sesame Street

By docarzt,

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Thanks to ColorTheDark87 for the video.

  • Ejoiner

    Now, let's all start figuring this one out – somebody identify all the “bone” references since season 1. And fibulas (is that one that Locke as injured before, or didn't Boone break his?). And ice cream cones – who was eating one and when. These are all clues, they have to be….

  • Red

    “Their dice were made of bones.”

  • Goldar

    Whatever pays the bills…

  • JuliusCaesar108

    This is awesome – I'm glad to see Matthew Fox on an educational network.

  • timm

    Maybe Jacob's nemesis is actually Elmo…

  • dp2

    Shouldn't David Boreanaz or Emily Deschanel have done this?

  • ambivalentman

    Elmo and Zoe are the Adam and Eve skeletons…

  • dp2

    Did they forget to overlay something on the greenscreen? And to give Matthew a script before the shoot?

  • Rumsy4

    He looked a little lost…

  • dolce

    I do not like this new comment format. I guess I'll just have to get used to it though. How do I register and still use my user name Dolce? This thing keeps telling me my username already exists (duh, because it's me ) and won't let me register with my own name. Does anyone have any suggestions???

  • dolce

    Um, I guess I figured it out, never mind!

  • Casey11

    Ha ha ha ha – BONES!

  • Isiah Karg

    Thanks for the blog article. Want more.