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Minor Spoilers – Cuatro Visits the LOST Set

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Nothing really spoilery in the pics, but I feel compelled to warn y’all just in case.

As you can see, the only thing really spoilerish is that the beach camp has been reassembled.  If this is a surprise, well, you are easily surprised and I’m sorry about that.

The coolness is that Cuatro has visited the set and done some cast interviews that will air after the first of the year.  Click here to visit their site for more pics.  Thanks to SL-LOST for scooping this.

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  • I have two things to say. 1. I picked the wrong year to go to the Lost Beach Camp set (no filming when I was there last year) and 2. that looks a heck of a lot like Charlie on the right in that first picture.

  • Andrew

    looks like charlie all right. yep, good old balding charlie. and the person next to him is probably charlotte, NOT the red head in later pics interviewing people.

  • Funback Joe

    good to see terry o’quinn kicking around. I wonder who he’s playing??

  • Okan

    Yeah. Charlie and Charlotte. Good to see Charlie on the beach again

    • Andrew

      i was being sarcastic. zoom in and look at “charlie”‘s head.

  • Andrew

    go to their site:

    click on the third picture.

    that’s “charlie” in the foreground, compare the shirts.

  • Jayman

    In picture 5..wasn’t that the “church” that Mr. Eko was building?

    • Andrew

      it certainly looks like it. (no sarcasm on this one)