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Great new interview courtesy of BookOfLaw …

  • Rams

    These two are AMAZING! They have great chemistry together, perhaps more so than in Lost. I loved their Connect 4 million skit and the Totally Lost episode they did together.

  • In the Dale

    I love those guys! I really hope they do more together. They have great chemistry – I agree!!!

  • Beena

    Great interview! I’m going to have to rent that movie “Twisted” that they were both in together.

  • dd

    Why are the comments closed on the FB review?

    • Brandong

      Just go to her blog if you want to reply. There’s a really great conversation happening over there.

      • Geronimo Jackson

        If by “great conversation” you mean a few people disagreeing followed by FB and her minions attacking them and telling them they are either sexist or stupid, then you are correct.

    • Rams

      Apparently she wanted a “centralized conversation”.

      • dd

        You mean control of the conversation so that her terrible argument will continue to the the “authoritative” last word despite the fact it rests on grade school analytical capabilities?

        • Geronimo Jackson


          • Geronimo Jackson

            I meant bingo! I actually kind of prefer bongo though; going to start using it.

        • bplenc

          welcome back the REAL dd…honestly, read back a few posts you will not believe the shit that has been going on on this site in the last week that you were away – we missed you terribly!

          not to mention some LOSER has been pretending to be you. maybe Monique who has been strangely absent?

          FB is a joke, and with her last posting and subsequent comments section being turned off, this site has also become a joke. a really, really bad joke.

    • Ben’s Glasses

      Obviously because people would have tarred and feathered her here and moderators need to keep the peace.

      • bplenc

        that’s the biggest crock i have ever heard.

        you wanna write on the internet? be ready to take it.
        she spews her garbage and can’t take it in return.

        • Eric

          Hear hear. She is pathetic.

  • Ryan

    Action Figures!

  • spacebender

    An enjoyable interview — these guys are hilarious together!

    • spacebender

      There’s a really enjoyable “MIB” appearance at the end of this series of eight delightful videos on the Finale from “Totally Lost” that feature Michael Emerson.

  • Fun interview. Kudos to the casting dept of LOST for always finding actors with great chemistry together, it really makes the show.

    These guys would be great in a cop show, good cop/bad cop. lol

  • I completely understand what you have mentioned. In reality, I browsed through your various other content articles and I do think that you are absolutely right. Best wishes with this particular blog.

  • Lost was a favorite of mine but sadly in Australia we seem to get the left overs of these cool programs. It use to remind my of a modern day version of Gilligan’s Island 🙂 only more dramatic. I might just need to bite the bullet and buy myself some DVDs instead. I am still trying to get through my Seinfeld collection 🙂

    Kerrie Kelso