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Next Poster Release Date/Place revealed?

By docarzt,

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It appears that the new poster release place/date clues have been solved. Check it out below.

Mega props to for figuring out much of this.

Obviously, we have 13 here.  As folks have pointed out, 13 is a baker’s dozen.  Fair enough.  That would be a big tip-off to the next frame.  I would suggest as well that this 13 may signify a date.  The 13th is coming right up.


The first part, Wall Steet, is a dead giveaway.  Larchmont, as it turns out, is also a street in Los Angeles.  As for the design, it matches that of a show called ‘CRUMBS’, which is also the name of a bakery franchise! (Cypher80b at lostargs).

So my theory is that if you go to Crumbs on Wall Street in New York, or Larchmount in Los Angeles, on the 13th, you’ll get the next awesome clue.  I would guess the LOST gang will be updating the hub page again pretty soon with some sort of verification of this.