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Non-Official Twitter Shenanighans

By docarzt,

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In case you are wondering, or not, this is not the real Damon Lindelof on twitter.  Regardless of what the haters say, I’m not so much of an attention whore that I need to say explicitly why I know this is not the real Damon, but suffice to say I would definitely know if it were the real Damon – and no I’m not insinuating I’m drinking buddies with any of the LOST crew or anything like that.

For starters, trying to incite rumors that he is going to cast Hugh Laurie for Dark Tower? Please.  Lindelof is far more professional than that.  The next bit of ridiculousness is that they are writing episode 14 now.  Ahem… they just started writing, at best they are on 3, possibly 4.  Of course anybody who follows the press of the show every day would know that doesn’t fit the pattern.

I guess saying I’m a “Fan” with a “Fansite,” while wholly accurate, is another clue as well.  Besides being a fan, I have a lot of pro credits as well having written for BuddyTV, Crave, UGO, Seattle PI, and so on.  What is curious about this statement is the fact that I have interviewed Damon and Carlton a total of four times, two of those as a one on one, and they even let me on the set during the filming of season 4.  Again, we don’t play scrabble at the office every Tuesday, but I’m sure the real Damon knows who I am, even if the fake one doesn’t.

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  • DustinCahill

    At the risk of looking gullible, I’m still under the impression this could really be him. The Hugh Laurie stuff seemed to fit the humor that has run through the Twitter feed since its inception, especially as he recently has connected it to one of his Walt-jokes. As for Episode 14, that’s definitely one of the biggest indicators to me this may just be fake, but it could just have been an error or maybe they are further ahead this year, having finally finished writing a season in March (when they did Mini-camp as well for season 6 according to Eddy Kitsis), and this comment was an indication of some early breaking of a pivotal episode that will be written later but they want to get clear now. I don’t read Twitter usually, so things like how often he is posting and if the site has a way to confirm ‘celebrity’ accounts as valid are beyond my veracity-sniffing nose.

    His tweet about you was far from venomous and I didn’t really get the impression he was expressing ignorance of who you were (and I consider the heavy editorial content of this site as its main strength, which is reinforced by your previous journalistic work but that doesn’t inherently raise it above any other fan site’s output into this Lost community as anything beyond fan editorial/theorizing).

  • Andy

    Yeah, to be honest, Doc, despite your pro credits, this site is just a fan site, nothing more. I love the site, don’t get me wrong, and you are important to fandom…but in the end, this is just a fan site.

    I agree with Dustin–the tweets you showed above do not make it seem that Damon doesn’t know who you are. He’s simply making it clear that you are not officially involved with the show and, thus, are just a fan who works hard on a fan site. And he’s right to do so, lest anyone get the mistaken impression that you’re official (particularly with all the polar-bear-painting pointlessness that has unfortunately tainted the site this past week).

    I don’t say that to be a dick, as I really do enjoy this site. In fact, yours is the only Lost site I read. But it is, in the end, a fan site, nothing more. Your pro credits are not in question in the quoted tweets, nor do they make this site more official and less fannish. (Plus, to be honest, I wouldn’t really consider anything from BuddyTV pro. Sorry, dude, but BuddyTV pushes out a lot of poorly written crap. Look how badly they’ve killed TheTailSection. There’s nothing professional about BuddyTV. I’m sure your stuff for that company is up to your usual level of greatness…but I see BuddyTV as one step BELOW fan sites.)

    • docarzt

      Oh, I think you misunderstood me. As I noted in the article, this most definitely is a fansite. I was pointing out that I have done work outside of the site that gives me access to show publicists/crew that can confirm or deny a faker.

      • DustinCahill

        I don’t mean to bust your balls, Doc, but for me it seems you dance around outright saying you have heard confirmation one way or the other in the first paragraph, and I feel confused and possibly mislead if you actual have that confirmation. Not that I necessarily know better than someone with your experience on web journalism, but maybe this news item would have been stronger with a clearer lead and only that second paragraph (But I maintain that considering the Writer’s Strike and the impact it would have had on when Season 5 would have begun preproduction, we don’t have the clearest idea of where this season is at like we would with previous seasons)?

        • docarzt

          Well, let me just say this: I don’t feel irked by anything you or Andy, or anybody else for that matter, would say in response to my inelegant attempt to qualify my opinion – which may have been over-kill.

          On my vagueness, I just don’t want it to seem that I am some kind of insider or something, or worse yet claiming to be, because that is not the case. Believe me, there are people who think that already and I get all sorts of requests that I just can’t help people with. So if I sound like I’m avoiding coming out and saying that I confirmed it, it is because I don’t want to give that impression. Suffice to say, if I say it’s phonie baloney, I’ve checked it out and it is phonie.

          On the shooting schedule, I was talking with ‘them’ last month – around the second week of july – and they had not started work at that point, beyond the mini-camp. Unless I totally misunderstood, they were going to start writing somewhere around mid to late July. That’s not enough time to get 14 episodes written.

          • “Suffice to say, if I say it’s phonie baloney, I’ve checked it out and it is phonie.”

            Really dude? You run a fansite, yes, but as someone who’s gotten four interviews with Damon & Carlton, you’re a member of the press. And reporters don’t tend to break unverifiable news with a “because I said so.” That’s a tad unprofessional.

  • Ram

    You guys are a little shortsighted if you think it’s really Damon. Just read what he’s writing.

    Also, celebrities can get their accounts verified so you KNOW it’s them. Interesting that his hasn’t been verified yet….hm….

    Finally…it’s interesting that after being called out on his twitter about Doc, he deleted it…..

    Guys a twitterposter. I’d like it to be Damon as much as the next guy, but just face facts – it’s not him.

    • DustinCahill

      OK, so since I don’t use Twitter, how do we alert them that a disingenuous account is currently being used to deceive people, and will Twitter remove the account if it is unverified by a certain period? How would we know if it were to be verified? If you read all the posts, that seemed to be an early issue tweeted about on this account. Is the verification process usually a quick process, or does it take time on the Twitter-end of things?
      If I could have these questions answered by people who have followed their favorite TV writers and minor celebrities on Twitter from ‘unverified’ to ‘verified’ in the past, I think I would have a clearer picture of what is going on here.

      Again, I think the ONLY post that serves as definitive evidences that this is a fake account is the Episode 14 post (and a subsequent one about being finished before the season even starts shooting). On the other end, extrapolating if this were a real account, Damon starting a public Twitter feed makes a lot of sense. The theme of Comic Con was recognition of the fanbase of Lost- the exploratory Tweets this Damon account has posted have been crafted as an extension of that theme. In a year, Damon will risk falling into obscurity as a celebrity if he doesn’t establish a closer relationship with his fanbase that someone like Whedon has. A twitter account services that function nicely.

      This has NOTHING to do with shortsightedness. If no one definitively disproves or approves the reality of this account, then it will exist in limbo. Before then, yeah, it’s taken with a grain of salt, but it is just as shortsighted to dismiss this without checking the veracity of it.

      • Ram

        Damon_LindelofRT @JakobGarcia My favorite episode is was the season finale where Sawyer washes ashore where Juliet is sitting. Thus began their love story

        That is one of his recent tweets. I’m going to assume you’ve listened to the official podcast, or interviews with Damon. Does that sound at all like something he would write? Really?

        Also, Doc has distinctly hinted in his twitter that he’s gotten confirmation from inside sources that it is NOT Damon. He’s even asked Damon on twitter to tell him what they discussed off-the-record in their last interview to prove it’s him. So far, no response.

        • RT means he is re-quoting what someone else said. I know this isn’t Lindelof as well, but wanted to correct your reasoning.

          • Ram

            You’re exactly right, my apologies. I missed the RT.

    • Ram

      Oh, and also, Damon has said his favorite episodes were the Pilot and The Constant. Not the Season 4 finale…

      (Which is called “There’s No Place Like Home”…you’d think he’d at least say name of the episode if he were referencing it…seeing as he wrote it.)

      • DustinCahill

        Ok, again, maybe my ignorance of Twitter, but isn’t he asking for content and then relaying what other’s posted in response?

        • Ram

          Yeah, I was corrected above. I missed the Re-Tweet. My bad on this. Sorry! 🙂

          I still am VERY skeptical about this, plus Doc said he checked it out and it’s fake. I don’t think he’d say that if he didn’t actually check it out.

          • DustinCahill

            Yeah, I just feel bad that the number of follower’s keeps rising, if this is a fake account. Not that people can’t have some ironic fun with it like some have been having, but I really would prefer there be some action that completely invalidates it. Like a badge that says ‘Unverified’. Or Twitter shutting the thing down.

  • There’s no way that is the real Damon.

    • Marc

      Dustin stop being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. It is fake, give it up.

  • Paul Rand

    Is this the real damon?