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Polar Beer Shirts Available Again! How To Get One Free!

By docarzt,

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300You might have seen Carlton Cuse sporting one of these babies at the LOST Underground Art Project, searched frantically to find one, only to learn that they were sold out.  Good news.  They are available again.  Better news. and Polar Beer shirt creator Ian Leino are teaming up to give one away.  Here’s how you can win your very own!

On February 2nd, when LOST Season 6 premieres on ABC, we’ll give one lucky twitter follower a free Polar Beer T-Shirt.  In order to qualify you must:

1) Follow @docarzt on twitter

2) Tweet the following:

Retweet This #LOST fans!  Follow @DocArzt for the latest LOST headlines and your chance to win a polar beer T-Shirt!

And that is all!  Follow those directions and we will enter you for a chance to win the shirt so styling that Carlton Cuse himself can’t resist wearing it in public. (Proof below, courtesy of ApproachingLOST).

If you absolutely cannot wait, you can order the shirt now at – I own one, and you should too.  For more from the artist: (@ianleino) .


  • GeigerCounter

    This is outstanding news! I really wanted to buy this t-shirt from that other website a couple of months ago, the one where it was only available for a day, but they didn’t ship to my country. This site does! Thanks for the link.

  • Beer , I love beer . I often dink beer in meal with my family in summer and in all parties with friends.

  • rob

    this sucks. so much for the false advertising of the “available 1 day only” from when they were originally available. boo. thought i had something special.

  • dralbert

    _-__- Yeah rob is right, this is some lame car salesman tactics. boo

  • DocArzt

    I disagree guys, I think your shirts are now limited first edition releases.

  • Jemmahaha

    YEY for limited first edition ^^

    Double YEY for beer!