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POLL – LOST Spoiler Season Begins – Will You Partake?

By docarzt,

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Filming of season six began this week, and as you can imagine so have the spoiler reports.  This should not be a surprise to anyone, although the production was behind closed doors for a good portion of the week so nothing too big has come out of it all, and it bound to get more and more intense as the season goes on.  What I think is interesting is that a lot of LOST fans are choosing this season to go “Spoiler Free.”   I can’t this old debate changing at all, and I really don’t see how anyone who has weathered five seasons as a spoiler-addict is going to suddenly change because this is the last.  Still, I’m curious how many of you are actually going to make a shift in your spoiler philosophy.  Sound off.

  • Honestly, who on earth would come here and read this blog if (s)he didn’t want to be spoiled at all? I mean, come on, we all want to get some new information about the show, we all burn to know what happens next on LOST. Go ahead, tell me everything. 😉

    Everyone who reads this wanting to stay completely spoiler-free should know that this is the wrong time of the year to surf through LOST related websites. At least those that are fan-created. Better avoid the internet if you don’t want to get spoiled…

  • congested


    Really there are plenty of sites/forums/etc. for Lost fans to read even if they are spoiler free.. as there have been for years. DocArzt has spoiler free posts, as do many other sites. 😉

    I get your point, but there are plenty of people who don’t read spoilers who still read this blog.

  • RandomZombie

    I do my best to avoid major spoilers. What some people consider spoilers – casting news and so forth – don’t bother me at all.
    One of the main reasons that I like this site is because it’s easy to avoid being spoiled. This hasn’t been the case with some sites that I no longer visit.

    • richie

      same here, you have a choice what to read here, and since reading the old “lost fan 108” post i know what choice to make!!

      • richie

        which wasnt on this site i should add!! i still check here everyday, keep up the good work guys!

  • rob

    spoil me!


      the cast of “Seinfeld” will reunite on an unnamed (sponge worthy) season 6 episode of LOST.

    • JuliusCaesar108

      In the premiere, you’ll find that Juliet does indeed detonate the bomb, Sayid accidentally kills Jack, and Hurley wakes up in the past with the choice of boarding flight 815 and does so anyway, but forgets he had the choice to relive it.

      Okay, I give up. This goes to show why I’m not one of the writers – I can’t think of anything nearly as creative for the show.

      Sorry, dude – no real spoilers.

  • neoloki

    I am finding it harder, or will, than previous seasons, to not read spoilers. I absolutely don’t want to read a complete synopsis of an episode or any such information, but with how the season ended and the raging debate on what is going to happen with the Jughead explosion, my curiosity is peaked. As such, I am reading every piece of information that is coming out now.

    However, the debate on the forums is intensely frustrating right now because people either want to believe in a reset or WHH. It absolutely will not be that simple and more likely than not it will be a combination of the two.

  • Handsome Smitty

    The only spoilers I want to avoid are the clips ABC releases. Makes it seem like I’ve seen the episode already even though they are usually very short.

    Still, I will probably watch them…damn me to Hell!!!

  • Nick

    I try real hard not to read spoilers because I really do want to be suprised while watching it. But with a show like this that is so addictive, 1 week is usually too long to wait to find something out. If only the internet wasn’t around, then we wouldnt have this problem! Haha.

  • Okan

    We will have last season. So I think the best way to get real excitement is to avoid spoilers. I will not look for any spoilers. Because I want to experience it as surprise while watching it.

  • Madge

    I never bothered with spoilers until the long and cruel breaks between seasons started. I don’t mind reading the odd spoiler that doesn’t ruin too much during the summer but once the show starts I stay away from them.

  • KJJ

    I’ll be going same as always since late Season 3. Only the trailers, and MAYBE the episode names. =) No sneak peaks or anything like that however.