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POLL – LOST’s Emmy Contenders

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It’s that time of year again.  ABC and the respective LOST talent and representatives have submitted their names and episodes in hopes of snaring more of those golden statues.  Some big surprises – well one at least – in the list:  no two-peat for Terry O’Quinn?  Did Terry step aside to give somebody else a chance?  Regardless, here is the full list of who was submitted.  I thought it would be fun to throw in some polls to gauge who the community thinks should chosen to represent LOST in each category.

Outstanding Drama


Lead Actor

Matthew Fox

Lead Actress

Evangeline Lilly

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  • Eddie

    I def think that Michael Emerson deserves an Emmy. He´s given us one stunning performance after another since season two and has been nominated twice so I certainly hope third time´s a charm. He´s really, REALLY, worth it.

    • Shane Michael Evans

      I honestly think that Josh Holloway should be nominated for and win Best Supporting Actor this year…his character arc and transformation as the season progressed was astonishing and his acting has never been better..the sob he let out when Juliet (Liz Mitchell) fell down the Swan hole was chilling and nearly brought me to tears. Go Josh! Give the man his due…don’t get me wrong. I love Michael Emerson, but this should be Sawyer’s year.

  • Frank

    I voted for Emerson too, but upon further reflection I thought Jeremy Davies did a phenomenal job in bringing the hectic energy and mystery the show thrives on.

    • I agree about Jeremy Davies, he was awesome. (even though I know some who were annoyed by his performance) But I think Emerson will take it.

  • Eddie

    I agree with you Shane Michael Evans, Josh did a great job and though I always loved his acting he really took the character of Sawyer to a new level this year.

  • Zonker

    I’m puzzled by the choices for scriptwriting. While I loved the Jacob/Locke/Ben segments of “The Incident,” I thought the 1977 sequences of the finale, along with much of “The Variable,” were just pointless plot-driven behavior, with unbelievable character motivations. Of the choices offered, I’d go with “Some Like It Hoth,” though my personal choice remains “Lefleur,” for many of the reasons noted in support of Josh Holloway as the standout among this season’s actors (though Emerson and O’Quinn were also excellent, as always.)

    • Hexonxonx

      I agree completely with your analysis of the writing in the last few episodes. I think it’s important not to confuse an important Lost episode with good writing. “Some Like It Hoth” was light on mythology but wonderfully written; “The Incident” was a critical piece of the Lost puzzle with eye-gougingly bad writing. Okay, I exaggerate. And overall, LaFleur and …Jeremy Bentham are the best episodes of the season in my opinion.

      Man, it just hit me how good this season was.

  • Cekma

    think pellgrino will get a guest star non as Jacob.

  • numbersarebad

    i don’t understand Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lily as outstanding leads. maybe in season one or 2, but this was Sawyer’s year and Josh Holloway did a great job this year. I also think Nestor Carbonell should have been on the supporting actor list. There should be a catagory for best Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore. ok im just kidding.

  • Matthew Perry

    Michael Emerson is the best actor on television, so…

  • bondsinseconds

    josh holloway really should be in the best actor category.

  • adam118

    That sucks Sawyer isn’t up for best actor. These awards ain’t made for TRUE ensembles.

    I’m guessing that “officially” Jack and Kate are the leads, so only they can be up for best actor. Technicality.

    Very shocked so many people chose Ben over Sawyer.
    Really sucks that people like Faraday will get screwed over, I guess.

    I read on DarkUFO that they submitted LaFleur and Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham for best episode, don’t know about all the others.

  • Jayman

    I think the fact that Ben was kinda “put in his place” so to speak this year meant that we didn’t get the best out of Michael Emerson’s creepiness (his best acting). While I love the Ben character and everything Emerson does, I don’t think this is truly his year for an Emmy nod as other characters deserve it more.

    I voted for Jeremy Davies. The way he played Daniel kept my eyes glued to the screen everytime he was in a scene. I definitely would love to see someone like him get a nod, but we’ll see.

    • neoloki

      Also, voted for Jeremy Davies. Terry O’quinn and Micheal Emerson are very good tv actors with Emerson being the more well rounded of the two as far as his career goes, but neither comes close to Davies as far as the resume goes. Davies has been in some amazing pictures and has contributed greatly to them. All in all he is the best overall actor to have performed on Lost!

  • sam

    This is insulting for all the work made by Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway.
    Supporting actors????

    • Yeah, it seems like in this last season Sawyer & Juliet were the leads and Jack & Kate were the supporting actors.

  • graham

    I’ll be satisfied if either Josh or Michael win the Emmy, both had made an awesome job with their characters.
    But, I would nominated both of them (and Terry too) in the leading actor category. After all, this is an ensemble show with, at least, 6 main characters.
    But, if I have to choose just one: Josh Holloway.

  • dp2

    Elizabeth Mitchell, shafted again. And if we’re going to nominate Young Ben, what about Young Kate? Little screen time, but she nailed the part.

  • spinflip

    Sadly the writers haven’t found a good place for Sun in this season. The plot in the beginning with her planning to kill Ben wasn’t continued and was apparently made just to give her some screen time at all.
    Also, I’m surprised about the choice of episodes. I thought Jughead, The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, 316 and LaFleur were the best ones, but well…

    Also, I think every season had a top character who stuck out. Season 1 was Locke’s season, season 2 Ben’s. It will be difficult for Michael Emerson to win now, since his character won’t get those awesomely ambiguous moments as at the beginning. Season 5 was definitely Sawyer’s season!

  • ghanima

    I was torn between Michael Emerson and Jeremy Davies. I thought Davies nailed Faraday, and gave one of the most honest portrayals on Lost. But I also am biased because I LOVE that character in general. So it is really a testament to how good Michael Emerson is that I voted for him- I really don’t want to like Ben- he does terrible things and so far I don’t buy any of the reasons he gives to justify them, but Emerson manages to make what seemed like a monster very human, and he has to do it solely with -usually- tiny pieces of dialogue and facial expressions. Those cryptic one-liners are usually when Ben pulls the rug out from under us, not in long, expository speeches. It takes a good actor to make that work.

    I thought Josh did just as good a job as anyone, but the fact that other actors made a bigger impression with even less screen time probably means that just being on screen more often this season does not an Emmy earn.

  • MajorFX

    I would like to mention the fine work turned in by Ken Leung. The play between his character Miles and Hurley made me laugh (STAR WARS, indeed!) and cry (those pesky daddy issues).

    • chris

      “what do I mean?” -Miles commenting about Charlotte’s return to the island -awesome line

      • Zonker

        Now that you mention it, that was one of the dangling mysteries from the Season 4 finale. Where exactly did Miles in 2004 get the information that Charlotte was born on the island?

        – did one of the island dead tell him after his arrival on the freighter? If so, who?

        – did Naomi tell him? If so, why?

        – or, most interestingly, did Miles get one of those sudden “memory downloads” from another time or arguably another timeline, similar to Desmond’s in season 5, or (as some have speculated) Locke’s in season 1???

  • Nick

    Why weren’t Nestor Carbonell or Zuleikha Robinson submitted? What, were they in the show too much?